Exile target creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under your control.

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Cloudshift Discussion

Stephencliffe on You never gonna win

2 days ago

Nice idea, but it seems a bit underdeveloped.

Trying to constantly flicker Sun Titan or Snapcaster Mage to protect Gideon probably isn't the best idea. There are other, better ways to keep him around. Sun Titan is a great card, but I would say only run one, maybe two of him.

Venser, the Sojourner isn't great here. Something like Gideon, Ally of Zendikar might work better for you. It'll pressure your opponent, and also works well with new Gideon's emblem.

Aside from that, you have lots of counter magic, but not much card draw. I would take out Cloudshift and a couple Negate, and instead run the fourth Path to Exile and perhaps Jace, Architect of Thought. Sphinx's Revelation is great too, maybe a one or two of.

Aside from that, 23 lands is not enough. A control deck like this should have 26-27 lands. You want to hit your drops every turn for like 10 turns. Can't flashback snap into c-command on only five lands.

Hope I was helpful, good luck!

StevenWalker on Boros Aggro Removal

1 week ago

I really like the hasty ETB self buffers you have here. Including some Cloudshift's so you can get more than one use out of those triggers would up the value. Also Boros Charm seems like it would be really solid in this deck.

Great work!

sameraii007 on Azorius Mess

1 week ago

Main mechanics are: Sunblast Angel + Blustersquall and Blade Splicer+Cloudshift, then of course all the control. The planeswalkers are only in there to give a "slight" advantage. I don't have much mana ramping, only thru draw. /sigh

The7thBobba on Give and Take (Anti-Cure Control Deck)

2 weeks ago

You're very welcome, my man :)

I totally see your point with red :) it is very satisfying to sling about cheap burn whilst filtering your deck.

You have no IDEA how many times I've spelled his name wrong! And that s's is a bleeding pain in my eye! I'm really sorry to burst your bubble. But I think you've got the regeneration-rules wrong. If you regenerate him, he won't die, and thus he won't leave the battlefield. But he is still, none the less, a 6-hitte when he enters, a 6-hitter when he swings, and possibly a 6-hitter when he leaves. If you have something like Cloudshift, things could get really combo-licious :)

I thank you wholeheartedly for the novel ;) I'm always thrilled when my imput yields excitement and lengthy correspondance.

May you have a glorious day, and stay frosty,The7th

piedudecubed on Brago, King of Infinite Value

2 weeks ago

Phantasmal Image would get sacrificed if you try to blink it. Also, I think you could use some more blinking mechanisms. I would recommend, Cloudshift, Eerie Interlude, and Ghostway.

LeaPlath on Alesha + Fiend Hunter

2 weeks ago

So, Fiend Hunter has two triggers on it.

One when it leaves the battlefield, return the creature exiled by this card. One saying exile target creature.

Lets say you cast fiend hunter. It enters the battlefield. Its trigger for exiling a creature is put on the stack, targeting something. If while that trigger is on the stack, you cause the Fiend Hunter to leave play, such as Cloudshift, or killing it, the return Trigger will go on the stack above fiend hunters exile trigger.

This will return nothing, because nothing is exiled, then exile a card. Because the Fiend Hunter is dead, it can't trigger its return text again. And if it does, it is a new creature, and doesn't remember what it exiled before.

Basically you need the stack to look like:

Fiend Hunter Return Trigger

Fiend Hunter Exile Trigger

so the return trigger occurs first.

Neotrup on Blocking double strike + Cloudshift

2 weeks ago

Once a creature is declared blocked, it doesn't damage the defending player unless it has trample or another ability that allows it to hit them, such as "May deal combat damage as though it weren't blocked." If your opponent blocks with something like Steel Wall and Cloudshifts it, your creature deals neither first strike damage nor regular combat damage. Note however that they cannot block a creature with protection from red and blue with a red creature like Kaalia of the Vast.

Warxuaroz on Blocking double strike + Cloudshift

2 weeks ago

I have a Kor Duelist equipped with Sword of Fire and Ice and Umezawa's Jitte. I attack. My opponent declares Kaalia of the Vast as a blocker and before the damage is dealt, Cloudshifts her. Is any damage dealt? I understand the second strike doesn't hit Kaalia as she was exiled, but does it hit the opponent?

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