Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

SwishierTrout73 on G/W Heroic Champions

35 minutes ago

@liu3bei thanks for the suggestion! I really agree with protecting my creatures so I added in Gods Willing and Feat of Resistance and I have Ranger's Guile in the sideboard for control based decks.

6tennis on Mono-White Voltron: A Budget Adventure

1 day ago

DragoKdb Sorry if I'm a bit late to replying. A Voltron deck is essentially a deck that tries to get one huge creature on the board, give it various forms of evasion, and proceed to have it win the game for you.

NoviceMagician I'm putting Favored Hoplite in here for now, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. If I was able to give it more forms of evasion, it'd be better. Glaring Aegis and Gods Willing so far are the only things that allows it to get in some early damage. I might put Grasp of the Hieromancer back in for that. What should I take out for it? Other than that, I've scrapped the W/R deck. I had a lot more success with this deck, giving stuff evasion and what-not (also, smacking people with Dead Babies is extremely satisfying). Also, Red didn't have a lot to offer in the ways of protection, whereas white had Gods Willing and, more importantly Spectra Ward. The W/R deck was more of a tempo deck than everything else, and Spectra Ward wasn't on my curve. Henceforth, my big dudes were removed a lot. (games were played on Untap/Cockatrice)

pipster258 on The Amazing Heroic Flying Rogue Soldiers of Urd

1 day ago

Hi, I just posted this on your first version of your deck, not realizing you had a new one. Replace Gods Willing with Brave the Elements.

pipster258 on Heroic Soldiers of Urd - 2nd Place at FNM!

1 day ago

I really like this deck, especially as it is fairly budget. I can't see much change, except for replacing Gods Willing with Brave the Elements. All your creatures are white,and it would trigger all the extra counters.

liu3bei on G/W Heroic Champions

1 day ago

All of the Gods Willing should be mainboard.Protection is key!

I'd take out both the Dauntless Onslaught and the Titanic Growth since you don't really need that boost since your creatures get big enough already in my opinion.

khaos2639 on Trampling deathtouchers

1 day ago

A good budget deck... one thing that jumps out is that you're going to fall to removal... and fall hard. You have almost no protection and no way to rebuild after a board wipe.

Since you're going for budget, Collected Company is probably out of the question... Gather the Pack is a budget substitute.

In the absense of robust protection spells, it may be worth throwing in an Evolutionary Leap... that way if they're going to kill your creatures, you can respond to the kill spell on the stack by just killing the creature yourself, and generating out an instant replacement for whatever died. It's not the best option, but without dropping a fair amount of money on a set of Den Protector and Dromoka's Command it'll be a fairly decent intermediate step.

Most green decks that focus on counters want to splash in some white for removal and protection, so you can take advantage of cards like Gods Willing, Center Soul, Suspension Field, Ajani's Presence, Valorous Stance etc.... but that's long term depending on how you like the deck.

Kegrat on Bestowed Power

2 days ago

Gods Willing would be solid for protecting your turn 2 creature (even if its just for a turn). The scry is nice.

liu3bei on Azorius Flyers "Is it a bird, Is it a plane?"

2 days ago

I like the theme. I second the Foundry of the Consuls but am not a fan of Faerie Miscreant as you need to have one already on the board in order to get card draw and that is not something that can happen too often. It is an early game drop that needs a nice opening hand. Not much wiggle room. Late game, it is not something you want to draw into. If you already have enough faeries on the board by late game, I assume you would be already in good shape and with enough mana to play Ojutai's Command for that purpose.

While Knight of the White Orchid is a good card, it might not fit here since it is double white and only gets you a plains. Not sure...

You do need some earlier drops though, maybe Orator of Ojutai since you have dragons, which also provides a slight card draw, is a better blocker and does not cost double white. This is all to keep with the theme though.

Jhessian Thief can do that already if you give it some evasion like Stratus Walk (going with fliers, and draws you a card), or perhaps Gods Willing.

Also, how does it fare against aggro and burn decks?Most of your creatures will die to a simple burn spell or an Anger of the GodsIf you don't have anything to respond with. I can see you being tapped out most turns to play your creatures.

If you have them already or extra funds, Temple of Enlightenment over evolving wilds any day if the price goes down enough for your budget.

Sorry if I wrote too much...I do like the deck!

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