Sculpting Steel


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions Mythic Rare
Tenth Edition Rare
Mirrodin Rare

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Sculpting Steel


You may have Sculpting Steel enter the battlefield as a copy of any artifact on the battlefield.

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Sculpting Steel Discussion

LVL_666 on Can Tymaret, the Murder King's ...

3 days ago

So to answer your question: Yes. Tymaret's abilities are activiated abilities. Therefore Heartstone reduces the cost of said abilities to and respectively when in play. Heartstone is not reducing the cost of ether abilitiy to less than one mana.

As for other cards that reduce ability costs, you have:

Training Grounds - outside of your commander's colors, but it needs to be mentioned anyway. It's super awesome, and super popular.

Rings of Brighthearth - this is sort of like Heartstone in that you can pay for using an ability again...just at a different cost.

Illusionist's Bracers - This copies an activated ability for free, more or less - this is pretty good when using an infinite mana combo.

Sculpting Steel - you could use this to copy Heartstone -yeah I've pretty much run out of ideas at this point lol.

DarkMech on Breya, Etherium Combo Maker

1 week ago

Hey man!

Overall, the deck looks pretty solid. There's only a few changes I would suggest you make:

1) 40 lands is probably too many. If it's been working out for you then fine, but I would suggest that you trim a few, for either more mana rocks, more tutors, or extra combo redundancy. I would also suggest you re-examine the color spread of your lands (you don't need so much red).

2) There are a couple cards you could replace with more efficient options. For example, Rewind could be swapped for Arcane Denial, Mana Leak, or good old Counterspell. Etched Oracle could become Thirst for Knowledge or a similar draw spell. Thopter Spy Network can be Necropotence if you find you can reliably hit triple black.

3) You mention the Sharuum the Hegemon+Phyrexian Metamorph combo and acknowledge you don't have the piece to actually make it lethal. I would include at least one way to make the combo lethal; standouts include Disciple of the Vault, Altar of the Brood (which has the upside of being an artifact but doesn't kill if your opponent has any Eldrazi titans), or Reckless Fireweaver (run Disciple before this one). If you choose to include this combo I would also run a Sculpting Steel to have a backup for the Metamorph.

Other than that, the deck looks strong (as supported by my experience playing against it). If you're looking to slim down the list you can pick a combo or two to focus on and replace the rest of the combos with tutors and draw, but you don't have to do that.

Triton on Breya Budget

1 week ago

I'd recommend working on the land base, as it's an extreme game-changer when all your lands EtB untapped. I recently got all the shock lands for my Breya deck, and it runs so much smoother. I understand completely if you can't afford shocks (I'll leave out fetches haha), so I'd recommend using pain lands and check lands. Glacial Fortress, Drowned Catacomb, Dragonskull Summit, Shivan Reef, Caves of Koilos, and Battlefield Forge are all good lands under $2-3.

I'd also suggest Dispatch in the removal suite, since it's pretty easy to achieve metalcraft in the deck.

Reckless Fireweaver, Impact Tremors, and Disciple of the Vault all create infinite life loss/damage with Sharuum + Sculpting Steel/Phyrexian Metamorph. Bitter Ordeal can exile all opponents' libraries, if you can afford it.

Saheeli Rai goes infinite with Liquimetal Coating and Felidar Guardian.

Feel free to check out my deck for ideas/inspiration, it's more combo/control-focused, but I'm sure there are some staples that you may find use of in there:

The BREEya to My SCREEya

Commander / EDH Triton


Hope this helps!

SufferFromEDHD on Masochistic Stuffy Doll loves Bay

1 week ago

Sculpting Steel double stuffy doll or your fancy equipment pieces.

Pestilence/Pyrohemia work really well with stuffy doll.

Cho-Manno, Revolutionary interacts and fits the theme of your deck nicely.

jaeger_Konig on Blinking Breya - Discussion

3 weeks ago

I personally just don't see the value in Boompile, because generally when you will want to use it, you need it to happen not a 50/50 chance of it happening. Might I ask why you aren't running Saheeli Rai? She is a great Planeswalker that can let you do so much fun stuff. Also why not run Sculpting Steel? You run way more artifacts than I do so i can only see the upside to this card, worse case scenario its 3 mana to make 2 more thopters from a Breya clone, which seems fine to me. Also with all your emphasis on artifact recursion why not run cards such as Scrap Mastery and Open the Vaults? These seem like a shoe in to me. I took them out of my deck because it went a more ETB creature route and not artifact awesomeness.

Also can we not agree that Hour of Devastation looks super sweet and is adding in some awesome cards?

E_Hunter on

4 weeks ago

I'm not that experienced with Eggs, but would Copy Artifact and/or Sculpting Steel work in the deck? Seems like they could help with Helm to just make everything more consistent

VitalisStacs on Augustin's $t4ks (Primer)

1 month ago

I've been playtesting a similar deck for quite some time now with many keycards u also run, but no combos ;) and also no counterspells, because they are very meta dependant.

So, I wanted to show you some cards:I know i already told you about him, but Clever Impersonator is a really versatile card. It can copy a staxcard or a planeswalker. I think planeswalker always benefit from having a lock on the game and i find it really hard to get rid of them when an opponent controls one. And with a manland in play you can almost me sure the cast the ult before you opponent can.

Other cards I consider playing are Balancing Act, I dont own it yet, but i think it can be really strong and i will playtest it in the near future.

Then there is Damping Engine. I think its too costheavy, the effect is too weak and it often will target yourself because you floot the board with artifacts thus have the most permanents.

Yeah, then there is of course Sculpting Steel almost always nice, cheap card and it can become a second Smokestack for really fast Stax.

I also think about getting Paradoxical Outcome because my playgroup plays alot of shit like Vandalblast and other artifacthate. But i dont know yet..we'll see how good this card does.

Inspiring Statuary is also a really solid card. It itself taps for the improvise effect and every nonmana artifact does mana now, yay. so casting GAAIV for the 3rd time is with this card not really that hard anymore;)

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