Corpse Dance


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Rare
Tempest (TMP) Rare

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Corpse Dance


Buyback (You may pay an additional as you play this spell. If you do, put this card into your hand as it resolves.)

Return the top creature card of your graveyard to the battlefield. That creature gains haste until end of turn. Exile it at the beginning of the next end step.

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Corpse Dance Discussion

PlattBonnay on Child's Eternal Garden

3 weeks ago

Enral - It's more there to show other people that the card is an option for the deck. I had Corpse Dance in most of the early drafts of the list, the only reason it got cut is because the deck fell into places where it would lock out the board too regularly. I wanted to reduce the number of games where that happened, so it got cut. If I was looking to tune up the power level of the deck, it would 100% be back in the deck.

PartyJ on Grim Grinning Zombies Come Out to Socialize

1 month ago

Hi Xander,

what about these options:

Overall I am looking at a good Zombie deck, but there is always work to be done. Hop I could have been of some inspiration to you :)

Good luck!


noshadowkick on

1 month ago

Nice Gonti list!

I have two main thoughts, 1) Your curve is really high: I wonder if some of the top end stuff could be cut. 2) Can you find more ways to ramp up the ETB abuse? More reanimation seems like it would be a natural fit.

I wonder if you could cut a couple of your top end creatures, specifically Sheoldred, Whispering One and Lord of the Void. I love both of these creatures and they are incredibly strong, but they also don't really synergize with your blink/recursion/etb abuse engines. Gonti wants to enter the battlefield over and over again during the game, so every other creature that wants the same thing just boots the overall synergy and flexibility of the list. As far as mid level stuff, do you think Minion Reflector is necessary given that you already run stuff like Blade of Selves, Panharmonicon, Conjurer's Closet, and Strionic Resonator? It seems like the most mana intensive of the "etb copy" effects you run and may not be missed all that much?

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed seems like it could be absurd in this deck, but it's definitely not cheap. I think Mike could probably replace Cauldron of Souls if/when you get one.

With your big mana finishers, I definitely think Ashnod's Altar would be really good in here. And if you are going to be sacrificing creatures... why not get Skullclamp and draw all the cards?

Voltaic Key? This one is pretty random, but you do have quite a few artifacts that like tapping. It makes your Sol Rings tap for 3, or Gilded Lotus tap for 5, and lets you really abuse cards like Strionic Resonator and Mimic Vat. Maybe there isn't enough synergy there, but it could be interesting. If you do go that rout why not toss in a Basalt Monolith as well for some extra ramp?

For additional reanimation I really like Necromancy a lot. Being able to get ANY creature from ANY grave at instant speed is VERY strong. Also, Corpse Dance could be an interesting, reusable effect, especially if most of your creatures consist of ETB value guys.

adt630 on Semen Demon

2 months ago

Bloodghast, Braids, Cabal Minion, Hell's Caretaker, Kokusho, the Evening Star, Nether Traitor, Sadistic Hypnotist, Mind Slash, Blasting Station, Corpse Dance, Curse of the Cabal, Smokestack, Mimic Vat, Massacre Wurm, Sepulchral Primordial, Black Sun's Zenith, Insidious Dreams, Necromancy, Dance of the Dead, Attrition, Do or Die, Dread Return, Blood Artist, Words of Waste, Hypnotic Specter, Ill-Gotten Gains, Megrim, Mindslicer, Memory Jar are all options you could consider.

Memory Jar with Waste Not on the field is particularly dirty if you have your many doublers out and can drop your new hand onto the field. Bloodghast gives you a creature you don't even have to pay for to get back. Ill-Gotten Gains lets you run a second Dark Deal essentially. Megrim makes all the discarding you're doing kill them.

elfric on Grixis Consultation

2 months ago

voltaic key is manapositive with crypt, ring, vault, grim. mox opal is probably better. otherwise go for isochron ceptre.

why unearth? Corpse Dance as a second instant speed reanimation for intuition into dualcaster.

toothlessthedragon on This deck plays all the EPIC spells.

2 months ago

robngraves just like any "combo" deck if all our pieces get exiled we're just gonna sit there and cry... but it's unrealistic for any deck to have a plan for after all the pieces get exiled.

As for combat damage, you need to consider that the demon has flying and there are 3 other players to attack, we've never had a problem with getting damage through cause there is always at least one player with no flying creatures. Also the point of Proteus Staff is to activate it twice across two turns... activating it once and somehow hitting all the epic spells will just put them on the bottom anyways. The first time puts General Tazri back into the command zone and finds us our demon (the other cards revealed this way are completely irrelevant.) The second time puts the demon on the bottom and since its the only creature in the deck we would put "all cards revealed this way" (which is our whole library) on the "bottom" in any order (the bottom is also the top in this case.)

If our demon gets removed, we have Corpse Dance and Nature's Spiral to bring it back and there's also a few counterspells to prevent removal. Even Temporal Cascade and Feldon's Cane can shuffle our demon and our staff back into our library just so we can find them again. Proteus staff can also be recurred with Nature's Spiral. Also think about how we will rarely ever cast our demon so it can't actually be countered if it enters via Proteus Staff

In the scenario where our demon is taken somewhere we can't get it back, our second option is to use Proteus Staff on tazri or a man-land such as Mishra's Factory and reorganize our library in such a way that sets us up to cast Epic Experiment for X = 10 or more while the Epics are near the top. And we once again run counterspells to protect this.

We've put a lot of thought into this and there is no realistic avenue we haven't thought to build precautions against.

MartialArt on Khahahaha

2 months ago

Hey. Looks good. Here are some additional ideas.

Flamekin Village
Hall of the Bandit Lord - a untapped land and haste. Wonderful. The price is worth it.
Hanweir Battlements

Conqueror's Galleon  Flip - card draw & recursion
Dowsing Dagger  Flip - ramp
Golden Guardian  Flip - ramp and instant blockers
Thaumatic Compass  Flip - a maze is always good
Nim Deathmantle - recursion
Corpse Dance - recursion with haste and only a little drawback
Scavenger Grounds - against nasty grave interactions
Bojuka Bog - How could you miss this little dirty gem?
Underworld Connections - Card draw at will is always good.
Anguished Unmaking - Instant speed removal

Champion's Helm - hexproof and making her less fragile
Mask of Avacyn - the same as above

I would cut:
Rupture Spire - you need untapped lands for this commander since you need to be fast. Too much tapped with this one.
Subjugator Angel - too small for too much mana. You don't always have your commander available.
Ambition's Cost - replace it with something that draws more for less.
Cathartic Reunion - too less consistent reanimation for this. Better pay some life to draw and keep the cards. Your commander needs them in your hand.
Vindicate - you can do better.
True Conviction - 6 mana and 3 of them white in a tri-color commander is quite hard. Especially since the effect does not really support your commander. Better draw some card draw or haste cards and drop them 3 to 4 turns earlier than this one.
Dark Ritual - Better insert another tutor to really get what you want. With this commander there is a high propability that it will become a useless card. Even another mana rock is better in here.

That's it for now. I may come back with more.

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