Hopeful Eidolon

Hopeful Eidolon

Enchantment Creature — Spirit

Bestow 3W (If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.


Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has lifelink.

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Hopeful Eidolon Discussion

UncheckedR493 on Post Rotation R/W Heroic

19 hours ago

I appreciate your help GlistenerAgent , but I am not even sure about the changes so far. The deck really worked as a mid-range, but now it is relatively inconsistent. The small creatures roll up too often. They don't swing for much. They are removed and dealt with far too easily. I am not liking the aggro as much. Dawnbringer Charioteers have pulled me out of a couple tight spots. It may be a 4 drop, but when I get it out the next turn I can cast an ass load of triggers on it. Then it swings for insane damage with life link and flying. You should see the smoke rolling out of the ears of aggro deck pilots when I swing for 10+ and add that back to my failing life total! 5 turns in, I'm not close to dead with real threats on the field, it is game over for them. Not that it happens EVERY time, just about 60%. Control still confounds me. Against mid-range it is a toss up. If I have a lifelink flier or two, or my Fabled Hero ramped up with his double strike and bestowed with Hopeful Eidolon , then it is pretty much cut and dry unless they bring out some serious whoop ass.

Magma Jet are in a lot of heroic decks for the range and scry, but I am more than likely dumping them for Divine Favor unless I can find a decent protection card, or another that triggers multiple heroics. Can't have too many of either!

I have tweaked it and tweaked it. The current version here is about three versions from what I have now. I think it is almost to where I want it. But if I am honest with myself, this is a fringe deck if there ever was one. But I think I may be able to make it decently competitive as a mid-range for my local FNM. At the very least, it will give me a break from whatever I am playing as a main deck for the next year. More than likely a Rabble Red or R/W Token. But who knows at this point? I have another game going tonight and tomorrow afternoon. That is minimum 10 hands against every archetype in the MTG rainbow. I will have a more solid deck list tomorrow evening.

levy120 on Random constellation/lifegain shit.

1 day ago

Maybe you'd want to consider making this a Commander? If you want to make it a Modern deck then groups of four of some cards wouldn't hurt your strategy, though with your current cards Standard is a more suitable format. Modern Decks have a wider range of editions and will be harder to play against, while all the cards you currently use are Standard Legal.

I would probably let go of Doomwalker Giant and Woonweaver Giant because both are rather expensive and try to find some more Paragons and Eidolons. The Hopeful Eidolon is a must have if you go for lifegain.

phlunk on 2014-09-22 update of CHESSMATE

1 day ago

I would still side board Hopeful Eidolon . T1 Hopeful Eidolon T2 Ajani's Pridemate , ping for 1T3 Nyx-Fleece Ram , ping for 1 + 3T4 Bestow second Hopeful Eidolon to Ajani's Pridemate , swing for 1 + 6 with lifelink.

Turn 4 6/6 with lifelink is tough to deal with. Add Spectra Ward and your opponent has a real problem to deal with.

redwhiteblue-lotus on BW Lifegainers

2 days ago

Thanks all! I made some trades and acquired some more removal (3 Banishing Light s, 1 Utter End ). I made some changes below, but need to acquire the Hopeful Eidolon s and Underworld Coinsmith s still. And probably figure out another lifegain combo to make the deck a little more punchy.

-- 9/21: removed Serra Angel s, replaced with Resolute Archangel (no Soul of Theros acquired yet)

-- Added 3 additional Banishing Light

-- Removed 1 Celestial Flare

-- Removed 2 Trained Caracal s

-- Removed 3 Xathrid Slyblade

-- Added 2 Nyx-Fleece Ram

phlunk on Broken Scales [post rotation]

3 days ago

How about adding Nyx-Fleece Ram instead of Hopeful Eidolon ? That way your guaranteed life to make up for those pain lands.

usarian5 on Purrty Kittens

4 days ago

Yeah that's what I realized about the ram :/ only non-cat you could replace would be Hopeful Eidolon , but then you lose your one drop. Maybe sideboard? Reprisal and Pillar of Light are very similar and both are meant to stop bigger creatures. Perhaps the Nyx-Fleece Ram replaces one of those because it will also help against bigger creatures while gaaining you life and triggering Ajani's Pridemate

Tayjay on BW Lifegainers

4 days ago

Take out 2 Daggerdrome Imp s for Sungrace Pegasus esand put in Hopeful Eidolon for the Trained Caracal and the final Daggerdrome Imp

Underworld Coinsmith and Nyx-Fleece Ram are also some good ideas.

Soul of Theros could work well in this deck if you want a late game other than Serra Angel

jorjo10 on 2014-09-18 update of It's Prime-time

6 days ago

Hey there. I have looked through your deck and it seems to be very slow. You also seems to be on budget, so my advices will be budget friendly.

At first, you shall think about what strategy would you like to play. You have 2 mixed strategies in here and that makes no good. You have here the Heroic guy who you are trying to make really big. Secondly, you have here some big creatures and spells, like Primeval Bounty and Arbor Colossus .

Pick one strategy and focus on it. Here are the options you have: All contains dropping red.

1) Add white. Your strategy will be swing for a lot and very soon. Then there are two ways to take:

a) You will be playing heroic guys. White offers you cards like Fabled Hero , Favored Hoplite or Akroan Skyguard . You may be playing cards like Gods Willing to give your dudes protection, cards like Rancor , Hyena Umbra , Boar Umbra , Blanchwood Armor or Ethereal Armor to make them really big. Use the green part of the deck mainly for the enchantments, your deck will be mainly white using the dudes and enchantments I mentioned.

b) Similar way to take, but might be safer. You are, again, adding white to your deck and those will be mainly auras. You are going to play 4 Silhana Ledgewalker , 4 Gladecover Scout , 4 Slippery Bogle and 4 Aura Gnarlid - except for the last one, all of those creatures are hard to kill. You may also add Favored Hoplite or Hopeful Eidolon if you like. Then you are going to make them really big - that will be done by cards like Rancor , Hyena Umbra and Spider Umbra (both of them protecting your guys from dying), Blanchwood Armor , Ethereal Armor (the all-star of this strategy), possibly Unflinching Courage which is also very powerful. I believe you would be able to find some other good and cheap auras. Again, this strategy is quite safe, you may also add cards like Journey to Nowhere to take care of some creatures. You don't need any cards to give your creatures protection and you will be done with your opponent by T4-5.

2) You may like neither of these strategies. You perhaps like big creatures, cards like Elvish Mystic which give you additional mana and so on. This kind of a deck is able to pull really big things out by T3-4 and win a turn later. In that case you may check out a deck I made for my friend who was also on budget:

Ramp Playtest

Modern* jorjo10


You may reduce the cost by not including the Garruks and Genesis Wave s. In that strategy, you can definitely play your Acidic Slime and Primeval Bounty , both of them will be good in that kind of a deck.

Those are the ways you may take. All of them are quicker than your current build and more reliable and at the same time they do not cot much more than this deck does. I hope I helped you with this at least a little and don't hesitate to ask me for help in the future if you would like it.

TCGPlayer.com Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.02 $0.12 $0.6 $0.47
Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) White
Cost W
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 8.21
Avg. cube pick 8.5


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Common


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