Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

van5891 on Fancy Feast

1 day ago

skuttlebones :D Very nice start! Though, if you're going to be playing a deck that focuses heavily on creatures, with one in particular especially, a little protection would go a long way, so I'd suggest something like Gods Willing, which protects your guy and lets you scry, and Mizzium Skin, which is good for keeping either one guy safe, or going wide on your whole team.

For some other suggestions, you may want to replace those Cancels- either with Counterspell, which is strictly better because it's 1 less, or Mana Leak, which, though it could be payed for, only requires 1 colored mana, which is always relevant when running a 2 (or more) colored deck. Another suggestion would be to replace the Unsummons with Vapor Snag, which is the exact same effect with the upside of pinging your opponent.

As for your sideboard, I know it seems mundane, but running generic answers really is the best- Disenchant effects, lifegain, fog effects, etc.

codpieceofjustice on Kalonian's Counter L<3ve

6 days ago

Also, the Dromokas don't "suit" this deck. Don't get me wrong, Dromoka is great in any of her guises, and I understand why you've included her, but she sticks out like dogs balls. I'd be ditching her for another Dragonscale General or Hardened Scales (each will potentially give you more counters than baby Dromoka). I'd probably add Gods Willings to provide protection and/or more Swift Reckonings (Path to Exile is better) because I like to zap threats.

van5891 on Are you not entertained?

1 week ago

AmazingGrace15 u Yeah, cutting the censor would definitely kill the SoA's power- But on that note, how about a mass-pump finisher instead? Rally the Peasants has just made the transition to Pauper with Eternal Masters, and I think it'd be an excellent clincher for ya- especially with the flashback. (That, or maybe a protection spell- something like Gods Willing, which in your deck could serve a staggering variety of roles- Pump, Protection, Token generating, sneaking in damage, kill spell, and, of course, setting up your draw.)

GeminiSpartanX on Holy shit angels!

1 week ago

Journey to Nowhere is much better than Silkwrap. Resupply should be something like Linvala, the Preserver instead. Reaper of Flight Moonsilver is pretty bad. I'd rather use Guardian Seraph or Seraph of the Sword in place of it and a few other of the weaker ones. You also need to run at least 24 lands if you want a chance of casting the higher-costed angels in your deck. I'd remove the True-Faith Censer, Tower of Eons, and the Angel's Tombs for more land. Gods Willing is strictly better than Stave Off in here too. Hopefully some of that helps. It looks like a fun casual deck that I would play back when I didn't play competitively. Have fun!

wbwb on Burning Legion

1 week ago

you need some kind of protection for your dudes. Play something like Gods Willing or some other Mother of Runes effect

aholder7 on Heroic/Prowess Aggro

1 week ago

modern is a removal heavy format. unless your heroic deck runs lots of Gods Willing type effects with your Remand and Mana Leak you will get blown out. prowess is the way to go.

aholder7 on Heroic/Prowess Aggro

1 week ago

modern is a removal heavy format. unless your heroic deck runs lots of Gods Willing type effects with your Remand and Mana Leak you will get blown out. prowess is the way to go.

GodsRightBoot on

1 week ago

This deck has the potential to be pretty devastating. With the commander you have I would go a bit more tribal than you have it right now. More giants more fun.

Boldwyr Intimidator For 1 red mana target creature cant block him, so he is a free hit if your opponent has only one creature out.

Giant Harbinger Giant creature that is a giant tutor, go grab Stinkdrinker Daredevil and your giants are cheaper.

Hammerfist Giant 4 damage is great for getting rid of a lot of opponents creatures, very good for going against token decks. However you would need to equip him with something that raises his toughness or he would kill himself.

Pharagax Giant Either he comes into the battlefield as a 5/5 or he does 5 damage to each opponent, its a win win for you.

Sentinel of the Eternal Watch Tough creature with vigilance with a control element.

Bearer of the Heavens A little more costly to get out but when you do he is a 10/10 that people dont want to get rid of.

I would also suggest things to make your giants attack more or do more damage.

Fury of the Horde Extra attack phase and cheap if you have 2 red cards in your hand you dont want to use.

Warstorm Surge Any creature coming in under your control deals damage to your opponent.

Relentless Assault Again an extra attack phase for relatively cheap.

Savage Beating 5 mana to give your creatures double strike or have an extra combat phase OR 7 mana to do both effectively making your giants do quadruple the amount of damage. This card is a late game winner.

Seize the Day Another card to give you an extra combat phase.

Waves of Aggression Extra combat phase that you can play again from the graveyard with the extra cost of discarding a land.

World at War Extra combat phase that you can use again next turn without paying its mana cost.

Berserkers' Onslaught Gives your giants double strike.

Rage Reflection Gives double strike.

Fireshrieker Equipment that gives a creature double strike.

Tribal cards are good if you want to go this route as well.

Feudkiller's Verdict Gain 10 life and get a 5/5 giant token if you have more life than your opponent.

Crush Underfoot A good way of having your big giants do more damage.

Giant's Ire Deals damage and as long as you have a giant out you draw a card.

Cards I would take out.

Godo, Bandit Warlord While it is a good card, youre not getting its benefit. If you attack and use his ability you cant untap anything because you have no samurai, and Stonehewer Giant takes care of getting equipment.

Magus of the Wheel You should be able to use anything in your hand so discarding your hand isnt all that great.

Oreskos Explorer With the amount of ramp you already have I cant see you being able to use this much.

Apostle's Blessing Gods Willing Shelter You dont need all the protection and replacing it with damage amplifiers will help win.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Theros Common

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