Coordinated Assault


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Uncommon
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2) Uncommon
Theros (THS) Uncommon

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Coordinated Assault


Up to two target creatures each get +1/+0 and gain first strike until end of turn.

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Coordinated Assault Discussion

Kvothesixstring on Burning Tokens

3 months ago

I appreciate those suggestions, thanks landcracker616. Trample is definitely good to have. I think adding Hostility and Coordinated Assault offers more than some of the cards i have, but I LOVE the Captain's Claws.

ruy343 on The Mighty 1Ones!!

11 months ago

I love the idea, so I started browsing all red one-cost cards in Modern using Gatherer... I should be sleeping instead... oh well.

Since you're going entirely for one drops, you may want to condense your plans into two colors - when I playtested your deck with the playtest feature, I had a hard time getting a good start because the manabase is too diverse for getting things out quickly.

You might consider sticking with just two colors - red and white. The reason for that choice is because those are more likely to have "prowess" creatures (I think), and spells that boost all your dudes, rather than just one at a time (like green usually gets for low cost). Giant Growth might be replaced with Built to Smash, Taste for Mayhem Titan's Strength or Furious Resistance

Since you're trying to get lots of dudes into play, spells that boost all your creatures, rather than just one, might be best. In keeping with my red/white suggestion, have you considered Banners Raised, Weapon Surge or Coordinated Assault?

Also, here's a few one-drops that caught my eye.

A Crack the Earth on turn two after playing a little guy, forcing a slower opponent to sacrifice a land or mana dork, could be devasating. Also, replace Swords to Plowshares (Not modern legal) with something modern legal like Path to Exile or, in a pinch, Fiery Impulse or Flame Slash.

You might also try a crazy little Kuldotha Rebirth-BoNeSaW-Goblin Grenade if you want people to hate you...

RazortoothMtg on Red One Dropper (Ultra Budget)

1 year ago

DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT, add Kindled Fury. It's terrible. Both Weapon Surge and Coordinated Assault are strictly better. Other than that, pretty cool list! Reminds me of standard at the time of Theros-Origins era.

WoolyAllen on Be Your Own Hero

1 year ago

I read about this and unfortunately Zada, Hedron Grinder does not trigger heroic abilities. In fact, copies of targeted spells target as well yes, but since they aren't cast but are created directly on the stack, they do not trigger heroics.

"706.10. To copy a spell (...) means to put a copy of it onto the stack; a copy of a spell isnt cast (...)"

You can use spells that have more than one target, like Coordinated Assault, Emerge Unscathed or Martial Glory.

BlueScope on What counts as "targeting"

1 year ago

All effects that use the term "target" are targetting, while all effects that don't, don't. Your second question is easy to answer: Yes, casting an Aura with a creature as a target will trigger Willbreaker.

303.4a. An Aura spell requires a target, which is defined by its enchant ability.

To name some other, non-standard examples that will trigger it, consider:

However, some effects won't trigger it:

  • Clone (copy effects generally don't target, though that's easy to overlook)
  • Proliferate

In general, effects that require choosing permanents don't target (and will not use the word "target"), even though it might feel like they do.

DarkLaw on Conspiracy: Take the Crown Spoiler ...

1 year ago

For time and space reasons, as of now, I'm just linking uncommon and common reprints.

enter image description here

Marchesa's Decree



When Marchesa's Decree enters the battlefield, you become the monarch.

Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, the controller of that creature loses 1 life.

(Sorry, Japanese.)

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

(Hey! A better pacifism!)

Reprints in Alphabetical:

Affa Guard Hound

Akroan Hoplite

Ascended Lawmage

Beast Within


Burn Away

Carnage Gladiator

Coordinated Assault

Deceiver Exarch

Diabolic Tutor


Dread Statuary

Explosive Vegetation

Farbog Boneflinger

Fleshbag Marauder

Ghostly Prison

Gruul War Chant


Hail of Arrows

Havengul Vampire

Hollowhenge Spirit

Into the Void

Irresistible Prey

Juniper Order Ranger

Mausoleum Turnkey

Merfolk Looter

Merfolk Skyscout


Public Execution

Rogue's Passage

Runed Servitor

Shipwreck Singer

Stoneshock Giant

Stormchaser Chimera

Sulfurous Blast

Windborne Charge

Ugh... I might wait on the commons, this is really taxing.

robo12385 on Heroism Red-White

1 year ago

Im guessing this deck is kinda budget?

I would say add in 2 more Coordinated Assaults, because it can activate 2 creatures heroic abilities for the cost of 1 mana.

Adding in 1-2 Zada, Hedron Grinder could be fun! Copying every spell you cast and all of creatures heroic abilities trigger!

Jedders on 4-Colour Aggro Control Burn....thing. [Synergy]

1 year ago

Update: removed one Deflecting Palm and added one Triton Tactics as well as two copies to the sideboard. I always prefer only having to leave 1 mana up, especially in a deck with so much to do. If you find yourself seriously racing, you can still side to have 3 Deflecting Palm . Meanwhile, the one-of toolbox copies of each will leave opponents guessing long after they have seen one, debating every attack - keep them guessing.The triton alongside the Blistercoil Weird and Crackleburr will mean 'tapped out' is rarely actually tapped out. Against non-creature decks or unblockables, e.g. Merfolk, simply remove the triton and board in palms and counters. I removed 1 Twisted Image from the sideboard to make space, but I consider 3 the minimum as my locals have a lot of very problematic Spellskite Wall of Omens and less-troublesome birds/hierarchs floating around with all the Jikki, Infect, combo and control going on. Against many decks it gives a real edge. Cards which are certainly worth considering also include Coordinated Assault for packing the extra punch off prowess or surprising with a vicious untap synergy for Blistercoil Weird and of course Dromoka's Command for all the synergies it brings, screwing up burn, key enchants like unlife for Ad Nauseum, targeted removal, and the usual prowess trigger. So many possibilities, so few slots!

Feel free to comment with any ideas folks.

Noogin thanks very much for the comment, I am glad you enjoy the deck. Going to try it at the local FNM next week and will post results!

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