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Contaminated Ground

Contaminated Ground

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

Enchanted land is a Swamp.

Whenever enchanted land becomes tapped, its controller loses 2 life.

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Contaminated Ground Discussion

nosoyyucateco on You have choices, but they're all bad

12 hours ago

What do you think about adding some land enchantments like Contaminated Ground , Pooling Venom , or Blight ? I think it works with the choice theme.

Dreno33 on Earth is becoming a Landfill

2 days ago

Emphroy - Thank you for the suggestions!

Yes, I can totally see those Azorius Chancery -type lands being a problem. However, I play this deck in Legacy and no one runs them since they have access to fetches and original duel (like me). So for this deck, I do not need the support against that. The only issue I ever have is Daze ing their enchanted island. Usually the only thing I cast on islands are Contaminated Ground to ruin the Daze .

Bloodchief Ascension is a good option. I currently have no T1 options still and this bad boy can be useful. The only thing is I don't run removal other than The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale and Pendrell Mists . It may or may not be a good option to add. Control decks however may be pretty good to add against. Every counter spell automatically extorts 2 for me as well as the 4 Swords to Plowshares and Lightning Bolt s. Yes, they love hitting my 2 Creeping Tar Pit s.

Dissipation Field is not very necessary in Legacy. Not many creatures in most decks and if against reanimator I usually die once hit, haha.

K1tfox501 on

4 days ago

Mutavault makes for much more early game pack rat abuse, i see where your going with Pack Rat and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx to cash out with Abhorrent Overlord and Gray Merchant of Asphodel prehaps Boon of Erebos in-case something dies, Boros Elite because he is useful early and mid game, Brimaz, King of Oreskos can be usefull too, but i see you are going light on white, Congregate may be usefull, Contaminated Ground Dark Favor Debt to the Deathless is also useful for cashing in you devotion, running a one of Abhorrent Overlord i would recomend Diabolic Tutor , because with nykthos, you will probably have enough mana when you summon it to summon overlord, thus ebnough devotion for his effect.Dying Wish will make them think twice about killing somthing, Whip of Erebos if they kill somthing, and its 2 devotion to black, Artificer's Hex ? prehaps a Lifebane Zombie Liturgy of Blood is a 2 drop kill spell if you have 5 mana, i feel Marshmist Titan is a must with all that devo, a Murder Investigation would be interesting, Ordeal of Heliod ? or you can just put a lot of Shadowborn Apostle Silence is allmost a 1 drop extra turn.

Eon_of_Chicanery on Dimir says... Nope.

1 week ago

A few personal suggestions: Contaminated Ground and Chronic Flooding can effectively put a strain on their manabase pretty early and Death's Approach kills indestructible creatures for 1 mana.

the5ervant on Control is black, real power is corruption

1 week ago

Gray Merchant of Asphodel single-handedly made mono-black devotion a competitive strategy. Contaminated Ground hasn't been too strong of a control element because it will either prevent them from using a land (if they aren't running black) or it will ping them for 2 when they use it (which they should be able to work around). I'd swap them out for Gary, or at least drop them down to two.

Also, you don't need that many removals. You can lose the Ultimate Price for Pack Rat so you have another win-con.

alchemist4533 on Attack you? Why would I do that?

1 week ago

Only got to play 1 quick set, but you won 2-1. All 3 games were close. 1st game I won after using Quag Sickness on your Athreos, God of Passage and putting out Sanguine Bond +Crypt Incursion . Had I not won when I did, you would have had me next turn.

2nd game was yours. we were both down to <5 life. you took a hit to your life from my Contaminated Ground to bring in 2 Pain Seer s and a Mogis's Marauder to give em all haste to beat me down. (it also helped you that you were kept alive by 2 Elixir of Immortality s.

3rd game was drawn out big time. my extort ability kept me alive while I whittled away your life. by defender + Gorgon's Head kept you from being too cavalier with your attackers. but ultimately Athreos, God of Passage came out and put a stop to my removal for a while. By the time I removed him with Quag Sickness , I was living on borrowed time. Got us both down to 3 life before you swung in with a bunch of 2/2s and out numbered my blockers. It was a good set.

Onyxio on Reaper of Souls

1 week ago

Hmmm Skullcrack over Erebos, God of the Dead simply because it's a cheaper $$ cost atm. Adding Dark Betrayal and Contaminated Ground as well. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.13 $0.61 $0.25
Color(s) B
Cost 1B
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 6.04
Avg. cube pick 7.85


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common
Rise of the Eldrazi Common