Trading Post


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Rare
Commander 2014 Rare
Magic 2014 Rare
Magic 2013 Rare

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Trading Post


, , Discard a card: You gain 4 life.

, , Pay 1 life: Create a 0/1 white Goat creature token.

, , Sacrifice a creature: Return target artifact card from your graveyard to your hand.

, , Sacrifice an artifact: Draw a card.

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Trading Post Discussion

warrior_boots on Part-ners: Silas Renn

6 days ago

Thanks for the comments on this and Part-ners: Ravos, SoulCycler. I hadn't considered Kusari-Gama yet. Between Whispersilk Cloak, Whirler Rogue, and Key to the City, I think I am happy with the number of evasion pieces for now. I also have a few other forms of recursion in the deck between Trading Post, Skeleton Shard and Beacon of Unrest, in case Silas doesn't have a clear path to through the battlefield.

Burnished Hart is a tempting target, but I am trying to spread the love between various partners. I may give the Hart to a deck without as many mana rocks (maybe Ravos, Soultender -- recursion in the command zone and the Hart's even from Theros!).

Nevinyrral's Disk seems like a serious consideration as a synergistic boardwipe. What to cut for it, though? Maybe Thada Adel, Acquisitor?

sylvannos on Tezzeret Tuning

1 week ago

3 copies of Sword of the Meek and 4 copies of Thopter Foundry seem excessive when you can just run 1 of each and 4 Gifts Ungiven. Turbo Tezz already benefits from playing Academy Ruins, Trading Post, Time Sieve, and/or Crucible of Worlds because of Thirst for Knowledge. Having an inevitable win via Gifts Ungiven seems too good to pass up. It also lets you play more silver bullet answers. Executioner's Capsule and Pithing Needle can all be played maindeck.

Are Engineered Explosives and Ensnaring Bridge within your budget? They take care of a lot of problems, especially aggro. Vedalken Shackles is another option.

I would also recommend some mana rocks. Talisman of Dominance, Mox Opal, and Mind Stone are worth considering.

Lastly, I have to ask about Inkmoth Nexus because of how stupid of a card it can be with Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas' minus ability. Is it something worth considering? I know it can completely change your game plan and Tezz lists are already tight on land slots.

MoGoose831 on Shattergang Sacrifice Brothers

1 week ago

Tokens! Anything that generates tokens for you to sac to make the most out of the brothers abilities. This looks like a ton of fun.

Goblin Kaboomist gives you an artifact token that can be used to sac or as spot removal for (R) everyone of your upkeeps

Tireless Tracker landfall clue generator

Ulvenwald Mysteries gives you a 1/1 creature to sac everytime you sac a clue

Trading Post seems pretty useful as well

Good luck!

Treehugger003 on Operation Ground and Pound

1 week ago

I like the artifact theme for Voltron.

Some cards to consider:

1) Sword of the Animist if you are going to attack anyway get some ramp too.

2) Loxodon Warhammer without unblockable you are going to have to go for trample. Lifelink is just a side benefit.

3)speaking of unblockable... Rogue's Passage, Trailblazer's Boots, and Prowler's Helm usually work very well in EDH for unblockable.

4) Trading Post this card just does work in most artifact style decks.

5) Fireshrieker artifact double strike. There are a couple of enchantments that do the same thing (Duelist's Heritage was mentioned earlier) but it breaks the artifact theme.

6) Swiftfoot Boots I know Zurgo has haste. But its there for Hexproof unless your meta is light on creature removal. One Imprisoned in the Moon and your day is done.

7) Open the Vaults because whats more fun!!

I would also recommend a sac outlet of some kind for the aforementioned imprison in the moon. Akiri, Line-Slinger could be a decent alternate win condition for this deck.

I hope this helps.


TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

1 week ago


Wedge/Shard additions based on our discussion yesterday:







Note: Nothing has been cut yet. Do you agree with them? If not, please let me know which :)


greatdevourer on Marchesa, the Black Rose

2 weeks ago

Thanks flapjackwars for the suggestions. Let's discuss the ideas. Let me start by saying that this deck was built for a multi-player chaos environment. Speed isn't so much of a concern in my usual meta game. This deck was built more for endurance. At least that was the idea I was trying for.

Scrap Trawler and Pia's Revolution are in the deck to work in situation where someone has played Declaration of Naught naming my Commander. Yep, that has happened. So, in my view, I have 3 cards in my deck that recur artifacts for me instead of just one.

I've played Extruder in an artifact based deck before. It's ok. I thought about it for this deck. I guess I'm still on the fence about this one. I have the Bosh, Iron Golem, Krark-Clan Ironworks, Viscera Seer, Throne of Geth, and Trading Post for sacrifice outlets. Not sure if that is enough or the route I want to go with this deck. Ashnod's Altar is a good choice that I'm going swap out the Ironworks for. It does provide a wider range of sacrifice options.

In the maybe board I had before I posted this deck, I had the some of the cards you mentioned.

I cut the Time Sieve, which is a great card, because I felt that it painted too much of a target on me in table politics. It may still end up in the deck at some point. Not sure on this one. Tough choice for now. I'll probably have to play the deck some more to really get a feel for it.

I cut the Trinket Mage, Trophy Mage, and Treasure Mage because I didn't want this deck to really be about tutoring. Another reason I cut the tutor creatures was that I felt that they didn't syngerize with the +1 counters theme. I can't use them as Modular targets. They don't help as much once they are on the field except as blockers. And I can't recur them like I can with the other artifacts. Thopter Engineer suffers from some of the same problems. I like the 'artifacts gain haste' aspect, but I have Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch to provide haste. Exava gets seen by Marchesa where the Engineer does not. Pia and Kiran Nalaar, and Pia Nalaar are good cards but I just felt that they didn't syngerize as well as some of my other choices. They have the same sort of down sides that the tutor creatures do.

I didn't use the Sol Ring because I didn't think that I needed that kind of mana acceleration. Also, once I cut the Trinket Mage I didn't have a way of tutoring for it early enough in the game for it to be useful.

Thada Adel, Acquisitor is used in another deck I have and doesn't get to stay on the table very long, rarely long enough to be very effective. Check out my Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor deck.

Marionette Master felt to mana costly for what it gave me when i first read it. Reading it again, it might fit. I'll have to think about that one for a while.

Treasure Keeper, Phyrexian Metamorph are really good cards that I overlooked. I am swapping the Cogwork Assembler for Phyrexian Metamorph based on your suggestions since it cost too much mana to make the copies with the Assembler. The Treasure Keeper is another card I'll need to think about for a bit. I like the free cast aspect. I'm not so fond of the reveal my deck to opponents aspect. Tough call.

I need to go through the new cards in Amonkhet to see what can fit into my EDH/Commander decks.

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

3 weeks ago

I agree with you in principle, but I am worried that "artifacts matter" cards might dilute the pool too much. I think a better approach is to find colored (and colorless) artifacts that are good regardless of whether they fit into the artifact deck, with a few payoff cards that push the archetype (like Tez, and we could also include stuff like Glissa, the Traitor if we want to open up the archetype a bit). This way you aren't locked into the archetype after your first few picks and you can draft a little less linearly. Also, if we include Glissa, then there is a stronger case for Trading Post I think, since it could also work with the Golgari Sac archetype :)

Also, I think we should include better mana alternatives to match the power level we seem to be moving towards. Shocks plus fetches? If we include fetches, then we have a great opportunity for Blood Moon, Ob Nixilis, Unshackled and Aven Mindcensor. Thoughts?

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