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Scatter Arc

Scatter Arc


Counter target noncreature spell. Draw a card.

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Scatter Arc Discussion

GlennTen on My Current W/U Deck (HELP!)

1 day ago

Elvish Mystic is a pretty solid one mana drop that can help boost your mana early and insure you can cast your control/smaller flyers early. There are other cards like Rampant Growth that can search your library for land cards and put them on to the battlefield and others such as Explore that can allow you to get to that 6 mana mark a couple turns early. Certain creatures are very good for mana ramp such as Birds of Paradise but can be a little expensive to buy as they are rare. Your main creature cards are good, it just takes getting to know the kind of cards that support them well. I personally don't own any of those besides Medomai the Ageless and the Jelenn Sphinx , but I can tell you that many an opponent, particularly those running red/black, will try to find a way to knock them out of the sky as quickly as possible. Consider more cards like Dissolve to protect them from removal. You could probably ignore Mindstatic and Scatter Arc as they are a little on the expensive side and maybe consider cards like Cloudshift or Deadeye Navigator to flicker your creatures if your opponent attempts a field wipe. A card that is pretty insane with flicker spells is Sunblast Angel who is a field wipe when ever she re-enters the battlefield and is a pretty solid flyer. She goes well with cards like Frost Breath as well and can really help turn the game in your favor. Just be careful you don't take out your own creatures as well. If you are interested in control then look no further than Supreme Verdict as a cheap way to 'reset' the field if things spiral out of control. Anyway good luck with your deck, hope you end up with something you are happy with.

gdaddyspill on The Token Titubant

2 weeks ago

I love to play control decks that affect all players/ opponents when also playing multiplayer rounds with my 'friends.'

You are playing three colors that when put together in a themed deck is casually called "Bant" to the mtg community. blue, green, white.

regardless, since you have white included, you should have creature mitigation set pretty nice in the cards, which I would suggest that you do these following things:

1) Drop 2 Coursers' Accord because the mana cost is just too high to comfortably cast and it mean much. replace them with +1 Rootborn Defenses and +1 Call of the Conclave .

2) Integrate some pretty helpful defense and populate with Sundering Growth and Rootborn Defenses . this allows you to get rid of Pacifism and Chained to the Rocks (popular to get rid of the resurgence) and Oblivion Ring (in modern) and the feared Detention Sphere . Keep in mind that you have centaur tokens laying all over the place. One Detention Sphere ('D sphere') would suck them all away and they would never again see play no matter how hard we may plead. Sundering Growth may be a better sideboard option now that I think of it, because in standard, the really gross artifacts and enchantments you would see in Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks would be gods and would be indestructible anyway, so if it is the God cards you are worried about, fear not, grab yourself some Fade into Antiquity and definitely some Revoke Existence .

Be prepared. You have blue in your mana mix so feel free to say no to the mean ones that try to destroy all your creatures. Rootborn Defenses is delicious against turn 4-5 Supreme Verdict s. Tier 1-2 Minotaur rakdos decks splash white for this very reason. defenses say "no thanks" to the opponent, and then give you yet another token. possibly the Selesnya Charm knight, the centaurs, or the malicious Voice of Resurgence tokens which is next best to the 5/5 trample wurms, and the best part is, the opponent will be tapped out and you can free cast anything you'd like because they didn't expect a board presence.

3) Integrate counterspells. one Anger of the Gods or Bile Blight or Detention Sphere would utterly destroy your field presence. Negate , Dissolve , Annul , Dispel , Gainsay , Fall of the Gavel , Render Silent , Judge's Familiar , Scatter Arc , and Syncopate are all something to take a look at.

My best suggestion is, if you like the whole "Centaurmageddon" theme, then stack up two Negate s and a great big fat Render Silent to completely make your opponent do nothing but attack, and you'll have the beefy field to discourage them of that otherwise.

If you want a more controlled approach, then there is always the turn 7 Rootborn Defenses + Supreme Verdict treatment to blow up 'everything you don't control,' and get another creature out of it. Judge's Familiar is the all-in-one deal that counter-spikes a spell by 1 and can make your opponents hesitate or spend extra mana to play anything, leaving you more room to cast instead of leave mana open to counter or rootborn defenses.

4) Defense against burn. Mizzium Skin . That's kind of all you can get in standard besides countering their spells or making the damn things indestructible for the turn.I do not know what your friends play, so hopefully you can respond to my feedback with a rough estimate of what you usually have to face.

Mizzium Mortars is going to rock your deck's world if allowed to float free, so make sure you are ready for that bombshell, because that will not go out of rotation for a while.

5) If you are facing heavy rush (aggro) and are getting hate-killed like I am all the time... (I've once died turn 3 before I could place a land because it was a 6 man free for all and they knew I was trouble;D...), then a spectacular way to off-set the hate is Centaur Healer and Trostani, Selesnya's Voice (as you already have). Allows a nice blocker for the mana curve and re-heals a burn spell.

6) Archetype of Courage . first-strike is BROKEN in this card game. Opponents could have an 78/3 trample, lifelink, deathtouch, first strike, 'god-mode' creatures and you throw out Archetype of Courage and just chump block with the centaur healer or any other centaur/ wurm and watch the baddies fall flat and smack them for 3 in the first phase of combat! Not to mention, a 5/5 trample, first strike? c'mon... not very fair...

