Kalonian Tusker


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 (M14) Uncommon

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Kalonian Tusker

Creature — Beast

Kalonian Tusker Discussion

TristanTaylorsVoice on Got Hemp?

1 week ago

What really would put this deck over the edge IMO (as a fellow mono green aggro player) would be a second Avatar of the Resolute like creature. My hope for the current standard block was that multicolor decks were pushed and then we get a cycle of double colored mana symbol (i.e. GG, BB) to support mono colored decks, but since mono blue and mono white are already doing well in standard I find this hypothetical cycle being printed less likely until rotation. For now the best we got is Kalonian Tusker or 1G options.

SynergyBuild on Yeva WIP v1.2

2 weeks ago

These upgrades aren't huge, cards I'd drop are the following:

Ambush Viper , Lay of the Land , Boundless Realms , Tower Defense , Mortal's Resolve , Fog , Burst of Strength , Panharmonicon , Lure , Verdant Haven , Sandwurm Convergence , Shapers' Sanctuary , Shapers' Sanctuary , Greenseeker , Kalonian Tusker , Oak Street Innkeeper , Duskdale Wurm , Elvish Aberration , Borderland Ranger , Civic Wayfinder , and Centaur's Herald .

These 21 cards don't do enough to warrant inclusion overall, and you can ask me about any specific drops, but I'd not run them. I would argue to run at least 3-5 more Forests (4 for now will be my estimate leaving 17 cards left to work with) and to run the following:

Yisan, the Wanderer Bard , End-Raze Forerunners , Karametra's Acolyte , Terastodon , Reclamation Sage , Primordial Sage , Wolfbriar Elemental , Ulvenwald Tracker , Rampaging Baloths , Regal Force , Temur Sabertooth , Fierce Empath , Harmonize , Rampant Growth , Primal Command , Lignify , and Beast Within

These should all round out the deck! Many are creatures that can be flashed in with big effect, like Yisan, the Wanderer Bard / End-Raze Forerunners / Rampaging Baloths / Regal Force , etc. or are card draw/removal to keep you in the game when an opponent 'goes off'. Often if green gets board wiped they hurt, and while Heroic Intervention helps out, Temur Sabertooth too, sometimes just rebuilding is the answer. Think of the value of in response to a Wrath of God you flash in a Regal Force , draw 7 cards, then on your next turn empty your hand of new creatures to win with!

I chose relatively cheap cards for this list, hoping you don't have to spend to much!

Saljen on $70 Competitive Mono-Green Aggro

3 months ago

Is Kalonian Tusker really better than just two more Pelt Collectors in this deck? It's nearly guaranteed to be the larger creature by the time you start attacking and it gives itself Trample over time. The lower CMC is just icing on the cake. It also supports Avatar of the Resolute better. Sure, they're nearly $3/ea, but that still keeps you with a $20 window before you hit your $100 budget.

Duke.Fleed on The Infinity Deck

4 months ago

Modern is such a fast format, lower mana cost is often worth more than raw power. For example, rather than Curator's Ward I would recommend something like Vines of Vastwood. Furthermore, low cost removal is quite common in modern, like Path to Exile, Terminate, and now Assassin's Trophy. Therefore, big mana creatures like Kalonian Hydra are not as effective as a game ender because you have to untap with it. If you are going to spend 3 or more mana on something in modern, it better do something for you asap. You already have infinite combos to win the game, you may not even need to have a game closer like the hydra. Lastly, I think Kalonian Tusker is the most reasonable card here. It is a good sized creature for it's cost. However, this is most effective in a strictly linearly aggressive deck rather than a combo deck like this. So if you are using it for blocking, or stalling the game out, maybe something like Kitchen Finks would defiantly do that.

Duke.Fleed on The Infinity Deck

4 months ago

I really like the idea. I am curious about some of your card choices though. Curator's Ward, Kalonian Tusker, and Kalonian Hydra are all cards that dont seem to fit the rest of the deck. What was your motivation for putting them in?

Spazik008 on New to MTG

4 months ago

Seems like others are already helping with card selection, but I can give some general advice.

It's always worth it to make the cut. It might hurt to lose the cards you like, but the deck doesn't work as good if it's too big. You see the card you need less often when you need it because it's diluted by a bigger library.

This article shows the math behind it. Even if you used a deck that was nothing but Kalonian Tusker and Forest, the smaller deck wins out over the long run.

Cereal_Killer on From Nothing to Everything

5 months ago

Ok, since it's closer to modern, I'll suggest only cards that could fit that format

But, first of all, why don't you reduce your deck up to 60 cards?

Now, since your goal is to get big creatures on the battlefield, why don't you add things like Ghalta, Primal Hunger, Steel Leaf Champion, Rhonas the Indomitable, Thragtusk, Acidic Slime, Craterhoof Behemoth, Gigantosaurus, Primeval Titan, Worldspine Wurm, Thrun, the Last Troll?

I've also seen that you have some creatures that require 2/3 specifical mana, so why not some Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx instead of the Urza's Lands?

Another suggestion could be Utopia Sprawl instead of Market Festival

If you want to draw cards when a creature enters, instead of Zendikar Resurgent and Garruk's Packleader, add Beast Whisperer. It's cheaper

Cards I personally don't like from this deck:

Last thing: since you already have big creatures in your deck, what's the purpose of instant and sorceries that just make them bigger? I'd personally add usefull instants like Vines of Vastwood or Blossoming Defense

Watertower420 on Mono Green Stompy

5 months ago

Groundbreaker testing is quite interesting with the Pelt Collector btw. 4/4+ trample at the end of turn 3 with average plays. I've decided on 3x Experiment One, 3x Pelt Collector, and 3x Dryad Militant, with -1 Kalonian Tusker. Our lists are pretty similar. The regeneration on E1 is very worthwhile and Pelt Collector is great except for a top deck. The Militant has the ability to Turn2 add counters to either (and its gravehate is sooo good) and with 6x "evolvers" its easier to get one in your starting hand. Just my suggestions. Love this deck.

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