Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 (C15) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora (DDO) Uncommon
Gatecrash (GTC) Uncommon

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Return all attacking creatures to their owner's hands.

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AEtherize Discussion

Bababad on Kruphix and the Value Town Toolbox (Panharmony)

6 days ago

Abundance can be swapped out for AEtherize pretty easily to hose aggro decks a little better.

Blue Sun's Zenith is pretty solid, though if you are going for recursion options Pull from Tomorrow fills the role better and can be hit with Muddle the Mixture

Constant Mists, Spore Frog, Fog Bank can help you against aggro decks. 1v1 the only fast decks that gave me huge issue were Rafiq of the Many and Zurgo Helmsmasher if my starting hand was bad. If they hit their rocks and acceleration they swing for lethal turn 4, but one wrench throws that tempo off balance.

Overall I don't see many true to form aggro decks often, most swingy decks tend to peak at around turn 6 (xenagod, kaarthas, samut). If you feel that sort of thing coming, the best i can recommemd is to hold off playing kruphix until after hosing their tempo or killing/countering their commander.

NoSoyYucateco on When the control player discovers EDH

1 week ago

I would recommend taking a few counterspells out for more draw and ramp options. Having more cards in hand, and more mana to spend, will help ensure you greater consistency.

Recurring Insight, Flow of Ideas, and Future Sight are great on the higher-cmc end, and will put in all the work of Thought Reflection more consistently. Fact or Fiction, Rhystic Study, Day's Undoing, Thassa, God of the Sea, and Mystic Remora all put in great work on the lower end.

As for ramp, Solemn Simulacrum, Burnished Hart, Wayfarer's Bauble, Sky Diamond, Coldsteel Heart, and Fellwar Stone are all good.

What do you plan on doing when a threat actually hits the battlefield? I would think about Cyclonic Rift, Evacuation, AEtherize, Wipe Away, Echoing Truth, Pongify, and Reality Shift.

There are also a few lands you might want to consider, like Terrain Generator, Strip Mine, Ghost Quarter, Myriad Landscape, Temple of the False God, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Reliquary Tower, Glacial Chasm, to name a few. You should probably add at least 5-7 more lands as it is.

goblinguiderevealpls on Nekusar's Wheels of Death

3 weeks ago

hello fellow grixis/nekusar mage!

you're deck looks pretty standard, if you want to see a budgetless competitive nekusar, check out my cEDH nekusar primer

ive been playing him since print and he is my pet deck!

first things first. Nekusar is, very obviously, a wheel commander, this means 3 things, that he is very heavy on noncreature spells, and thus weak to creatures, he draws a lot of hate, and thus giving opponents free card advantage/draws into answers is usually counterintuitive, and due to him being grixis wheels, you want a LOT of self-draw to draw into combos and MINIMAL Howling Mine effects

i would strongly recommend keeping your creature base smaller and draw/tutor focused, as creatures are all but disposable in a spell deck, and your planewalkers are extremely fragile,so the only one you get value off of the usual single activation before death is tezzeret, and you need a LOT more creature hate to stave off combat damage that nekusar is weak to

notable draw/utility you're missing

Notion Thief

Consecrated Sphinx

Kozilek, the Great Distortion

Trinket Mage

Snapcaster Mage

Dark Confidant

Kess, Dissident Mage

Scroll Rack

Sensei's Divining Top


Rhystic Study

Mystic Remora

Phyrexian Arena

cards like Forced Fruition give your Opponents the cards they need to remove damage like nekusar or underworld dreams ans get more free cards, while the above cards only give YOU the draws so you can draw into combo engines like dream halls to win

secondly, you need a lot more creature hate

notable missing mass creature answers:



Toxic Deluge

Deadly Tempest

Rakdos Charm


Cryptic Command

any further questions about the best commander in edh, feel free to reference my primer list or message me :)

4 lyfe

dinosaurzez on Bennie and the Jets

3 weeks ago

@NV_1980 I have considered running Extraplanar Lens a few times; I think the main thing keeping me from it is that I don't run enough counterspells to protect it, and if it get's destroyed it sets me really far back. I might test it in the future, since the mana doubling is a lot more desirable than something like Sapphire Medallion, but the associated risk is also much higher.

