Martial Glory

Martial Glory



Target creature gets +3/+0 until end of turn.Target creature gets +0/+3 until end of turn.

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Martial Glory Discussion

rawberrycough on 2015-04-20 update of Win Hard: ...

1 month ago

I just noticed you had already added Coordinated Assault but got rid of it. I'm guessing it was in favor of Martial Glory, which makes sense. I definitely recommend fitting in Blinding Flare however as you can use it on your turn and target multiple attackers for several triggers at once, as well as prevent blocks. Most of your creatures already have double strike, and iroas provides the other half, so perhaps 2 blinding flares and 2 madcap skills would give you more options by triggering more heroics when you've got iroas and a double strike creature already covered.

mansfordm on 2015-04-13 update of Win Hard: ...

1 month ago

I totally agree the funnest part to me about the game is building the decks even more so than playing them lol. So building something that is not only competitive but also budget just makes it more of a challenge :p Plus I hate seeing the same 10-20 cards dominating a format making for a stale game. Picking a better one drop than Favored Hoplite actually seems really difficult to me, so I can't really complain he's more than likely the best choice. Two possibilities that have already proven competitive are Champion of the Parish and Monastery Swiftspear. I'd probably consider Titan's Strength over Coordinated Assault or Martial Glory too, just because its a bit more efficient, as it either nets you 3 dmg instead of 2 as opposed to the assault, or is one mana less. Also, it works much better with double strike and while Assault does trigger an additional instance of heroic, I don't think the heroic ability is quite prevalent enough for it to be significant consistently. I like to think of Titan's Strength as Lightning Bolt's 5-8 in Aggro decks. If only there was a one drop with double strike, that'd be the best. Finally I love Anax and Cymede so much. Overrun was the first strategy I really built with and had success with in standard and to me this guy came out and he was just overrun on a stick in my favorite colors. Except any time I would play him in standard people would just give me a funny look, stop to read him like they'd never seen him before, and then instantly get him off the board as fast as possible. He could work though its all about keeping up the pressure. I'm about to go play the deck a few rounds as is and let you know what my results are. I'll probably make my own changes and link to modified list if its all good with you :) Kudos to you dude for inspiring this sort of strategy in modern though man. I've never considered trying to run with it until now

Sagarys on 2015-04-13 update of Win Hard: ...

1 month ago

Disfigure... that is pretty freaking broken awesome!

Mirrid, I agree, Brute Force could be pretty sweet under the right circumstances. But in most cases where I want to pay , I'm going to reach for Coordinated Assault. Martial Glory, while you're right is a little clunkier under poor draws, provides an additional tactical layer. I can use it to save someone while simultaneously pumping someone else. For example, attack with two creatures. Opponent can only block one so he goes for a kill with his block. I pump the one getting through and save the one being blocked - in some cases, triggering his Heroic and making him able to kill the blocker. I'll playtest it to see how it works. I am finding that Launch the Fleet is sub-optimal, so I may replace that.

JexInfinite, I'm on the fence about mainboarding Lightning Bolt. It's always awesome and relevant at pretty much any point in the game - no question. It also adds to the Greek pantheon flavor of the deck. I'm just skeptical about how often I'd want to nuke something over triggering a heroic storm. I'll playtest with it as well.

Mirrid on 2015-04-13 update of Win Hard: ...

1 month ago

Have you considered Brute Force for the deck? It's literally a red Giant Growth and I think it's gonna be a bit better for you than Martial Glory, despite not targeting 2 creatures. It's simply faster and a less clunky draw if you, say, have WWR mana and want to cast a 2 drop and pump another guy.

TheRedMage on Can Twinflame target same creature ...

1 month ago

Basically you can only choose the same target once for each instance of the word "target".

For example consider Common Bond or Martial Glory . They say "target" multiple times, so it's completely a-okay to use both halves on the same creature (in particular, Martial Glory can be Giant Growth if necessary). Similarly, if you fuse Toil / Trouble you can choose the same player for both halves, because the word "target" appears twice, and so on.

On the other end, you need to choose different targets if the word "target" appears only once. So if you want to cast Ajani's Presence, you will have to pick different targets for each time you strive, as the spell says "target" only once.

evncrbch on Gisela's Angry Angels

2 months ago

I love Gisela decks, so here's my two cents.

First of all, I think there are some cards that are a bit weak that could be replaced over time. These include:

Aegis of the Gods - Really weak body, so it is very easy to kill making its effect much worse. Could be replaced with either a better creature (will make some suggestions below) or Leyline of Sanctity (although somewhat expensive).

Akroan Phalanx - A 3/3 vigilance for 4 is okay, but not really powerful. Firebreathing effects aren't bad in general, but this one is a bit expensive even though it pumps the whole team.

Borderland Marauder - This card is just generally weak. Only gets big on attacks, otherwise it isn't even a bear.

Boros Elite - It's okay, but I would probably try to replace it.

Court Street Denizen - It does get rid of a blocker temporarily, but is has an inefficient body and only taps creatures if you play a white creature.

Daring Skyjek - a bit on the weak side because of 1 toughness, but making the whole team fly is good for evasion. Not the worst creature in here, but could be replaced.

