Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

andrew.visser on White Human Control

7 hours ago

im so used to playing mono white humans as an aggro deck this is really tough for me to give suggestions on without changing your idea.

some things to consider:

don't want Grand Abolisher in multiples as stated above. i'd run 2 main board and 2 in the side if you are really set on him. otherwise maybe only in the side board. if you are running Cavern of Souls then you don't need him for counter spells and if your guys have protection with Cloudshift and Brave the Elements then you don't need him for instant removal.

Fiendslayer Paladin triggers champion, gives some life link and first strike support. the first strike is super relevant against aggro decks and because most aggro is often red it is hard for them to deal with.

Cavern of Souls i'd run 4 of these. together with Grand Abolisher you should wreck control decks. i think they are more important than the scry lands you are running.

Cloudshift cheap spell that gives your creatures protection from removal. it also lets you change the target of your Banisher Priest and Fiend Hunter to something bigger and slow their attacks if you Cloudshift while blocking. as a bonus it will also trigger Champion of the Parish extra times. it can also let you change the soul bond of Silverblade Paladin to an unblocked target during combat at instant speed for the win. this little spell is very versatile! one of my all time faves.

Elite Inquisitor might be a good two drop to even out your curve. the first strike is relevant against the aggro decks you said you had trouble with. Gideon's Avenger is a great card but if your plan is to remove all their creatures in exile then they don't have many to tap to trigger his ability.

Path to Exile as mentioned above is awesome. its some of the best removal in modern (if not the best) if you are in a mana screwed situation you can always exile your own chump blocker and grab an extra land so you can get that Sublime Archangel out for the next turn and then smash em!

Gods Willing you mentioned that you feel you need the scry lands to get excess land out of the way, but maybe you can trade 2 brave the elements for 2 god's willing. then you can protect your guys while scrying for the same cost.

for the sideboard i would only run 2 glaring spotlight if you are really worried about hex proof. i'd run Rest in Peace to deal with Birthing Pod decks that rely on undying creatures coming back from the grave or decks that bring stuff from the grave back to play as well as flashback spells like Lingering Souls which as mentioned earlier is a real pain for you.. Mirran Crusader is great against black or green match ups. Chalice of the Void is great against Naya Zoo decks that run all 1 drop creatures and blue red delver decks which are popular and have lots of 1 drops. Pithing Needle also destroys birthing pod, planes walker and tons of other decks. if you run into artifact decks Fracturing Gust might save you but remember it hits your own enchants too.

overall i would cut the bonds of faith for 2 or 3 cloud shift and 4 path to exile (maybe cut down on the banishing light or oblivion ring by 1 each), minimize the grand abolishers for fiendslayer's, cavern of souls for the scry lands, elite inquisitors for Gidens avengers maybe? and make your sideboard more broad so it can deal with certain pain in the ass decks that often show up!

also when fate reforged is released there is a new card called valorous stance coming out which is perfect for this deck!

Good luck! +1


Chanandler528 on Orzhov Aggro

10 hours ago

I mainly took an aggro black build and tried to use white to exploit cards like Gods Willing, Soldier of the Pantheon, Underworld Coinsmith, and perhaps Soren, Solemn Visitor. I see a lot of enchantment creatures ran in mono-black aggro and think Underworld Coinsmith can make that beneficial to the deck. Do you think dropping Mogis's Marauder (my longshot card) with two more tormented heros or two bloodsoaked champions and moving sorin and whip in place of a cruel feeding and a bile blight fix things up?

kittycatsupremeoverlord on Mono-White's Better Than Your Deck

12 hours ago

@awphutt, i agree with 4x Gods Willing but i think that Sunbond and Ajani Steadfast have too much potential in a game to be removed. thanks for the advice!

awphutt on Mono-White's Better Than Your Deck

16 hours ago

I wouldn't put Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx in here personally, it's too slow to be worth it. 4x Gods Willing is almost a must with how much removal is around in standard. I'd also take out the Sunbonds and the Ajani Steadfasts for 4x Feat of Resistance, to protect you creatures further.

robrone9 on Very Heroic Of Me

1 day ago

Bro you have 10 aura spells and no Hero of Iroas... That guy is the boss in my heroic build! That would really help to cast spells earlier. Do think you'll want at least want Gods Willing as well for protection and alpha strikes. :)

PrecintSix6Six on RWU America Heroic HELP NEEDED!!!

2 days ago

The biggest asset of heroic decks is that once they land a threat it's hard to remove. More things like Gods Willing, Feat of Resistance, and Ajani's Presence.

alulien on 4 card standard combo...

2 days ago


I haven't looked at it too terribly much, but the list I would start tinkering with would be:





This leaves 29 card slots to fill in. Obviously some will be land - probably 21 or 22 would be my personal starting point. That gives you 7 or 8 "utility" slot for counters to protect the combo, or perhaps protection a la Gods Willing.

It wouldn't use the "traditional" cards, and I don't know how well it would work (probably sacrifice too much reliability), but sculpting this list to include certain cards that, when combined with a transforming sideboard, would make this list games 2 and 3 a more Jeskai aggro build could be cool.

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