Contaminated Ground

Contaminated Ground

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

Enchanted land is a Swamp.

Whenever enchanted land becomes tapped, its controller loses 2 life.

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Contaminated Ground Discussion

Tyrannosary on Might of Sorin

3 weeks ago

Have you tried Contaminated Ground? It wrecks burn of any kind, it can slow down your opponents a lot in the early game if they don't use black, if they do then they take 2 damage for using it everytime

square711 on Modern BUg answers to Burn

1 month ago

The problem with Sun Droplet is that RDW packs plenty of artifact hate in the sideboard. Enchantments are always safer (not so much now that Boros burn became a thing, but still), but there aren't any in Sultai colors that I know of.

I agree with GlistenerAgent, cheap counterspells are the best you can do against burn. Spell Pierce, Spell Snare and Countersquall in case an Eidolon sneaks past you.

That, or you could just attack their lands. Contaminated Ground, Sea's Claim, Evil Presence, Spreading Seas... I feel like a jerk for even suggesting that, but land hate DOES kick any burn deck straight in the nuts.

Javaz on Swampwalk

2 months ago

Maybe Contaminated Ground or Evil Presence? As a backup plan in case you don't get Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth early.

Dainir on No mana for you! (turn 1 mana denial)

2 months ago

The idea of Spreading Seas is to also work with mind bend. It turns the non-basic land into an island, allowing it to then be mind bended. I do see how this may be annoying against a deck that isn't running any islands, but it gives you an early game solution.

If you are facing a deck that runs swamps, then use Contaminated Ground.

Disasterpiece on

2 months ago

I was thinking of removing the Vampire Nighthawk altogether and adding in Spiteful Returned and Brutal Hordechief with a Diabolic Tutor thrown in to fetch it out. I want this deck to be fast and brutal, combining the burn cards from red and the control from black. I would like to have say 10 creatures 4 Typhoid Rats 4 Spiteful Returned and then two or so finishers, but may need to consider a flying defense. I like both the Pooling Venom and Contaminated Ground and each have their benefits. The Pooling Venom has the ability to destroy enchanted land and the Contaminated Ground changes the land to produce black mana, I think that I prefer the Contaminated Ground if only for the fact that I don't want to destroy the enchanted lands. I really want my opponent to have to use them, and changing the mana their land produces can be quite stifling.

kamarupa on

2 months ago

Seizan, Perverter of Truth works great with Underworld Dreams. I would cut 2x Vampire Nighthawk for 2x Seizan.

I like Pooling Venom more than Contaminated Ground I would run 4x and 2x respectively.

jcv13 on Attacking? I would advise against that...

2 months ago

I LOVE Gray Merchant of Asphodel in Casual! In the group that I play with, we usually roll 4-6 player multiplayer games, and I would say literally 90% of the time, there is at least 1 Gray Merchant of Asphodel deck.

For this deck, I know it's casual, but I would drop the Contaminated Ground, add 2 Hissing Miasma's, and throw in Vampire Nighthawk since that card is controlly all on its own, plus you could use some flying.

-MetalMonkey- on This Too Shall Pass

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions dantekratos !

Here's how I see things for Expedition Map : I only need the opponent to have 1 swamp to get swampwalk to work. So while Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is the cheapest way to do that, I can still either play Evil Presence for B or Contaminated Ground for 1B, and that's cheaper than the 3 mana I'd need for Expedition Map.

Devotion is not my main mechanic here, but I was still thinking about trying Gray Merchant of Asphodel out. And Pack Rat is indeed a good idea to get rid of unwanted cards + growing my devotion. I'll put these two in my MaybeBoard and give them some thought.

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