Hopeful Eidolon

Hopeful Eidolon

Enchantment Creature — Spirit

Bestow 3W (If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.


Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has lifelink.

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Hopeful Eidolon Discussion

kililik on Black White enchant

1 week ago

Have you looked into the Constellation keyword from Journey Into Nyx at all? It triggers and effect every time you play an enchantment, and creatures with Constellation all are enchantments as well. I figured Underworld Coinsmith may be right up your alley in terms of life gain. Nyx-Fleece Ram also keeps up the life gain and also would trigger other constellation abilities. Also, the Theros block introduced Bestow, another enchantment-based keyword that lets you cast the creature with Bestow as an Aura instead. Should the creature they're attached to die, they still stick around as a creature afterwards. Hopeful Eidolon can give lifelink to anything it's bestowed on, so I'd say it's worth a look.

Duskfell on Enchanting Opposites

1 week ago

Does Spirit Link Stack with lifelink since they're not the same thing? I would probably end up getting rid of my Cavern Lampad for Blood-Cursed Knight and Ghostblade Eidolon for something else due to only having one of him. I might wanna get rid of some Hopeful Eidolons in favor of a Baleful Eidolon and some other lifelink? Really the main prupose of the Hopeful Eidolons is to have something that I could intentionally play on turn 1 or simply for cheap. Maybe reduce the amount of Pacifism?

Khans on 2015-08-13 update of Enchanting for ...

3 weeks ago

replace Caustic Caterpillar with Hopeful Eidolon because you don't need the caterpillar too much he's a fine sideboard card but not the best in your deck

Khans on 2015-08-13 update of Enchanting for ...

3 weeks ago

I suggest Hopeful Eidolon because he is a 1 drop creature so he's there for all your enchantments and he also can enchant on another one late game and lets not forget he has lifelink so thats pretty fun

Argeaux on Oh crap, not MORE red ...

4 weeks ago

For early colour fixing PLUS a small amount of life gain you could try Scoured Barrens. Although, as you said, it will slow you down.

I use Hopeful Eidolon for early life gain. It also gives advantage late game due to its Bestow.

I've also found that early, huge, cheap blockers slow fast decks way down. Stuff like Lagonna-Band Trailblazer and Yoked Ox.

aholder7 on Starfield of Nyx: Twilight

1 month ago

Ok lets see. To start the lamia wastenot combo sounds really really good in theory, but will almost never do you any good. assuming you get to turn 6 and have both out, you need to start playing multiple more enchantments to actually make it do anything. and this doesnt actually mean that you will get what you need from waste not since you dont pick what they discard. the reason i say assuming you have both out, is because lamia has 3 toughness which means it does to plenty of burn spells as well as standard removal. Agent of Erebos is sideboard material. there are a few decks that run graveyard strategies, but not enough to warrant 3 of these guys main board. its a plain 4 mana 2/2 enchantment in most scenarios.

Waste Not is only good when they discard. otherwise it does nothing. your only discard is at 6 mana. which means that most games, this card will do nothing until at the very least turn 7 at which point they might get you 2 mana or a 2/2 or a draw. this is not something you want in your deck.

starfield is fine, but you dont need 4. 2-3 would suffice.

dictate of erebos is ok but you really dont have too many creatures expendable creatures for this. with the dictate you want lots and lots of small things so that you can do some serious damage to their field. your deck looks like it would only muster up a few creatures later on in the game.

whip and spear. whip is great. i always hate seeing whip because its so great at what it does. spear is great at making lots of small things into bigger more annoying things. but you dont have lots of small things. so it might make sense to switch the spear to another whip.

heloid doesnt make much sense to me here. a 4 mana card that gives all your creatures vigilance. Brave the Sands is 2 mana that does the same. yes you can make small annoying things for 4 mana, but you'd rather be doing more important things with 4 mana.

Athreos is sort of counter productive. do you want things in your hand or do you want them in your grave. if theyre in the grave you can whip/starfield them. athreos is actually working against you.

font of the returned only works if you have lots of things to get back. with all of your high costs you wont play enough things to make this useful.

overall here is what ill say.

-4 Thoughtrender Lamia

-4 Waste Not

-3 Agent of Erebos

-1 Starfield of Nyx

-2 Font of Return

-3 Dictate of Erebos

-1 Spear of Heliod

options for replacement

Underworld Coinsmith- this guy comes out early and gives you a little more life to work with so that you can survive long enough to get to the late game and play starfield and friends.

Hopeful Eidolon gives you a little life, can chump block or can be bestowed on something bigger for more life and activates constellation.

Nyx-Fleece Ram is enchantment blocker that gives life.

Brain Maggot is a more controlling enchantment creature.

Banishing Light - you have no removal. this is an enchantment that removes things.

Blood-Cursed Knight - isnt an enchantment but boy does he like them.

same can be said of that flying dead children card with the name that eludes me.

Helm of the Gods is another option.

my personal suggestion would be the following

Grey Merchant of Asphodel you have a lot of black.

my suggestions for replacement option 1 (a bit more control):

+4 maggot

+4 coin smith

+4 banishing light

+1 grim guardian

+2 merchants

+1 whip of erebos

+2 helm

option 2* (a bit more aggro):

+4 coinsmith

+4 hopeful

+4 helm

+3 blood knight

+4 banishing light

+3 dead children

+1 whip

*option 2 involves taking out a few more cards. this might include the starfields.

also as a side note. dont ever think about that gideon + plague + erebos thing. thats so many kinds of bad that i cant explain. just play Languish and it would be thousands of times better and more effective.

i might write a little better explanation of what i mean tomorrow, but right now im tired and technically its morning and i have work later, so ill call this a wrap for my comment.

Jimmy_Chinchila on Abzan Constellation

1 month ago

You may want to consider Eidolon of Countless Battles to swing for serious damage, and/or Hopeful Eidolon as it can be played turn 1 or bestow later and the lifegain will buffer against burn or aggro. Eidolon of Rhetoric, Aegis of the Gods, and Spirit of the Labyrinth are all great sideboard cards against specific archetypes. An Erebos, God of the Dead in the side could also help against lifegain decks like those using Mastery of the Unseen. A 1x of Helm of the Gods mainboard could be good way to finish off, but you'd need something like Nylea, God of the Hunt for trample. Looks good though, +1

Killkow on quick pauper win

1 month ago

Still loses to Rune of Protection: Red xD

But Assault Strobe could be a solid card for this deck.My question is: how is this a quick win? You need to get to 3 mana before this becomes relevant.

I mean sure, the god draw of Titan's Strength, Assault Strobe, 3x Mutagenic Growth, Mountain Bandit, Mountain, and topdecking a mountain is a turn 2 win, but that will never happen xP

You'd be better off going mono white voltron. Hopeful Eidolon with 2 Ethereal Armor swinging a 7 lifelink on turn 2 is adorable.

Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) White
Cost W
Converted cost 1


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Common

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