Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

pviollier on Anax And Cheapmede (HELP PLEASE)

2 hours ago

There is a lot of room to take out. In my experience, playing with instants is better than enchantments in this deck (because of all the spot removal in this format), so you could take almost all of them out.

You could also replace Deflecting Palm, Fall of the Hammer, Gods Willing, Mortal's Ardor, Shielded Passage, Show of Valor, Temur Battle Rage, Thunder Strike and Mikaeus, the Lunarch with ones that do similar things, but have rebounce or draw you cards (one of the weakness of this deck is running out of gas). Check out my deck for ideas.

I try to use few creatures and a lot of token production, so you can "swarm and overrun" with Anax and the tokens. Having Young Pyromancer with a lot of instants is a lot of value also.

SpikedEggnog on Jund Dragons

4 hours ago

i doubt youll need it - it hits mono blue or the u/w heroic - both arent (or wont be) played a lot and both dont have many counterspells - rending volley cant kill Master of Waves and it also cant kill u/w heroic because it will either be protected by Gods Willing or be too big from +1 Counters. i wouldnt run it. youd be better off running your thoughtseize and duress against those decks to pick their hand apart.

also for u/w heroic - self-inflicted wound seems pretty good - they dont run alot of counterspells if any, and they cant use Gods Willing or something like that to protect their creatures - they just have to Sacrifice. but again its not a widely played deck so im not sure how useful it will be. the only other things i can see it hitting are Caryatid and Dragonlord Ojutai. Youll have to play it out and see - if its underperforming, cut it and find something else.

the rest of your sideboard seems legit though.

draconic roar seems like a nice way to punish tinier decks while at the same time burning face.

destructive revelry seems nice against G/W mastery decks and it can even kill Courser in a pinch. Killing Courser for 2 mana + 2 dmg to face is pretty good. Plus if you do that it opens the door for your self inflicted wound to get rid of something else besides courser, like forcing them to sac a caryatid or something bigger - have to play it by situation but i can see it being good with self inflicted.

Crux seems good against decks that flood the board for a 1 sided board wipe BUT you may see an influx of dragons making it worse. And youre a pretty fast, aggressive deck - you want to smash face as fast as possible - Curx is pretty slow and may not be worth 2 slots in their because you have removal mainboard and if it gets flooded to the point of where you need to Crux you probably already lost anyways - because youre the aggressor and mostly they should be using their turns up trying to stop you from attacking, which is what you want. Crux doesnt play into that plan and it only seems good in some really big decks like Green Devotion - which is already an easy matchup for you with Tons of Flyers. I dont think its that good and id consider replacing it with BURN for more reach late game - because you dont really care if they start flooding the board you just want to kill them as fast as possible once you start slamming all your Dragons down. Im really thinking Atarka's Command might be good Here for several reasons:

  1. it stops Life Gain - stopping life gain could be huge against the G/W mastery decks because they can keep flipping face downs and gaining life.

  2. it gives somewhat ramp - making your dragons come down faster

  3. it burns face - making them die faster

  4. it also gives +1/+1 to all your guys which could be good in several ways.

It could be a nice surprise Alpha Strike - imagine if you have courser and mystic out - you cast atarkas command, 3 dmg to face and +1 to creatures, you attack with mystic and courser - thats a 2/2 and a 3/5 PLUS 3 dmg to face = 8 dmg - WOW, and thats just courser and mystic - at first it looked like 3 dmg (1/1 mystic and 2/4 courser) but it turned from 3 to 8.

BUT there could also be scenarios where opponent attacks with Seeker of the Way and you block with Courser, they cast Defiant Strike, in response you cast atarkas command preventing life gain and +1/+1 to creatures, killing their seeker AND stopping 4 lifegain.

OR there could also be a scenario in which you use atarkas command to +1/+1 your creatures and block an opposing stormbreath or thunderbreak with Courser and Still live, or chump block with a mystic or caryatid - in a racing situation it could be sweet to chump block with mystic or caratid, preventing 4 or more dmg from a flyer, AND dealing 3 dmg to their face - then counterattacking next turn. also blocking dragonlord Ojutai could be good. worst cast scenario its 2 mana for a lightning strike to the face, which is still good when you are trying to kill them quickly. So all in all, Atarkas Command may be something you would like if you really stop and think about it.

Femme_Fatale on Debauchery and Infamy

5 hours ago

Why not Agent of Fates with things like Gods Willing and Valorous Stance and DTK's rebound spells?


