Kalonian Tusker


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Uncommon

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Kalonian Tusker

Creature — Beast

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Kalonian Tusker Discussion

DragonzBane on Seeing Green

1 day ago

Thanks for the suggestions StoryArcher!I also didn't like Kalonian Tusker, it felt bad. So I replaced it with Mistcutter Hydra.

Not sure about Ulvenwald Tracker... but I think I like it over Prey Upon.

Mandalorian on Glorious Evolution (Budget)

4 days ago

Using Pongify on your own creatures is a strategy you should stay away from. This is because you are two for oneing yourself; you are spending 2 cards to get 1, and whats worse is that that 1 creature is only a 3/3 with no abilities. For the same CMC of (Pongify+1CMC creature) you could just play Kalonian Tusker or Garruk's Companionat the cost of 1 card istead of 2. It may feel "free" to Pongify an undying creature since it comes back, but you are still eliminating 1/2 of your undying creature and still trading 1 1/2 cards for 1.

Vaan on Midrange Evo Hydra

2 weeks ago

The 3 cost slot is always weird in mono green decks.

The best aggressive options you have at 3 CMC are Leatherback Baloth and Bow of Nylea.

Courser of Kruphix is a good source of virtual card advantage and the 4 thoughness will probably trigger evolve, Kitchen Finks can trigger evolve twice and gets you a good amount of health, it's definetly a good sideboard card, questionable on the mainboard.

Song of the Dryads and Beast Within are catch all removal with considerable drawbacks, more suited for sideboards.

When choosing removal for my decks i always pick the ones with the lowest mana cost so i would stick with Mutant's Prey/Prey Upon as the main removal. Managorger Hydra is definetly worth considering, but casting it is a long term investiment since it will not trigger evolve creatures already on the board and it is not an immediate threat. Cultivate is great in ramp decks, where you can play a land and a mana dork on turn 1 and them cast Cultivate on turn 2, here you're gradually building a board with evergrowing creatures so tapping out on turn 3 to cast Cultivate does very little to your strategy.

The least important card for the deck is Heroic Intervention. It's a great card but it's a reactive card on a very proactive deck. Developing a Kalonian Tusker is almost always more beneficial to you than holding mana up to cast Heroic Intervention. The Heroic Interventions can easily be moved to the sideboard and brought back in against decks with sweepers like Wrath of God.

I would cut Heroic Intervention to add Leatherback Baloth and call it a day.

Vaan on Midrange Evo Hydra

2 weeks ago

You current deck is far from being a ramp one. Ramp decks focus on using mana acceleration cards like Elvish Mystic, Nature's Lore and Utopia Sprawl to get ahead of the mana curve so you can cast big creatures and spells early in the game.

The only mana acceleration you have are the 3 copies of Gyre Sage so more often than not you'll have to naturally draw lands to cast your big spells.

Instead of being a ramp deck, your current list feels like a midrange deck focused on the evolve mechanic, and that's perfectly fine. I suggested Hardened Scales for its synergy with evolve, and Elvish Mystic because you have very little mana acceleration. It's very common to have little draw on ramp decks since you're casting very impactful creatures early on and putting your opponnent on a situation where they either remove your threat or die on the next turn (that's also why having a good early game body is not that important) so cutting the draw enchantments and Kalonian Tusker felt ok to me.

But your current deck does not play like a ramp deck and i failed to realize that when i recommended you those changes, resulting in some subpar advice.

So, let's try this again, focusing on keeping both the evolve and the hydra themes intact: Primeval Bounty is a very slow card even for dedicated ramp decks so i would definetely cut it. Alpha Authority is kinda bad, doesn't do enough to deserve deck slots. Cutting those cards for a set of Hardened Scales is the way to go.

Triumph of Ferocity and Elemental Bond can draw you lots of cards over several turns and they help building devotion for Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx but Harmonize is the best card draw spell on and should be considered.

Also, consider swapping some of the hydras with on their costs for Polukranos, World Eater, Bristling Hydra or Leatherback Baloth, they're better suited for the kind of midrange deck you have going on.

Now, if you want to make changes to go for a more ramp oriented build just let me know.

BlindMan on Midrange Evo Hydra

2 weeks ago

Hey Vaan,

Thanks for the feedback!! I definitely appreciate it, but if you don't mind could you explain the Elvish Mystic and Khalni Hydra ? I understand why you would want them, but still.. by removing Elemental Bond and Triumph of Ferocity I'd get rid of all possible card draw and I'd end up topdeckking in a matter of a few turns. Also Kalonian Tusker as a card on its own cannot hope to compare to Khalni Hydra, but it does provide a bit of early game body to the board which would be lacking without it, no? Not trying to discredit your advice, I just need a little more in depth explanation.

Also, thanks for pointing out Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, I didn't even know that card existed! And you are totally right regarding Mistcutter Hydra. I appreciate your help man, I hope you have time to reply.

Vaan on Midrange Evo Hydra

2 weeks ago

I would cut all 8 enchantments from your deck to add 4 Hardened Scales and 4 Elvish Mystic. All Kalonian Tusker does is trigger evolve so i would cut it for Khalni Hydra or Heroes' Bane if budget is a concern. Consider adding some copies of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and Green Sun's Zenith to the deck.

Mistcutter Hydra deserves some slots on your sideboard.

Mandalorian on To the trees!

3 weeks ago

Man, 24 forest and no Dungrove Elders. Card is super good in the mono green stompy decks, and hes a treefolk.

In mono green, I think Overrun is strictly better than Overcome.

Other good, cheap, mono green stuff:

Aspect of Hydra

Kalonian Tusker

Leatherback Baloth

Treetop Village

StoryArcher on Seeing Green

3 weeks ago

Think about tossing in a couple of Oran-Rief, the Vastwood... I think you can do better than the Kalonian Tusker, too. Scrounging Bandar could be big with Hardened Scales.

Prey Upon is a great effect, but Ulvenwald Tracker let's you do it at instant speed and repeatedly.

Consider a couple of Mistcutter Hydra or Primordial Hydra as long as you are working with counters - neither need to be cast big to be effective and they give you something to do with mana in the mid-game.

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