Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

Pal00ka on Sting Operation // Soul Insect Tokens

19 minutes ago

Gods Willing > Ranger's Guile ; because it acts as a hexproof and indestructible by giving protection. Combine that with Brave the Sands and you're Hornet Nest can block 2 guys, take all the damage and live, plus give you that many tokens to wreak havoc with.

Soul Warden looks sublime in this deck and I really wish she was a spirit so I could use her in mine too!

The blend of death-touch and life-gain is cohesive and solid. It looks like a fun deck to play with, which is my measure of giving a +1, which you fully deserve.

musselhead on Fabled Fates

3 hours ago

Feat of Resistance / Ephemeral Shields / Ajani's Presence / Gods Willing
So many choices.
And with premier auras like Ethereal Armor and Gift of Orzhova gone, there's:
Defiant Strike / Grisly Transformation / Eternal Thirst / etc.

Now that the Meta is Set (Abzan Midrange, Mardu Midrange, Jeskai Tempo, UB Control, etc.), I'm trying to figure out the right balance.

Somnus21 on Form a line, weenies! (White Weenie/Heroic)

11 hours ago

The deck has tools for UB Control, like Phalanx Leader for their Drown in Sorrow , Phyrexian Revoker for their Perilous Vault and Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver , and Gods Willing , Feat of Resistance and Ephemeral Shields for their spot removals. I do admit that Bile Blight poses a few problems for the tokens, though.

gumbogogo on B/W Warriors Tribal

14 hours ago

Return to the Ranks and Launch the Fleet would be pretty sweet. Launch the Fleet doesn't make warriors, but the tokens will still get some pretty great value. You might want some stuff like Gods Willing for some reach. Both of those will also make Tormented Hero a little better.

trowie on soldiers RW

21 hours ago

yea i see what u mean thx for the tips dono when ill get the forge's tho xD as for Raise the Alarm i dont think the deck needs it when it has 4 1 mana drops, 10 2 mana drops. in a deck with heroic i think Launch the Fleet so much better.

yea i still need to work out the sideboard cards. i was playing on 4 Gods Willing and 4 Aegis of the Gods but was not sure what else to put in. ofc aegis gets round burn decks and the anoying as fook Crackling Doom

ill put in the Flamespeaker's Will and Mortal Obstinacy into the sideboard too they seem good picks vs heavy art and ench decks. thx for your idea's =)

WerdUp on soldiers RW

1 day ago

A few ideas for sideboard cards - Hammerhand , Gods Willing , Flamespeaker's Will & Mortal Obstinacy .

All of them trigger Heroic - Hammerhand makes something unable to block and gives haste (awesome when swarming!), Gods Willing offers cheap protection from a color and the last two either destroy an artifact or an enchanment

EmblemMan on Standard Heroic Boros

1 day ago


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