Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

farst on Shu Yun U/W Heroic

4 hours ago

love this deck +1. i have a couple of changes i would recommend though, -2 Seeker of the Way -3 Singing Bell Strike and -1 Stubborn Denial for +1 Hero of Iroas +2 Feat of Resistance +2 Ajani's Presence and +1 Defiant Strike. i can sea leaving in both Stubborn Denials and 3 Seeker of the Way but Singing Bell Strike is really bad in heroic decks, and you don't want too many counter spells. Defiant Strike is the bet card in the deck and is a 10 of if you could, sadly you can only play 4 so play 4. also you should play at least 7 anti spot removal spell (Gods Willing, Feat of Resistance ect.) but i like to play 8. Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest is a great idea in a heroic deck, it gives it a very explosive element and that is awesome!!!!!!!

Loperenco on Help me plox with Selesnya ...

7 hours ago

ChiefBell I was thinking like "If he puts this, then I will use Arrest. Oh, he used some nice boosting attack. I will use Gods Willing! Shiet... nice combo attack. Fog!

You know, to adapt to diffrent situations :P

WicKid52 But I have only 2card for 2 mana :p And they are pretty cool... Cards that you have proposed are rare/expensive :/

Loperenco on Help me plox with Selesnya ...

7 hours ago

I'm playing with friends, so please don't look on ediditions. Tell me advices what I need, what to throw out, your proposals :p Don't propose me cards for 100$ only like max 4$ (Im very poor).I would like to have nice control deck but im noob :/ Here it goes:

Manabase(20cards):8xPlains8xForests4xBlossoming Sands

Creatures(20cards):2xAbzan Battle Priest2xHigh Sentinels of Arashin2xAinok Bond-Kin2xRisen Sanctuary4xDryad Militant4xArmored Wolf-Rider2xAmbush Viper2xSerra Angel

Spells(20cards):2xGuildscorn Ward2xDivine Favor2xRevoke Existence2xDivine Verdict4xFog2xOrdeal of Heliod2xPlummet2xArrest2xGods Willing

FatherLiir on I Won't Kill You; I'll Just Outlast You.

11 hours ago

First off, YAY! Congrats. If you wanted to cut two more cards I think cut the 3x Defiant Strike (And i say this because i think there are better cards that could go here even as a one drop but if its working for you then more power to you) would be the one to get the axe first.

Cards that come to mind are Ranger's Guile, Ajani's Presence, Gods Willing... I think Hot Soup could be funny, just imagining a Siege Rhino rampaging with a cauldron of soup on its back, Kin-Tree Warden for a creature to replace the one drop.

I think replacing Suspension Field for Banishing Light in your sideboard would be helpful removal for other things like if someone has Jeskai Ascendancy and you just aren't drawing Utter End, it gives you more options. The only problem would be the former is $0.25 and the other is $1 but if you want to save every penny then don't worry about it, it's a sideboard card for you and you might never need it an entire month. :)

SiegeRhiNOOO on The Conjuring of Urd, Demigod of Tribes

15 hours ago

You're planning to go aggro right? I guess there's no need for you to put Gods Willing and Feat of Resistance in the mainboard and replace them with more removal or creatures instead. But still, other's suggestion, your decision.

Nice deck anyway, +1

Tempic on My turn... Again... And again... *improving*

16 hours ago

After play testing i have reconsidered my previous comment. The Simic version is very very vulnerable to creature removal ( Hero's Downfall, End Hostilities, etc...

Planeswalkers and Enchantements are in general harder to remove so i decided to go with the Sage of Hours + Citadel Siege + Ajani, Mentor of Heroes combo. This makes the combo harder to remove counter. Also this version will be cheaper to play and will allow us to replace the mono green ramping needed to hit of the old combo.

White/Green also brings in some nice addiotions like Gods Willing and Fleecemane Lion

PatentOfNobility on The Orzhovian Warriors of Urd

1 day ago

I say for starters lets mainboard Gods Willing, maybe cut a Sorin. I feel like 11-12 one drops is too many, maybe cut it down to 8 or something.

Toitles on Naya Beatdown FRF (Suggestions please)

1 day ago

Cracks knuckles So I've been playing the crap out of Naya pre Fate Reforged and have come up with a fairly solid list for Naya Aggro. Honestly I'm not quite sure which way I want to take the deck in the post Fate Reforged but I can give you my thoughts about what I see and hope that helps! First off in an Aggro paced I have to disagree with the person above me saying put in Courser of Kruphix. While it is a very good mid-range card it isn't an aggro card. Instead this would be a great spot for something like a Goblin Rabblemaster. The Rabbler can take the place of the Heir of the Wilds. While Heir is an all around solid card I personally don't like it because a turn 2 Rabble off a Mystic can run away with the game where as the Heir just sits back. That being said in Green aggro variants such as Naya (or Temur for that matter) Sylvan Caryatid is a turn too slow and is more fit for the mid-range archetype. To really abuse that green ramp you should play Elvish Mystic. It makes turn 3 Rabbles, Fanatics, and even a Yasova possible which put a significant clock on your opponent. Also I'd probably drop the Ajani, Mentor of Heroes. As an Aggro deck by the time you get him out and generating value you'd probably prefer them already being dead. That being said I'd replace him with a land. Curving out at 5 you pretty much need to have that 24 land count just so solidify up your land base. Things get scary when you can't hit at least your first 3 land drops if not all 5. The other spot I'd use for a Gods Willing. Not just one but 4 of them. Replace all of your Banishing Lights with them in my opinion. It sures up your draw while nullifying a lot of kill spells (especially since there are a lot of 2 toughness creatures) and can be just as good as removal in a lot of situtations where they go to trade creatures (or you do) and bam throw that down and they just lost a creature and you sured up your next draw. I know this was a long post I'm just a huge fan of the Naya colors right now and have been playing it a whole heck of a lot! I hop I helped a little!

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