Sai, Master Thopterist


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Rare

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Sai, Master Thopterist

Legendary Creature — Human Artificer

Whenever you cast an artifact spell, create a 1/1 colourless Thopter artifact creature token with flying.

, Sacrifice two artifacts: Draw a card.

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Sai, Master Thopterist Discussion

Boza on Gospodar's Blue-White-Artifact Project

4 days ago

OK, lets do this then! We have to get through a lot:

1/ The strategy is artifacts - Our creatures will be artifacts, benefit from artifacts or create artifacts. Our non-artifact related spells will be counterspells and removal that protect the artifact plan.

2/ Standard rotation - standard is rotating in 2 weeks, kicking out Amonkhet and Kaladesh and ushering in Guilds of Ravnica. I will not include any cards from those sets, so only Ixalan, Dominaria and M19 cards will be used.

3/ The deck:

4 The Antiquities War - main win con!

3 Sai, Master Thopterist - makes a lot of tokens!
3 Sailor of Means - a token, plus a defensive creature!
4 Skyscanner - artifact and replaces itself!
3 Treasure Map  Flip - is an artifact that smooths out draws and makes more tokens!
2 Mishra's Self-Replicator - a separate win condition that multiplies itself!
2 Daring Archaeologist - gives us back an artifact and gets big quick!

3 Spell Swindle - generate a lot of artifact tokens!
3 Hornswoggle - artifact token and a counterspell!
2 Icy Manipulator - removal and an artifact!
2 Ixalan's Binding - some extra removal!

Add 23 lands with as many lands that produce both your colors as possible.

The final 6 cards can be your choice of (in any combination) - Powerstone Shard, Diamond Mare, Meteor Golem, Transmogrifying Wand, Cancel, Baffling End, Syncopate, Seal Away, Divination...

I think this can be a solid deck for playing with friends, with a good mix of interaction, threats and powerful win conditions.

Boza on Gospodar's Blue-White-Artifact Project

4 days ago

Alright, that should be quite enough to go on. Based on that, there are a few ways to go with this deck:

1/ Milling an opponent - if you try to draw cards from an empty library, you will lose. So make that happen with the opponent. For example, you already have Psychic Corrosion.

2/ Artifact synergies - Both Dominaria and M19 sets featured artifact-focused cards in those colors. For example, you already have Sai, Master Thopterist.

3/ General control - counterspells, removal and preventing the opponent from killing you until you get out a game-winning card. For example, you already have Cancel and Riddlemaster Sphinx.

Which one do you want me to elaborate on?

BigDogRemy on The Arcum Asylum

4 days ago

Good suggestion thanks Voke1012! I’ll have to go get Sai, Master Thopterist. I’ll have to think on the other one, not much room to make changes in the deck lol

Driemer84 on Brudiclad's Repurposing Plant

1 week ago

I picked up some cards I needed to make some changes I had been considering.

Krenko's Command comes in for Hanweir Garrison. I don't really care for Garrison for the same reasons I didn't like Goblin Assault and Goblin Rabblemaster. They don't do anything the turn they come into play and they force your goblin tokens to attack. If there are no profitable attacks then they are actively bad. Krenko's Command gives me what I want for one less mana. The point of all these cards is to put some tokens on the ground and Command does it more efficiently and reliably.

Inferno Titan comes in over The Locust God. The Locust God has just been an expensive token producer in this deck. You can't even copy it since it's legendary. Titan comes in as another win condition.

Hangarback Walker comes in over Sai, Master Thopterist. Sai has really been hit or miss on the amount of tokens he produces. I also am not actively looking to sacrifice artifacts so his second ability only gives me value if someone wipes the field. This isn't necessarily bad, but a lot of conditions need to be met. Hangarback Walker gives me wrath protection similar to Sai, but leaves relevant permanents behind. He also comes down a turn earlier, and its activated ability is very inexpensive.

I've also considered cutting Thopter Engineer over Sai, but Engineer always provides an extra body, and granting my artifact creatures haste is relevant with cards like Thopter Spy Network and Shadring Sphinx.

Voke1012 on The Arcum Asylum

1 week ago

nice deck but why not use a little token generations so you you don't have to sack other things? for instance Efficient Construction or even Sai, Master Thopterist would work well

Driemer84 on Brudiclad's Repurposing Plant

1 week ago

Hordeling Outburst and Dragon Fodder come in over Goblin Assault and Goblin Rabblemaster. I didn't like the fact that both cards forced your goblins to attack. This could be negated with Brudiclad in play by turning them into a different token, but these cards often came down several turns before Brudiclad and would be forced to suicide into my opponents blockers. Outburst and Fodder provide a good amount of tokens that can sit back and wait to be repurposed.

Inventors' Fair comes out for Scavenger Grounds. I never really need to tutor for a specific artifact, but there is almost always a use to exile graveyards in my meta.

Future considerations.

Storm the Vault, Scourge of the Throne, The Locust God, Lightning Runner, and Vizier of Many Faces are all up for consideration to be cut.

Scourge and Lightning Runner don't always guarantee infinite combat. Someone will eventually be at a higher life total than you and stop Scourge from triggering, unless you have enough tokens on the first swing to trigger enough combats to finish everyone off. The same goes for Lightning Runner. You have to have 4 swing and 4 at the next combat to go infinite. Combat Celebrant does this with one copy and is half the mana.

The Locust God really doesn't do much for the deck except add a token each turn, unless I have a draw engine online. At 6 mana I think I can do better.

I've never been a big fan of clone effects, and the reason to run this guy is for his embalm so he really only gives you the value you're looking for if he's in the yard.

Storm the Vault is often a 4 mana do nothing. It's not terribly difficult for me to get 5 artifacts on board, but the cards is pretty hit or miss. Most of the time I have better things to do with 4 mana, and when I have 5 artifact in play to flip it, I'm usually set on mana.

Also up for consideration to be cut is Sai, Master Thopterist. He's been good in only one game that I can think of where he produced two thopters and drew me one card. I think Hangarback Walker would be a good replacement for this spot.

AirForceOne on Colossal Stampede

2 weeks ago

FLATSO99 i do not know why but I rarely use mana rocks nowadays. I have a Sai, Master Thopterist deck and there I use several mana rocks. What card would you exchange for Thran Dynamo and why ??

Thanks for the opinion =D

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