Exile target creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under your control.

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Cloudshift Discussion

radekofcyrodil on Brago, The King

1 day ago

I'm not usually one to comment but I saw your post on r/edh and am also building Brago in paper. Looking at your list the following stood out:

-It's weird you don't have Lightning Greaves or Whispersilk Cloak. The shroud from either means your counterspells can be used for other things besides protecting Brago. The added benefits of haste or unblockable also play well with the blinking Brago is built for. Swiftfoot Boots may be a more budget option for granting haste but you should definitely grab a cloak since it's also searchable with Trophy Mage.

-On the topic of being searchable, I noticed you only have two targets for Trinket Mage so I would suggest swapping out 1 Island for Seat of the Synod and 1 Plains for Ancient Den since they are lands with CMC 0 making them searchable.

-I'd also recommend some graveyard hate. Relic of Progenitus is great as it's searchable by Trinket Mage and draws a card. Angel of Finality may be worth adding as blinking it repeatedly can suppress graveyard shenanigans. Stonecloaker may be another good inclusion for more instant speed protection for your creatures and getting more ETB triggers by recasting the bounced creature.

-Some alternatives you might want to try would be using Prophetic Prism in place of Tsabo's Web. I'm not sure how relevant the web is for you in locking down your opponents' lands but the mana fixing of the Prism may be preferrable. Also, I'm unsure if the indestructible on the Darksteel Ingot is that useful and if you'd get more mileage out of using Commander's Sphere in the case where you need an extra draw when mana flooded.

That's all I have for now and the above recommendations should be fairly budget. The most important piece of advice I would give would be to understand the way your deck works and what rules interactions you may encounter and/or exploit. For instance, know that you can blink an Angel of Serenity with Cloudshift with the ETB trigger on the stack to permanently remove 3 threats. (This ruling is on the Gatherer page for Angel of Serenity) Another weird rules exploit you may encounter is using Sun Titan to get back Reality Acid an attaching it to a permanent with shroud or hexproof because ruling 303.4f doesn't use the word 'target'. Other than that, have fun with the deck and don't Peregrine Drake loop your opponents too many times.

Tsuru-Hime on Mono white humans

2 days ago

Because you have so many ETB effects have you considered something like Eerie Interlude or Cloudshift?

Cloudchaser.Kestrel on Mangara of Corondor (General EDH Deck)

1 week ago

Mangara was my first ever commander deck - and while he's morphed into a tiny leaders decks since - there are some tricks you should know.

Notably - mangara exiling himself is a part of the effect not a cost - so if he can't exile himself the other half of the effect (exile target permanent) still resolves.

So how could you abuse this? Cloudshift the ability doesn't see mangara as the same objects after he returns so the ability doesn't exile him. Anything that makes him go away and comes back will do the trick.

Also you can turn him into a machine gun with untap effects. tap him and activate the ability. In response to the ability going on the stack use something like an Umbral Mantle to untap him and tap him again. Repeat as many times as you have mana and at the end he gets exiled once, but you might have sent four or five of their precious lands into the void.

Oloro_Magic on Modern Soldiers

2 weeks ago

You say made by someone who doesn't know how to build but you have done a pretty decent job on this list I just have a few suggestions for you:

Firstly you want a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx for some mana ramp; secondly your creature curve is a bit high, you have gone heavy on the expensive creatures; cut down to 2 Captain of the Watch, cut Angelic Skirmisher entirely and add two more Boros Elite and try to find room for Thraben Inspector and Thalia's Lieutenant (this card coud be an all star in your deck). Remove Devouring Light and Cloudshift and make room for these creatures and better removal, preferably Path to Exile but something like Cast Out or Banishing Light also works.

I would also cut Cathars' Crusade it is more of an EDH card and is a bit expensive for a fast format like modern.

If you need any help on the deck just let me know!

austinbromine97 on Human Company

2 weeks ago

I was running path, and i just switched it to Cloudshift to see how the retriggers would work, and i think i'm going to switch it back. Other than being a budget issue, Noble Hierarch actually doesn't do all that much for this deck, other than it being a human. It's not often that i attack with only 1 creature.

