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skoobysnackz on Esper Control

4 days ago

Having experience playing an esper dragons list, I don't think Silumgar's Scorn would be worth it here even with Mutavault, which just turns it into a Cancel which is super underwhelming. That being said I think any deck that runs Dragonlord Ojutai should also have a copy of Minamo, School at Water's Edge. It can replace an Island because it enters untapped and can be a virtual Counterspell against removal.

Regarding Esper Charm and Lingering Souls, I think they are both amazing but they're not meant for the same strategies. If your goal is to use hand disruption and removal to keep up, then I would go with Esper Charm. If you're more interested in tempo plays, and lots of synergies with the graveyard then Lingering Souls is your card. This looks like a fun list, keep it up!

Dumgoldfish124 on Mono Blue

6 days ago

I recommend Rune Snag over Mana Leak, and replace 2 Cancels with 2 Dismisses, otherwise the deck is good.

Kjartan on Second Sun Control

1 week ago

Don't think you need 28 lands. 24-25 should be fine.

I feel like you might have some better counter-magic than Rakshasa's Disdain and Unwind lying around. Mana Leak and Negate perhaps? And if you don't, you might find a person at your local game store that will at least give you some Negates for free. Or at least Cancel, which is still better than Rakshasa's Disdain, if not both of them.

As for what you have to work with ATM, I would cut 3 Taigam's Scheming, and 1 Unwind for the 2 Glimmer of Genius and 2 Cast Out currently in your sideboard.

Kjartan on UB Delve

1 week ago

Mana Leak would definately be better, but I feel even just Cancel would, hosetly.

RPGkyle on $130 Standard U/B Control

1 week ago

Thanks @zenozia! As a newer MTG player, I'm thankful for any feedback.

Some of the upgrades I wanted were the exact cards you mentioned, like Disallow instead of Cancel, Vraska's Contempt instead of Hour of Glory and Never, Fatal Push instead of Moment of Craving, and Fetid Pools instead of Desert of the Glorified and Desert of the Mindful. Unfortunately, they are just out of my budget at the moment.

I do think additional Torrential Gearhulk's would help my deck quite a bit. I had considered Duress, but I have preferred using more counters and removal. I'm still unsure if I should include cards such as Censor and Bontu's Last Reckoning.

DjMuffinTops on Tetsuko Umezawa

1 week ago

Haven't played Tetsuko as a commander yet but I've been wanting to see a cool "deals combat damage" unblockables deck, this is a cool budget deck.(I tried with simic when I first started, might try again).

My suggestions for a strong late game would have to be centered at protecting your board from board wipes which if resolved will really set you back. Since you're in blue you're probably looking at adding a couple more counterspells for those boardwipes like Arcane Denial, Negate, and Cancel

On the other side of things you might also wanna run some spells to set back opponents who try to swing back. AEtherize is good against that full swing back at you. For more problematic boards Cyclonic Rift is the ideal option but its a bit pricey now, River's Rebuke is pretty good though at clearing the way of one person's non-land permanents.

I also think Chasm Skulker looks pretty good here, from the looks of it you've got a lot of card draw. 1/1 that makes more 1/1s would probably be pretty good here. And finally a cool pet card of mine is Day of the Dragons. If you've got a full board of weenies and this resolves around a turn it's a really good time. Hope this helps!

zenozia on $130 Standard U/B Control

1 week ago

Hi I'm a big fan of U/B control

creature: Torrential Gearhulk add 2 more its just that good

instant: Disallow pretty much what you want in term of counterspell instead of Cancel, Vraska's Contempt is a far better Hour of Glory if you have the money Fatal Push is a great card Duress I'm not too sure about this card but it could be good

Zazs on The Mirari Wishes For No Fun

1 week ago

I love the idea of this deck! I'm testing frenetically right now. Thank you for posting this!

My two cents:

I think Abrade would be better than Lightning Strike, since the win condition it's a OTK, so Abrade deal with threats like Heart of Kiran and Aethersphere Harvester, which Lightning Strike don't.

I don't like Cancel in this deck. For a counter it's too slow. On the draw you need something to counter threats like Steel Leaf Champion, Thrashing Brontodon. I think Censor or Essence Scatter would be better, not sure which yet though. 4+ res creatures it's really hard to deal with this deck, that's why I suggested Abrade, Censor and Essence Scatter because I don't think Hour of Devastation alone is enough to deal with them.

I never reached Ascend, so I think replace Secrets of the Golden City for more Champion of Wits would be better because Champion of Wits can chump block in times of need and the Eternalize is really a powerful effect that can help find the combo to finish the match. And if you discard a Instant/Sorcery you can take it back with The Mirari Conjecture anyways.

I don't know if I losing something here, but I found As Foretold useless in this deck. On the play it's too slow and on the draw you lose much tempo and almost never recover.

About the sideboard, I don't know... maybe a Baral, Chief of Compliance against control decks? I didn't test against control decks yet.

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