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Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

STIKY55 on Junk Midrange (feedback please)

4 hours ago

Looks pretty Solid as a deck. I would consider Side boarding Garruk, Apex Predator (1 or 2 copies I think) for the mirror and control match ups instead of the Gods Willing .

xiao.wen on The lion, the ajani and the king of oreskos

7 hours ago

also, if you still have holes in your sideboard, dont forget about Gods Willing . i probably prefer it outright to Glimpse the Sun God and possibly even the sun god himself. i find heliod always lets me down. Devouring Light is another good new one.

Quadsimotto on White Soldiers of the Urd!! (Comments Appreciated)

7 hours ago

I know why you are using phalanx leader but you are also running four obelisks..For that same two drop spot i would suggest Vanguard of Brimaz as it has vigilance and is CRAZY with launch the fleet granted it wont get the flying from the Pegasus. I have several MONO white deck lists in the works right now.Unleash the Fury Mitch! or, the one of mine you commented on Tokin and Convokin will be what i most likely run until all of the Khans set is out. Also for this i would add Gods Willing or Ajani's Presence to the sideboard for decks running lots of removal. plus they both trigger your heroic on the leader or the hoplite.

GoldGhost012 on Hello, Fetchlands!

9 hours ago

It looks good on paper, but is really clunky in playtests. Gods Willing was always a bad draw, and the deck as a whole moves very slowly, taking a while to build up. The BB costing cards were a pain to cast either because I'd always want to cast something else or I was mana screwed. Athreos, God of Passage doesn't appear to do much, almost never getting online. Your white stuff, with the exception of Sorin, Solemn Visitor , are all underwhelming. One of the biggest problems I ran into was having 2-3 5+ drops in my hand. I feel like it would be much better if there was some sort of sacrifice outlet for you to get rid of unneeded mana dorks late game.

At the risk of sounding cliched and unreasonable, the manabase needs to be a little more consistent. It just needs fetches/more Temples/more Mana Confluence for more consistency.

Sorry for being so short and "shove problems I see in your face," I'm racing around for my first day of college classes tomorrow.

BrandonJamesCAC on White Blue Heroic Soldiers Redux

12 hours ago

Gods Willing - Trigger Heroic, Protection, Scry, Alpha Strike

Ethereal Armor - The Most important 1 drop Aura for White

Robe of Mirrors - if you feel the need against a Burn deck

1x Lavinia of the Tenth - Great Sideboard Card against Weenies, Humans, Goblins etc...

Osiris716 on Mardu Tokens Post Rotation

14 hours ago

Think about Gods Willing it can protect you from a nasty Bile Blight

Viral_Assassin on White Soldiers of the Urd!! (Comments Appreciated)

19 hours ago

To help get around creatures you could use Gods Willing to your creatures so they have pro of the color of the creatures that could block it. Note, you need to give them pro before the opponent declares blockers. If they block you then they still block and just simply do no damage to your creature.

danglosson on Eeenie Weenie Miney Mo (Post-Rotation)

2 days ago

Fabled Hero seems too slow for this strategy. The only reason Brimaz, King of Oreskos isn't is because he adds more soldier tokens into the mix. I would drop the Spear of Heliod because it seems redundant with Obelisk of Urd . I'd run 4 instead of 3 of those personally.

Why not Akroan Crusader ? Every time you target it you just get more soliders that have haste.

Optimal scenario:

T1: Battlefield Forge , Akroan Crusader 1 creature

T2: Battlefield Forge , 2x more Akroan Crusader = 3 creatures

T3: Plains , Launch the Fleet = 9 creatures if none die in combat.

T4: Land, Tap 4 land and 2 creatures to cast Obelisk of Urd swing with 7 3/3 creatures for 21 damage. Good game.

Additionally I like the idea of Phalanx Leader & Vanguard of Brimaz but don't you think you need more than just Launch the Fleet & Gods Willing for targeting? Perhaps some other strive cards to help you get through blockers? Such as Rouse the Mob or Desperate Stand ?

Lastly, Stoke the Flames could be a great way to get rid of an annoying blocker or even a finisher in a tight spot. Might be worth a look in the side board. I know Devouring Light is there but Stoke the Flames let's you get rid of the blocker and then swing but I suppose you could just use Devouring Light when your opponent attacks...I'd have to playtest with both to really know...maybe 2 & 2?