Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora Uncommon
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Return all attacking creatures to their owner's hands.

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AEtherize Discussion

XBlaze on My Brother's Hydra Deck

1 day ago

I would say blue and red, because you could take out any bothersome creatures with Counterspell or Cancel or since there are a lot of creatures, maybe Nullify and for when you get attacked AEtherize and AEtherspouts. Sleep is good too. Now the red would be damage spells like Lightning Bolt or Shock or Mugging. You could put in some heavy hitter damage too like Comet Storm. Red is also good because it has some big creatures, like Hamletback Goliath. For blue creatures, I would put a few Talrand, Sky Summoner so you get a bunch of drakes, and you can kill him from the air. Hope you can beat him!

The_Malkavian on Scarab God

1 week ago

I play a lot of G/U decks, and one of the most undervalued bits of control in blue is the ability to completely sideswipe problems that R/B throws at you. Another one I have a love/hate relationship with is AEtherize, wait until they swing, then swipe their board for 3 cmc and ruin them on the return swing.

Lythia on

1 week ago

What about AEtherspouts and AEtherize? Are you looking for more bounce cards? More lock down?

epajula on Looking for a Good Deck ...

2 weeks ago

Eldrazi Displacer, Roon of the Hidden Realm, Mistmeadow Witch, Crystal Shard, Dissipation Field, AEther Adept, Reflector Mage, Man-o'-War, Tradewind Rider, Vedalken Mastermind, AEtherize, AEtherspouts, Evacuation, Cyclonic Rift, Devastation Tide, Deputy of Acquittals, and Brago, King Eternal are just a few suggestions.

Be wary of Eldrazi Displacer because he requires colorless mana to activate. Sounds like a cool idea with a bunch of ETB effects on your creatures so if your opponent is creature lite you will still be effective. Lavinia of the Tenth would be a cool general that would be obnoxious to go against. Especially against a deck that utilizes a bunch of mana dorks. Also good for the mirror match. Deadeye Navigator is a total must. I know someone else mentioned him, but if you do get him on the board he's so broken. Another idea would be to play Mimic Vat having recurring creatures of you or your opponents sounds legit.

TheSurgeon on Mono-Blue Mill control

2 weeks ago

Your counterspells all cost too much. You need mana to counter and mill. If you have to keep saving 3 mana to counter, your early game is spent milling a little and you lose because the opponent has a boardstate you can't bounce back from by the time you begin to counter.

If you wait to mill, you can't realistically start milling til turn 5 or so. Also, if you drop a Thing in the Ice  Flip, you're gonna be waiting to transform it, one turn at a time, due to the cost of your Instants. You need some well picked 2 drop counters/bounces. Mana Leak and Remand (great with Tutelage) are two of my favorites; since you are running a set of Hedron Crab, Deprive would be worth considering, also. Unsummon, Vapor Snag, and Void Snare are nice bounces that rid the board of selective threats.

Talent of the Telepath isn't good for this deck. First, the cost: For 4, a card should nearly win you the game. This does not advance your win strategy. Also, a 1-of? Take it out. Same with Startled Awake  Flip.

Take out 1x Fraying Sanity. You shouldn't have to rely on it for a win, but 3 of them in a 60 card deck, you're going to draw one at some point, statistically speaking. The same thing with its partner- Traumatize, 2-3 at most, you only need one to win.

Add in 2-3 more Archive Traps. Modern is full of fetches and reasons to search a library, this mills 13 for free, and can win you a long game if your Traumatize doesn't work out.

Engulf the Shore is pretty weak, by the time you have 4 land, your opponent may have a 7/7 goyf, ready to kick ur ass and you can't do squat. 2x AEtherize will do just fine. It's indiscriminate, and buys you at least 1-2 turns to continue milling.

I would take out Tutelage and find room with the removed card spaces for 1-drop mill cards. Tome Scours are alright. Though, I suggest Shriekhorn, as you can use it early game (mathematically better than Tome Scour) or save a few uses for when you have Fraying Sanity in play.

