Gods Willing

Gods Willing


Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.

Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Gods Willing Discussion

tristanwonpierce on Hero's of KTK W/U aggro (w/ a control SB)

6 hours ago

Defiant Strike is cheap and a free card because of the draw. I used to have Ordeal of Thassa but have found since taking it out my deck works a little faster in early turns against midrange decks.

I have yet to feel the lag yet in matchups but it is something I might consider thank you.

Glimpse is just amazing. I usually only have two board threats at a time to keep my hand stocked in case of removal I can't response: Gods Willing etc. With Battlefield Thaumaturge Glimpse becomes a free multi use tactic. Including tapping my field end of their turn for W and activating heroic for all of them.


10 hours ago

This looks to be coming along great! The only cards that seem out of place right now are your Elvish Mystic and Raise the Alarm . You do not need mana ramp in this deck with the highest cost being 4CMD. If you want another 1 drop, see about Favored Hoplite , or more flying with Abzan Falconer .

Your Raise the Alarm does not directly help your win con, but a couple of Gods Willing or Brave the Elements can save you from removal, being turned into a frog or just get you past defenders.

Good luck and let us know how your games go!

alulien on 2014-10-25 update of Heroes Of ...

16 hours ago

Without more Gods Willing and/or Feat of Resistance you're just going to get your threats removed and essentially get 2 or 3 for 1'd over and over. With only 16 creatures, you'll find yourself with 1 or 2 on the field and struggling to not get overwhelmed by both aggro and midrange decks alike.

Soldier of the Pantheon is extremely under-rated in the current Standard that is so very gold bordered. I would also recommend more Battlewise Hoplite as his ability to help scry things is really helpful to keep the hurt comin' once mana is good. I don't think Akroan Crusader fits too well as you don't have any token support or ways to overwhelm via token. That said, I'd also drop Launch the Fleet as that's going to be most effective, again, with a token army and that's a different deck all together.

You're going to be paying a lot of life to continually be using Mana Confluence and Shivan Reef - why no Mystic Monastery ? I know it ETB tapped, but with literally no way to regain lost life it's something I would highly consider. That, or some way to stabilize your life loss. Without addressing this fact Jeskai wins and any other flavor of burn will thank you for making their job easier.

mortilus on 2014-10-25 update of Heroic Shenanigans

18 hours ago

I know you're going for card draw, but there are some spells with Rebound and Flashback that you might want instead. I think you are needlessly hindering yourself by insisting on draw

  • Distortion Strike , for example, gives you damage on the creature twice, you can get it through to the player, and then you can do it again next turn for free. It's not card draw, but it's similar. Same with Emerge Unscathed
  • Artful Dodge has flashback, which is like draw ...
  • Guided Strike is also nice
  • Triton Tactics gives you two heroic triggers for 1 card. It could also save your ass, and it could be quite an unpleasant surprise, especially if you leave yourself open. Similarly with Ajani's Presence , which also makes use of your commander.
  • Conviction doesn't give you any draw at all, but it is hilariously spammable if you can get the mana to support it (when i had it in my heroic deck, people got legitimately pissed at it). With Triton Cavalry and a few more enchants (such as Spirit Loop ), you could really go crazy
  • Hidden Strings isn't draw, but it's another repeatable spell for free that is like giving your creatures vigilance, or extra mana. It also can trigger two heroics each time it's cast
  • Chasm Skulker will feed off the draw you're getting. If it dies, you could come out far ahead with Phalanx Leader
  • Gods Willing - Scry is almost as good as draw, and again it gives protection
  • Tidings is awesome draw, my opponents always repeat it to make sure they heard correctly
  • Gridlock combined with the Battlefield Thaumaturge can trigger every Heroic you attack with and guarantee all your creatures get through
  • Wojek Siren , Bathe in Light , etc trigger a heroic and gives all your creatures a buff
  • Gallantry is nice
  • Oblation you can remove any targettable permanent on the field. Also, since Heroics resolve before the triggering spell, you can cast it on your own creature if you're desperate
  • Strionic Resonator can't trigger a heroic, but it can double the effects
  • None of Infiltration Lens , Mask of Memory , Rogue’s Gloves , Coastal Piracy , Bident of Thassa , or Military Intelligence can trigger heroics, but they can be pretty sick card draw
  • Cauldron of Souls - Unkillable creatures, anyone?
  • True Conviction has nothing directly applicable, but when it enters, it is a huge threat
  • Wing Shards is another of those "with all these cheap spells, you could get a LOT of copies ..."

anyway i'm bored. goodnight

Headers13 on Life Gain

1 day ago

You've not really got any answers for removal spells so your creatures are a bit vulnerable, a play set of Gods Willing or something similar (Brave the Elements ) might help?

For unimpeded swings / more resilient defenders Spirit Mantle might be worth a sideboard?

xGhostx on Mardu FTW

1 day ago

Nice Shell! I have a few suggestions.

I would run Brimaz, King of Oreskos MB as a 2of, he is a beast.

I would run Herald of Torment over Master of the Feast last thing you want to do is give them card advantage here to dig for answers.

Spear of Heliod and Mardu Ascendancy can both be ran Sideboard, as well as maybe Gods Willing in place for walkers like Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker or Sorin, Solemn Visitor or more burn. Lightning Strike ], Magma Jet or the all powerful Stoke the Flames

Take a look at my Mid-range Mardu build for some ideas. +1 to a fellow Mardu Horde Mate!

Mardu Mayhem! (Final Build)

Subject134127 on Zurgo Hatcrumpler

1 day ago

Boros Charm is really one of a kind.

However, if you want more double strike you can get Battle Mastery and if it's about indestructability, you could put in some cheap color protection like Gods Willing .

Maybe Spirit Mantle would be nice to avoid all blockers? Susceptible to removal spells though.

Pkhooker on Abzanian Death March

1 day ago

I gotta say, I was a little hesitant about the build at first, but I think Hornet Nest is fresh approach to the abzan deck. The mid game might have some issues, if you have creatures wiped before you can really get the counters up. Might be worth considering Gods Willing ' Oppressive Rays , or Ajani's Presence for some added protection. Otherwise this looks like a fun deck to play!

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