Martial Glory

Martial Glory


Target creature gets +3/+0 until end of turn.Target creature gets +0/+3 until end of turn.

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Martial Glory Discussion

DarkRequiem on Anthrax and Cyanide

1 month ago

First of all thanks for the input. Its good to see people enjoying our builds. More so with what I'd consider to be a difficult commander to build around since red isn't as good as green or blue in the aura department (I'm looking at you, Bruna, Light of Alabaster and at you Krond the Dawn-Clad). Its hard to find satisfying stuff in red. But don't take me wrong, this is a very fun commander, if you build it right.

Regarding your suggestions, lets check them one by one:

Conviction is fun but a bit underwhelming. I know that being able to return it to your hand makes it appealing. But consider the fact that it gives +1/+3... You want to be extra offensive. If it were a +3/+1 boost, it would be awesome and an auto-include. As is, I find it subpar when you have better things to play. For example, Flickering Ward can be both defensive and offensive since it can turn creatures unbloackable.

Mark of Fury is another cool aura. But not more than that, I'd say. Giving haste to your commander turn after turn after turn... Ok, its like paying (R) for +1/+1 and trample on everything you control but still... I prefer to spend that card slot on something that does more. Besides, Emblem of the Warmind is superb in this deck since it gives haste to everything you control. Its a Fervor in aura form. Just what the deck wants.

Ghitu Fire... Ah, one of the enchantments I "regret" not having on the deck. I had to cut down cards and this was one to get removed due to mana restrictions. The deck is mainly white and since only 13 out of 35 mana sources produce red mana, the chances that I can pump it are a bit slim. In the direct comparison with Scourge of the Nobilis the Scourge wins the slot. In a different build, more foccused on red, no doubt I'd play... both! Still, a very, very decent card, no doubt.

Anger is excellent but my meta excels at graveyard hate. I used to run it on my Kaalia's Hordes. Removal of Anger each and every game made me avoid using Incarnations on my EDH decks. And again, Emblem of the Warmind is a much more interesting card: its an aura, has a lower cmc, can easily be retrieved from the grave if the enchanted creature dies and has the same effect.

Burnished Hart is good. But I prefer Expedition Map. It fetches any land (although it puts it into your hand) and can be abused through Sun Titan too. Would have a hard time to add Hart.

Plea for Guidance is superb on an aura deck. I own none though and thus built the deck with what I have available. Didn't see the need to go and buy it. But yes, almost as good as Three Dreams and quite complementary if you need to go big on tutors.

Sword of the Paruns and Hero's Blade are interesting cards, but they don't trigger heroic. I hadn't considered the Blade (new card and all) but not too fond of it in this build (gonna try it on my Kemba's xXx Toys next time I have a chance to play it though). Sword is something much more interesting and something I did consider in a previous version. Ended up cutting all equipment I considered except Livewire Lash since it grants me another stance of heroic. Wish there was more stuff like it out there.

Martial Glory is interesting but I found it a bit subpar. Idealy I don't want to cast it twice on my commander. I would chose both the commander and Phalanx Leader if both were in play. If you ask me, Phalanx Leader is one of the best heroic cards ever printed and works wonders in this deck. Yet Martial Glory ended up loosing its slot for Anoint due to buyback. Where Glory fails since it can only be cast once to pump a creature, given enough mana Anoint does the same and saves your creature's bacon. ;) And the we have Seething Anger, another card I would prefer over Glory. As a matter of fact I might have to add it to the deck. Buyback can be invaluable.

Thatcher Revolt isn't what I was looking for when I built this deck but if you're more foccused on humans, go for it. 3 creatures that can be pumped by the rest of the deck if you build with humans in mind and get trample can be quite aggressive. I do recomend aggressivness in this deck.

Precursor Golem is something I did look into, too. But ended up retracting from it since its a good but fragile card. If you use it, be sure to protect it somehow. If you do it can do wonders.