11 hours ago

So, Boros Heroic is a thing, apparently. With cards like Favored Hoplite, Gods Willing, Artful Maneuver, Dauntless Onslaught, Feat of Resistance, and Center Soul, you've got all the protection you need.

kerryunite on Dromoka's Justice

14 hours ago

if you decide to go with a +1/+1 counter theme with this deck (which it seems to be half doing at the moment), Hardened Scales is fantastic. Plus Feat of Resistance instead of Gods Willing.

Personally I'd drop Dragonlord Dromoka and Enduring Scalelord for a few more low drops, and also maybe lower the land count because you'd then curve out at 3-4. Still looks fun though, and having two of the scalelord does basically give you an infinite counter combo, which is hilarious :D

kamarupa on Cheap White People

1 day ago

Thanks, 16smith, that's a better fit than Gods Willing.

Minelia5 on Humans

1 day ago

Damn I wrote a long comment but clicked a link and lost it ():< I'll try to recreate it. Here are my suggestions.

  1. drop Font of Vigor for more Ordeal of Heliods. They're much better, and work really well with Sunbond

  2. I really like Hero of Iroas in a deck like this. Very potent, although possibly out of budget. If possible, drop the Tireless Missionaries for him (they're too slow).

  3. Almost forgot, welcome to the game! I'm impressed with this deck! Very good for a new player!

  4. I know Sunbond is awesome (I have a deck around it myself), but 4 is too much, specifically when you're running 3 Heliod's Pilgrim. You wouldn't want more than 2 in your hand at any time (if that)

  5. protection is extremely important with so much control in many people's decks. Cards like Feat of Resistance, Gods Willing, and Valorous Stance can save your big Sunbond enchanted creature from the removal they have so you can swing for the win!

That's all for now, I wish you luck with magic! If you ever need any help on the site or with magic, just ask me! I'd be more than willing to answer a question.

sifusan on Exalted Horde (Input please!)

1 day ago

Exalted's main weakness is against decks that pack spot removal or boardwipes. Seeing as your opponent always know which creature is going to deal damage I would look for cards that either protect your creatures or perform some combat shenanigans that make you harder to play around. An easy example would be to include something like Gods Willing to add essential protection against the cards like Terminate and his little brothers Go for the Throat and Smother. And then of course there is Lightning Bolt, the one and only, destroyer of early-games.

My first recommendation is to get a sideboard. It will allow you to compensate against a lot of decks that is going to be though playing against. Exalted isn't exactly high-tier (though I very much respect it, I used to play it casually before and I loved it) so it has a lot of 'natural enemies': Burn, Affinity, Discard/8-rack, UR Delver, Twin and such decks will run you down before you can really set you game in motion. UWR Control, Tron, Jund and Abzan is going to outlast your game-plan since they all pack strong utility cards. Getting a sideboard will help you compensate and adapt to situations when you are up against decks that are higher tier or even just good against Exalted. Guttural Response will help you deal with almost any blue deck while Ready / Willing will save you from Damnation. Stony Silence will shut up Affinity and Timely Reinforcements can rescue you from burn or UR Delver.

Now for the deck itself:

WG Exalted has another problem in addition to being weak against removal: Card draw and card advantage, and these two colors don't have a lot of access to either. You could try getting Horizon Canopy but it is expensive. An easy way to fix this problem is to splash for another color, namely blue or black. Which one you choose is entirely based on what playing style you want to go for. Personally I would go for blue. Running Remand helps you fend back removals and blockers for the early game, Cryptic Command is just amazing in all ways (except 3U might be tough if you are only splashing), Serum Visions, Aqueous Form , Spell Pierce, Dispel and so on and so on. LOTS of good utility. Exalted also happens to have a couple of good creature cards in UWG, Rafiq of the Many and Giltspire Avenger. If black is more appealing to you than there's the obligatory Inquisition of Kozilek and some pay-life-to-draw spells like Sign in Blood or Read the Bones. For creatures there's Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis, Duskmantle Prowler and Knight of Infamy. Blue is reactive while Black is proactive. If you plan on closing out games fast then I would go for black. If you aim for the midrange beatdown then I would go with blue.

Alright I have written way much more than I planned on, got excited for your deck. It's nostalgic to see others play Exalted. Good luck and +1 from me! =)

Color(s) White
Cost W
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 9.76
Avg. cube pick 12.49


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Common


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