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Creature — Beast

Bloodrush — G, Discard Slaughterhorn: Target attacking creature gets +3/+2 until end of turn.

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Slaughterhorn Discussion

sain77 on 2014-07-26 update of Faerie Sneaky

2 days ago


I like Ornithopter , Illusory Angel , Military Intelligence , and Springleaf Drum . I'm trying to keep this deck from cycling out so Slaughterhorn and Giant Growth are a no.

I'll try to find something to replace them. I like the suggestion.

Countertop on 2014-07-26 update of Faerie Sneaky

2 days ago

Springleaf Drum is nice, gives you the mana using creatures with summoning sickness

you have wayyyy to much mana, for a curve that caps at 4, you need perhaps 22-23 lands, so I would say drop the cancels and some lands to make space for more pump spells, like Slaughterhorn and Giant Growth

a new combo that came out in m15 is Ornithopter and Illusory Angel

Military Intelligence is great for drawing cards too

solo952 on Monogreen aggro

1 week ago

i would remove phyto burst for Slaughterhorn

cjk191997 on Beware the Charging Badger

1 week ago

Needs Wasteland Viper and I think you should get rid of Giant Growth and use Slaughterhorn and you don't need Xenagos, The Reveler main board (side for mono black) but you need Domri Rade +1 extra card draw -2 dirty post combat fight especially with Wasteland Viper because death touch applies in fights I would also get rid of Charging Badger for Fanatic of Xenagos and madcap only really works well if you use Alpha Authority with it (unblockable) another thing you should use Unravel the Aether not destructive revelry because it deals with gods

hiddengibbons on Prophetic Smash

2 weeks ago

Courser of Kruphix and Prophetic Flamespeaker look like they go together like PB & J. Gladecover Scout loses its usefulness after the second turn of the game and is dependent upon modifiers. I would swap that out for Elvish Mystic to increase speed. Rubblebelt Maaka is a 3/3 vanilla creature for 4 mana unless you are using it for bloodrush. An alternative would be Slaughterhorn . Firefist Striker does very little unless you attack with enough creatures for battalion. I would replace that with Kalonian Tusker , Ash Zealot , or Gore-House Chainwalker . I would also consider adding a land and maindecking at least one Witchstalker and Mistcutter Hydra . Boon Satyr would also be good in this deck as well Xenagos, The Reveler and/or Domri Rade . This deck has potential to be formidable, but it also has an interconnectedness that can backfire. The combo of Madcap Authority is effective if the two cards come up together and the enchantments are put on a creature that doesn't get removed. Courser is a nice card, but its not really a threat; its more of an enabler that sits there, unless you give it Madcap Authority or bloodrush it. Basically, more stand alone threats that require no modifiers and are difficult to remove would make this deck stronger, more effective, and increase the number of different types of decks that it can perform well against. Combinations of neat cards are fun, but sometimes you have to ask yourself "Am I trying to do fun stuff with Courser and Flamespeaker, or am I trying to win?" I would say one of the best things about this deck is the effect that Ghor-Clan Rampager has on Prophetic Flamespeaker due to the inter-play between trample and double-strike.

Femme_Fatale on 2014-07-13 update of Blood Infection

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the +1 40cal, however you probably should have looked at the deck a bit more. You completely missed the fact that I already have Might of Old Krosa , and are forgetting the most important reason Vines of Vastwood is in here, and that is for the protection grant. Modern is a very heavy removal, a simple Lightning Bolt to put on the top of the stack, a single Path to Exile , decayed by a Abrupt Decay ...get the idea? Protection grants are very important. And against a removal heavy/control deck I'll be going a lot more slowly to make sure every attack counts.

I'll be removing Blight Mamba and Plague Myr for reasons other than what you have dictated though. With 7 protection grants I no longer need Blight Mamba 's regenerate, and Plague Myr 's colourless mana has a lack of availability to spend it on.

Finally, Slaughterhorn is awesome because it can't be removed or countered with its bloodrush ability, and can double as a beater/blocker in times of need.

I also do not like Llanowar Augur , as it can only be proc'd on my upkeep. This means it can easily be removed before then, and provides limitations in play. It can only be proc'd the turn AFTER it is played. If I play it on turn one, that means my turn 2 creature has summoning sickness and I have to wait for turn 3. Plenty of removal time. If I play it on turn 2, my turn one creature won't get the buff from it when attacking on turn 2. Also, the amount of damage I am to deal that turn becomes lack-luster when it is supposed to be one of my largest opening windows. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.02 $0.12 $0.6 $0.33
Power / Toughness 3/2
Color(s) G
Cost 2G
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 4.42
Avg. cube pick 4.10


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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