Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition IV Common
Duels of the Planeswalkers Common
Tenth Edition Common
Mirrodin Common
Beatdown Box Set Common
Starter 2000 Common
Battle Royale Box Set Common
Classic Sixth Edition Common
Anthologies Common
Fifth Edition Common
Fourth Edition Common
Revised Edition Common
Unlimited Edition Common
Collector's Edition Common
International Collector's Edition Common
Limited Edition Beta Common
Limited Edition Alpha Common
Promo set for Gatherer Common
Promo Set Common

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Destroy target nonartifact, nonblack creature. It can't be regenerated.

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Terror Discussion

Sarimas on B/g sacrifice

2 days ago

Then you definetively want hard removall Terror, Victim of Night etc. And possibly board wipes like Languish or Mutilate so they won't roflstomp you with Overrun times ten.

NensouHiebara on Alesha, Who Smiles at Death | TL Aggro/Reanimator

3 weeks ago


Abusing Fiend Hunter's dual triggers is a waste of resources. has plenty of removal options. Fiend Hunter, and similar cards, aren't needed.

Same goes for Stingscourger. I don't need the bounce effect when I'm in a colour combination swimming in removal.

Bone Shredder is actually getting cut for Ghitu Slinger. Repeatable Shocks is more desirable than Terrors.

Neko069 on Classic MonoBlack Learning

2 months ago

Jasril Actually, it does! I have realized that drawing cards with black, if you don't mind the drawback, it's usually better than drawing with blue hahah.

Regarding Terror, it's there because it's an iconic card for black. But later on, I'll create some guild decks for Intermediate players, where one will learn exactly what you're mentioning: is not the same as when playing multicolored decks. Those decks will also include card contrasts like Terror vs Doom Blade vs Ultimate Price vs Go for the Throat, so an intermediate player can see the difference =)

Apakakuta on Sultai's Hope (Competitive Homebrew)

2 months ago

Lumbering Falls is much better than you give it credit for. As for Shriekmaw is a rebuyable Terror with Liliana, the Last Hope. Thragtusk he is only good in the midrange match ups.

If you want to talk about Gerad ( the theif) Fabiano's deck, you have to realize that that meta was very different than the current one.

When his deck was good Splinter Twin was still legal and was a format defining even warping deck. Which made the format slower because everyone had to play reactive to deal with twin being 35% of the meta.

Jasril on Classic MonoBlack Learning

2 months ago

Bitter Revelation and Minions' Murmurs are the only things close.... maybe a simple substitution for Night's Whisper to remove the random kill off of Sign in Blood

unfortunately, since black card draw has a drawback normally, it ends up being better than blue at drawing cards lol

was also thinking about testing Murder or Devour in Shadow over Terror since the drawback to Terror is gone due to the other decks' compositions

GobboE on Drop a Draco Challenge

2 months ago

I actually used to have a black deck like that, I do not have the expensive cards, but this deck was fast and mono black coloured.

It had, among some other things, 4 Hidden Horror, 4 Body Snatcher, 4 Dark Ritual, 4 Animate Dead, 4 Dance of the Dead, and a combination of Scion of Darkness, Draco, and Nicol Bolas (not hard casting him anyway). I think I also had Bog Witch, and Jet Medallion in there....and certainly removal (Terror, and Dark Banishing at the time) to remove pesky blockers

Play was simple:Either turn 1 Dark ritual > Hidden Horror and then turn two animate Draco and start swinging, and remove blockers

Or turn 2 Dark ritual > Body Snatcher and then as above (if body snatchers get's killed it's even easier)

You virtually always have drawn some ramp so a turn three big bad monster was certainly no exception.

LegendaryWurm on Sidisi "Big Things"

2 months ago

I would probably use Doom Blade over Terror personally. Otherwise it looks interesting.

Jastorm on I own your Graveyard

2 months ago

Daedalus FYI on what I put in and took out, thanks again :-)
Terror in for Assassin's Strike
Vendetta in for Defeat
Doom Blade in for Gloomlance
Heartstone in for Vampire Nighthawk

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