Oracle's Vault


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Oracle's Vault


, : Exile the top card of your library. Until end of turn, you may play that card. Put a brick counter on Oracle's Vault.

: Exile the top card of your library. Until end of turn, you may play that card without paying its mana cost. Activate this ability only if there are three or more brick counters on Oracle's Vault.

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Oracle's Vault Discussion

butthurt_qrow on Hope (this actually works!) of Ghirapur EDH

6 days ago

I actually own a colorless artifact deck IRL with Karn, Silver Golem as commander.

You should add Oracle's Vault, as once it's active, it forms a pseudo-infinite combo with Paradox Engine. Also, Semblance Anvil can also help with ramp.

Akroma's Memorial is a disgusting card, giving all your creatures a bunch of various buffs.

A really funny card I have in my deck is Warping Wail. It allows you to counter target sorcery, which means those dreaded Merciless Eviction, with artifact chosen.

saralach on Selvala Big Green Mana

2 weeks ago

I overlooked Omnath in the list. Khalni Hydra is great for the devotion theme. Doing something similar with mine. I'm also using some sneakiness to bring my stuff out. Fauna Shaman/Survival of the Fittest to bring creatures to hand and Elvish Piper/Quicksilver Amulet to bring them out.

I've been working on my Selvala (post it when I have time) and came up with a convoluted but fair infinite combo- Killer Bees/Unyaro Bees. Paradox Engine, and Oracle's Vault. You don't really need a big creature to get this rolling, but it helps. Bring stuff out with the vault, tap Selvala for mana and pump into the bees. Paradox untaps your nonlands and you keep going, making the bees bigger as you go. Eventually, you get to Nissa, Worldwaker to untap some lands then finishers like Craterhoof Behemoth/Walking Ballista. It's happened twice so far.

MaelstromMaxima on Oloro life transfusion

3 weeks ago

I don't know about your budget, but Greater Auramancy is better than Cloud Cover. You also have cards like Enlightened Tutor and other tutors to faster find your wincons.
Drana's Emissary is not a great draining card, especially since it's a creature. If you wanted to continue further with the drain theme, a card like Palace Siege would be better.
Sunscorch Regent is an odd card. Which I would easily take out for other cards, such as Divinity of Pride, Serra Ascendant or Serra Avatar.
Remand isn't that great in commander, I'd rather have a card like Disallow or Dissolve.
Bontu's Monument. Not a great addition to the deck, considering your low amount of creatures in the deck. Oracle's Vault could be a substitute.

Overall, I like this deck, since it reminds me of my own first commander deck Oloro, Controlling your foes to death

Pieguy396 on dark forest2

1 month ago

Hey there! This looks like a great start to your first Magic deck! Welcome to the game, and to!

First of all, I would recommend reducing your deck size to the minimum - 60 cards. For every card you add over the minimum, it reduces your chances of drawing your best cards. I get that this might be hard to understand - if I add more cards, wouldn't my deck get better? However, let's say that Oracle's Vault is the best card in your deck. (This is just an example, your best card could very well be something else.) With a 105-card deck, you have a 1/105 chance (0.95%) of drawing Oracle's Vault. With a 60-card deck, however, your chances of drawing Oracle's Vault rise to 1/60 (1.7%), almost doubling your chances of drawing your most powerful cards. In any case, I'd take out the following cards:

This should make your deck a little more consistent, and hopefully a little more fun as well. In any case, I hope you have an excellent time playing Magic!

gabrielguieiro on -1/-1 Counters Everywhere (under $20)

1 month ago


About the 1/1 that comes from Nest of Scarabs, they can hold the game far enought to your finishers take the game - or they can be finishers itself (not rarely the table become full of them. And by "full" I mean like 10, 12; A single Channeler Initiate with 2 nests in game generates 6 tokens. Westvale Abbey  Flip can be easily added in a 2-color deck as yours, using the little 1/1 bastards to transform it.

The cartouche and Trials combo has beem proved not worthy - except in limited formats. The possibility is nice, but in a meta full of fast spot removals, its a risk that we cant afford. But, its just my opinion.

I understood the artifacts point. But I think they are underwhelming cards if compared with others cards with same CMC in your deck. And can be a terrible topdeck. Example: in average, what do you prefer to draw in 4th turn; a Kalitas or a Oracle's Vault? A Kalitas is a good draw when you are ahead or behind in game. Oracle's Vault is better in a very, very specific situation. So, this kind of card only should be used (in a competitive enviroment) in a very, very specific shell. And I dont believe this one is. Sorry if I sound rude or arrogant.

Making a wrap-up, as you asked for, look for these kind of cards (underwhelming). I think;

gabrielguieiro on -1/-1 Counters Everywhere (under $20)

1 month ago

Nice deck! I'd like to give my 2 cents:

  • Nest of Scarabs is the best card for this shell, by far.
  • Ammit Eternal is the 2nd best card for this shell. =)
  • Channeler Initiate is incredible. Ramp and -1/-1 enabler.
  • Liliana, Death Wielder have a really high curve and it's not a 'game changing' like a 7-mana PW should be, IMHO. And eats 1/3 of your budget. The Scorpion God its better and cheaper (if you think this BG could be splashed for red, of course. If you do, have a look at Soul-Scar Mage)
  • I think Cartouche of Ambition is underpowered. Compete with good 3-mana cards (such Ammit Eternal and Baleful Ammit) besides the fact that an aura always can be a target of a 2 for 1 (destroying your creature in response)
  • As said before, Grind / Dust is way better than Splendid Agony besides the sorcery speed. And, with Channeler Initiate there is a chance to cast the Aftermath.
  • Bontu's Monument is also underpowered. And only benefit 12 of 19 of your creatures
  • Oracle's Vault seems powerful, although is slow. But, what do you plan to cast for free (the best upside of the card)? Besides the PW (1 card) nothing seems deserve to be cast "for free".
  • 19 lands is quite a few. For your curve, and without ramps, at lest 22 lands is required

theawkwardstag on [[Primer]] - Daretti the Degenerate (On Hiatus)

1 month ago

I based my deck on yours but with a Aetherflux Reservoir/storm approach and Oracle's Vault has been an all star. Great on its own but even better with Paradox Engine and Sensei's Divining Top.

Of course you can manipulate the top of your library with Top but I prefer to put it on top of my deck then activate the Vault and cast the Top for free. Paradox Engine untaps the Vault, and mana rocks, and I repeat until I draw into the Reservoir or my infinite mana + Goblin Cannon combo.

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