Hopeful Eidolon

Hopeful Eidolon

Enchantment Creature — Spirit

Bestow 3W (If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it's an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it's not attached to a creature.


Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has lifelink.

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Hopeful Eidolon Discussion

Zacoly on Im not sure how to Abzan

3 days ago

In a deck like this Fleecemane Lion could be an amazing card. you will get more out of it's monstrous effect due to Hardened Scales and after that you won't have to worry about protecting it anymore. (It also gives you a mana sink for mid-game)

I generally don't like Bolster since you don't really get to pick where the +1's go. That said Hardened Scales is a weak card. If you're looking for healing Mortal's Ardor or Hopeful Eidolon

You need to have a more diverse sideboard!!! Become Immense would be a good option to pump attackers for a TON! If you are able to get damage through.

Pal00ka on Liliana's feast

1 week ago

Kind of surprised to see Liliana Vess in the maybe-board with the deck named after her. I'd take out the Erebos, God of the Dead for her. She will do more for your deck than he will.

To improve/lower cmc of your constellation theme I might suggest: Gnarled Scarhide would fit well into your theme and bestow is nice mid to late-game; Spiteful Returned is perfect for here imo; Hopeful Eidolon get the constellation trigger, lifelink, bestow late; and Nyx-Fleece Ram at least in SB as an answer to aggro, lifegain a bonus.

For what to cut for these additions, it's a mix. Love Fate Unraveler and I realize it mitigates Master of the Feast's downside but is it worth 4 slots? I don't know. Grim Guardian seems underwhelming, Spiteful is better imo. Dreadbringer Lampads has an interesting ability but its costly for a single intimidate, Mogis's Marauder is better but lacks being an enchantment (ultimately gotta decide between function or theme).

Intriguing ideas here, curious how it will evolve.

mercurial_golem on UW Aura shower. Feat. (!StackableLifeLink)

1 week ago

:), I won't give ya' a hard time, but here's the kicker with Hopeful Eidolon plus Ethereal Armor...

Turn 1: Plains, Hopeful Eidolon

Turn 2: Plains, 2x Ethereal Armor; Attack: 6/6 lifelink on T2.

Anyway, same advice applies, if you want to fix the consistency in your deck, ya' gotta up your card counts to "4 of". Play test and every time you draw card you just don't want to, or can't, play, set it aside for consideration for replacement.

ojmandias on UW Aura shower. Feat. (!StackableLifeLink)

1 week ago

@mercurial_golem I was thinking about taking Ethereal Armor out of my deck entirely in exchange for +1 Hyena Umbra They both give first strike, but while Ethereal Armor gives more of a boost, I think the totem armor is more useful. Also Eldrazi Conscription is just a cool finisher, oh, you're letting that damage through, let me aura swap with Arcanum Wings and kill you.

'- 3 Spirit Link for + 3 Hopeful Eidolon - I think I have a good number of creatures in my deck already, at most I would one or two out that I would focus my aura spells on, so that isn't the issue. Also since Spirit Link doesn't specifically say lifelink, it stacks with itself and one instance on lifelink, so that's major opportunity for life gain, since my creatures will be rising in power really quickly.

'? - 2 Hero of Iroas for + 1Aqueous Form and + 1 Ethereal Armor - Looking at my aura spells none of them are prohibitively expensive so, the Iroas is probably not necessary, especially since I have just the one bestow creature. I'll replace it with the Invisible Stalker

  • 3 Arcanum Wings - This I won't do because I think the auraswap effect will let me save my creature from a bad block or instants that create a bad blocking situation. It will also make my opponents hesitant by adding the element of uncertainty to the abilities of my creature.

mercurial_golem on UW Aura shower. Feat. (!StackableLifeLink)

1 week ago

Hey there!

Ok, basic advice. Get "4 of" your best cards. It helps with deck consistency and you take out stuff that isn't so hot.

Some stuff to trade out:

'- 2 Eldrazi Conscription for + 2 more Ethereal Armor

'- 3 Spirit Link for + 3 Hopeful Eidolon (get an enchantment creature with lifelink for the same price)

'? - 2 Hero of Iroas for + 1 Aqueous Form and + 1 Ethereal Armor

'Yes, Slippery Bogle is useful... it's the only 1 CMC blue creature with Hexproof... but if you go up to 2 CMC you get Invisible Stalker which has Hexproof and an evasive attack.

'- 3 Arcanum Wings... the auraswap effect likely won't be good enough to stand up to bigger threats. I'd trade that for + 2 more Invisible Stalker and + 1 Spirit Mantle (which works awesome for both attacking and blocking instead of slightly better when attacking)

RedKun on Auras, auras everywhere

2 weeks ago

Sounds great, as soon as I can get my hands on a playset of Eidolon of Countless Battles I'll replace Hopeful Eidolon with them. Thanks for the suggestions

As for Observant Alseid there's no creature I'd wish to replace with that one, and I'm already running too many creatures in my opinion so I don't think it'll fit in the deck, thanks for the suggestion though

323Dimitri on Auras, auras everywhere

2 weeks ago

I would definitely suggest Eidolon of Countless Battles over Hopeful Eidolon.

altpunk on arcbond Deck

2 weeks ago

Cool, lots of synergy here. Not too sure about Nearheath Pilgrim, may be worth swapping for a Hopeful Eidolon to help you curve out a little more. Otherwise I like the flavour of this deck. +1

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