Heirloom Blade


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Uncommon

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Heirloom Blade

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +3/+1.

Whenever equipped creature dies, you may reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card that shares a creature type with it. Put that card into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.

Equip 1

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Heirloom Blade Discussion

ZendikariWol on the magic of ur (new to edh)

4 days ago

Kindred Summons would be immensely destructive in this deck. As would Kindred Dominance and Divine Reckoning. Your creatures are also big enough that opponents may want to remove them, so Heirloom Blade may be worth your time, as well.

zamiero on Mirri's Selesnya Cats

1 week ago

Cats certainly drew a lot of cards and made a lot of mana... sounds like an EDH deck!

Skullclamp and Heirloom Blade were critical to keeping creatures on the board. Your deck brought pressure to the table beginning on Turn 3 or 4 (without casting your general). You gained life to offset the early attention, then had a trick or two during the game to preserve your board and/or life total.

I cannot think of any significant suggestions, as the deck has a good variety of abilities.

bloodangeluk on Vampires, Reborn

3 weeks ago

Some suggestions.

Replace Bloodcrazed Neophyte. If you want a 2/1 CMC 2 vampire, get Child of Night or Tithe Drinker. Bloodghast is definitely the best to add but it ain't cheap and you don't have much in the way to abuse it's easy recursion mechanic.

Go for the Throat is really scene dependent, if you do see Artefact Creatures, Condemn Terminate Murder or even better, Hero's Downfall are easy replacements.

Blinding Flare is really not doing you many favours and super situation. Anguished Unmaking or Utter End (both, both is super good) will straight up remove the threat for you and even adds more control over things you are seem weak to deal with.

Really Dislike Damnable Pact, I'd suggest replacing it with a more economic draw like Sign in Blood or Night's Whisper.

Death's grasp. If you want more creature killing power, add one of the removal I've already suggested, if you want to drain players, Debt to the Deathless.

I prefer more control over what is getting removed than what Consuming vapors offers really. You are in the 3 best colours for spot removal.

Again, don't like Skeletal Scrying, but you have a fair bit of draw so how about some recursion? Oversold Cemetery or Phyrexian Reclamation plays into Edgar's hands, providing you with vampires to recast and get more tokens. If you do want instant speed draw, Merciless Resolve is perfect. You're making shit loads of tokens so can put them to good use.

Vampiric Fury is super situational, but I do like it. I do think Stensia Masquerade is better though, mainly because it sticks around for more than one turn and can put things heavily in your favour.

Faith's Reward is definitely a hit or miss card. Sure, everyone should be running board wipes (You really should slot some into this deck as emergency buttons) but it's just, I'm not a fan. It would be my first cut to put a board wipe in like Wrath of God, Merciless Eviction or the likes.

Dark Prophecy is super bad for it's mana cost, definitely a mono-black deck card. I'd suggest Phyrexian Arena or Underworld Connections or Greed Instead.

The Curses do you no favours really. Well Vitality could. But I'd much rather replace them for some anthems. Dictate of Heliod, Cathars' Crusade, even Spear of Heliod for it's rattlesnake effect are all ways to get more productivity out of your tokens. For something more thematic and possibly easier to get a hold of, Campaign of Vengeance is both thematic and will mess people up with how many dorks you can swing with.

The Rings aren't great. I'd put back in Heirloom Blade and then slot in a tutor. Vampiric Tutor, Demonic Tutor or Diabolic Tutor.

Shimtalia on Blitzball

1 month ago

A bimonthly update for all you good boys and girls!

In - Heirloom Blade, Pillar of Origins, Unclaimed Territory

Out - Hibernation's End, Grand Coliseum, Plains

AllhydeNoJekyll on Wasitora

1 month ago

-1 Phyrexian Arena +1 black/green draw spell of your choice (Read the Bones, Sign in Blood, Rishkar's Expertise)

-1 Thundermaw Hellkite, as cool as he is, most dragons have flying and you don't need much more evasion than that. If you're looking for damage to non-fliers, +1 Siege Dragon.

-1 Lightning Greaves, +1 Swiftfoot Boots

-1 Sol Ring, +1 Worn Powerstone

-1 Descendants' Path dead draw, too much of a gamble each upkeep try +1 Heirloom Blade for similiar, but more consistent effect.

Kureon on An Army Forged by Faith [WIP/EDH]

1 month ago

Alright, I think I'll try cutting Geist-Honored Monk and Juniper Order Ranger as you said but I am not quite sold on Heirloom Blade and cutting Gisela, the Broken Blade. I just recently moved Heirloom Blade out my list because I just felt that it did not do enough to consider running it. As for Gisela I have come across the occasion quite some time that Gisela, the Broken Blade along with Odric, Lunarch Marshal have carried some Games single handedly. Cutting Heron's Grace Champion might still be worth a though and I am really interested how you would suggest to bring in the cards you mentioned in your first post since you got a point, some of those are really handy despite the limitations I mentioned. Another thing i'd like to hear your opinion on is whether I should keep running Always Watching , despite my list becoming somewhat more Token heavy, I still consider it a really good card.

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