7) Elspeth, Sun's Champion pricy, maybe, but a lot of games we play in standard nowadays are whoever can land an Assemble the Legion or Elspeth, Sun's Champion the fastest kind of sits there and wins... personal experience, mtg community experience... yeah, it's sad, but damn, she's the boss! throw out tokens!!! populate them if you need to ?? haha and she even has a boardwipe built in that kills off everything above the centaur tokens!

well, I've personally edited and created two of my friend's green/white populate decks and there are so many problems I have with those mechanics in standard, but they are ever-so-powerful with the new Fated Infatuation but! It requires triple blue... sideboard, experiment with... up to you, but it's out there. If you are focusing on getting the most out of your tokens, and getting the most amount of them, then look towards ---- Giant Adephage if you want bigger tokens. Progenitor Mimic if you want more Giant Adephage or Centaur Healer s.

8) Flying. Yeaaaahhh. the most flying you are going to have is going to come from the works of late game white (angels) or early game blue (little birds).

Judge's Familiar does everything you'd need for this build. chump blocker flier that counters spells. NOICE.

Angel of Serenity belongs in your sideboard, dear friend. You exile things on the field or even things in your graveyard and then Voyage's End it and bring all of those creatures back to the hand also! but since you play tokens, that doesn't really matter. still, she is a great bomb to drop to take away your friend's favorite creatures.

Jelenn Sphinx would boost your tokens up one when attacking, and then also would swing for 1 flying and has a large toughness to block medium flying damage!

i'm tired of writing.

Remember, take my advice or not, but we will all pay heed to the FACT that it's not the deck that makes the player, it's the player that makes the deck.


DanteSquires on Niv 1.0 EDH

3 weeks ago

I think you should reconsider Scatter Arc . There is a counter spell called Dismiss that is very similar and your running enough blue that the cost difference shouldn't be a problem. I personally don't care for either but a lot of people still swear by them. I don't like any counter that costs more then two unless it does something really special.

AcidBrn on Team Fun

1 month ago

Let's see... Exclude , Scatter Arc ,, maybe some more wizards like Temporal Adept , Jushi Apprentice , Arcanis the Omnipotent , Stronghold Machinist & Stronghold Biologist . Additional card draw would be superb,, I was thinking Braingeyser , Stroke of Genius , Mind Spring , and/or Blue Sun's Zenith . There's the lesser draw spells like Compulsive Research , Fact or Fiction , Concentrate , Jace's Ingenuity , Tidings , Opportunity , Treasure Trove , things like that.... Whispers of the Muse . Instant card-draw is better, so you can leave mana up for all your counterspells. Speaking of which, don't forget about other flash creatures! ie: Snapcaster Mage , and Draining Whelk . Oh! What about AEtherize ? or Devastation Tide ? Sunken Hope plays well with Venser,, and Archeomancer // Man-o'-War ; Dissipation Field has Venser written all over it. Remand , Redirect , Cancel , Essence Scatter , Negate , Turn Aside , Deflection , Envelop ,, and then there's my favorite one-mana counterspell in Annul , (so good). Just sooo many choices. Haven't even touched on artifacts yet... most importantly Vedalken Shackles , and Journeyer's Kite . Crystal Shard and Erratic Portal work best with your ETB creatures.

andrehziinhu on

1 month ago

I like the number of creatures, I like Divination , I like a possible Chandra, Pyromaster as well. I'm just not so sure about my instant cards, I got many 4x of them. I know that Dissolve is a good counter + scry, its good to keep that close to me, I also like Lightning Strike and Magma Jet because they give me suficient burst to control table + scry 2.

at this point I need to play test it more, but I don't know if Turn , Steam Augury and Dragonshift are correctly placed, because even though Dragonshift is part of the combo, I'm not sure I want 4. Steam Augury is a good draw, but it gives the option for your opponent to let you have cards he wants, so its not so good, either way with that many drawcards, its good to have, but I could maybe play 3x also...

and last but not least, Turn is a way to get rid of gods and huge creatures, and also it has Burn which is damage, and its good, I think 2 is good, but I could maybe have more, or another card that sinergizes better.. I need advice.

Here are some options I also have in mind, none of them replaces Turn , but they are okOpportunity in place of one Divination maybe?Quicken good draw that works with Young Pyromancer , but don't work with Satyr Firedancer and Goblin Electromancer Scatter Arc is a good counter + draw and works with Goblin Electromancer Thoughtflare maybe a good draw?

TitansFTW on Are Enchantment Creatures counted as ...

2 months ago

When you cast a creature for its bestow cost, it is an aura spell, but not a creature spell. Therefore, both Negate and Scatter Arc can counter it, but Essence Scatter cannot.

ironchalice on Are Enchantment Creatures counted as ...

2 months ago

I cast Hopeful Eidolon for its bestow price. Which spell can my opponent play Negate or Scatter Arc ?

Yacapo2 on May I play this spell? (Nope..)

2 months ago

Do you think it could use any card draw? If not, I'd be most concerned about the early game because the super fast aggressive decks will kill you before you get to turn 6.

I would suggest more 1 cmc cards, Syncopate is amazing for this. Also maybe Essence Scatter .

I'm also a big fan of Scatter Arc but that might not go well with the deck. Also i am pretty new to the game and only have a feel for standard legal cards. Price

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$0.02 $0.12 $0.6 $0.28
Color(s) U
Cost 3U
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 13.04
Avg. cube pick 5.52


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common