Cleaver Riot


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 (M13) Uncommon

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Cleaver Riot


Creatures you control gain double strike until end of turn.

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Cleaver Riot Discussion

prosshrules on Could Aggro Wizards be a ...

1 month ago

I already thought of some good ones, Cleaver Riot, Docent of Perfection  Flip, Archetype of Imagination, the Niv Mizzets, etc.


2 months ago

Still suffering from split personality, although of a better quality now that previously. You need to decide whether you go for burn, or for a go-wide strategy. Some of the cards from each of them doesn't support the other strategy very well.

Since you only play 20 lands - and that is what is to be expected of a burn deck, perhaps it's even a bit on the high end - you should stay away from anything with casting cost over 3. No Cleaver Riot and no Bonfire of the Damned (the latter could be fired for very low damage, but is it then worth a card?). You want to go with burn, Lava Spike and Searing Blaze are obligatory cards, I think. Also in burn, Monastery Swiftspear is a 4-of, since it is part of hitting for 10 on turn 2 (TURN 1: mountain, swiftspear, attack for 1, TURN 2: mountain, Lightning Bolt, Lava Spike for two prowess activations, then attack for 3, a total of 10 damage in 2 turns). And the 2 Dragonmaster Outcasts have to go, since they require so much land to function - you won't get them online until turn 10 or 11, best case (dragonmaster has its real home in a ramp deck).

If you go with Kiln Fiend, have 4 of them, have 4 of each their combo pieces, and some number of Fling as a finisher. Otherwise, don't bother. You'll have the occasional lucky game, where you make a really big kiln fiend, but without free spells (and a blue splash for cantrips like Opt and Serum Visions), it'll be a rare event that it can end the game, or even deal any significant damage.

Faithless Looting is not something I would play in a burn deck, since it's card disadvantage. Ask yourself what you'd rather do - lose a card to maybe improve your, or shoot for 3 life (lava spike)? Besides, as long as your plan is something as simple as "deal as much damage with each card", you don't need to sculpt your hand and search for pieces. The redundancy is high enough that digging is irrelevant. Card draw/filtering is good with kiln fiend, too. But then you don't get the whole burn package, just a few bits of it. Magmatic Insight is actually an interesting card, but I doubt that you'll have much extra land lying about to discard to it.

Easybr0wnies343 on

2 months ago

I'd recommend some Boros Charms if you can afford them. They're very potent and flexible. If you want some finishers you could look into something like Trumpet Blast or Cleaver Riot but I don't know that you'd need something like that in a deck like yours.

I always recommend Lightning Bolt for red aggro decks and you could even use some Ride Downs if you want.

Looks like a fun deck! +1

Shliken on How can I hold all these goblins!?!

2 months ago

Looks great! Gotta love goblins. Some considerations; Goblin King, and some finishers like Relentless Assault, Cleaver Riot, Krenko, Mob Boss, and my personal fave, but a bit expensive, Descent of the Dragons. Overall it looks great!

jordybear2002 on goblins

3 months ago

add Goblin Chieftain, Krenko, Mob Boss, Goblin Matron, Reverberate, Fervor, and Cleaver Riot and it should help with getting creatures out faster and attacking sooner. In my opinion those are cards that I would add to this deck to make it more op.

jordybear2002 on monoR classic Burn

3 months ago

I would add 4 Goblin Chieftain and 4 Krenko, Mob Boss. Plus a Fervor and a Cleaver Riot or two would help then add a Reverberate to any spells that your opponent may cast or something that you want to double.

ticked-off-squirrel on Gooblin fueled flamethrower

5 months ago

so......a goblin flamethrower huh? can't say i've seen that before. and that saying something since i am a pro goblin commander player. now....onto business.

if this deck is meant to be a flamethrower then toss out a good chunk of the cards including.....

Goblin Rabblemaster

Goblin Diplomats

Hellraiser Goblin

Goblin Heelcutter

Goblin Goon

Goblin Chieftain

Boggart Brute

Cleaver Riot

Berserkers' Onslaught

Relentless Assault

Coat of Arms

Shared Animosity

however, if this deck is suppose to have a dual function (like burn and swarm) then i can understand why allot of those cards are in there. but even so having Goblin Rabblemaster and Hellraiser Goblin is a no go for goblin swarming. swarming takes time and tactics. those two are like "nope. you attack whether you want to or not" so get those out. i have yet to find a good tactic involving those two. but if you use X based spells then Volcanic Geyser and Rolling Thunder are both good choices.

ComboCrazy on Fumiko the Lowblood

11 months ago

Cleaver Riot, baby. Not consistent, and a bit expensive, but overall it's absolutely hilarious when your creatures are guaranteed to get through. Also Generator Servant is veeerry nice ramp. Also, there's great synergy here with Five-Alarm Fire, since you'll get at least two or three blaze counters per turn. I'd maybe remove Orcish Oriflamme for it, since you've got a lot of similar effects and CMC 4 is by far the most common on your mana curve, which clashes with your commander. Actually, maybe try to cut down on 4 drops in general actually, and add something like Fire Diamond or Iron Myr in order to ramp straight to 4 asap. I also noticed that your land base conflicts a bit with itself. Valakut requires lots of mountains, and you're running Blood Moon, so I'd maximize the number of mountains you're using. I'd cut Dwarven Hold and Mercadian Bazaar, simply because they take two turns before tapping for even one mana, so they're actually far inferior to basic lands. Shivan Gorge and Temple of the False God are also subpar lands for an aggressive deck, they're too slow. Just having mountains around to fuel Valakut's trigger will likely deal more damage than shivan gorge anyways, and it also taps for red mana.

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