Snow-Covered Plains


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Snow-Covered Plains

Basic Snow Land — Plains

Tap: Add {{W}} to your mana pool.

Snow-Covered Plains Discussion

mvharvill on Thalia says you can't play today

1 week ago

Then might I suggest another nasty Mana trick for mono-color decks?

The Defense calls to the stand Extraplanar Lens.

Since you've got a heafty serving of basic lands in your deck, and you'll have them out more often thanks to your fetch+crucible combo, this would be phenomenal from for ramping up your deck.

Of course, it comes with the downside of have the same doubling effect for any opponents who also run plains. If this is too much of a gamble for you, then swap out all your current basic lands for Snow-Covered Plains and keep all that juicy doubling to yourself!

mvharvill on Mono-White-Voltron-Control

1 week ago

You've got a lot of stuff here helping you pump up your mana base, but have you considered throwing in a Crucible of Worlds?

Right now you've got Arid Mesa, Buried Ruin, Flooded Strand, Ghost Quarter, Inventors' Fair, Kjeldoran Outpost, Marsh Flats, Wasteland, and Windswept Heath. That's nine lands that all have the potential for you to sacrifice them and Crucible would allow you to continually reuse them!

Another suggestion might be Extraplanar Lens, but you've only got 12 Plains to work with, and you run the risk of doubling an opponent's mana more often than your own if they're also running white. The best way to solve this, if you do decide take this route, would be to definitely have Crucible of Worlds so you can reuse your fetch lands to grab those basic Plains wherever they might be in your deck, and also to replace your regular Plains with Snow-Covered Plains so your opponents don't benefit from the mana-doubling effect!

Hexaflexagon on Opposite and Equal Reaction

2 weeks ago

Why not Snow-Covered Plains?

Also, you might want to put some more things in your sideboard. Maybe Shalai, Voice of Plenty for protection?

Tenshi41 on Angel Tribe

1 month ago

Deck Changes

  • Entreat the Angels: Allows the Deck to go wide, in case of sacrifice or other removal. Very threating, synergizes well with my top card manipulation.

  • Divine Reckoning: Cheaper and allows me to keep one key piece.
  • Skullclamp: Deck dose not rely on toughness, Power is more important for my commander. Also has great draw card potential and is repeatable.
  • Snow-Covered Plains: Swapping out for more basic to make Extraplanar Lens more powerful.
  • Pristine Angel: Very hard to remove, can easily Voltron it and not worry about removal.
  • Unlife on Victory Brings Honor, Defeat Brings Shame

    2 months ago

    I have a mono white deck and my experience has been that it requires a lot of fine tuning to get it where you wants. I'm not sure your budget so I'll just throw down a bunch of ideas and you can pick what works.

    I agree that Extraplanar Lens and Snow-Covered Plains can be helpful but in general you need some more white mana rocks. Marble Diamond, Tooth of Ramos, Darksteel Ingot, Pearl Medallion, Thunder Totem and Tithe can all help with this. Pillar of Origins maybe work too.

    You need some removal, or at least restrictions. Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Darksteel Mutation, Prison Term, Oblivion Ring are all options. Rout, Fumigate and Mass Calcify are great board wipes as well.

    You could use some tribal support, Metallic Mimic, Adaptive Automaton and Thalia's Lieutenant are both creature based options. Herald's Horn, Door of Destinies, Coat of Arms, Heirloom Blade, and Kindred Boon

    I hope this info is helpful

    Homelessguy on Victory Brings Honor, Defeat Brings Shame

    2 months ago

    The only thing that I could suggest to you is if you have the budget to switch out your Plains For Snow-Covered Plains and Extraplanar Lens

    Mana ramping in white is almost non-existent

    KongMing on Save Us All

    3 months ago

    Need some ramp in Monowhite? Caged Sun, Extraplanar Lens with Snow-Covered Plains, and Knight of the White Orchid are some good starting points. Don't forget Land Tax.

    BLEATH on KIngWiggins

    3 months ago

    The trade seems good if your Snow-Covered Plains are all lp-nm.

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