Myr Retriever


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Uncommon
Commander 2014 Uncommon
Modern Masters Uncommon
Mirrodin Uncommon

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Myr Retriever

Artifact Creature — Myr

When Myr Retriever is put into a graveyard from play, return another target artifact card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Myr Retriever Discussion

Axtel on Dude, wheres your library?

4 days ago

Thanks for the suggestion FAGGOTUS-REX, but Myr Retriever doesnt have a converted mana cost of zero. I have not encountered Tolaria West before though and will probably use it other decks. Thanks anyways!

Dorotheus on Composite Deathmantle [Infinite mana on T3]

1 week ago

Add black and add Myr Retriever+Heartless Summoning combo, because Bitter Ordeal is an insane win-con off both of those and lets you not lose immediately to Stony Silence, but you still need a way to deal with Rest in Peace and Spine of Ish Sah is only going to be playable if you're already comboing off.

qaczek on It That Is Infinite The First

1 week ago

Oh, I get it! Foundry Inspector is necessary for Grinding Station to win without two Myr Retriever.

qaczek on It That Is Infinite The First

1 week ago

To be honest I don't see any benefits from Spawning Pit here. Infinite combo that is no win condition is not the point here. But removing one colour and changing win condition from Impact Tremors and Wild Cantor to Grinding Station and Myr Retriever is really good idea.

About manabase: I preffer fetchalnds. Effect same, mana I need on the next turn and a one card less in the deck, few % higher chance on perfect drow.

Foundry Inspector and Etherium Sculptor there is no point in making myrs cheaper, Heartless Summoning is needed to sacrifice them and makes them free. True that Spawning Pit and lowing costs can do same effect, but is far easier to get infinite effect with one card than with three.

Im still not sure about number of lands in deck and holy deay as a little survival balance tho.

lagotripha on It That Is Infinite The First

1 week ago

Since you're going infinite anyway, Impact Tremors could be replaced with Altar of the Brood without any issues, easing any mana concerns, leaving just plains and swamps, since taplands are a thing you just put a bunch of swamps, a single plains and some Orzhov Guildgate and Scoured Barrens. Blue might be more efficient to try and resolve Etherium Sculptor, /Foundry Inspector serving as backup copies of summoning. Golem's Heart/Grinding Station deserves to be in the sideboard. Myr Retriever goes infinite with two copies in hand without renewal if you have a sacrifice outlet like Spawning Pit, or with a copy of Scrap Trawler or Sculpting Steel.

I messed around a bunch trying to get Enduring Renewal/Time Sieve to work, but it never came together into something I liked playing with.

on a less budget note, Inspiring Statuary could function well. Krark-Clan Ironworks is it's usual broken self. Semblance Anvil/Cloud Key are also copies of summoning.

lagotripha on Heartless Architect

1 week ago

Myr Retriever/Altar of the Brood? Reshape? Trophy Mage to fetch Ensnaring Bridge/Lightning Greaves? Whir of Invention? Executioner's Capsule? Scepter of Fugue? Whip of Erebos If you decide to focus on a smaller band of creatures with Trophy Mage you could run a murderous midrange aggro with pacing changes in the SB, cutting the awkward transition to Inkwell Leviathan type creatures and instead just running more Cogwork Assembler for the lategame, Etched Champion/Foundry Inspector/ Chief of the Foundry/Master of Etherium/Scarecrone/Scrap Trawler/Trinisphere/Filigree Familiar/Bottle Gnomes etc would all be useful, but especially Master of Etherium and Chief of the Foundry to negate the heartless summoning drawback. With the tutoring a single Pili-Pala to threaten combo becomes functional. A couple of Thoughtcast would go a long way to providing card draw.Latest set has provided a real toolbox for this style, and there are enough search cards to support that.All told, look around there is a lot out there, a lot of options and fun tools kicking around. Its just getting them all to fit together in a way that you both like and makes sense thats tricky.

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