Contaminated Ground

Contaminated Ground

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

Enchanted land is a Swamp.

Whenever enchanted land becomes tapped, its controller loses 2 life.

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Contaminated Ground Discussion

Inhalmoissa on This Too Shall Pass

1 week ago

Thanks for the suggestions dantekratos !

Here's how I see things for Expedition Map : I only need the opponent to have 1 swamp to get swampwalk to work. So while Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is the cheapest way to do that, I can still either play Evil Presence for B or Contaminated Ground for 1B, and that's cheaper than the 3 mana I'd need for Expedition Map.

Devotion is not my main mechanic here, but I was still thinking about trying Gray Merchant of Asphodel out. And Pack Rat is indeed a good idea to get rid of unwanted cards + growing my devotion. I'll put these two in my MaybeBoard and give them some thought.

lomby on Mono Black Swampwalk

2 weeks ago

Hi, I have 1 question:

What card would you include in this deck, instead of Contaminated Ground if you were playing against a mono black opponent?

Thank you, Nice deck.

LJS1911 on 2015-01-17 update of Extortion Clinic

3 weeks ago

dilonovich, I picked up the High Priest of Penance the other day because I found a playset in a junk rare box at my local place. Though it is pretty useful, I think that I might be switching him out as you mentioned; good removal but just not enough panache. Thrull Parasite used to be in this deck and I actually like him a lot! I was thinking though, perhaps I'll just take out high priest, and then add in more Contaminated Ground and Blind Obedience?

Disfigure on 2015-01-06 update of Extortion Clinic

1 month ago

This looks like it would be great in a multiplayer game. I'd run Dismember over Executioner's Swing and Contaminated Ground should be something more consistent.

Goremaster on Desecration, Deprivation, Devastation.

1 month ago

I can tell you've been doing this foe a while. :) All updated, but I kept two Contaminated Ground for multicolor decks, and threw everything I want close at hand in the sideboard. Flows much better now, thanks!

Buckminsterfullerene on Noble Urborg - What the FRACK?! [Drillin' for Oil]

1 month ago

If I found myself against another LD deck, I'd swap 3 cards for Trace of Abundance, which I'd throw on Urborg and 2 bi-color lands. That way, Urborg would be safe and I could produce up to 7 mana in a turn (if I drop a land), which could generate a 4/4 swampwalking Quag Vampires or an 8/3 Dirtwater Wraith for a turn, either of which would be adequate for finishing. The cards I'd take out vary, depending on what my foe uses. If they use no nonbasic land, I'd pull Molten Rain. If they use shit like Electrickery, I'd pull some 1-toughness critters. If theirs is an otherwise ideal match-up (meaning that none of my cards are rendered useless), I'd probably ditch Roiling Terrain and/or Contaminated Ground, as the former has a high CMC and the latter is easy enough to avoid.

Eretoryi on 2014-12-06 update of Postmodernism, bringing ...

1 month ago

You are right, LittleLeaf, five sweepers plus targeted removal is overkill. I will need to thin them out somewhat. I'll see what I can figure out. My problem is that I love all of my different sweepers so much, haha.

  • You have explained the purpose of a sideboard in a completely new way to me, that is a great perspective. I would say that you need to add a qualifier to your statement, though. You play twice as many sideboarded games, as long as you win two games and lose one every match. It's really not a big deal, anyways.
  • Because of your reasoning, I could see moving Rakdos Charm to the side. The reason I play Contaminated Ground is to work against land-dependent strategies, like Valakut and UrzaTron decks. Maybe three is too many. Again, I will see what I can do.
  • I will definitely take the time to retest Mana Leak. Maybe I just haven't had a good experience yet. I will also try out Olivia Voldaren because, hey, I have one, and she has been a star in older Grixis control decks.

  • BlatantLizard, I tried all of the charms in my early days. I literally played two of each in the mainboard. Unfortunately, I found myself never choosing any option but draw/discard on Izzet Charm and destroy two power or less creature on Dimir Charm. Because of this, I figured that Terminate was better than Dimir Charm, and that Dig Through Time, Jace, Architect of Thought, Remand, and Electrolyze were all together better than Izzet Charm.

    Quicken is a decent card, although I will be extremely hard-pressed to find room for it. Thanks for the suggestion, I will see what I can do!

    Thank you very much for the discussion, LittleLeaf and BlatantLizard. Grixis solidarity, indeed!

    LittleLeaf on 2014-12-06 update of Postmodernism, bringing ...

    1 month ago

    I like your deck, and especially in the face of the budget you cited. I feel that you should find a way to crowbar in some Mana Leaks; 3 or 4. It's phenomenal. I would cut some number of the Countersqualls in favor of Mana Leak, maybe some others. Pyroclasm? 5 sweepers in the mainboard seems excessive, especially with the point removal also factored in. Think of it this way; those sweepers are unimpressive against many decks (in the general meta; I don't know your local meta exactly), but you play more sideboarded games than you ever play Game 1s. You can safely move one or two of those to the side, and cut a Countersquall or two, in favor of 3x Leak. The leaks are good against the same decks that the sweepers are anyway; this is because they are good against all decks, with exceptions like Tron. I really can't stress the importance of this card enough, and while I apologize if I am insistent on this point, I think it's the best thing you can do here.

    I love the 3x Jace, Architect of Thought. It is a tempo and mana investment, but protects itself fairly well, and periodically draws you the best 1 or 2 of 3 cards; totally in favor of this slot! A+

    My only recommendations for straight cuts would be 3x Contaminated Ground in the sideboard and 2x Rakdos Charm in the main. Rakdos Charm doesn't do anything in some matchups, and, like I said, you play more sideboarded games than Game 1s. I would heartily suggest moving the copies to the sideboard; I love them there. I feel, however, that the maindeck is not a suitable home for them. (Maybe Mana Leak fits there!) Contaminated Ground, while spicy, seems weak to me. Replacing two of them with the shifted Rakdos Charms leaves you with another spot open for targeted hate or a slightly different threat. I've toyed with Olivia Voldaren before; give her a go, if possible!

    In total though, I love what you're doing here. Grixis solidarity, eh? +1 from me, keep up the good work!

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