Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

Diakia1044 on Soldiers: 42 total power by turn 5.

36 minutes ago

Subject134127 thank you for your input. I like the idea of Hero of Bladehold , as I completely overlooked that as I made this deck by typing in soldier on Gatherer. I also thought that Gods Willing was a good idea and have put in some of those. As far as more 1-2 mana soldiers go, I already have 8 one drops and have never had any issues with mana curve or anything. I want to be playing Honor of the Pure on turn 2, and as I only have 4 heroic enablers, Phalanx Leader isn't good enough to replace anything else, as every other card does more work in the deck.

kruski on Heroic and Prowess: Making Heroic ...

3 hours ago

Gods Willing is one of the best protect your creature cards, it also may allow your biggest guy to attack and be evasive depending on the color you name

Ezra-Andersen on Jalira Control

3 hours ago

Santimor I will consider the Icy Blast and Curse of the Swine . Swan Song defeats the purpose of using the Stormtide Leviathan as the big creature of choice (why would I counter my own spell?). I prefer to use cards I already have before purchasing cards that I might not use very much, so I will have to test a little and see if the Polymorphist's Jest and AEtherspouts are worth it. Would you take out either of the straight up "counterspells" for Negate s (I agree that Stubborn Denial is a weak card here)? What would you do to incorporate Gods Willing into the mainboard (if I'm running that card, it's going to be in the main)? Starn Originially this deck was going to be mono-blue and Sigiled Starfish was going to be my creature that I "polymorphed" into a stormtide. The risk of just turning it into another starfish seemed to great to me, so it became a U/W. Segway-I do not want this to become a 3 color control. I already get more crazy white mana than blue as it is (which is why I have several more islands than plains). I have a White Agro deck. Since it is based off enchantments very heavily, I will put Griptide in the "maybeboard".

Wolfsage13 on The Aura of Iroas [[HELP PLEASE]]

6 hours ago

I think Gift of Immortality loses a bit of value as sweepers aren't as prevalent, and they can always just Hero's Downfall in response to you casting it. I would try to run a card to push damage through, Gods Willing comes to mind. Shock isn't legal anymore I don't think. You can always run Magma Jet , but i think combat tricks would be more beneficial for you, but if you want a burn spell Stoke the Flames and Magma Jet are pretty good. I would probably include Banishing Light over Oppressive Rays as it will hit planeswalkers, and it's just more solid all around. An anthem effect or two wouldn't be out of place either. I could see Spear of Heliod or Hall of Triumph as maybe a one off. I don't think you want to play with constellation so much, that's really green's area or maybe black/white. Launch the Fleet seems like a good card to work with your heroic cards, and flood the board.

As far as your sideboard goes, your worst matchup is probably going to be jeskai burn, they have plenty of ways to repetitively clear out your guys with their burn, and then they can piggyback off of Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker to win the game. I think you might want a few Lightning Strike s in the sideboard to clear out their Mantis Rider /Seeker of the Way . Banishing Light would probably need to be in there somewhere, assuming you don't maindeck it, to deal with sarkan. You'll probably want to flood the board with as many guys as you can, and hold up brave the elements for Anger of the Gods .

Another brutal one is going to be Siege Rhino into Sorin, Solemn Visitor . Abzan midrange is going to be another difficult matchup. soldier of the pantheon seems like one of your better cards here, but you'll have a hard time pushing damage through Sylvan Caryatid . if you can get your hands on a few Brimaz, King of Oreskos i think he would be an addition to this matchup and a few others. Akroan Hoplite jumps out to me as an interesting card if you have the tokens to pump his attack up. he can attack safely into many of their creatures, and brave the elements could be a huge blowout.

other solid cards are going to be Deicide , Ajani's Presence , Aegis of the Gods , Hushwing Gryff , Chandra, Pyromaster , and maybe Stormbreath Dragon although he's a little on the costly side as far as mana.

Kioji17 on Azorius Hero

8 hours ago

True but Eidolon of Countless Battles also benefits from creatures I control. So at the worst it is a 4 mana +2/+2 aura that also triggers heroic, which does sound pretty bad.

On the flip side it can become a 3 mana aura that gives +2/+2 and also can trigger heroic, so say T2 Hero of Iroas T3 Eidolon of Countless Battles swing for 5 at this pace if my opponent doesn't have an answer or blockers they will lose quickly because it could turn into a T4 Battle Mastery and any 1 mana spell T4 win, but that is a pretty loaded hand and nothing to depend on.

What I dislike about Feat of Resistance is that it sits at 2 CMC albeit it triggers heroic and adds a +1/+1 counter and I get a free swing in. I like using my protection spells for protection so if I have to worry about protection my creatures with either Gods Willing or Ajani's Presence I have more resources to spend on my turn to pump my creatures up and still know they will survive till next turn.

I guess Feat of Resistance at 2 mana is a deal breaker for me, but it is possible I would need more survivability if the meta dictated and I could see it replacing Eidolon of Countless Battles .

Santimor on Jalira Control

9 hours ago

Hey! i like your deck, even if i consider it pretty weak. I mean, Jalira, Master Polymorphist dies to every removal spell in Standard, it lacks Hexproof (the same to Stormtide Leviathan as a win condition), so i wouldconsider Negate , Swan Song , Stubborn Denial (very weak) or even Gods Willing could be mainboard to protect the "combo".

Some solid cards i would consider to control the board are AEtherspouts , Icy Blast , Sudden Storm , Voyage's End and of course Polymorphist's Jest (For Flavor!). Even Curse of the Swine can take out some staple creatures (Brimaz, King of Oreskos , Mantis Rider , Siege Rhino ) and give you 1 or 2 more turns to draw your Jaira.

ferretgr on Black Aggro

13 hours ago

Hey, since you're already in white a little, perhaps you could consider sideboarding cards like Ajani's Presence , Gods Willing , and/or Feat of Resistance to deal with the Bile Blights and Drown In Sorrows... I haven't been able to test that at a FNM yet but it's working out well on MTGO

Quadsimotto on soldiers, soldiers, F#¢¥ more soldiers

14 hours ago

I love MONO white. Let me start by saying mayeb drop elspeth for another ajani. He is nuts in a mono white deck and only having 20 lands is going to make it hard to consistently cast elspeth. As beautiful as godsend is there are better cards for that slot. Bile Blight will wreck this build so as someone already suggested either Gods Willing (which is super sweet to get your fabled hero through for the W) or Feat of Resistance to get that added counter. Also you might want to consider Preeminent Captain . hes a nice way to get another soldier down per turn if you are attacking. For instance you swing with and use him to drop a fabled hero. Anyhow plus for the MONO white. Have a look at Unleash the Fury Mitch! for some more helpful ideas and a solid start to a sideboard.

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