Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Common
Planechase Anthology Common
Khans of Tarkir Common
Magic 2015 Common
Magic 2014 Common
Return to Ravnica Common
Planechase 2012 Edition Common
2012 Core Set Common
2011 Core Set Common
Duels of the Planeswalkers Common
Zendikar Common
2010 Core Set Common
Shards of Alara Common
Tenth Edition Common
Time Spiral Common
Promo Set Common

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Counter target spell.

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xyr0s on izzet counter/burn

3 days ago

If you work with a "sorceries and instants in the graveyard" theme, you are missing a couple of cards: Thoughtscour for example. And Serum Visions, which doesn't put things in your GY in itself, but finds better cards for you to draw. Counterspells are not very good in modern, especially the Cancel-variations; 3 mana is too expensive for a 1-for-1 you don't have much control over (consider that you can trade 1-for-1 with Thoughtseize or Lightning Bolt for 1 mana).

4 Mana Leak is a bit too much. It's a good card well into the midgame, but considering how many low-cost cards there are in modern, it loses its effect when your opponent has 5 or 6 lands.

You could try cards like Remand and (if you are feeling a bit lucky) Squelch. The latter can sometimes be dead cardboard, and sometimes a timewalk (hitting your opponents first fetchland when you are on the play - you are now ahead with one mana and one card for 1U, actually just like Time Walk). There's also Desolate Lighthouse to help filling your GY.

WargRave on Zurgo's toolbox of death

3 days ago

I'm not an expert on mana base construction, but isn't 32 lands and 15 mana rocks an extreme ratio? I know the general rule is "2 rocks = 1 land" so your total is still 39.5 "lands", but still, 47 cardslots are dedicated to mana production, meaning you will draw less gas. I think so many rocks also forces you to resort to some that are worse than simply lands. Having a rock instead of a land only ramps you if you are already hitting all your land drops, and 32 lands probably won't do that for very long. Once you empty your hand of land, drawing a rock actually slows down your mana compared to a land, and rocks are easier to destroy; Cyclonic Rift and Vandalblast hitting 1/3 of your mana sources really hurts, for example. The trio of diamond rocks are most cuttable; Coldsteel Heart is better. Gratuitous Violence and Phage the Untouchable are hardest to cast, so if your mana isn't consistent enough I think they must be the first suspects.

There are 13 board wipes, is it possible for that number to go down? I notice there are very few sources of direct card draw, so maybe the least good wipes can make room for that. Outpost Siege should always be on Khans, so Phyrexian Arena would serve better.

Open the Armory is a voltron staple, but this list has only 7 targets for it. Battle Mastery is a good one, and Loxodon Warhammer can replicate the function of Homicidal Seclusion. Tenza, Godo's Maul is super efficient. You can also add a negative aura so Open the Armory can function as removal. Replacing Banishing Light with Arrest for instance.

How has Lapse of Certainty been? Holding up 3 mana for a worse Cancel seems unexciting even if you are exploiting your opponents' color pie expectations, though I do like Not of This World and Rebuff the Wicked since it's much easier to hold up 0/1 mana, and Not of This World even counters abilities!

Nephalia Academy is a curious choice to me, I suppose discard is common in your meta?

idiotbane on New U/B Control

4 days ago

It looks like the white in your deck serves little purpose main board. Anguished Unmaking and Shambling Vent. The white sideboard tech seems redundant as well. Trespasser's Curse deals with Copy Cat Combo, so Authority of the Consuls and Gideon's Intervention are redundant.

As this is, you may as well be UB and be much more consistent. If you're stuck on Esper, out the Never / Return and a couple Murders for Cast Out, which is a much better removal spell in nearly all scenarios.

