Blast of Genius


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze Uncommon

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Blast of Genius


Choose target creature or player. Draw three cards, then discard a card. Blast of Genius deals damage equal to the discarded card's converted mana cost to that creature or player.

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Blast of Genius Discussion

hardhitta71194 on Most Flavorful Izzet Cards?

4 months ago

I have a very similar deck called Glory to the Firemind but it's private at the moment cause the list is a mess.

I was like dude! You need Ral Zarek! Then I seen him at the bottom.

Arjun, the Shifting Flame works well, Fluxcharger, Spellheart Chimera, Mizzix of the Izmagnus, Blast of Genius has Ral on it, Quicksilver Dagger is nice with Niv.

I also use Enter the Infinite as a possible win con.

Badass deck for sure, I am a proclaimed Izzet Mage/Fan Boy so I hope I helped. If you want to look at mine I will make it public for a bit.

(Oh and sorry if I suggested a few you already have, I was switching between tabs trying to avoid that lol)

mdc7233 on Drop a Draco Challenge

8 months ago

The goal is simple. Your opponent needs to be buried by turn 5, BUT you need to drop a Draco in order to do it.

Brew tipsSee the UnwrittenElvish PiperCombustible GearhulkReanimateAngerWarstorm SurgeBlast of GeniusKaalia of the Vast

mdc7233 on Temur Blast

8 months ago

Thank you for the suggestions! I am vulnerable to aggro, it's true, I really want to keep a wurm theme. I adjusted the wurm count, and put in Wurmcoil Engine to help replenish life more effectively and to stave off attacks. Nissa's Revelation also helps as well. 1i also switched to Worldspine Wurm to help with killing my opponent with Blast of Genius while still having access to a less vanilla creature.

DarkLaw on Blast of Genius

9 months ago

You can definitely pull this off. The problem is that there are just better cards.

Maybe you could try a spicy Nahiri Jeskai brew with Through the Breach and Blast of Genius being used to deal huge chunks of damage out of nowhere before finishing them off with smaller burn spells.

the.beanpole on Blast of Genius

9 months ago

Competitive Modern is a pretty fast format. You can probably get to 6 mana on turn 4 sometimes, but then you're probably dead before you can resolve 2 (or more) Blast of Genius to win. I'd say this strategy would be more effective in a Tron shell, but Tron has much better things to be doing with it's mana than this.

For more casual play, I'd add Sylvan Caryatid and/or Birds of Paradise, Temporal Mastery, and any other spells with modal casting costs that I can't think of right now.

Araganor on Kaladesh Spoiler Thread

11 months ago

Hah, the card frame on the red gearhulk made me think it had Phyrexian mana symbols for a second O_O

Anyway, it looks like weaksauce in (multiplayer) commander sadly. Almost nobody plays Browbeat in EDH, and this is not a whole lot better. It is worth noting however, that unlike with Browbeat you can put one player on the spot rather than giving the whole table an opportunity to stop you from drawing. So if one player at the table is pretty low (or if you can politic) your chances of drawing get much higher. I like the political avenues this could open up. I think it could create some pretty hilarious moments, like with Blast of Genius (flipping Enter the Infinite anyone?) But for the most part I think it's not going to be played a ton. Not that I can complain, we are getting tons of good EDH cards.

I think it'll be quite powerful in standard. Getting a pseudo-browbeat on a 6/6 first strike is very nice indeed. Unlike Sin Prodder, you get the effect immediately. The nice thing is you get a good body even if the effect flips 3 lands. Not only that, but it helps enable delirium strategies as well. I think it'll be solid in the inevitable red deck that appears because of Chandra, Torch of Defiance.

Dreno33 on Big Mana, Big Burning

11 months ago

So do you want to make this as competitive as possible?

Also, do you for sure want to keep 4x of both Blast of Genius and Riddle of Lightning?

Regardless, my first suggestion is to cut back on 2 of each eldrazis, and add 4x Primeval Titan. 6 damage is still a lot through those cards, but you need the extra lands so you can potentially cast a kozilek later in the game.

i have no exp on this deck, but that's just my first thought

Kjartan on Controlled Burn

1 year ago

UR control without Electrolyze looks almost naked.

Anyways. I think you play too many off strategy cards and too many wincons to pull this off.

Blistercoil Weird doesn't really do much outside of Paradise Mantle combo, Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius doesn't do much in multiples and Koth of the Hammer has no control options.

Clout of the Dominus seams off when you are not playing an aggro deck, and Negate, while being a decent 1-of, probably belongs in the sideboard. Blast of Genius is a fine card, ind it almost comboes with itself. Still having too many, maybe even just having more than 1 really knocks the decks consistancy back.

Props on playing Mizzium Mortars, it's a highly underrated removal spell most players overlook.

My cheaper suggestions, would be to run Anger of the Gods as a 1 (maybe a 2) -of. Electrolyze as somewhere between 2-4 of. Spell Snare as a 2 of. Serum Visions as a 0-4 of. Logic Knot only of you want more counterspells with a diversity greater than that of negate.

And since you need more lands (24-25) Ghost Quarter and Desolate Lighthouse.

And my more expensive suggestions. Snapcaster Mage 4 of. Vendilion Clique 0-1 0f. Cryptic Command 2-3 of. Ancestral Vision 2-3 of.

And for the expensove lands Flooded Strand/Misty Rainforest/Polluted Delta 3-4 of. Sulfur Falls 1-2 of.

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