Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common
Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning Common
Magic 2014
2012 Core Set Common
Duels of the Planeswalkers Common
Tenth Edition Common
Ninth Edition Common
Eighth Edition Common
Onslaught Common
Seventh Edition Common
Beatdown Box Set Common
Starter 2000 Common
Classic Sixth Edition Common
Stronghold Common
Promo set for Gatherer Common

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Shock deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

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Shock Discussion

BioProfDude on Gearhulk Reanimator

6 hours ago

I think you need some additionally reliable ways to get the cards you want. Diabolic Tutor would be a nice fit. You have so few creatures (and that's your main win condition) that fetching them is useful.

Some direct burn might also be good. Shock or even Burn from Within. You have some discard in the deck, so maybe even Avacyn's Judgment might be good. These all work as removal, yet they can also target a player (unlike Fatal Push or Grasp of Darkness). You certainly have plenty of land to fuel Burn from Within and Avacyn's Judgment.

Cool deck! Good luck!

iglesia777 on U/r DynaVolt Control [AER]

15 hours ago

Like the Horribly Awrys. Feel that's underplayed currently. I like Shock over Galvanic Bombardment just because it can hit players as well.

For the side, I've been pretty happy with Confiscation Coup as it's always a 2-for-1 and really helps buy you time. Might want to maindeck one. I also like Fevered Visions in the side.

Stephencliffe on All of a sudden...

1 day ago

No problem dude. The decks pretty good too. If you want a bit of advice (I would imagine that's why you posted your deck) I would take out Enraged Giant. Your other two creatures are pretty good, but the giant doesn't really do a whole lot. You could sub the giant out for Inspiring Statuary. Seems good in your deck, ya know? And then for a sideboard, just throw together a combination of Fatal Push Shock (to counter saheeli combo) Lost Legacy and maybe even Ob Nixilis Reignited, among other things that you think would be good against you local meta. This sideboard is a very rudimentary start, but a start nonetheless. Have fun at FNM's dude.

Argeaux on [First deck] U/R Control KLD-AER

1 day ago

This is VERY good advice.

With the Aether Hub you can force Radiant Flames to be played for three colours.

A Sideboard is usually built based on the decks you are playing against.

I can make some suggestions to get you started, but you'll need to refine it depending on how it is or isn't working.

When Sideboarding it's important to know what to take out.

Your deck has a winning game plan, so you don't want to muck around with that too much.

I wouldn't remove any of your Creatures but would replace non-creature spells with others that suit the matchup better.

You can also remove two non-creature spells for a Thing in the Ice  Flip, if the two you have are getting targetted too much by Opponent removal, or if you want to gain Creature advantage by getting more board wipes.

Here is a starting Sideboard for you to tweak:

1x Disallow
3x Dispel
3x Disperse
1x Radiant Flames
2x Shock
2x Thing in the Ice  Flip
3x Turn Aside

seanbruno on Izzit Awry?

1 day ago

sigh red is way too weak in the meta. I love playing Chandra, Torch of Defiance but Shock and Harnessed Lightning are too weak to justify red. I'm going to start a u/b deck and try that.

N4kk1 on Jeskai control

2 days ago

As you see i just took them away mostly because i itself prefer Skywhaler's Shot i just dont see Harnessed Lightning so much use right now and Shock takes out so much different things that i play few of them. But thanks for your opinion i will test it if i get Harnessed Lightning on my hands.

BeanieJ on Jeskai control

2 days ago

Hullo! Solid fixer up'er deck you've got here so far. I'd recommend Harnessed Lightning in place of say Skywhaler's Shot and a single Shock. Harnessed Lightning pairs so well with both Glimmer of Genius and Aether Hub. It's a must IMO.

FantasySiege on Construct Tribal

2 days ago

I'm so glad someone else had the same idea. I have something similar although I went U/R instead. I find that blue brings good sideboard options in Metallic Rebuke and Negate. Something I really want to play around with is Efficient Construction as well. For other red options I really enjoy Pia's Revolution and Shock. I could see an argument for a black splash because of Tezzeret's Touch or Scrapheap Scrounger, although scrounger is a bit of a non-bo with trawler. In blue you could also get really could draw spells like Reverse Engineer. (An argument could even be made for Implement of Examination??). Another interesting piece to consider is Hope of Ghirapur since you dont have any one drops.

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