Leaden Myr


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Common
Planechase (HOP) Common
Mirrodin (MRD) Common

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Leaden Myr

Artifact Creature — Myr

Tap: Add {{B}} to your mana pool.

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Leaden Myr Discussion

Debo on Modern Mill 2-Pc Draw Combo

1 month ago

Turns out that Shelldock Isle was just too slow.

Testing out Underground River to be faster, or Grier Reach Sanitarium to increase the draw.

Also, it seems that the deck just wasn't ramping fast enough, so were removing Swans of Bryn Argoll for Leaden Myr and Jace's Erasure for Talisman of Dominance.

Feyamius on Indulgent Tormentor PDH

3 months ago

Hey there and welcome to the PDH home base.

Here are some ideas for your deck.

Removal: Ghastly Demise over Serrated Arrows, Vendetta over Chill to the Bone

Discard: more "each opponent discards" over the "target player discards" stuff

Draw: there is Vulturous Aven as well (can exploit itself)

Recover: Urborg Uprising over Gravedigger or Cadaver Imp

Stuff: Wayfarer's Bauble over Armillary Sphere. More ramp, like Thought Vessel, Leaden Myr, Bog Witch, Kozilek's Translator

hoardofnotions on Garna the Heartless Sneakflame

3 months ago

talisman of impulse is probably supposed to be Talisman of Indulgence

are alloy myr and opaline unicorn better than Iron Myr and Leaden Myr?

is Treasonous Ogre something this deck would want?

Cloud Key and Foundry Inspector are extra jhoira's familars

do you need all the wincons? if you have more ways of drawing cards when you're comboing off i think you'd need less wincons

Overall super clever deck! It's refreshing to see how every commander has a combo that goes with it lol

multimedia on Vela's toys bring her pleasure and you pain

4 months ago

Hey, If you're worried about speed then consider decreasing the avg. CMC here? It's currently 4.2, this means consistently you will not be able to play any cards until turn four. I see that you're playing a lot of high CMC artifacts to cheat them into play, but this requires that you have one of the three enablers to do this: Transmuter, Metalworker or Heartless. Forgemaster is another enabler, but it's really slow. The problem is if you don't have one of these enablers then consistently you'll be stuck with a hand of a lot of high CMC cards which you can't play.

I suggest adding more two drops cutting some of the less good high CMC artifacts.

Cards to consider adding:

All these are two drop artifacts and all them except Strix are also ramp.

Cards to consider cutting:

  • Thopter Assembly
  • Golden Guardian
  • Elbrus, the Binding Blade
  • Myr Incubator
  • Stuffy Doll
  • Phyrexian Juggernaut
  • Darksteel Juggernaut

Good luck with your deck.

Bou on EDH A Sting in the Tail

6 months ago

Hi Philigan87!

It's been a while since I worked on this deck and just recently dusted off the tappedout list. I initially didn't include Mikaeus because he was fairly expensive and I didn't know how much I wanted to do with Undying.

As for the land-searchers, when I threw this together I was more concerned with getting colors, that's why I didn't list Sol Ring, Thran Dynamo etc. as they produce colorless mana mostly. I've been thinking about picking this up again, so I'll review everything again.

The Altars might be very nice to get more mana, but Scorpio's ability can get pretty expensive so I don't think we can churn out an infinite combo with it very easily.. I think it would work if you happened to have something like Pitiless Plunderer as well, with Ashnod's Altar you'd get , and could use the treasure token for at least one of the required /. I don't think it can go infinite, but you can combo as long as there are creatures on the board. Probably, seeing as we have quite a lot of other -1/-1 effects that might kill stuff, as long as we somehow get colored mana from their death...

Sifter of Skulls, Pawn of Ulamog and Pitiless Plunderer would give enough colored mana to keep repeating the combo, but sifter and pawn require the creature to be a non-token.

Carrier Thrall, Gleaming Barrier, Iron Myr, Leaden Myr would in this setup, give plenty of mana.

Bog Initiate would allow you to filter the colorless mana into colored mana.

Priest of Gix, Priest of Urabrask, Emrakul's Hatcher or Brazen Freebooter would work but they need to have a way to be brought back, persist or undying would work here.

So it might be possible to go infinite, but you'd need a lot of cards in play to combo off. Sac outlet for mana, treasure or eldrazi tokens for colors, revival though undying or pesist..

trey12321 on Vial Curses

7 months ago

You have to remember as well that a lot of important staple creatures are or start out small enough to die to it, such as Aven Mindcensor, most elves or mana dorks such as Leaden Myr or Birds of Paradise, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Soul Warden and Suture Priest, the list goes on and on.

Sure, not the crazy stuff, but it's much more disruptive than people are led to believe.

trey12321 on Vial Curses

8 months ago

Fleet Swallower is a natural combo with Fraying Sanity. Curse of Death's Hold also works really well with Splendor, not to mention shuts down many token decks just by itself...!

I made a deck based around Misfortunes (http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/curse-of-no-friends/) and I use Blood Pet, Leaden Myr and Dark Ritual to get it out quickly, but that might not be as relevant in EDH as you likely don't draw CoM regularly.

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