Trail of Evidence


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Uncommon

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Trail of Evidence


Whenever you cast an instant of sorcery spell, investigate. (Put a colorless Clue artifact token onto the battlefield with ", Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.")

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Trail of Evidence Discussion

Ringohs on Still trying this combo

2 days ago

QHero The deck is centered around Trail of Evidence and Mechanized Production. That might change your comments :)

QHero on Still trying this combo

2 days ago

I think that you're placing too much on that single copy of Torrential Gearhulk. You should probably run it as a playset, and if you're looking for cards to cut I would recommend Pull from Tomorrow and Magma Spray. Magma Spray can be put in the sideboard while Pull from Tomorrow can't be flashed back to any effect with Torrential Gearhulk. I also feel that Trail of Evidence is largely unnecessary with the amount of draw spells that you're running. Running playsets of the best counterspells is probably a better idea than running a hodgepodge of different counterspells also. It does seem to me that you're running UR Control deck with a gimmicky twist, so I do like that.

aleister23 on Feel Your Mind Shatter Before Me

1 week ago

I think Trail of Evidence would be a great addition here.

I would take out all Daring Sleuth  Flip and add 1 trial and more control elements, as you dont realy need the sleuth for your gameplan

Mandalorian on GWB Investigation

3 weeks ago

If you're going to do an investigate deck, then I would focus in on that and drop a lot of the stuff that doesn't help achieve that. Lone Rider  Flip, Ulvenwald Captive  Flip, Ulvenwald Hydra, Sigarda, Heron's Grace, Heron's Grace Champion, and even Duskwatch Recruiter are cards that could be dropped. If you do you can go up to the full amount of Tireless Tracker (when you get them), Graf Moles, Bygone Bishop, Confront the Unknown, Ulvenwald Mysteries, and another Journal and Patrol. To make the deck more consistent and sleek you should drop a lot of the 1 ofs as well like Traverse, Trail of Evidence, and Fleeting Memories.

Modern also has some pretty cheap mana fixing to help your deck like Glacial Fortress, Sunpetal Grove, Lumbering Falls, Stirring Wildwood, and Seaside Citadel.

Since a lot of your cards are 3 drops like Tracker, Mole, Bishop, you should add a playset of mana dorks to help accelerate. Birds of Paradise is going to get you the most bang for your buck but if that's still too expensive then you could do something as simple as Elvish Mystic.

Lastly you're gonna want some number of removal spells. Path to Exile is the best removal spell in these colors but if that is too expensive then you might have to settle for something like Journey to Nowhere.

Hope this helps!

Freezeblast on Ruins of Jori

3 weeks ago

After some thought, I have added Trail of Evidence. There are very many instant and sorcery cards being cast and the more cards drawn the better.

Pieguy396 on R/U Creative? (Help)

4 weeks ago

Maybe add some removal and counterspells? Magma Spray, Supreme Will and the like? I'd take out Fleeting Memories and Trail of Evidence for those. Also, I don't think you need so many finishers, maybe take out Breaker of Armies for Sweltering Suns or Radiant Flames.

InquisitorBiggie on Humans Forever

1 month ago

I might remove the Thraben Inspectors and replace them with two Oketra the Trues for those reasons, redknight44. If I have Oketra, the Aven Wind Guide, and Odric out, all my creatures will have flying + vigilance + double strike + indestructible. The Inspectors are there mostly to give something early for Ulvenwald Mysteries to work with, but I think the Trail of Evidence will hold up in pulling out some clues.

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