Daedalus19876 on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

3 weeks ago

JankimusPrime: Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you! Things got really complicated really fast :(

I do think that Avacyn is best as a fast Voltron list, simply because she's not QUITE as impactful as you'd want for a midrange control-ish commander. But she can definitely function in that role! :)

If you wanted to go that way, you could add more equipment that gives deathtouch or lifelink. Quietus Spike would also be pretty awesome in a slightly slower build.

You could also run some cards like Gisela, Blade of Goldnight to bias combat and damage in your direction, and some blink cards like Cloudshift to blink Avacyn to grant indestructible to your field :)

I also know a guy who plays Final Fortune/Glorious End+Angel's Grace to tutor for them with Sunforger, hehe.

I hope that helps!

quaddamage on Blink/Bounce Control

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the reviewing my deck and the feedback Mandalorian!

I really appreciate the look and comments.

Interesting suggestions. Here are my thoughts:

The low instant/sorcery count is exactly why I play Snapcaster Mage. He enables a re-occurrence of counter/blink/wipe replay. Before he came to the deck I was running a full set of Cloudshifts. But with him, he is, in effect, another counter/blink/wipe that has been stored away in the graveyard for later use. I find that my opponents spend their time worrying about him... and post sideboard they often bring in graveyard hate to deal with him.

However, after reflecting on Reflector Mage for the past couple days I think I will try +1 Cloudshift +3 Reflector Mage and -4 Snapcaster Mage. I have suspicions that this change won't hold up to playtesting and Snappy will be dearly missed and find his way back. But, I will report back... :)

Flickerwisp - He did see play in early builds, but the lack of flash is a deal breaker for this deck. (Love Flickerwisp + Aether vial) :)

Felidar Guardian - Too expensive to be lacking flash.

Restoration Angel - On the fence about the Angel. I worry that it may be expensive. And... importantly, the angel only blinks on ETB. So once in play it's only a beater. Every other creature in the deck is a favorable blink target and graveyard recursion target. Not being targetable with Reveillark is a bummer.

Sun Titan - Expensive, and would end up taking a Reveillark slot. Vulnerable to path.. (so is Reveillark, but Reveillark getting pathed isn't a bad thing since my opponents are not going to like my ETB creatures back again). Also, Sun Titan's ETB effect can only grab land, instants, wall and Snapcaster. :(. The Ghost Quarter point is intriguing, however it doesn't outweigh the above downsides IMO.

Panharmonicon - Expensive and super vulnerable to counter. Once countered it doesn't come back (unlike most everything else in this deck that brings value even from graveyard). (Unless I slipped in Academy Ruins). Not sure what it would replace for the slot.

Spell Queller - I love Spell Queller in an aggro deck (like Spirits), but my games run long. Long enough for it to get killed at some point, and worse, I can't blink it for free as they get their spell back which may be terrible in some circumstances. Maybe I would replace Remands with it..... but the loss of cantrip would also be sorely missed. This deck wants to fill my hands with cards.

Lone Missionary - I don't worry about life gain in most games as eventually we lock the game, and when life gain is needed Aven Riftwatcher comes in from the side board, and is slightly better for beats and more resilient to direct pings.

Cloudblazer > Mulldrifter? - Didn't know cloudblazer was a thing. If it wasn't for Mulldrifter's evoke ability... it would be clearly better. But Mulldrifter, more often than not, is drawing me tons of cards for it's evoke cost. (Often with a one mana kicker Cloudshift to draw 2 extra cards after evoke) - This deck wants to fill my hands with cards.

Eldrazi Displacer - Great card in other decks. If it blinked with ETB and had blink on a stick it would be MVP. But at it is, I think it vulnerable, slow, and expensive for this deck.

zephyr_chang on Human Company

3 weeks ago

This is probably a budget issue, but Noble Hierarch instead of Birds of Paradise is an easy upgrade. Horizon Canopy is also good in this deck. I still think Abzan Falconer is a better target for Evolution/Company, or just to cast naturally, than Kambal, Consul of Allocation. Mayor of Avabruck  Flip is also a good Human lord who you don't mind flipping either. It is tough playing Modern with zero interaction so the Cloudshift should really be Path to Exile at least.

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