Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

Lokotor on Cube

21 hours ago

Review this List and see if yall have any strong objections to it.

lil_cheez on Budget unlimited tokens and damage and mill

3 days ago

Yeah I actually think Valorous Stance is bad. Try Stave Off like effects, Gods Willing is nice because of scry, Apostle's Blessing is nice because you can cast it if you have only green mana and also protects the Altar.

Xica on Like infect... Red vampire aggro - Ultra Budget

5 days ago

Acolyte's Reward over Gods Willing... why?

I have no white permanents... so no devotion, so it wouldn't even do anything.
It costs instead of ... (if i try to be fast that's a problem)
Even if it works it doesn't help me, my creatures don't get to deal damage, and they are not protected from any targeted removal...
(Also it doesn't have scry.)

Wait... Are u trolling m8?

Shizen on Pauper Twin (Yes, it exists!)

1 week ago

What about adding a Wirewood Pride So you can do Midnight Guard + Presence of Gond + Wirewood Pride for +999/+999 after making the army. Then you can use Gods Willing on the Guard for the game

In my testing with this deck I found that it could be very good main or sideboard card.

Nelstone on Jeskai Ascends Allies for their Equipment

1 week ago

I like where you're heading with this.

I do think you should run more creatures, though. If you're only running 12, there will be a few issues. First, you're going to have draws which are very creature light. This will lead to necessary mulligans. Second, when you do draw creatures, you cannot afford to have them removed from play. This is a problem the Heroic decks from Theros block faced. They ran 16-18 creatures, which is generally considered a low amount. They would lose the game if their precious few creatures were to be removed. The way the deck worked around this was by running 6-8 protection spells. This is a "protect the queen" type of strategy; when you have a relatively low number of creatures, you just can't afford to have them removed from the battlefield. These protection spells also allowed you to push through unblockable damage for an Alpha strike. This was a key win condition of the Heroic decks.

The trouble with protection, as I see it, is twofold. One, there isn't a lot of good, cheap protection spells in Standard right now. No Gods Willing, no Brave the Elements, etcetera. We do have Feat of Resistance and Center Soul, but they require two mana to be held up, not one mana like the previously mentioned spells. The other issue is Devoid. Devoid creatures are colorless. Protection spells offer zero protection from devoid creatures, which this Standard is riddled with. Now, we do have Enshrouding Mist and Lithomancer's Focus, but these cannot provide the possibility of an Alpha strike through a field of devoid creatures; they can only act as combat tricks that will potentially win combat for you.

So, what to do? Consider increasing your creature count. There's no way to protect your few threats enough to be able to maintain a presence in the game that lasts long enough to carry you to victory. I'd say go up to at least 16, maybe 18 creature.

Cards to consider swapping out:

  1. Four Silkwrap. Jeskai Ascendancy wants you to be aggressive, but you need to have the creature count to do so. So, dropping Silkwrap might be a place where you could add more creatures.
  2. Four Spidersilk Net. I understand wanting to trigger Jeskai Ascendancy on the cheap, especially with a cost card. But the card itself is not good. It can be a way to address flyers, but that's why I included Makindi Aeronaut in the main and Immolating Glare in the sideboard of my build.
  3. One Jeskai Ascendancy, one Stoneforge Masterwork and two to four Spidersilk Net. Running something as a 4-of is generally done to ensure seeing it in your opening hand. In the case of Jeskai Ascendancy, you don't necessarily need one in your opening hand. I could see justifying removing one to add creatures. Same goes for Stoneforge Masterwork. I could be wrong about removing a Jeskai Ascendancy, though.

Regarding which creatures to add, that's up to you. I highly recommend sticking with an Ally type for the synergy. Since you're playing , you could playtest Umara Entangler. She's an ally, and has prowess, which lines up with Jeskai Ascendancy.

Please post if you build and play this deck. We look forward to hearing how it goes for you.

Good luck, have fun.

Gooter on Kale: The Superfood; or How I Learned to Love BBWs

1 week ago

Funny you should mention it, I just switched out Blessed Breath and Redeem the Lost for Razor Barrier and Apostle's Blessing. I found that protecting my artifacts was a chore; and even with a bunch of literal giant cards, I rarely won a clash with RtL.

If Gods Willing protected my equipment too, I'd be all about it.

Silber on Kale: The Superfood; or How I Learned to Love BBWs

1 week ago

Such is the life of voltron. I hear you man, my group runs so much single target removal it's almost impossible to do a deck like this. Have you though about using Gods Willing over Blessed Breath

ragincajun129 on Cheerios with McNugget Mentor

2 weeks ago

Gods Willing might be possible. You have to keep the mana curve super low for effects like those, though.

If you look closely at Noxious Revival, it does the same thing but slower, but can be free. And much more.

It may be that the deck needs more main deck Noxious Revivals.

The first place to try to find slots to cut would actually be the threaty/win-conny cards (Monastery Mentor/Grapeshot). I could see cutting 1 or 2 of one or both, if you feel that your meta emphatically dictates you need to protect a key piece.

There's not a whole lot room after that. Perhaps the Serum Powders are questionable. You could try switching those out. You could cut a land or 2 if you have really big cahones.

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