Stymied Hopes


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros (THS) Common

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Stymied Hopes


Counter target spell unless its controller pays 1. Scry 1.

Stymied Hopes Discussion

BahamutPRME on Casual Greek Deck

4 months ago

So I'm trying to make a deck for my friend for his birthday and he likes Greek Mythology, specifically Poseidon, Hades, and Zues in this order. I'm wanting to stay in the Theros block and have 3 deck ideas but I need some advice and criticism because I don't want to make him a weak deck.

Here are what I've made:

The first one is using Heliod because I made this first and forgot there is a god that looks like zues but in MTG Heliod is the "Leader" or Highest ranking or whatever.

The second one is using Keranos and white humans so its 4 colors instead of 3.

The third one is sticking to the block and theme but also sticking to heroic and scry.

I have always been bad about including a safe amount of land in my decks so that is something i really need help with. I also wasn't sure if this was the best way to show the decks or if i should've just copy and pasted each text.

Thank you!

Greek Deck 1

Greek Deck 2

Greek Deck 3

Sorry for the long post. Wasn't sure how to do this.

imafreak05 on Control Mill

1 year ago

Mind Sculpt, Startled Awake  Flip and Dampen Thought are all good mill cards.

Mana Leak, Rune Snag and Stymied Hopes are some good control ideas.

Jace's Sanctum is a good Enchantment to run.

I SAY COUNTER GOOD SIR! is my Counter/Mill Deck I built.

supersalamandar on SuperBait181 V2

1 year ago

Unstable Obelisk- Its mana intensive to do, but this effect is very valuable to have in your colors. I recommend having it just in case.

Bedlam Reveler- A very good topdeck late in the game, as well as an efficent beater for that refills your hand. Not so good if you're early on and dont have self mill

Bloodwater Entity- for a Reclaim and an evasive body with prowess is not a bad rate. Downside of course is having to use your jori trigger or a cantrip to get the card into your hand (but thats not so hard).

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip- Card selection is King. This fuels your delve spells and smooths out your draws in the early game, while relieving pressure and ensuring you get your jori triggers late

Torrential Gearhulk- This is the only gearhulk that is seeing modern play for a reason. It lets us keep using our graveyard as a resource, while being a big body. Very often you can flash it in to block and cast a random spell in your graveyard FOR FREE to get a jori trigger. Thats a 3 for 1. And now you have a 5/6.

Chaos Warp- see Unstable Obelisk

Magma Jet- Part of my efforts to find interaction that gives card advantage. 2 damage isn't a lot, but its an instant speed play that can pick off utility creatures while giving us powerful card selection

Oona's Grace-Particularly powerful with your cost reducers, gives us a way to use our excess lands to hit jori triggers. Also an excellent card to discard.

Remand- Tempo play that digs you deeper. I'd probably fire this one off at the first chance i'd get.

Think Twice- Similar to Oona's Grace.

Voyage's End- Instant speed bounce with scry. Similar options discussed later.

Riptide Laboratory- mana is actually a big issue with this deck, but I think this effect is powerful enough

Anchor to the Aether- Sorcery speed, but going to the top of the library messes up your opponent's next draw, while the scry digs you further through the deck. I haven't played with this one yet, but it might be good to test.

Pieces of the Puzzle- is a lot and sorcery speed sucks, but this is a powerful draw spell that has the advantage of also filling your graveyard

Spite of Mogis- This is the addition that I am most proud of. I can't believe we didn't know this card existed.

Desperate Ravings- Good rate on this card and instant speed with flashback is nice. random is bad though

Lat-Nam's Legacy- similar rate to Desperate Ravings, but doesn't get you the card immediately

Perilous Voyage- Excellent if it hits something with cmc or less, underwhelming if not. Meta call. Also note that it has cyclonic rift's restriction.

Repulse-Bounce with draw. I think this is the best rate for this effect.

Select for Inspection-A bit troublesome to use, but the scry bounce for only is nice

Stymied Hopes- I'd consider this one a tempo play. Hit the first thing you can, so you can get that sweet sweet scry.

Unsubstantiate- Versatile spell, but the lack of card advantage on it is a minus

Baral's Expertise- Big bounce spell, will trigger Jori. But costs .

Mystic Speculation- Could be ok. Scry 3 is a lot, but thats all it does. I dont see you buying this back all that often.

Shreds of Sanity- 2 cards back for 3 mana + a card. Sounds interesting

Strategic Planning- sorcery speed impulse, but fills your yard.

