Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

God_of_Thunder on Zurgo the Analogous

5 days ago

REMOVE:Boros Keyrune, Bitter Feud, Gift of Orzhova, Holy Mantle, Pestilence, Retreat to Valakut, Unquestioned Authority, Untamed Hunger, Pestilence Demon, Mortuary Mire, Shambling Vent, Dirge of Dread, Extinguish All Hope, Necromantic Selection

POTENTIAL ADDITIONS:Burnished Hart, Orzhov Signet, Rakdos Signet, Boros Signet, Thran Dynamo, Gilded Lotus, Skeletal Scrying, Utter End, Day of Judgment, Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, Crux of Fate, Sword of Vengeance, Inquisitor's Flail, Argentum Armor, Savage Beating, Phyrexian Arena, Temple of the False God, Rogue's Passage, Promise of Power, Greed, Gods Willing, Brave the Elements

NOTES: I would definitely swap the keyrunes for the signets bare minimum. Signets are cheaper to play and they give you the same effect essentially. Heck, I'd even play the cluestone cycle (Boros Cluestone, Orzhov Cluestone, and Rakdos Cluestone) over the keyrunes because if worse comes to worst you can sacrifice the cluestones to draw a card, which wont be the worst thing considering how light you are on card draw and the abilities on the keyrunes are pretty much useless in Commander. I realize my list of adds are longer than what I would remove, but I'm leaving the final list up to you. Also, I would aim for 38 lands in the deck. You don't have hardly enough ramp to play less than 38 lands.

superlolisentai on Midnight Presence

6 days ago

Not 100% sure what the 2 Echoing Courage are for. I would maybe cut those for 2 more Commune with the Gods to help dig for the combo. Also, you might want to play around with Gods Willing for removal protection and the scry 1 is not nothing, especially when digging for the combo. Other than that, the deck looks solid. I really like the addition of the alternate combo with Devoted Druid.

pacundo on Pieces of the Soldier Puzzle

2 weeks ago

Hi GearNoir,

Here is my opinion on your deck:What direction are you going? Is it an aggro soldier deck? or a Preeminent Captain deck?

If it is an aggro deck, you should lower your curve. Right now, your deck has 15% cards with cmc>=6. If your Ballyrush Banneret, Daru Warchief, or Preeminent Captain get killed/discarded, chances of you being able to cast these 6 mana cost cards are very slim since you only have 20 lands. Also, Martial Coup is way too expensive for your mana. At 4 lands, you can only get 2 soldiers. It would be very hard for you to cast it at 7 mana. I would suggest replacing it with Raise the Alarm(for more aggressive) or Wrath of God-like effect(for more controllish). If you want the aggresive path, try adding Precinct Captain, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Elspeth, Knight-Errant and drop the 6 casting cost.

If your direction is to go for a Preeminent Captain deck. You should have ways to protect it. Otherwise, all those high casting cost cards will be stuck in your hand without being able to cast it. I would suggest Brave the Elements, Gods Willing, Apostle's Blessing, Spellskite. Never cast Preeminent Captain without protection. Also, you should have redundancy in ways to get those high casting cost into the battlefield OR ways to search Preeminent Captain. Green has alot of searching capability and/or redundancy.

Dabadoobop12 on Medomai's Onslaught (~$50 EDH)

2 weeks ago

The two most useful cards in my Medomai deck are Gods Willing and Stave Off. I'd highly recommend both.

KaiserChronic on Heroics

3 weeks ago

Hey for 12 dollars you got yourself a nice deck here +1. Although the Scry is nice, I think you would get more value out of Brave the Elements over Gods Willing

kamarupa on Creature Toolbox (Help Needed)

3 weeks ago

Vines of Vastwood or Gods Willing perhaps to protect Melira and double down with effects for your attacks.

Danheart on Heroic Aura Enchantments

3 weeks ago

Okay, right now, your deck is a little shabby, it's off to a good start, but I think I can help. Run 4 of Hyena Umbra and Spider Umbra, these are the best spells to run in green white deck like this, they protect your creature; and that is great. Run Favored Hoplite, he is a one drop, he fixes your curve, and that makes him good. Also run Phalanx Leader he not only pumps up himself, but the whole team! I would consider running either Brave the Elements or Gods Willing, because there is nothing bad about some extra protection, and the scry with Gods Willing and the heroic trigger are really great benefits, so I would consider running at least 3 Gods Willing if not 4. Giant Growth, Might of Old Krosa and Groundswell are all staples in infect decks, which also like to pump up their creatures. Rancor is an insanely good card, it's cheap, it triggers heroic, and keeps on coming back, and back, and back. Ajani's Presence keep's your dudes alive, and also triggers heroic.

Spear of Heliod is an anthem card that keeps your dudes big, and kills the dudes you don't like.

The last card I can think of is Daybreak Coronet, because it is just sooo good in this deck.

That's the last of it, thanks for reading, and good luck!

Drakender on Selesnya Midrange

3 weeks ago

Brave the Elements instead of Gods Willing? Most of your creatures are white, so it should be better in your deck.

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