Dawnbringer Charioteers - Not a terrible creature in the right deck necessarily, but I don't think this deck contains enough heroic enablers.

Emancipation Angel - You have to lose a bit of board presence to only get a 3/3 flier. Much better alternative in Restoration Angel.

Firefist Striker - Not terrible, but very conditional on stopping a blocker. Attacking with three creatures can be harder than you think.

Guardian of the Gateless - Inefficient body, pretty bad ability. Overall not worth the slot.

Ordruun Veteran - Only 1 in the butt for 4 mana. Waaay to easy to kill.

Spark Trooper - 6 damage is a lot less intimidating when players start at 40 life. Better 4-drops exist.

Sustainer of the Realm - See Guardian of the Gateless

Thraben Valiant - Much better two drops exist.

Truefire Paladin - Not awful, but replace it over time. Again, there are just better two-drops.

Viashino Firstblade - Lasting board presence is more important than quick bursts for the most part in EDH. There are better things to do for 3 mana.

Boros Fury-Shield - Fog effects aren't optimal, but this one is part burn, so could stay for a little longer than some of these other weaker cards.

Martial Glory - As I said before, you want lasting board states in EDH. This slot would be much better dedicated to an anthem effect like Glorious Anthem.

Miraculous Recovery - It's okay, but I think spending 5 mana on a threat would be better.

Rally the Righteous - Build permanent board states as I have stated before.

Riot Control - See Boros Fury-Shield.

War Flare - See Rally the Righteous.

Dragon Mantle - Much better things to be suiting up your general with than firebreathing.

Epiphany Storm - Trust me when I say this card is just bad.

Breath of Life - I'd rather just play another threat.

Boros Keyrune - The mana-fixing is the part that made me almost not include this. However, better mana-fixing exists, and the soldier body is nothing to get attached to.

Sorry if I just tore your deck apart a bit. I understand magic is expensive and I will probably make some expensive suggestions in a moment. Let me be clear here. You do not need to have all the expensive cards to have a good, fun deck. These are things you could pick up over time and add them as you go. I like the deck as it is, but I think it could use some more power. Here are some suggestions:

Furnace of Rath - More double damage = more fun.

Sun Titan - A threat and a reanimation spell. Very good.

Inferno Titan - Removal and a threat in one. Big body, good triggered ability.

Goblin Guide - A good cheap creature, but is a touch expensive money-wise.

Path to Exile - Staple removal spell for white. Takes care of any creature threats, big or small.

Swords to Plowshares - See Path to Exile

Return to Dust - Great non-creature removal.

Chaos Warp - See Return to Dust.

Oblation/Condemn - Tucking commanders is fun.

Anger - Everything has haste. Yes please.

Insurrection - GG when you have Gisela out.

Waves of Aggression/World at War/Aggravated Assault/Relentless Assault - Extra combats = more damage = faster kills = more wins.

Master Warcraft - Can lead to huge blowouts.

Assemble the Legion - Tons of 1/1 tokens can be really hard for some decks to deal with. And they deal 2 damage with Gisela.

Celestial Mantle - It's like a +6/+6 buff on Gisela, plus doubling life totals can save your ass or take the game out of reach from your opponents.

Ajani Vengeant - Keep commanders tapped, pick off little things and Armageddon people. Not bad for 4 mana.

Elspeth, Sun's Champion/Elspeth, Knight-Errant - Either one or both would be good additions.

Gideon Jura - Hits hard and kills commanders that recently attacked.

You are low on boardwipes for when you really need to hit the emergency panic button. Some suggestions include Terminus, Razia's Purification, Wrath of God, Blasphemous Act, Day of Judgment, Divine Reckoning, Martial Coup, Oblivion Stone. Clearly you don't need all of these, but a few would be good for the times you are facing down heavy opposition with not much of your own.

For mana-fixing I suggest adding Sol Ring, Chromatic Lantern, Gilded Lotus and perhaps Thran Dynamo or Worn Powerstone. As for lands, you could always add in Battlefield Forge, Slayers' Stronghold, Ghitu Encampment, Mutavault, Temple of Triumph, Windbrisk Heights, and many others. I suggest looking up "EDH utility lands" on google and visiting a few pages to get a handful of suggestions. Also, if your deck is not completely evenly split on mana colors it might be useful to adjust your land base accordingly. If you only run 30% red mana symbols, you won't need 50% red lands.

Lastly, if you are interested, you could try out a Voltron strategy (placing many auras and artifacts on your commander to hit for huge amounts of commander damage) by utilizing some powerful equipments. Regardless of if you run voltron or not I recommend Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves, Sunforger, and Darksteel Plate. Other things you could include are any of the "Sword of X and Y" (Sword of War and Peace, Sword of Feast and Famine, etc.), Batterskull, Loxodon Warhammer, etc.

Again, it would be very expensive to update this deck all at once. I recommend building it over time. Don't give up in the middle though, this deck has a lot of promise! I urge you to google "EDH staples" as well. There are many good lists that can give you some assistance in finding the right cards. Also, check out other well-rated Gisela decks on TappedOut. They will have good tips for you as well. Keep up the deckbuilding process, this will be a great one when it's done!

Color(s) Red White
Cost RW
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 6.34
Avg. cube pick 3.04


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Gatecrash Common

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