Stone Haven Outfitter


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Rare

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Stone Haven Outfitter

Creature — Kor Artificer Ally

Equipped creatures you control get +1/+1.

Whenever an equipped creature you control dies, draw a card.

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Stone Haven Outfitter Discussion

iglesia777 on R/W Aggro Affinity

1 month ago

I used to play a very similar RW allies deck. You'll definitely want some Stone Haven Outfitter. Always Watching and Gryff's Boon are usually good too. A few cheap removal like Ride Down and Declaration in Stone are a must too. Good luck!

MRDOOM3 on Semi-Budget Kemba Kitties

1 month ago

Masterwork of Ingenuity can be a 1-mana Argentum Armor, and is very versatile. Same can be said about Sculpting Steel.

I feel as if you need more creatures, because unless you're planning to go all in on Kemba, an equipments deck is no good unless you have creatures to equip your equipments to. You can run Raksha Golden Cub, Leonin Abunas, Stone Haven Outfitter, Stonehewer Giant, Sram, Senior Edificer, and Taj-Nar Swordsmith. You also can toss in Brimaz, King of Oreskos, for more cat tokens

Nahiri, the Lithomancer is a nice way to pump out equipments faster.

More equipments you can run are Konda's Banner, Sword of Kaldra, Shield of Kaldra, Helm of Kaldra, etc.

Darsul on

2 months ago

My advice is your deck needs focus; Why, RWB over just RW? I would choose either Artifact and Artificers or, Equipment and weapon smiths( I.E. Stone Haven Outfitter, Weapons Trainer and the like) but, I wouldn't try to cram both.No matter what Metallic Mimic works well.

joshuaizac on

2 months ago

I think trying to build around Metalwork Colossus and / or Odric, Lunarch Marshal is throwing you off focus.

My thoughts on what to remove;

-1 Lone Rider

-2 Odric, Lunarch Marshal

-1 Metalwork Colossus

-1 Walking Ballista Maybe? This card is cool but aside from Collected Effort it doesn't interact much with the rest of your deck, also it's a sought after money card it could do some work for your current budget...

-1 Haunted Cloak

-2 Sky Skiff

-1 Fleetwheel Cruiser Optional ditch it / keep it decide after you figure out what you're taking out, and/or can get to put in it.

-2 Lithomancer's Focus

-1 Inventors' Fair

-1 or -2 Sandstone Bridge (etb tapped lands are usually bad)

....(still keep 23 lands total's a decent number for this deck)

My thoughts on budget Possibilities to aquire/include

+1 Thraben Inspector

+1 to +4 Aerial Responder, then depending on how many of these you run...

+1 to +3 Stitcher's Graft (no more than 6 total equipment, cut Stoneforge Masterwork if you run a lot of Aerial Responders)

+1 Sram, Senior Edificer

+1 to +3 Stone Haven Outfitter

+1 to +2 Restoration Specialist

+1 to +2 Authority of the Consuls

+1 Westvale Abbey  Flip

Ideally I'd shoot for 22-24 creatures total, as for the cards in your maybe board: Blessed Alliance is really good this could be maindeck...Fairgrounds Warden & Sheer Drop aren't too bad either... the rest I'd skip.

Anyways hope this helps a bit, gl with your gameday.

SorinSkies on Boros Human Equip - Prototype

2 months ago

I have also been thinking about boros equips!

I think Stone Haven Outfitter should absolutely come out into the maindeck because your major card advantage/gas will come between him and sram.

Looks like you're going for the human tribal also consider: Thalia's Lieutenant or Scrapper Champion

I might lose the Hope Against Hope because if you get board wiped it wont protect anything.

Maybe consider Captain's Claws or another equipment!

Guinea779 on Sramforge's Aid... Wait a minute...

3 months ago

So I loved this idea and I tweaked it into a pretty slick aggro deck.

Myself I'm running

4 Toolcraft Exemplar4 Inventor's Apprentice4 Stone Haven Outfitter 3 Sram, Senior Edificer3 Weapons Trainer4 Kazuul's Toll Collector

2 Stitcher's Graft4 Cathar's Shield4 Inventor's Goggles3 Slayer's Plate

4 Sigarda's Aid2 Declaration in Stone

2 Inspiring Vantage 2 Needle Spires10 Plains9 Mountain

Just played it tonight at FMN and I got in the top 4. (we didn't finish because it was getting late and most of the guys were going to Columbus for the tournament on Saturday so we spit)

My notes were I think I need to drop the 2 Declaration in Stone and 1 Plains and add in 3 Haunted Cloak

Don't be discouraged over the low amount of land. You don't need a hole lot to play these low drop guys. I honestly believe this deck has a lot of potential. I played 3 control decks and 1 burn deck and I only had issues with a couple games but it was my fault and I should of Mulliganed other than that most of my matches were 2-0. Some went to game 3 but managed to pull ahead. Toll collector is a bomb in the later game when control is running out of gas.

Aric_Haldan on Sram's Forge (boros aggro)

3 months ago

the +1 toughness really helps protect my creatures though, equipping it  Flip to an Inventor's Apprentice or Stone Haven Outfitter takes them outside of Radiant Flames/Yahenni's Expertise/vanilla Harnessed Lightning range. This is quite important since all of those are cards are played quite often and especially the sweepers are dangerous if they would be able to completely wipe the board.

Thraben Inspector could definitely be good in here. i'm currently trying out Bomat Courier and seeing how that one does, they kinda fill the same spot.

Juppe on Nahiri Equips

3 months ago

Hey, thanks for the suggestions.. Here are my thoughts on them:

I really like having an instant answer by Disenchant to opposing enchantments/artifacts and my CMDR already provides a great way to create creatures to equip to.

Stone Haven Outfitter is a great opportunity to max out on Skullclamp-Draws.. especially when my opponent is trying to destroy/exile the Skullclamp as fast as possibly, cause it's an awesome threat. I will try that guy/girl in the 99 :D

Kor Outfitter only equips once per etb and I don't really have any flicker effects.. but maybe Brass Squire is a better way for that. Although when I have Puresteel Paladin out, there is no cost in equipping.. Maybe trying the Squire a bit.

Cobbled Wings is one of the few Equipments that gives flying to a creature besides Bladed Pinions and I like the equip for 1 more than equip 2+first strike..Maybe Fleetfeather Sandals or cutting it in whole, because of the evasion that the swords are providing through color-protection.. I will see :)

Angel of the Dire Hour is a pretty slow panic button in my opinion. I like Comeuppance a lot more :D and it's pretty cool that it works for Planeswalkers as well so my Nahiri is protected too.I already have Sun Titan in the 99 ;) he's awesome!

And to max out on Gauntlet of Power and Extraplanar Lens I need to buy a stack of Snow-Covered Plains... I think that's what my next investment will be

Thanks, Juppe

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