Creature — Beast

Bloodrush G, Discard Slaughterhorn: Target attacking creature gets +3/+2 until end of turn.

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Slaughterhorn Discussion

Dadouuxx on U/G infect staple library.

1 month ago

Giant Growth as it should plays the same role as Slaughterhorn i guess?

ddxxe on Blood-Born Pathogen

1 month ago

So I've had an idea for a deck like this before;T1: the elf.T2: Might of Old Krosa + Assault Strobe = win if unblocked/removed.or T2: Brute Force/Giant Growth/Slaughterhorn + Mutagenic Growth + Assault StrobeorT2: 2x Mutagenic Growth + Assault Strobe

all of this is assuming you hit your 2nd land turn two and have Stomping grounds to play with. but either combos works for "all-in-fect".

Epochalyptik on Slaughterhorn + Wild Beastmaster

2 months ago

Bloodrush is an activated ability that you activate for cards in your hand. It doesn't work if the source card is on the battlefield, and it doesn't involve sacrifice.

Wild Beastmaster has a triggered ability that triggers when Wild Beastmaster attacks. The ability will be put onto the stack after attackers are declared and before players can do anything else. You can respond to this ability by activating your Slaughterhorn's bloodrush ability. If you do, then Wild Beastmaster's ability will see the buff when it checks Wild Beastmaster's power.

If you allow Wild Beastmaster's ability to resolve first, then activating bloodrush later won't affect the buff it gave to your other creatures.

Gonduin on Slaughterhorn + Wild Beastmaster

2 months ago

The Bloodrush ability on Slaughterhorn says I must target an attacking creature. So let's say I declare attackers which includes Wild Beastmaster, and then I pay the cost and sacrifice Slaughterhorn. Which cards ability resolves first?

I want the +3/+2 from Slaughterhorn to boost my Wild Beastmaster but then have Beastmaster's ability transfer the boost to all my other creatures.

Gonduin on 2016-02-18 update of $20 Green ...

2 months ago

I originally had Vines of Vastwood on my mainboard. I removed it in favor of more 1 mana Instants. I keep toying with the idea of putting it back, but I have plenty of power boosters and I like Spider Umbra because it protects from more than just targeted spells. Not sure yet on those.

I love the idea of Khalni Hydra with this deck! Unfortunately though I don't have any, and the addition of even one would almost double the cost of this deck. Maybe I will make a non-budget version of this deck and throw it in there.

I added Champion of Lambholt to the maybe-board. I may replace Awakener Druid.

Also added Slaughterhorn to maybe-board. I love the versatility of the card, but not sure I want to give up the flexibility of when and how to use Giant Growth.


exaTAYK on 2016-02-18 update of $20 Green ...

2 months ago

Vines of Vastwood seems essential in this deck you should put it in your mainboard. Have you ever thought about Khalni Hydra ? -> You have a lots of greens creatures + Mana.

Champion of Lambholt fit nice here and can help your creatures get throught the opponent's creatures.

Slaughterhorn can replace giant growth.

Anyway i like the idea of the deck!

Ashockfan on You've never seen Infect done like this before.

2 months ago

also GlistenerAgent. As the Infect master, what do you think of the Slaughterhorn suggestion to get around spellskite? It seems interesting at the very least.

plusmental on Scavenge?

3 months ago

Drop Blisterpod for Slaughterhorn because the bloodrush would be funny


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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