Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

Brolamog_the_Infinite_Higher on Glare Lock

4 days ago

Orion_121 Black isn’t a color I have tested much with, but I have considered adding a Black splash before. I decided against it early because I found the win conditions to be a bit unreliable, and overall I think the deck performs slower wife succumbing to the same weaknesses. Syphon Life is aggreeably a great win condition for the deck, but after that Stab Wound type effects become our next viable option which similarly folds to non-creature decks. Pestilence is a card that looks good at first in this deck, but I have reservations on dealing damage to our own creatures as that potentially makes us prone to targeted removal. Black luckily does give us the best removal Pauper has to offer, but keep in mind that removing creatures potentially slows down the speed of the lock. As far as Gods Willing is concerned, I find the Scry to be more valuable than hedging against certain match ups and thus feel that Stave Off would be better suited for the sideboard for those particular match ups you mentioned!

Orion_121 on Glare Lock

5 days ago

You mentioned in another thread you had tried /R /U /G variants to moderate success, is the same true for /B? My local meta is pretty high in control / mill / burn and being able add 4 Scoured Barrens and swap out Soltari Trooper and Cenn's Enlistment for cards like Syphon Life, Castigate, Raven's Crime or Devour Flesh would be an asset in those matchups.

I'm also pretty curious about Gods Willing over Stave Off. I can see how in a deck with no card manipulation scrying is valuable but losing the soft-counter for Inside Out or Rancor seems questionable.

MagnusAK on Angels will rule the skies!

1 week ago

What about Fiend Hunter instead Banisher Priest? You may happen to find a window to permanently exile something.

And Brave the Elements instead Gods Willing? It lacks scry, but gives protection to all you team.

eckstona on Don't Touch my Spirits (Turn 5 Win)

2 weeks ago

Gods Willing can replace Rebuff the Wicked for a lower price, slightly better protection, greater flexibility and added scrying

RoyaleWithCheese on A centaur, a monk and a flying dude...

1 month ago

Garfield_the_Cat yeah, I was thinking about that. Emerge gives me another heroic activation. Don't know if the Scry from Gods Willing is necessary in this deck. I'll test it out! Thanks for the comment!

Mynzelah on New Dinosaurs

1 month ago

Clearly Funky isn't being understood... The reason he's suggesting indestructible is because creatures with indestructible still take damage. Gods Willing gives protection, meaning it cannot take damage from sources of that colour, meaning no enrage trigger. Sheltering Light will likely suit your needs. It doesn't boost power or toughness but you're not trying to kill anything with raptor hatchling anways. If you are then just throw in a Savage Stomp and kill their mana dorks or something with it. If you truely are aiming for an enrage deck I'd throw in some Reckless Rage, maybe even some Rile.

PedroMarcello on Getting there with Griffins

1 month ago

21 Plains works, but you can add Secluded Steppe to cycle the flood every once and a while.
I guess Slash of Talons is more flavorful than Righteous Blow? I belive Sunlance is a better removal, but you can at least use them in the sideboard.Alley Evasion really benefits decks that have more ETB effects, you're better off with Gods Willing and Emerge Unscathed.
Expose Evil could be an upgrade to Djeru's Renunciation.
But, instead of that, let's captalize on the Griffin's Vigilance.Try Lashknife, Ramosian Rally and Orim's Cure

Loyaldingo on White Makes Right

1 month ago

I would replace the two copies of Gods Willing for Redeem since it can protect two creatures from damage.

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