Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered Mythic Rare
Tempest Rare

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All creatures lose all abilities and have base power and toughness 1/1.

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Humility Discussion

Winterblast on What was the hardest thing ...

1 day ago

As a bloody noob it was definitely judging a cards strength, not making emotional card choices because you like the artwork or whatever and end up playing only weak cards. Also damage on the stack took a while to learn...when I was good at using that feature they changed the rules, lol.

Another common mistake I can remember from the beginning is the confusion of lands and mana pool, that Dark Ritual doesn't fetch 3 swamps or whatever. Basically every invisible location in the game took a while to understand, especially because we didn't have internet available all the time and everywhere to look up rules and explanations and it depended much on how well one understood an English rulebook and could then explain the other kids. Different wording on older cards and the importance of oracle text (like when summon changed to creature and interrupts vanished) was also a problem back could still confuse new players today.

Now I think it's hard to remember all they layers, although I know instinctively what is in a higher layer than another...up to layer 4 or 5 maybe, then I have to look it up over and over again. After 15+ years of playing the game. I only know by heart how the cards I play myself work with layers and time stamp, such as Humility and Mishra's Factory

Zeus236 on G-unit

5 days ago

I like the deck. I would maybe add a Djeru, With Eyes Open to tutor out more planeswalkers. If your playing Humility you could maybe add Overwhelming Splendor to target the effect at one player.

bombernik on Caffeine, Hate and Sometimes Ertai

1 week ago

Sorry for the late reply, have you looked at Humility for replacing Overwhelming Splendor?

SufferFromEDHD on WUBG Superfriends

1 week ago

Wow. I need to find a copy of Solemnity and add that to my list. My suggestion would be to get rid of the the mana dorks, add mana rocks in their place and eitherLethal Vapors, Humility or Ward of Bones.

abby315 on Ensnaring Bridge

2 weeks ago

Humility, Torpor Orb can dampen some triggered abilities.

For ensnaring bridge, what are you hoping to use it against? Is this in modern, legacy, or EDH? What kind of deck is it in?

Dark_Danda on EDH: Rhys Enchantment Hatebear

2 weeks ago

Hey there,

Thanks for your suggestions. Honestly, you are totally right about Cathars' Crusade being a very, very strong card but I don't want to play it for two reasons: First, because it is so annoying to place all the counters on all of your creatures and you need almost infinite dices to do so because a lot of of creatures end up having different amount of counters. Secondly because of Skullclamp. This is one of those cards that let's you win the game quiet easily because it basically translate to "tap a land for drawing two cards". In addition both cards have quiet a high converted manacost.

But don't get me wrong, both cards are good, well the creature is only good in combination with Cathars' Crusade and alike but they are definitely finishers on their own. And for the creature, I really only play enchantress in here as I wanna keep this deck a flavour enchantment built and each creature will become obsolete once Humility is on the battlefield.

Cheers :)

Gidgetimer on Master of Etherium with 0/0 ...

2 weeks ago

Although not relevant to this case, Master of Etherium's P/T setting ability is a characteristic-defining ability (CDA) and CDAs are always applied first regardless of timestamp. So for example a Master of Etherium played after a Humility is already on the field will have a newer timestamp, but will still be a 1/1 since CDAs are applied first.

JusteBam on B/W Kambal Cursed

3 weeks ago

Thank you gr@sshopper, glad you like it. Will tell you if it was a good choice for my gameday ;)

NobleGhost117 : Thank you for your ideas. I thought of Cruel Reality but don't have the card unfortunately. Didn't knew the other one which reminds me my Humility deck ahah. 1 of each could make it ;)

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