Marionette Master


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Marionette Master

Creature — Human Artificer

Fabricate 3 (When this creature enters the battlefield, put three +1/+1 counters on it or create three 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature tokens.)

Whenever an artifact you control is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, target opponent loses life equal to Marionette Master's power.

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Marionette Master Discussion

Falcon_Galeo on Double the servos, DOUBLE THE TORQUE

19 hours ago

my version of this deck is Abzan Fabricate (Fabzan) take a look, i would recommend in particular: Sram's Expertise, Second Harvest, Marionette Master and Call for Unity. also, Chief of the Foundry is better than Master Trinketeer, as the trinketeer can be shocked and the servo generation will almost never help you, i used to run both so i know from experience... Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter is also a good thought, i used to run her, but i drropped her for cards like cryptolith rite and i started going wider rather than tall wth my servos suing cards like Call for Unity and Marionette Master with Hidden Stockpile for some stupid direct and unpreventable damage. Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter could suit you well though and its very cheap. and last i would definately recommend Heroic Intervention for your sideboard, it will protect you from Yahenni's Expertise, Make Obsolete, and Fumigate, which will ruin your day and make it hard for you to build back a board presence.enjoy the fabricate man its heaps fun.

JerichoDarkstar on Mardu Servo Madness

1 day ago

I would definitely recommend taking out Chief of the Foundry for Metallic Mimic.

Chief only gives your Artifact Creatures a soft bonus that would disappear if he died. Mimic will give them all your Servos permanent +1/+1 counters.

The other great advantage you get with Mimic is has great synergy with Animation Module. Looking at your decklist, I think you use the combo Syndicate Trafficker + Animation Module + Marionette Master, which is deadly under the right circumstances.

Well, if you have Mimic instead of Marionette in that combo, you can put 2/2 Servos on the battlefield for . That's crazy good value, and would help give your deck another way to be effective.

mhaywood03 on Artifice

2 days ago

This deck needs Scrap Trawler like neeeeeeeds. Could run either Embraal Gear-Smasher or Ironclad Revolutionary either would be really good, Defiant Salvager is also very good. I would also run 4 copies or Marionette Master like that card is crazy in this deck. Other then that good concept, side board recs would be Release the Gremlins or Gremlin Infestation depending on budget. Other then that seems really fun and budget, good job :)

inGtSToRm on Tezzeret Control

2 days ago

JerichoDarkstar Thanks for the well thought out and detailed comment. I appreciate your help.

The biggest thing for me is the budget side of things, I understand that certain cards are a must for certain decks but spending 20 dollars on each Torrential Gearhulk is a bit much for me.

I love the suggestion of Dynavolt Tower this is something I will add into the decklist. I love the potential it has with both Harnessed Lightning and Glimmer of Genius

Marionette Master is a card I also believe doesn't have a ton of synergy in the deck. The only reason I really have it in the deck is for the Westvale Abbey  Flip to pull off a combo with thopters and servos dealing a ton of damage and flipping the Westvale Abbey  Flip

I would love to add Disallow but they're expensive for each one. Do you thing that having 2 of those and 2 Void Shatter would be okay?

I will make sure to update the decklist and I appreciate your response!

WarrKing on Marionette's Mastery

2 days ago

Erutan9 The Aether Poisoners have worked well so far, threatening as a deathtouch blocker, and summoning servos for me (and staying charged longer with Glimmer of Genius. If i took them out, what would be a good replacement? Maybe take them out and a Marionette Master for a playset of Walking Ballistas?

Wendigo4481 I wasn't too impressed by Heroic Intervention or Natural Obsolescence but Underhanded Designs could be promising... I will look into it. And ideas of what to pull for it?

levelarde on Aetherborn Tribal

2 days ago

Thanks ghoul_Legion and sepharus30 I was a little concerned about including Marionette Master because it'a a 6 drop and I'm only running 23 lands but I'll replace the Heart of Kiran and remove Westvale Abbey  Flip and give it a few tests. Thanks for the help!

JerichoDarkstar on Tezzeret Control

2 days ago

First of all, I like the basic structure of your deck. It looks very versatile, and nothing is more fun than denying your opponent access to as many things in their deck as possible. That being said, I think you could stream line this deck a little more to help you do that better.

(1.) Marionette Master -- I love this card, and I would love it even more if it could finally find it's place in Standard. However, the basic premise of your deck doesn't synergize well with it. You don't have a consistent sacrifice engine that you can use to get her benefits to maximum. In any case, I don't think you'd want to either. If you're wanting to take advantage of Improvise (which several of your cards use), the last thing you want is to see your artifacts leave.

(2.) Westvale Abbey  Flip -- In general, control decks don't need to have a lot of creatures out. They rely on the strength of their instants and sorceries to oppress their opponent's abilities until they can drop a huge bomb creature. So, I don't think you'd ever really see 5 creatures. Don't get me wrong, Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip is certainly a game-ending, bomb creature, but I don't think you'd ever really see him come out.

(3.) Maverick Thopterist -- This one is a bit iffy, actually. He's a really good card in Improvise decks for sure, but I don't think you use Improvise enough to have him be an A-lister for you.

(1.) Dynavolt Tower -- You had said that Glimmer of Genius would get you more energy for you to utilize with Harnessed Lightning. I completely agree, but I also think you could stand to give it more synergy. With Tower, you can rack up quickly. There's also some interesting plays you can make with Lightning.

Say you target a creature with Lightning, but you choose to pay 0 Energy. You now have in the bank. Because you played an instant, Tower gives you . You now have and can pump it into Tower to deal 3 damage to your opponent or redirect it to a PW they control. Essentially, having Tower out means you can now use Lightning to hit players as well as creatures for 3 damage.

Because of the fact that you are doing control, you'll always have the possibility of not having enough damage output. This a good way to counteract that.

(2.) Disallow -- Being a control deck, you want as much versatility as possible. Void Shatter and Metallic Rebuke are great cards, but they can't deal with something already on board. This card can. You may want to rearrange it so that you have an even number of Disallows and Voids.

(3.) Torrential Gearhulk -- I know, I know... he's expensive. But he's an amazing card that goes really well in control. Say they cast Saheeli Rai for their combo or their own Herald of Anguish or a burn spell to your face. You can respond with Torrential, giving you a 5/6 beat stick, but grabbing a counter spell to deny them their combo piece or threat. He's very good late game which is where control decks usually want to go.

The other thing I might suggest is that some cards in your mainboard should probably be moved to sideboard to make room. These cards are great, but are probably better for specialized matches. Noxious Gearhulk, for example, is a good card but Torrential can basically accomplish the same thing just at instant speed. Noxious should be considered for matches where someone is eating your life away quicker than you can get to your wincons.

Anyway, I hope this helped. Please keep us updated on how your deck does. I love Grixis and always want to see it do well.

sepharus30 on Aetherborn Tribal

2 days ago

Personally I would say cut the Heart of Kiran. It is best utilized in a deck with planeswalkers or that can use the vehicles really well and in here it doesn't really fit. You could do well with Marionette Master though. Since you are probably going to be sacing quite a bit it gives you some added damage.

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