Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare
Magic 2013 Rare
Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana Rare
Torment Rare

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All creatures get -1/-1 until end of turn for each Swamp you control.

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Mutilate Discussion

Icbrgr on Are You Alright? You Look SWAMPED!

2 days ago

@LoneCrusader399 as far as the spot removal goes over board wipes... i thought that exact same way when i initially put this together and had 4xVictim of Night and 4xGo for the Throat mainboarded with less Languish/Mutilate... but as ive playtested this against some of my other decks on here i have found that this deck is a bit slow and the opponent more often than not gets a big board presence before my land destruction really even starts to phase them and those pesky 1 and 2 drops eventually get me to lose. i have no problem hitting a single Shorecrasher Mimic on T14 with a Languish if i have to. Mainboarding more wipes has just playtesed much better so far and plan on putting in spot removal for less aggro centered decks.

I do agree with you about Desecration Demon over Abyssal Persecutor though... i love the flavor but honestly he just causes me more problems than anything so i will definitely make that change when i go shopping.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Icbrgr on Are You Alright? You Look SWAMPED!

2 days ago

@Shakespeare314 I totally dig Yahenni's Expertise! thats pretty wicked... never heard of it... definitely a great suggestion and will consider it... but i really gotta say that that -4/-4 from Languish has saved me so many times (in playtesting) where a at the time -3/-3 Mutilate couldn't have done it... this deck is a bit slow and the opponent more often than not gets a big board presence before my land destruction really even starts to phase them.... regardless definitely worth trying out!

Im kinda in the same boat with Death Cloud... meaning that i usually take quite a beating that im pretty sure this would end up just killing me... i also have beef with how it doesnt go well with my enchant land effects... thats why im steering clear of Smallpox for the time being.

Thanks again! I appreciate the input and will do a little playtesting with them.

sylvannos on Budget Black Land Destruction Help

4 days ago

@Icbrgr: Good luck with this deck! It sounds like fun!

I was brewing 4C Land Destruction for a while and really liked playing it, but then they banned Deathrite Shaman.

That reminds me, does your deck benefit much if you added mana acceleration, like Golgari Signet, Mind Stone, Solemn Simulacrum, or Talisman of Dominance?

The only other suggestion I can think of is adding Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoths to the deck so that you can tap your Ghost Quarters and Tectonic Edges for . It also lets you play cards like Mutavault or Stalking Stones more efficiently. It also makes Mutilate and Corrupt insane. I think even with a limited budget, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is the one card definitely worth investing in.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Black Infect... $90 deck!

1 week ago

Phyrexian Arena is premium black card draw in EDH, and is especially important in an aggressive decklist like this.

Crypt Ghast is a mana doubler that extorts your opponents for life in the lategame, if you somehow haven't poisoned everyone to death by then.

Black Sun's Zenith is a powerful, on-theme boardwipe. Good to have a few wrath-type effects in your list to gain value in multiplayer.

Mutilate is another excellent monoblack boardwipe worth consideration.

Swiftfoot Boots protects your commander from spot removal and replaces his haste cost by equipping it.

Liliana of the Dark Realms pulls lands from your library, and can pump your commander out of nowhere for a surprise win.

pesmerga87 on Tribal Vamps

1 week ago

When building a commander deck, start with your lands. What seems to be jumping out to everyone is you have far too few.The rule I go by is that your total land base needs to be at least 30 + CMC of your commander + Colors of your commander. Thus, in your case the minimum amount of lands should be 36.

Second, you need to make sure you have enough Ramp/Mana Rocks and Card Draw. I know it's tempting to stuff your deck full of fun cards. However, if you never get to play them, it's not fun. So, get this straight and don't allow yourself to cut them. Generally I try to aim for 8-10 Ramp/Mana Rock cards. (like Sol Ring and Sword of the Animist)Also, 5-8 Card Draw cards. (like Phyrexian Arena, Night's Whisper, and Rogue's Gloves)

Next look at what you want your win condition to be. It seems your going after an attack heavy, tribal beat down theme. So, I think you're on the right track so far. However, 41 creatures seems a bit much. I'd slim that down to 35-38 and then add in some things that are going to play off your tribal theme. For instance, Door of Destinies, Coat of Arms, and/or Obelisk of Urd

Next you need to make sure you have answers to problems. Generally people like to keep minimum 4+ board wipes in their decks. Also, in your particular colors you'll have an extremely tough time dealing with artifacts and enchantments. So, your going to want to include a few cards like Nevinyrral's Disk, Perilous Vault, and Scour from Existence that can take care of them. In addition to or in place of more normal board wipes like Decree of Pain, Mutilate, and Deadly Tempest, that will get rid of creatures if you're getting overrun.

Next add in some fun stuff for your commander. Generally people use deathtouch equipment with Olivia, because it allows you to use her first ability to "Ping" creatures and kill them. Cards like Basilisk Collar and/or Quietus Spike. Also, Blade of the Bloodchief is your only real option for a specifically vampire tribal card.

Finally a few combos for this deck is a good thing, because it's going to pretty weak in the late game. You already mentioned Sanguine Bond and Exquisite BloodAlso, I saw someone mention Bloodchief Ascension and MindcrankI'll include Blood Tribute and Defiant Bloodlord, which can one shot an opponent. Defiant Bloodlord also acts as redundancy for Sanguine Bond.

That should improve your deck immensely.

Robotoken on Erebos EDH

2 weeks ago

Just a few suggestions: Necropolis Regent a pseudo-lord that powers up all your creatures. Toxic Deluge strictly better than Mutilate. Bloodgift Demon another phyrexian arena effect on a 5/4 flyer is not too shabby. Sudden Spoiling a very strong combat trick or a way to shut down creature based combo decks, you choice.

GearNoir on Card similar to Winding Constrictor ...

2 weeks ago

Perhaps a turn 2 Contagion Clasp, followed by a turn 3 Black Sun's Zenith, followed by a turn 4 activate Contagion Clasp's Proliferate ability?

There are some board clears like Mutilate or Languish as well.

Is this an infect-like creature deck?

PartyJ on first deck build

2 weeks ago


Nice choice for a commander. One that is not played very often in my area.

I checked your list and I came up with these budget suggestions:

My personal favorite deck I am playing these days is this deck. It's very strong and can punish people really hard. But this is also a competitive build, not suited for each meta. Feel free to give it a visit and I always appreciate an upvote :)

Have fun on T/O and if you ever need EDH advise on any of your decks, then you can always summon me or post on my wall for help.



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