Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) None
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Common

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Exile target creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under your control.

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Cloudshift Discussion

Frost65s on Meek Eggs

4 days ago

Tutors are always a good option, but I didn't add any because of the strong card draw engine that is possible through the KCI basis. The protection is something I forgot about mostly, because most of the permanents are expendable. There is Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Darksteel Forge, but adding more protection is never bad. Beside counterspells in white, like Rebuff the Wicked, Dawn Charm, or even Warping Wail, I think blink spells could be used, such as Cloudshift, but I'm not a fan of such protection without an Isochron Scepter. Beside that, theres no extra value gained from them. I wouldn't use Whispersilk Cloak since it gives your creature shroud, but instead stick whit hexproof with Mask of Avacyn or Swiftfoot Boots. You can even go a step further and add an Leonin Abunas, but I think the deck doesn't need too much protection, beside the combo.

Kogarashi on Blinking commander, command zone or ...

2 weeks ago

Your opponent can choose to send his commander to the command zone as a replacement effect for it being exiled due to Cloudshift, yes.

However, since Cloudshift says to return "that card" and not "the exiled card" to the battlefield, it can track it and return it. This is because the card didn't change zones (which is when an ability loses track), it went to a different zone than expected.

Abilities like Oblivion Ring that specify "the exiled card" can't track through replacement effects because they're specifically looking in the exile zone.

So in short, your opponent would put Rubinia Soulsinger in the command zone, but Cloudshift would still fetch it back for you.

Rules Ref: EDH Forums, post by Sheldon of the Rules Committee

smackjack on Blinking commander, command zone or ...

2 weeks ago

If i take my opponents commander with Rubinia Soulsinger and blink it with Cloudshift, can my opponent choose to send his commander to the command zone (because its being exiled)? Does the commander return to the battlefield from the command zone instead of exile, or does that part fizzle?

PooperDix on Lost to the Whirlpool

2 weeks ago

Angelic Renewal + Mulldrifter at it's evoke cost = 4 cards drawn. Cloudshift cast as a response to casting mulldrifter at his evoke cost will do you the same thing! Neat stuff I learned this week..

stellarstormtrooper66 on Don't Touch! It's Art!

1 month ago

A solid looking Breya build with good combos included. I do have some opinions on this build:

I think it would be a good goal to get the average CMC under 4 mana, high CMC cards I think that could be cut without interrupting your combos or synergy are: Ancient Stone Idol, Scuttling Doom Engine, Darksteel Juggernaut, Soul of New Phyrexia.

I think this deck really needs more low CMC color fixing ramp, the best being something like Fellwar Stone, but adding several signets would be an easy idea as well. When it gets to the late game and you don't need them anymore, you could just sacrifice them to Breya. Also, if you have a Chromatic Lantern, it deserves to be in this deck over any other deck you own honestly. Unless you build a 5-color deck, it really should be in here. Other cards that could help with color include: Vedalken Engineer and Chief Engineer.

I would consider some budget lands to better improve mana fixing: Spire of Industry and Exotic Orchard would be awesome. Tri-lands are a decent option such as Arcane Sanctum. I know they enter tapped, but rainbow production from these lands feels great: Gateway Plaza, Transguild Promenade, and Rupture Spire.

If you have (or know someone with) a Padeem, Consul of Innovation, that could be great. Both card draw and protection feels great on one card. Storm the Vault would a fun card in a deck like this as is Bident of Thassa when you take into account your thopters.

Blicking Breya at instant speed is good also because her effects can be used regardless of summoning sickness, so you can surprise someone with her effect when low on artifacts to sacrifice: Cloudshift, Ghostly Flicker or Deadeye Navigator.

The cool removal spell I was talking about earlier is Dispatch. I'm not 100% certain, but I might have a spare Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer which would be great here as well.

Overall, looks really strong, I think all it needs is some simple cards to improve consistency.

ZorrosRage on Acid Azorius

1 month ago

How do you feel about Cloudshift and Eerie Interlude. Always thought Blade Splicer was awesome in anything flicker. I also feel like Stonehorn Dignitary could be fun in side or main to really slow down your oponent

Stonehorn ruling 9/22/2011 If more than one Stonehorn Dignitary enters the battlefield during the same turn, and you target the same opponent with each ability, that opponent will skip that many combat phases (over multiple turns if necessary).

SoapyCilantro on U/W Control Venser

1 month ago

Hi Ris747 , have you thought about Vapor Snag or AEther Adeptfor creature bounce or Cloudshift to trigger your creatures' abilities again? Panharmonicon and Conjurer's Closet are fun cars when you can get them out.

Alkadron on Stormfront Riders pedh

1 month ago

This is a really cool looking build!

A few suggestions:

  • Cloudshift and Acrobatic Maneuver give you big value and also help you dodge removal.

  • If you're already running Auramancer and Monk Idealist, Weight of Conscience is a great removal option that becomes sort-of repeatable.

  • If you're already running Remember the Fallen and Trusty Packbeast, one or two more sacrifice-able artifacts would probably help out. Consider Commander's Sphere.

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