Regarding my choice of creatures, I don't have anything set on stone. I wasn't going for tribal or anything alike. I did end up looking for low mana creatures that could grow. Figure of Destiny, Fabled Hero, Hero of Iroas, Phalanx Leader and Serra Ascendant do just that and almost all of them are humans (FoD's the black sheep on the list). But creatures that are cheap and efficient are great here. But then again I thought about creatures that I'd want to see connect, no matter what and ended up adding bigger things like Blinding Angel and Steel Hellkite. Enchant them with Flickering Ward, Holy Mantle, Pentarch Ward, Spectra Ward or Unquestioned Authority and you'll see your opponent's squirming in their seets. More so if one of them has Destructive Urge. If only there were more things like Urge out there... :D

Its a bit late. But I'll be sure to take a look at your Cyanide and Happiness once I get the chance.

thiSmanAro on Anthrax and Cyanide

1 month ago

I'm amazed at the aura synergy you were able to find building Anax and Cymede! I'm in the developing stages myself and will have to borrow some card slots of yours. The problem I thought I'd have would be running out of gas/cards, but with many aura tricks perhaps not. Did returnable cards like Conviction, Mark of Fury, and Ghitu Firebreathing not work out in practice? they seem great!

Some cards I'm looking to run that I didn't see in your deck/change log...Anger Burnished Hart <-- Great with Sun Titan Plea for Guidance Sword of the Paruns Hero's Blade will double up your commander's power + toughness and self equip when you cast it (seems nice) My current decklist runs more small human people inflating by commander's heroic stature. Was Martial Glory just not good enough? It would double trigger on Anax and Cyamede right? Too many cards not enough room I know.

Lastly, it might be meta, but I'm trying out Precursor Golem and Thatcher Revolt to use as big unexpected swings late game after a wrath effect. Cast/bounce/Cast certain aura's and that's a lot of damage out of nowhere!

Great Job and thanks!

SpartanCEL on Boros Tempo

1 month ago

Hey brotha (literally brother for those reading) modern needs strong early game, refer to Modern Format Primer - Banlist Update (19/1/2015)

I would make the following

+2 Boros Reckoner he's awesome he requires hard removal usually, and blocking creatures need more than 3+ their power in toughness to survive

+2 Boros Charm this card doe

+2 Lightning Helix Lightning Bolt with life can't complain

+# other creatures that dominate the board to give you superior presence


Archetype of Courage he's not that impressive we can do better

Truefire Paladin same deal

Iroas, God of Victory 4 drops need to win the game or require answers, unless you go more creature based he'll just be utility.

Arrows of Justice for 3 mana this is way to expensive, bad excuse of a Boros Charm

Martial Glory yeaaa no

Madcap Skills unless we're going heroic this is lackluster, same goes for all auroras like it

Ordeal of Heliod unless you'll run your Sun Titan which is a fine finisher cut this

Boros Guildgate ew guildgates

Wind-Scarred Crag guildgates are a 2 on a 1-10 scales and this is a 3

Try for Sacred Foundry Arid Mesa they'll keep your mana in check.

Not sure about Deflecting Palm but it looks cool. Make sure to utilize untap

excaliber213 on Boro Boro

2 months ago

Just remembered Martial Glory it is perfect for this deck.

jackledaman on R/W Modern Heroic (Always taking suggestions)

2 months ago

Oh sorry also Brute Force would be an excellent inclusion, in place of the Martial Glorys.

Arorsthrar on All the Goblins - Help please

3 months ago

First off, this isn't all standard. Viashino Firstblade and Martial Glory are no longer standard legal.

Second, you need to increase the stronger goblin count to 4-ofs. This includes Goblin Rabblemaster, Foundry Street Denizen, Frenzied Goblin. Hordeling Outburst should also be an automatic four of. Jeering Instigator feels strong for the deck as well. You shouldn't be running Wall of Fire, Rummaging Goblin, Krenko's Enforcer, and Generator Servant. I could see getting away with some of those other goblins at FNM.

Third, you need more high payoffs. Obelisk of Urd is the card that benefits you the most for sticking to a creature theme. Otherwise there's really no point of focusing on a creature type. I'd do it at least a 3 off. I'd also consider splashing black for Mardu Ascendancy as a goblin producer and insurance against Anger of the Gods.

Subpar cards like Armory of Iroas, Staff of the Flame Magus, Goblinslide, Spite of Mogis, Inferno Fist and Shrapnel Blast need to go for cards like more Lightning Strike, Stoke the Flames, more lands, Magma Jet, Banishing Light, Suspension Field, etc.

Duffzord on I will "paup" your life total down to -3. AHA AHA

4 months ago

this is not standard... Ethereal Armor , Martial Glory and some others dropped already...

Color(s) Red White
Cost RW
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 6.34
Avg. cube pick 3.04


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Gatecrash Common

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