Contaminated Ground

Contaminated Ground


Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

Enchanted land is a Swamp.

Whenever enchanted land becomes tapped, its controller loses 2 life.

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Contaminated Ground Discussion

borgon on The Living Dead

2 days ago

First off, i'd recommend dropping two of the swamps. second i'd recommend using Contaminated Ground instead of Evil Presence since ground's deals damage to them and covers the same mana disruption and wiping land of their abilities just like presence. But unfortunately there aren't any creatures like Zombie Master except for Death Baron, while he is expensive getting three of him would be worth it. For Diabolic Edict, replace it with Geth's Verdict. I started messing with some the aspects if you want anything else for it but i personally think that you might have to many 5 drops and the fact is that Dictate of Erebos is more of a side board card than a main board. Its just me but trying to minimize how much you interact with the graveyard will decrease the impact of graveyard hate in game 2 of a round.

aholder7 on Ouch!? [Modern Land Destruction]

1 week ago

i made a mono red version that you can check out on my profile. so my suggestion will all be red. Guttural Response against blue sideboard. Trinisphere is a suprisingly good card for you, because you should be able to keep them below 3 mana. be warned you have 4 1-drops so this may not be optimal for you, but its still your choice. Thoughts of Ruin will probably be late game destroyer. but it really depends on your play style. i would personally play Roiling Terrain over Befoul for the heavy damage, but i play mono red so again its a play style thing. i might also suggest Ghost Quarter. it does replace the land they had, but now there is one less land in there deck for them to draw now. its the same concept of deck thining but now its a bad thing. i would also look into Pyroclasm or Anger of the Gods sideboard against tokens. i would personally mainboard them and move the Flame Slash sideboard. but again. preferences.Manamorphose is a favorite of mine, because it essentially says, build your deck with 4 less cards. also it fixes your mana so its easier to play a double red and a double black.also i feel magnivore is underwhelming. you play no other creatures. which means that all of your opponens removal is just waiting to be used. i'd suggest putting them sideboard. then sidebaording them in game 2-3 when your opponents side out.could be replaced with Pooling Venom its essentially Contaminated Ground but with the option to blow it up later.
i also am a fan of Reforge the Soul to refill your hand. and since your opponent probably still has like 5 cards in hand, youre not really giving them to much of a boost. either way you will probably draw into 3+ land destroyers, which will help you maintain pressence. its always great to top deck it and play it for 2. also i saw that some discard was mentioned. if you do plan on adding some, you may be interested in Blackmail since its the only discard that can hit land. hope that this is helpful at least somewhat.

CivCrusher on Ouch!? [Modern Land Destruction]

1 week ago

Hmm, I'm going to mess with Crack the Earth. I do like the 1 cost. The reason I picked Befoul was because its a sorcery to buff up Magnivore. Contaminated Ground could be a sideboard card, since I got enough land destruction, I would rather destroy the land, but if they are not playing black, it would be good.

micah1 on Ouch!? [Modern Land Destruction]

1 week ago

I've also liked Contaminated Ground, which is as close to two mana land destruction in modern.

Eon_of_Chicanery on Rektember 11th

1 month ago

Try the addition of black for Sinkhole and Contaminated Ground. Also Spreading Seas is cool.

Programmer_112 on Creatureless Mindcrank Ascension

1 month ago

I think that Psionic Blast and Elixir of Immortality are cuttable, as well as Pooling Venom. I would also suggest cutting the Contaminated Grounds for Pact of Negations, which would protect the combo very well.

Tyrannosary on Might of Sorin

2 months ago

Have you tried Contaminated Ground? It wrecks burn of any kind, it can slow down your opponents a lot in the early game if they don't use black, if they do then they take 2 damage for using it everytime

square711 on Modern BUg answers to Burn

2 months ago

The problem with Sun Droplet is that RDW packs plenty of artifact hate in the sideboard. Enchantments are always safer (not so much now that Boros burn became a thing, but still), but there aren't any in Sultai colors that I know of.

I agree with GlistenerAgent, cheap counterspells are the best you can do against burn. Spell Pierce, Spell Snare and Countersquall in case an Eidolon sneaks past you.

That, or you could just attack their lands. Contaminated Ground, Sea's Claim, Evil Presence, Spreading Seas... I feel like a jerk for even suggesting that, but land hate DOES kick any burn deck straight in the nuts.

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