Include a couple grindy spells in the sideboard, like Planeswalkers and Hand Disruption. Your main has an abundance of creature removal as well as 3x Horribly Awry. What if your opponent is playing control? Half your deck will be useless. Grab a fourth Cancel sort of card and get a 1-2x Negate in to the mainboard. 2x Dispel in the side is basically mandatory if you ever want to win against opposing blue decks games 2-3. Also, have you tried Pull from Tomorrow? The card will blow your mind. Try a 2x and see what I mean.

ElementalEd on Trampoline Sen

5 days ago

Cards I would cut/replacement:

For Win conditions:

Really up to you tbh. But i think the following options synergize well with your deck.

1) Artifact Win Cons:

Lattice + Forge + Nevi disk. (or really any destroy all artifact)

2) Bounce win con

This one is a bit tricky, but can be done.

This usually revolves on getting ahead with mana rocks or using trickery.

Sunder would be what wins you the game, but Armageddon would work equally as well. Get ahead on rocks a few turns early, the cast it. Or pair it with a card like Taniwha

3) Cloning / stealing wincons / game ending spells

4) Entering the infinte.

Any win con that works with Enter the Infinite.

Infinite mana or omniscience is a play your deck

or even just a Psychosis Crawler.

  • You might have to make more room for these win conditions. but it at least provides you with options assuming that your opponents don't have much to work with

FastHandsTam on Energistic Snake Bird Amigos

6 days ago

Hey! This is a super cool idea. Nissa seems to be pretty ramp focused. You want to be able to quickly get her to a reasonably high loyalty and then just start spewing out creatures, and Kiora can do something similar though less powerful. I would also then use more creatures, since you have Vizier of the Menagerie, Nissa, Steward of Elements and Kiora, Master of the Depths who are all creature focused.

I would suggest taking out Rashmi, Eternities Crafter because she is slow to come out, and has a small body. Similarly I think Kefnet the Mindful is much better suited for a pass-go style control deck. I would also remove the cartouche and trials you have, because they are not very powerful effects. Also New Perspectives could come out. In these slots you could add in creatures that are more suited for Nissa, Vizier and Kiora.

I would suggest adding in a Manglehorn or two, it has proved very effective. I think Prowling Serpopard is good but can be moved to the sideboard. I think then the best way to go for the rest of the deck is an energy theme, turning the deck into a ramp midrange/control. So I think Attune with Aether would be a great include, as well as Servant of the Conduit. This will allow you to keep a relatively low amount of lands, probably 22, while still paying high Mana costs easily. For creatures I would use Bristling Hydra, Rogue Refiner and possibly Longtusk Cub. Then you could also add in a few Tireless Trackers and maybe even Glimmer of Genius and replace Cancel with Disallow. This would add enough instants/sorceries for even a couple Torrential Gearhulk. There is also a great argument for including a couple Heart of Kiran because you will have Planeswalkers and creatures able to crew it, and it also turns on Rhonas the Indomitable. You will also have a few creatures that are big enough for Rhonas on their own, and others that can grow fairly quickly.

I think you can also cut down on your big, expensive flying creatures, and just keep a couple, as well as possibly cutting a Kiora and increasing your number of Nissa, Steward of Elements since she is a very flexible card with X in her Mana cost. Finally I would also cut one Vizier of the Menagerie.

Sorry, that was a lot! I just saw your list and was inspired! I love creative ideas like this one!

CommanderNeyo on March of the Faerie Queen

1 week ago

Instead of Cancel, why not add Counterspell? It is the exact same thing, but one mana cheaper.

subrosian on Blue Bamboozle

1 week ago

Brainstorm is not Modern legal and therefore can't replace Ponder; Serum Visions is the commonly accepted next-best 1-mana cantrip for the format. Mana Leak and Remand are considerably more powerful than Cancel in Modern as well. Furthermore, High Tide is another card that isn't Modern legal.

I would recommend changing the deck's format to Casual rather than Modern since you have so many illegal cards.

Deathron1404 on What's Graveyard: BU Zombie

1 week ago

I would put in Dissolve rather than Cancel, just as its the same thing but you get to also Scry.

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