All of these suggestions will lower your mana curve, and make the deck play more securely and efficiently. Since your mana curve will be considerably lower, you could even take out 2 land, saving room for more suggested bounce/counter/mill cards.

Good luck!

wylie72 on WU control, this is MELETIS!!

3 weeks ago

I'd suggest and Isochron Scepter to go with your counterspells. Also, your defenses look weak, maybe add some rattlesnake cards (AEtherize/AEtherspouts/Illusionist's Gambit) and some pillowfort cards (Propaganda/Ghostly Prison/Crawlspace). Maybe Blazing Archon if you think you can survive to cast/defend it.

You're running a lot of counterspells, which are fine in one to one but not as great in multiplayer. Maybe trade some out for some spot removal to deal with problematic commanders. Darksteel Mutation shines in that role.

Xynarth on A Literal Ton of Locusts

4 weeks ago

Just thought of this now, maybe an Eldrazi Monument? It could let you run Blasphemous Act without having to worry about your own board state. You could also run AEtherize since your deck seems a little light on boardwipes. Then again, having access to blue, you could just run more counterspells such as Disallow or control like Capsize...


Ziembski on Mono-Blue Swiss Army Knife

1 month ago

Your are totally missing Paradox Engine combopieces!

Using Kaho ability is still casting which means you untap her. Which means that with enought manarocks, you can play every spell exiled with her.

WHICH means You can attack Ghostly Flicker to flicker her and get new spell!

WHICH MEANS you actually exile Flickerspell and graveyard recursion spell such as Mnemonic Nexus and another spell You might need (probably counterspell).

WHICH NOW MEANS THAT with board state of Paradox Engine, Thousand-Year Elixir and Kaho with enought artifical ramp YOU GET TO CAST EVERYSINGLE INSTANT IN YOUR LIBRARY, ANY TIMES U WISH. AT INSTANT SPEED.

This goes like this:

  • Opponent does something,

  • In response You use Kaho ability to cast everyspell he exiled (to put them into graveyard) with flickering her as last to resolve (which actually means first to be cast), untapping her and mana rocks with Paradox Engine,

  • she reenters the battlefield and You choose to pick new instants,

  • obiviously You exile needed answer to Opponent move, Another GV shuffle spell and another flicker.

  • thanks to Elixir, You can instantly use her ability to answer opponent move, then use GV recursion to shuffle GV into library (that will be the last used answer, last time used flicker and GV recursion),

  • Kaho stays with Flicker spell left exiled with her, waiting to repeat this whole proces in response to anything.


Ofc until some1 Krosan Grip your Paradox Engine. BUT WITHOUT OPPONENTS ANSWERS, YOU ARE GOD.

At this moment You decide everything. Some1 wants to attack some1? You might say "DENIED!" and do Kaho stuff to cast AEtherize.

Some1 want to cast anything? You may say "There you go" and let it resolve.

OR YOU CAN SAY "NOT EVEN CLOSE BABY" and use Kaho to cast Counterspell.

Some1 starts to weine? SIMPLY USE Brain Freeze and finish him.

You can answer everything unless they go for Split Secound spell.

Cards I suggest:

Paradox Engine and Thousand-Year Elixir as needed combopieces

Ghostly Flicker and Displace to use to flicker Kaho for new spells.

Mnemonic Nexus and Psychic Spiral to shuffle GV into Lib and reuse everything.

The thing is that we needed 2 of each of those spells to be able to loop GV recursion and Flickers (that after using one, there is still one in Lib to exile and cast to get the other from GV to Lib again)

The rest of suggestions are ofc dependent on what You want to do, just find 2 of each kind so that they can still loop like others.

Yeah, I actually wanted to make such deck, but would really like to see some1 else doing it, since I spent to much moniez to MTG anyway and my Playgroup is more casual.

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