Contaminated Ground

Contaminated Ground

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

Enchanted land is a Swamp.

Whenever enchanted land becomes tapped, its controller loses 2 life.

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Contaminated Ground Discussion

freakingShane on When Nightmares Become Memories | B Control

1 month ago

If you want more cruel control for your opponents, I'd recommend these cards (I put them in any B cruel control):

Artifact Possession, Contaminated Ground, Corrupted Roots, and Pooling Venom. Tinker with the amounts for these, but use them possibly with a boost from Icy Manipulator and/or Mana Web.

I have seen a Legacy deck that runs these solely (plus 0/1 walls with regenerate) and they win from all the damage dealt through this.

Just a suggestion that you may wanna look into or tinker with. Hope ya like it!

Arich121 on Many Booties Are Better Than One

3 months ago

Aura of Silence against affinity is good. against tron, Ghost Quarter + Surgical Extraction can criple them. Contaminated Ground can slow them down a little.

Arich121 on Enchant control

3 months ago

This looks like a good start to a fun deck, that I believe in our current meta doesn't have a deck that I think would be considered a bad matchup. Not many that would be called a great matchup on the other hand, but the concept can be consistent. Here is a link to a budget enchantment deck I am working on. Its mono white, but maybe you will see some cards you like.

Good options that deal with affinity might be Aura of Silence and Circle of Protection: Artifacts.Good options to help with burn other than the obvious Leyline of Sanctity would be Story Circle and SanctimonyGood options to help with control may be Choke Luminarch AscensionGood options against tron may be Contaminated Ground and Nevermore. Nevermore can name Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger or Karn Liberated or other threats.

These are just some of the good cards you can use. I personally am a big fan of Porphyry Nodes. It reads awkward, but plays very well in enchantment decks. You may not like it for yours as you have a lot of creatures, but it is worth the mention anyway. You may also want to consider a 1-2 of Sun Titan. He can do wonders for your deck. Best of luck building. Enchantment decks can be a blast!

Polupus on DEATH TRAP

3 months ago


I was considering Slitherhead to make him keep growing, but I don't use enough creatures here and I'm using him more as a recurring sweeper. I generally don't have trouble killing with him and speed isn't a concern once I've got the lock. Deadly Allure is another card in the same boat. I thought about that one too, but ultimately decided it's basically a more situational removal spell.

Yeah, I agree with you about Ratchet Bomb. I will see about making room for more.

Good suggestion with Contaminated Ground though! Definitely a contender for the sideboard, but not sure how many and for what though. I'll fiddle with it. Thank you!

Gakros on DEATH TRAP

3 months ago

nice deck,always happy to see Necroplasm played, such an underrated card.
I use Slitherhead to improve his effictiveness,also might want to try Deadly Allure.
on sideboard you need more Ratchet Bomb cause black got no ecnhantment,artifact removal.Also Contaminated Ground is a budget way to shutdown land shenaningans.

SLP_500 on Theseus' Bane

3 months ago

Calinours, it depends on what you want to do. Theros minotaurs have such great synergy that I wouldn't recommend running a bunch of creature enchantments to buff them. That being said, Goblin War Paint and Unholy Strength will make your already solid minotaurs even better. I'd go for cheap ones like that since minotaurs are a little expensive to cast. The enchantments I run are purely there to slow down my opponent. If they don't play black, I can ruin a few of their lands with Contaminated Ground and smile as they set them aside to only use in desperate situations. If they do play black, I swap those out for Contaminated Bond or Stab Wound to make their best creatures their worst. The average minotaur costs 3 mana, so those 1 and 2-mana enchantments really save me until I can start playing stuff.

The best ones to me, though, are the board enchantments. I would recommend getting a full set of Impact Tremors. That card is much better than its price, especially if you're playing a lot of creatures/tokens. This one might be too old for Modern, but Goblin War Drums could do wonderful things, as well as Raiders' Spoils if you play minotaur warriors. My deck's biggest weakness is card draw, so if I had a Phyrexian Arena or two, I would not run Read the Bones or Sign in Blood. Whatever you do, keep it cheap! You want most of your mana to go towards playing minotaurs. I hope this helps.

TheFishisRound on Grixis Land Destruction

4 months ago

Have you though about Contaminated Ground?

JerichoDarkstar on Black Deck Wins

4 months ago

There are a few cards that give all creatures Lifelink, but unfortunately none of them are Black besides the Whip. The list is:

True Conviction

Windbrisk Raptor

Titanic Ultimatum

Vault of the Archangel

Angelic Skirmisher

Azorius Charm

But as far as I know, that's all of them.

You could run Vault of the Archangel if you splashed some white, but I'm fairly certain you wouldn't want to do that because it would compromise the theme of the deck.

I did think of another card you might wanna consider in some way, though. Contaminated Ground has the potential to mess up their mana base, especially for people who need Double of a color. But far more importantly than that, it hits them for 2 every time they tap for mana. There are a lot of decks that absolutely have to have all the lands they put out and can't afford to not tap each turn. Could be useful to you as well as a sabotage to them.

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