Void Snare- 1 mana bounce

Icbrgr on

2 years ago

N4kk1 no worries your not out of line or mean at all i get where you are coming from. there are some brutal decks in the format. Ive been playing on and off for many years and have fallen into the trap of being/building competitive before to a point where i almost forgot how to have fun and enjoy the game. even with the budget aside; This deck (for me anyway) is kinda going back to my roots of playing with "style" and actually having fun and an interactive experience again.

and that DS with feel the WRATH of my Voyage's End/Dissolve!!! :p in situational/most cases Mana Leak is a superior counter but most times just paying on condescend is enough for a successful counter and i have the "option" to dump more mana into it for the late game and the scry 2 is always welcomed... if i was running Stymied Hopes i would take Mana Leak tho.

Azeworai on Blue/Black what's yours is mine

2 years ago

Also Stymied Hopes is a horrible card. Dissolve is better.

DarkLaw on Amonkhet Spoilers and Speculation.

2 years ago

Minotaur lord does a lot.

A lot.

I think that EDH players will be satisfied.

However, I am livid with Censor. We had a chance, a real chance, at a good counter for once in Miscalculation being reprinted, but no. We get a damn two mana force spike. That's not what we need. Stymied Hopes, even, is almost as good, but unplayable garbage. Fml.

And yet, WotC continues their line of making no sense by giving us Pull from Tomorrow. Lest you wish to target your opponent, it's practically strictly better than Stroke of Genius or Blue Sun's Zenith- which are irrefutable as some of the best draw spells ever printed. I am of course referring to draw spells in raw quantity- anything that nets you fewer than two cards, counting the loss of the card itself, is more of a card filter card in my eyes. Sorry, DTT. It also helps you stock your grave.

Wizards is seriously confusing me. They give us good blue cards starting almost exclusively CMC 3 or up, because they hate straight up control I guess.

Don't get me wrong. Glimmer of Genius is better in control decks for now because you lean so much on Torrential Gearhulk. There aren't enough cards to support the original, purer kind of control- this card is a welcome gift, but useless by itself. Well, except in commander. I'm rejoicing.

Quick fire: Never//Return is better than Ruinous Path, which doesn't say a lot. Catface is only as good as a 3 power double strike that attacks on turn 5 is. Sure, Catface is tenacious, and easy to turn on, but pretty slow as a result. She really needed a single evasion keyword to push her over the tough hurdle of her CMC.

Finally, Honored Hydra. My favorite card spoiled today. Better than Roar of the Wurm. That trample really works wonders. Roar of the Wurm saw play in Standard back in the day, and it has been power creeped, but given the perfect keyword to make viable again. Imagine a slightly smaller Verdurous Gearhulk that costs only 4 mana. The difference one mana makes is pretty significant.

Venser_the_Sojoner on Triple Color Artifacts

2 years ago

Personally I would take out Stymied Hopes and Ornamental Courage. Why 6 versions of Fog? Darksteel Forge just isn't work 9 mana. and Snare Thopter just isnt that good. If you want artifacts then it should be esper, not temur. Hangarback Walker is very good, so is Ethersworn Canonist against certain decks, mox opal is great in any artifact deck. Sword of the Meek and Thopter Foundry is a good combo especially with Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas. Steel Overseer is also really good.

Benzil on Enter the Mizzix

3 years ago

If you're after suggestions I can think of a couple I put in my Mizzix deck.

Power Sink is decent with Mizzix as she can pay into the X cost and you can potentially shut down the rest of a player's turn for little investment. Swan Song is another decent hard counter. Handy if you're planning on playing combos and want to protect them. I also highly recommend Reiterate as you'll soon get experience counters and can start copying spells with buyback for just two Red. I personally wouldn't bother with Stymied Hopes, it'll almost never counter anything except the very early plays. Rewind is good as with the cost reduction you can potentially untap more lands that you tap to play it. Last Word is probably one of the best counters you can run.

Vedalken Orrery and or Leyline of Anticipation are good as they make all your sorceries playable at instant speed too which is what you want to be doing in a controlling deck so you can keep mana open until the last moment.

You're right ditch Rogue's Passage, unless you decide to go more creature heavy, which I honestly don't think Mizzix wants to do, then it really is just a colourless land. I also took most of the other creatures out of my Mizzix deck save Psychosis Crawler and Melek, Izzet Paragon. I also added Guttersnipe for value.

Here's my deck if you're interested Mizzix of the Izmagnus (Modified precon).

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