Barrage of Expendables


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Uncommon

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Barrage of Expendables


R, Sacrifice a creature: Barrage of Expendables deals 1 damage to target creature or player.

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Barrage of Expendables Discussion

Pethrax on Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight...

1 week ago

Well, I think that Magmatic Insight is alright AFTER you get to 4 lands, since that's the top of your curve....and definitely keep at least 1 of both Devil's Play and Barrage of Expendables. Maybe Tormenting Voice as a 50/50 split with insight? That way you can discard the play to the voice, and flashback for the last points of burn?

Tio_Infernape on Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight...

1 week ago

What do you think about Magmatic Insight? since, as you said, we don't have a high mana curve so discarding lands is not really that bad. the question its just what to take out. maybe a few copies of Devil's Play and or Barrage of Expendables?

spulverin on Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle besser.

1 month ago

Zeit fr etwas konstruktive Kritik.. in der Beschreibung steht ja das es sich um eine Sammlung handelt...

also du willst scheinbar marchesa auf kontrolle spielen. Sehr gute Wahl :) fangen wir an..

Karten die ich cutten wrde und dahinter potenzieller ersatz.

Barrage of Expendables ersatz Goblin Bombardment

Breeding Pit cool aber zu schwach. du willst ja eigentlich deine eigenen Kreaturen (oder die von gegnern) saccen.... Tokens verschwinden einfach wieder und dein Comander profitiert nicht davon.

genau wie du noch meiner Meinung nach zu viele Zauber spielst, die dir kontrolle ber einzelne Kreaturen geben. dafr sind die Entchantments einfach zu 1. Mana intensiv und 2. Mana intensiv :P mal eben berflogen und bin auf 6 gekommen. Ist natrlich stark und cool.. aber Domineering Will (spielst du auch) ist viel strker.. du kannst die Kreaturen meistens ja eh saccen und dann gehren sie dir.. auerdem ist der instant :P Reins of Power ist etwas gefhrlicher weil du dann deinen Comander auch nicht mehr kontrolierst :)

Carnage Altarcool aber zu mana intensiv. ich wrde auf die gute alte Skullclamp zurckgreifen. du hast gengend sacc outlets um die zuverlssig zu triggern... und kostet wesentlich weniger mana :)

Life Chisel cool aber zu unflexiebel.

Allgemein willst ja 1 und 1 counter auf deinen kreaturen und dein live unten halten.. sag hallo zu deiner betsten karten :P Unspeakable Symbol

sehr angenehmn das du nicht noch versuchst die komplette blaue counter Schiene mit unter zu bringen.. :)

Du wirst weder mit den Lndern noch mit deinen Mana beschleunigern auskommen (passiert mir auch immer)

habe bislang auch keine zuverlssige draw engin gefunden.. sieht aber so aus als knnte das Spa machen wenns fertig ist. Schreib mir was du von der Kritik hlst :)

ticked-off-squirrel on Relentless Goblins

1 month ago

I see your problem and I have the solution to your problem. try using a Goblin Slingshot it has plenty of ammo for all your problems. if you got token problem then get out lots of miniblins with Krenko, Mob Boss then once you have taken care of the tokens that are bothering you you can just throw your miniblins with Barrage of Expendables. and not to mention Impact Tremors and Outpost Siege will deal extra damage when you get/lose miniblins.

ticked-off-squirrel on Purphoros and Krenko (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

2 months ago

as an expert with goblins and burns I suggest the following cards and why:

Impact Tremors: it is basically a replica of Purphoros but does a tiny bit less damage. the plus side? has no devotion so has no risk of becoming a creature on accident.

Barrage of Expendables: what are you gonna do with all those goblins/dragons/whatever once you have them? swing with them and hope opponent does not block? I think not. throw them instead. is a great pair up with Goblin Arsonist

Outpost Siege: a great card no matter which option you pick for it. either exile top card and play it almost instantly or (my personal favorite) have the goblins/dragons/whatever give a parting shot as they leave.

Goblin War Drums (optional): if you insist on swinging with your goblins/dragons/whatever make them harder to block by giving them all Menace.

Foundry Street Denizen: a cheap guy at first but with enough red tokens popping out he will get big fast (if only for a turn).

Bearer of the Heavens (optional): to be used for emergency only. I am slightly hesitant to suggest him but you have a good board wipe card already so why stop at Artifacts, Creatures, and Enchantments? if you really need a field cleared just bring this guy out. sometimes he is enough to just intimidate the opponent from attacking you but if they insist on attacking you you can block with him and if he dies the entire field is gone. (except Purphoros of course) which is really helpful since the opponent cannot recover from the massive board wipe. (yes I know you wont be able to recover either but if you only got 5 lands and the opponent has like 10 the board wipe will be helpful.)

Koth of the Hammer: he is good for three reasons. 1: he can turn your Mountains into creatures for a turn so you can get cheap damage or an untapped land for later. 2: he will generate allot more red mana than Chandra can. 3: if you can get his emblem he turns your mountains into volcanos and can shoot the opponent (or a creature you don't like) for 1 per volcano.

GreatDarkness8 on Whispers of Betrayal

2 months ago

You could run Barrage of Expendables to get some extra pokes in after you've used their creatures

golgarigirl on Omnath! Give me lands!

4 months ago

I actually play Omnath 2.0: Super Mad Edition as a commander as well, so here's some ideas based on what I've learned.

Ramp: Boundless Realms, Burnished Hart, Explosive Vegetation, Skyshroud Claim, Ulvenwald Hydra, and Sakura-Tribe Elder are some good, inexpensive ramp that I would recommend. The best thing about Omnath is that ramp spells are NEVER dead draws for him...early game, they're great acceleration. Late, they make dudes. So as many as you can shuffle up is the best.

Sac: I would look at your choice of Perilous Forays, Barrage of Expendables, Goblin Bombardment, Ashnod's Altar, and/or Evolutionary Leap to be able to zap dangerous creatures/planeswalkers/people at instant speed.

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