Kalonian Tusker


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 (M14) Uncommon

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Kalonian Tusker

Creature — Beast

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Kalonian Tusker Discussion

Zholto on G/B Stompy

2 weeks ago

Kalonian Tusker should be Strangleroot Geist imo. +1

Maaagic on Mono Green Stompy

2 weeks ago

Thrun, the Last Troll is also uncounterable and regenerates, so it hoses control better than you might think. It is not nearly as good against midrange compared to control though. But against control they cannot kill it with a board wipe, removal spell, creatures, or countermagic. Except Spell Queller. That card makes me depressed in general. That is one thing you can use Dismembers on though.

Also, I completely agree with what you are saying about Scavenging Ooze. Its slow, takes mana to work, doesn't turn on Experiment One as well as other cards, etc. Until I actually tried Scavenging Ooze I didn't realize how good it is. It avoids any type of bolt effect (after pumping), grinds out well (which will happen sometimes game 1), is mainboard graveyard hate AND lifegain against various strategies, and it becomes huge. I recommend running Avatar of the Resolutes, Strangleroot Geists, a couple Kalonian Tuskers, and some Scavenging Oozes (never 4) all together. Also, having Scavenging Ooze in the main leaves more room in the sideboard.

I run a single Damping Sphere in my sideboard. I am out of room and it slows ME down a considerable amount as well (I would run 2 if I could). And I also just put all of the Dismembers in the sideboard, because I only want them in the matchups they are good. Having to Dismember an Eidolon of the Great Revel or something like that is awful.

Darth_Savage on Gruul devotion beat down

2 weeks ago

JNapp, So here is my suggestions to try and improve your draw and answers:

For your sideboard:

While Utopia Sprawl is a great card, by bring your mana curve down a little it is less necessary. Note that this is simply what I would do, I hope it's of some help, have fun brewing your deck.

Braingamer on Mono Green Stompy

4 weeks ago

tacolad I just today changed Garruk's Companion for Kalonian Tusker but in the few games, I've played today it's worked out more than Tusker did. Also, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx works out almost every game and allows me to play my hand possibly on turn 3. And for Treetop Village, I never used it for swinging and it was almost always a forest that entered tapped. As for the 4 Groundbreaker, what amount would you recommend?

tacolad on Mono Green Stompy

4 weeks ago

Kalonian Tusker over companion. Nykthos is too slow for stompy imo. Use Treetop Village x2 as additional swingers. I'd also go at least 20-21 lands because missing a drop in this deck is a backbreaker. 4 Groundbreakers, while powerful, may be a tad overkill if you're looking to curve in 4 turns. Adjusting those and adding another militant is an option to speed up the deck a bit.

terdfergasan on RG Stomp

1 month ago

solarPULSAR Thanks for the suggestions. I think you are right, the deck is super confused. Tbh I was trying to find good midrange creatures and ended up sticking too many counter creatures in the deck. I have changed a few to be more beefy, such as Kalonian Tusker and Leatherback Baloth. I already have a +1/+1 counter deck, so i don't really want to make another and I am trying to make the deck fairly budget as I mostly play casual. Is there any way to make the RG work in a midrange type of deck.

Also do you think Beastmaster Ascension is worth it in this deck?

Also thanks for the suggestion of Winding Constrictor that card would go great in my current +1/+1 deck.

avsimone on Mono green stompy

1 month ago

Thomas_The_Ramp_Engine I've seen Steel Leaf Champion and it looks absolutely bonkers!

As soon as the set comes out I'm adding it to the list, definitely replacing two Leatherback Baloth, but I may decide to keep a Leatherback Baloth over a Kalonian Tusker Ot brings up the curve a bit, but is so much harder to deal with... Honestly, I want to find room for a playset of Steel Leaf Champion XD

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