Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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Creature — Elemental

Bloodrush 1RR. Discard Scorchwalker: Target attacking creature gets +5/+1 until end of turn.

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Scorchwalker Discussion

Goblingravy21 on R/u Elementals

8 months ago

Wirox, I've thought about Smokebraider, and initially planned to include it, but there are ample format staples of pauper that kill x/1s. It's also just not really a good turn 2 play for a deck that wants to beat down quickly.

I think you're probably right about Collateral Damage. I like it with Spark Elemental, but in any other case, Chain Lightning is better.

I'll definitely consider adding a fourth Mulldrifter. It feels like a good idea but I'm not sure I want to mess with my aggressive creature base.

I might cut Scorchwalker just for sheer poor card quality, though it works well with Sunflare Shaman.

Thanks for the advice!

Wirox on R/u Elementals

8 months ago

I really like this idea, I've been trying to make a good Pauper Elemental deck and yours actually looks nice, but I think it needs some improvements.

  1. Smokebraider is a must-have in your deck. It's actually the main reason why you'd want to make an Elemental tribal in the first place.

  2. Collateral Damage is an average card, even if you combine it with some Evokers. Chain Lightning would be better.

  3. Fireblast is a great card, but for burn-like decks. You are more aggro than burn, so you often want to treat such cards like removals and Fireblast can only act as a finisher. Again, I feel like Chain Lightning would be better.

  4. There's absolutely no reason not to run 4 Mulldrifters. It's a great card for any deck with blue and for Elementals it's even greater.

  5. Scorchwalker is just meh, I'd personnaly cut it.

DasJawa on That Was Faster Then Expected...

9 months ago

i would take out Scorchwalker , Hellspark Elemental , Arc Runner , Dynacharge , Blistering Firecat , Ashenmoor Gouger , Guttersnipe cause it is slow and would be a dead draw and same for Madcap Skills

and maybe take 2 Hellrider and 2 Ashenmoor Liege if it is a good deck then late game wont matter cause you'll win by turn 3 or 4

DuBie15 on Don't Blink, it will end badly

1 year ago

Burn generally wants to win very fast, so some of the high mana creatures should probably go. Instigator Gang  Flip, Scorchwalker, Hellrider and Flamerush Rider probably need to go, and really anything above 1 cmc is not ideal.

Lightning Bolt is hands down the best burn spell, so i would go for 4, along with 4 Bump in the Night. Also Rift Bolt and Lava Spike are all pretty important too.

Lands that come in untapped are ideal, so Dragonskull Summit is your best bet if you dont want to go full out on shocks and fetches.

Running black definitely mainboard your Dismembers in favor of all other removal. They shouldnt have time to play a planeswalker, and most of the time you will pay 4 life to cast it, your life total is pretty irrelevant when youre playing burn.

Some creatures to look into are Monastery Swiftspear, Hellspark Elemental and if you have the money Eidolon of the Great Revel. If youre really rich go for Goblin Guide.

The biggest thing you want to do is make your playsets, pick the best cards and just use those so that you can be as consistent as possible.

I have a boros burn deck that has gotten pretty strong, take a look if you want

alulien on

1 year ago

Scorchwalker isn't Standard-legal, unfortunately.