Hopeful Eidolon

Hopeful Eidolon

Enchantment Creature — Spirit

Bestow 3W (If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.


Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has lifelink.

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Hopeful Eidolon Discussion

wahar28 on Idk lol halp

4 days ago

Seems good, I'd play around with 4 Seeker of the Way and only 3 Battlewise Hoplite because prowess triggers even if you target another creature to activate its heroic.

Try 2 Disdainful Stroke and 2 Negate in the sideboard, because this deck really hates high cost creatures and you don't seem to have a lot of ferocious enablers for Stubborn Denial unless you've already managed to string some Ordeals together.

Think about using Feat of Resistance instead of Gods Willing, because the counter it gives the creature allows you to access the Ordeal bonuses earlier which is something the deck wants to do. That said, the lower cost of Gods Willing is a big plus as Hero of Iroas doesn't reduce the cost of instants, plus the scry is also nice.

Don't really see the reason for having the Hopeful Eidolon on the sideboard, so see what you think about replacing those with another couple of Ordeal of Heliod for life gain or another couple of Negates.

NigelOBody on 20 Dollar Mono White

4 days ago

Evangel of Heliod is too expensive for this deck (CMC wise). Instead you could run Abzan Falconer that could easily give your entire board flying. I also think that the Paragon of New Dawns is just a tad too slow and instead I would add in 4x Eidolon of Countless Battles in the place of 3x Paragon of New Dawns and 1x Archetype of Courage as they can really benefit from the amount of creatures this deck creates. I used to play a similar deck and I find that Gods Willing is usually more useful than Ajani's Presence as it can doge Bile Blight that almost all black decks are running. I also prefer Defiant Strike to Chosen by Heliod as it still gives you card advantage even if the opponent removes the targeted creature unlike Chosen by Heliod that would go straight to the graveyard. I also would run Hopeful Eidolon and Vanguard of Brimaz instead of Herald of Anafenza as they can be useful both early an mid-game allowing for quicker kills than Herald of Anafenza that can only be used in the mid-game effectively. Therfor I would add in 2x Hopeful Eidolon and 2x Vanguard of Brimaz instead of 4x Herald of Anafenza.

Anyway I like the deck and I am glad that there are still fun monowhite decks out there even though i now play monored. This deck definitely earns a +1.

SturWulf on I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost!

6 days ago

Angelic Page, Hopeful Eidolon, or Murmuring Phantasm would help for early game a little. Also, I'd throw in a Keiga, the Tide Star just for late game fun.

Mortem on 2014-11-18 update of Selesnia Aggro ...

1 week ago


Abzan: Bring in 3x Hushwing Gryff, 2x Suspension Field, 2x Pillar of Light, and 2x Glare of Heresy. Take out 2x Ajani's Presence, 3x Abzan Falconer, and 4x Launch the Fleet. This game will probably not be in your favor, so expect the worst.

MGD: Bring in 3x Hushwing Gryff, 2x Suspension Field, and 2x Pillar of Light, and 2x Erase. Take out 4x Launch the Fleet, 2x Ajani's Presence, 3x Gods Willing. This matchup is simple. As they grow, you grow bigger. Keep in mind, I am assuming they are splashing black.

Mardu Control: Bring in 2x Ajani's Presence and 2x Hopeful Eidolon. Take out 4x Launch the Fleet. They have removal and value creatures. Unless you can establish a good foothold mid- to lategame, you're boned.

If you have any more questions on machups, just ask! : )

NickMichaelD on A million lifes

1 week ago

I swapped 2 of my Ajani's Sunstriker for 2 Fiendslayer Paladins since a cheap lifelinker can be nice early game. I swapped my 4 Hopeful Eidolons for 2 Rhox Faithmenders and 2 Sungrace Pegasusses. I also put in Path to Exile, like you suggested, but I put Glare of Heresy and Celestial Purge in my sideboard and put some Avenging Arrows and Pacifisms in my mainboard.

Thank you very much for the feedback

shinobigarth on Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie

1 week ago

the reason i don't like Phalanx Leader in here is because you only have about 10 things currently that target him, he benefits when you have a lot more like in a bestow-heroic deck sorta like the one i was using in standard for a time. it was him, Hopeful Eidolon, Eidolon of Countless Battles and lots of auras and things to target Leader or Battlewise Hoplite with. i would have 1 or 2 Leaders at 10/10 or more lifelink and other creatures around 5/5 too lots of times.

making everyone fly is nice, but with only a 6th of the deck able to target Leader (of whom you have about a 7% chance at best to draw in an average game) and then you need to draw the flying guy which is around 10%, its just not a combo you'll be seeing that often. thats why i figured if you wanna have any guy that gives something to creatures with counters, why not the one that gives lifelink to everybody to help make the Pridemates better? the more life gain stuff you have the better the Pridemates can be, otherwise they will only ever be meh.

shinobigarth on Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie

1 week ago

well you seem to want to focus on the Ajani's Pridemates, and if you do then you should dedicate to life gain more and not have Phalanx Leaders and whatever else that doesnt belong thrown in just because.

you want all 4 Hopeful Eidolon, consider Abzan Battle Priest, Soulmender, Sunbond, Ordeal of Heliod, Radiant Fountain FOR SURE, and Wingmate Roc if you can afford it.

shadowbndg on souljaboy

1 week ago

If you're really keeping your Hopeful Eidolons for the bestow, I think that a couple Abzan Battle Priests would be better as it gives all your creatures with +1+1 counters lifeling instead of just one.

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