I'm not a fan of Wash Out in multiplayer, but Inundate is a cool card I've never seen before. My main issues with Inundate is it's 6 mana and sorcery speed; I'd rather play something along the lines of AEtherize since it allows me to keep my options open instead of tapping out for a board wipe. I've also though about playing Ixidron since it is more permanent 'removal' than the bounce board wipes and also deals with commanders handily. The main reason I'm not playing any of these cards though is that the deck doesn't really feel like it needs more board wipes, so I'm content with the ones I have for the time being.

goblinguiderevealpls on Nekusar's Wheel in the Sky

4 weeks ago

hey, I have a competitive nekusar primerand ive been playing him since printing so nearly 5 years now,

obviously my list is budgetless but it might help you get some budget ideas, some i dont see would be:

Memory Jar and Notion Thief are some of his best cards.

memory jar can easily be copied to exile the first jars hand of cards, all while discarding them to the wheel engines you're also missing, Dream Halls and Mind Over Matter its also a cheap, easily casted wheel

notion thief may negate the draw damage, but after a single wheel youve drawn more cards than a consecrated sphinx and can damnation into wheeling out

you also run a bit too many creatures for the amount of board wipes you run, and the upkeep ones are rather slow and easily dealt with

you also need a lot more draw engines as backup in case you cant wheel to loot more cards

Teferi's Puzzle Box may seem bad, but with Notion Thief it forces your opponent to bottomdeck their hand and draw 0-1 cards while you draw the rest

Necropotence no reason you shouldn't run this if you have Anvil of Bogardan, it negates the downside and allows you to draw enough cards to win as soon as turn 4 if you cast anvil turn 2 and potence 3 exiling 1-39 cards

other backup draw engines (self only, howling mine just gives opponents card advantage.) besides potence i dont see are Mystic Remora, Phyrexian Arena, Geth's Grimoire, Dark Tutelage, and, more importantly the game-winning combo wheel engines, Dream Halls and Mind Over Matter

also Memory is a great new wheel with a counterspell/bounce to boot!

overall id suggest running much less creatures and cut the walkers, as the planeswalkers are very low impact and you have very few ways to block them getting stomped, ive even ran megajace and dack and found them less than useful, i only run Tezzeret the Seeker for the artifact ramp/tutor, but he isn't budget friendly of course :(

I would add even more creature hate such as Evacuation, Rakdos Charm,Deadly Tempest, Incite Rebellion, AEtherize, Cryptic Command

anyways, +1 for playing the best damn commander there is

check out my primer and see if you get any ideas from the budget cards or combo descriptions! if it helps feel free to "like" it, and hope my suggestions were of help

4 life

may your wheel be done

TheSurgeon on Mono Blue Milltron

4 weeks ago

I feel that Thought Scour doesn't do enough. You could run some early bounce (Unsummon, Vapor Snag) for turns 1 and 2 while you wait for your counters and Repeals.
Why: You need at least a to cast your spells for disruption, and you still have your Expedition Maps to get out and use to find your Tron lands. That's a lot for early game to be focusing on. Your opponent will have a boardstate.

Furthermore, you have to ramp into Fraying Sanity a cool 3-cost mill enchantment, no doubt, and rather tricky to use, as you can't just jam it into every mill deck. I like it here.

Anyway, your other options are boardwipe-bounce like AEtherize or Cyclonic Rift, which takes care of go-wide decks and fits your ramp curve nicely.

I would take out just one Visions of Beyond. 4x simply seems redundant in a deck that needs a little time for your draw to be max effective.

Jace's Phantasm seems underpowered for this deck. It's an easy go-to for a mill deck, but your build is unique and deserves more scrutiny as far as creature potential. You'll have mana, and you'll have cards in the graveyard. Hangarback Walker poses a board-threat (twice) as a blocker and a backup wincon.

Or, you could always forego a creature base and go spell-slinger. Add a mill punch and reuse your Instant spells with Psychic Spiral. Or throw some lifegain in with Profane Memento.

Didn't mean to write a book! LOL Guess I got on a rant. Nice deck, man. I like the flavor. +1

Backinthefrey on UB Mill

1 month ago

i did some play testing, and despite your deck being presented as an aggro budget mill, my slow build enchantment mill is able to consistently beat it, while the deck is less than half the price. this isn't me saying the deck is bad, its me saying you need to make it faster, and focus on card advantage more than self preservation. whites only job here is to keep you alive, but blue very easily has cards that do the same, as well as black. to replace the Path to Exile is replaceable by a large number of cards, such as Assassinate, Murder, or Doom Blade. it costs only slightly more, and its not like they will have a game ending creature turn 1 anyway. and to replace your Ethereal Haze you can use something basic like Unsummon, or use a bored wipe one like AEtherize, or just a Polymorphist's Jest to nullify a big hit. that way you narrow down to two colors, and still keep the cards to stay alive

TKDbeast on bant token

1 month ago

This deck is really fun! Blue is an underrated color for tokens.

You've got some fun stuff in here, but you'll need to fit in some support and goodstuff. It doesn't matter how many tokens you can make if your opponents have AEtherize or Wrath of God. Get some counterspells, give all your creatures hexproof, have some card draw, add some mana rocks, etc.

Bant for tokens is very powerful, especially in commander. However, you're missing a lot of key stuff that makes it so good. I'd recommend getting some cool shenanigans that blue brings in. Mirrorweave can turn your tokens into an army of Grave Titans, for example. Copies of Reef Worm can potentially create a dozen 9/9 creatures. You can create wacky combinations with bant tokens.

Thank for sharing this deck!

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