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Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

Quadsimotto on Call In the Reinforcements!

11 hours ago

Being that you intend to make this for post rotation i would suggest replacing the boros elite with Favored Hoplite and when the captain leaves standard maybe use God-Favored General to still crank out tokens. For the replacement of brave the elements you can use Gods Willing to keep some kind of protection available. Launch the Fleet is such a powerful card it should be a 4x IMO And lastly i would replace the evangel of heliod with 2x Seraph of the Masses one more CMC but the convoke makes her viable and fat if you already have a sweet board presence from raise the alarm and triplicate spirits. plus her evasion is a way to get the win.

Hills on Brutal As S**t [Post-Rotation]

1 day ago

I played my version of the deck tonight and made some changes overall. For starters with 20 land i only had 3 land by turn 3 about 40% of the time (it was usually t4 or t5 that i got my 3rd land). swapped out Gods Willing for Oppressive Rays because aggro and ramp is the only thing i see in my area and the deck was slow. I replaced 2 creatures with Eternal Thirst to have a cheaper enchant for early game that also combo's with Agent of the Fates really well. I am considering main-boarding Banishing Light . I hope my review helps a bit.

Souljacker on Little Dudes

1 day ago

24 lands is not necessary as the "6drops" can be paid for with convoke, it's just the 1-of Elspeth and the Dictate of Heliod that require many lands. 22 will be fine I think.

I'd consider putting in Phalanx Leader he helps buffing your creatures too. I too am not a fan of God-Favored General , and Ornithopter doesn't benefit from your Obelisk of Urd or Cavalry Pegasus . I'd put in Favored Hoplite so you have a bit of Heroic theme too, maybe Ajani's Presence instead of Gods Willing so you could target more creatures.

eeagle on Junk Relics

1 day ago

I like this a lot better. When this deck goes off, almost everything is cheaper or free. I really like Cranial Plating , and I cannot believe I forgot it for a deck like this. I like it best when given to Etched Champion, and it normally gives incredible advantage. I playtested and got an Etched Champion with Cranial Plating at 11/3 and ready to attack on TURN 4! Amazing.

Etched Monstrosity is fun as well, and with Chromatic Lantern his ability goes off more commonly than normal. He seems to me to be a "win-more" card though, and your biggest beater most of the time is going to be Ezuri's Brigade. Ezuri's will only cost 4cmc for 8/8 and trample (he always has Metalcraft) vs. 10cmc for 10/10. Also, I see Etched Monstrosity as a "vanilla" (no abilities) beater at 5/5; I can get that with Ensoul Artifact for 2cmc. And if it is cast on Darksteel Citadel it is indestructible, Ornithopter flying, Etched Champion protection/unblockable, etc.

So, instead of a "win-more", put in a "win-more-often". My suggestion would be something that can protect a creature from direct hate or board wipes like Anger of the Gods or Wrath of God .

There is protection for direct hate and non-death effects (does nothing for board wipes). Some good examples: Gods Willing (very good card), Faith's Shield (Fateful Hour could come in handy for charges/defending against the opponent), and Apostle's Blessing (for when other artifact decks get you down, plus can be colorless).

There is indestructible for board wipes and destroy/damage effects. Some good examples: Withstand Death (cheap and to-the-point), Mortal's Resolve (for a little more damage in matchups, and also easier to buy), and the most global Rootborn Defenses (although populate is wasted here).

Almost forgot, there are also counters like Turn Aside or Negate which stop the spells themselves in their tracks.

The deck works well now, it just will suffer to control or burn without some help from cards like these. You seem to be a good researcher as well, so you can probably find some cards on your own that can help in these departments. That color wheel might not stay perfect (unless you use one spell of each color!) but that is okay, it happens. Remember that creatures are often people's biggest concern, so most decks have some kind of answer for them. Good luck, and keep on brewing!

UpperDeckerTaco on While Lifegain (Suggestions Welcome)

1 day ago

Definitely would suggest Sunbond and maybe Gods Willing or Ajani's Presence . Like the deck though! +1

iNoxxy on Black/White

1 day ago

Sunbond is a bit slow, perhaps take out one Ajani Steadfast and two of the Sunbond and putting in some protection like Gods Willing ? Would hate if you put on Sunbond on an un-buffed Ajani's Pridemate and then someone pelts it with a Lightning Strike or Magma Jet ...

canterlotguardian on $12 Aura Pump

2 days ago

I run a U/W heroic deck myself and I mainboard 4x Dissipate just because I know I won't always have answers like Gods Willing or Mizzium Skin always available to me. +1 though, it's a solid deck as is.

scapeity on Brutal As S**t [Post-Rotation]

2 days ago

Ok, I loved the idea of this deck when I first saw it, so I built it card for card (without the sideboard)

And I can hold my own pretty well, mind you, I am not winning every game, but I am competitive.

Then I met a few players playing artifact decks based on Scuttling Doom Engine And it threw me for a loop.

I found that removing two Gods Willing and adding 2 Atheros really made this deck punishing all around as I grabbed things that should have gone in the graveyard at low cost and threw them right back on the table.

I feel that the deck needs some kind of exile / god defense, but am still working with it.