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Creature — Beast

Bloodrush — G, Discard Slaughterhorn: Target attacking creature gets +3/+2 until end of turn.

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Slaughterhorn Discussion

Midwest on Flooded Forests

4 hours ago

I would say up your Fog count to 4 because the 2 mana difference between it and Hunter's Ambush will be relevant when also trying to flash creatures into play the same turn. Boon Satyr is the best green flash creature in Standard not named Wurm Token. So, he's right up your alley.

If your strategy is to flash in creatures and Phytoburst them, why not run additional pump spells? Giant Growth and Slaughterhorn are both cheap and efficient. Titanic Growth is another pump spell. I would not recommend running all of these, pick and choose your favorite ones. But I would say that having more than just a playset of Phytoburst should help accomplish the theme. And if you want stronger card draw, you're blue. Just run a few draw spells such as Divination .

Provo on B/G Control *need feedback please*

2 days ago

Your deck's mana base is already good so all you need to do I refine your other spells. Black Cat , Cruel Sadist , and Slaughterhorn should go and be replaced by more Reaper of the Wilds . Hero's Downfall is also a great card for any black deck and would work in yours as well.

K8ARO on Raistlin911822

3 days ago

Hey, I'm interested in your 2 Apostle's Blessing , Blight Mamba , Slaughterhorn , and Razorverge Thicket . Could you take a look at my trade binder to see if we could make a deal? Please write on my wall if you want to trade. Thanks

death_puppit18 on Green Stompy

4 days ago

this deck looks great +1. have you considered possibly splashing red and swapping the Slaughterhorn s for a couple of Ghor-Clan Rampager s? its probably the best bloodrush card

Mikeroni on

1 week ago

So there's a couple of things that you could change about your deck. The first being that you should only be running about 18 lands because your curve is going to be very low. Also, since you're striving to win by turn 2 if not 3, cards liike Aqueous Form and Unsummon are way too slow for the deck. Instead, replace Aqueous Form with Distortion Strike (Which is infinitely better than Aqueous Form in this deck) and you should replace Unsummon and Slaughterhorn with something like Might of Old Krosa or Vines of Vastwood or even Llanowar Augur . Another staple for U/G Infect, or any infect deck for that matter is Mutagenic Growth or be sure to add a couple of those in there. Hope I was helpful, good luck! +1

sylvannos on Green Red

1 week ago

First things first: cut your deck down to 60 cards. Some of your cards are better than others and you'll want to draw them more frequently. I'm sure you're never sad to see a Genesis Hydra , but hate when you draw Give / Take .

Second, you're a fast aggro deck that wants to get as much damage as possible. You need to have consistent draws in order to get a full 20 damage in. That means more four-ofs. Slaughterhorn , Ghor-Clan Rampager , Kalonian Tusker , and Burning-Tree Emissary are good starts. Some of these are rotating, so you may have to find other alternatives. Swordwise Centaur and Bassara Tower Archer are good alternatives. They get even better if you have Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx .

To sum up:

-3x Annihilating Fire
-1x Give / Take
-4x Krenko's Enforcer
-2x Living Totem
-1x Phytotitan
-1x Satyr Grovedancer
-3x Shock
-3x Skullcrack
-18x Cards

+2x Burning-Tree Emissary
+2x Ghor-Clan Rampager
+3x Magma Jet
+2x Slaughterhorn
+9x Cards

That leaves you with three slots open. I'd recommend filling them with one-drops. Firedrinker Satyr , Rakdos Cackler , Experiment One , and Dryad Militant are good options. This way, you can play a threat on turn one, or Elvish Mystic to play a three-drop. That will allow you to get damage in with bloodrush.

For example, if you go turn one Rakdos Cackler , then your opponent plays a scry land, then you attack and play Ghor-Clan Rampager or two Slaughterhorn , they just lost a huge chunk of their life.

You'll also notice I pulled cards out of your sideboard and moved out some removal. You'll use these changes to make a new sideboard. Shock , for example, is a decent enough card, but you'll only want it against weenie decks. Your sideboard should probably look something like:

1x Clan Defiance (general purpose removal spell)
3x Magma Spray (vs. decks that rely on graveyards, Voice of Resurgence or weenie decks)
1x Phytotitan (vs. decks with a lot of destroy effects)
2x Plummet (vs. Mono-Black Devotion and their pesky Desecration Demon s)
2x Ranger's Guile (vs. any deck that plays lots of spot removal, like Hero's Downfall or Detention Sphere )
2x Shock (vs. aggro/weenie)
4x Skullcrack (vs. control with lifegain)

Spootyone on Gruul Rampage

2 weeks ago

There are a few things I'd do if I were you.

1) Up your land count. 18 lands is VERY low, and you do still have some higher costing spells like Bladetusk Boar . I'd go to at least 22-23.

2) Lower your number of Gruul War Chant . It's not great in multiples and can gum up your hand pretty easily.

3) MOAR aggression in creature choice. Things like Experiment One are good in aggressive decks, as well as some red creatures like Firedrinker Satyr .

4) Bloodrush is a mechanic that has few "great" sources. Ghor-clan is probably the best there is, but for cheap ones besides him you could go with Slaughterhorn . You may also want to think about adding in Flesh / Blood as a way to finish out the game.

koligee on Surprise, you're dead.

2 weeks ago

Glistener Elf . One drop. infect. You need more creatures. <<<Include this. Phytoburst on the flier for 6 counters to the dome. Maybe Slaughterhorn for a +3/+2 basically another giant growth. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.02 $0.12 $0.6 $0.33
Power / Toughness 3/2
Color(s) G
Cost 2G
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 4.42
Avg. cube pick 4.10


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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