Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil


Midnight Oil enters the battlefield with seven hour counters on it.

At the beginning of your draw step, draw an additional card and remove two hour counters from Midnight Oil.

Your maximum hand size is equal to the number of hour counters on Midnight Oil.

Whenever you discard a card, you lose 1 life.

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Pioneer Legal
Limited Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal

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Midnight Oil Discussion

DreadKhan on Evasive Rogues

3 months ago

zephyr_chang Part of me reads Midnight Oil and is deeply unimpressed, but what I thought of was that if you play it in the right deck, it's a slower Phyrexian Arena without the drawback. This requires you to have a low cmc average while also not running too many lands. You need an empty hand every turn somehow, and to have not had to discard to get it there.

The part of me that hates it sees it as slow, janky, and very able to backfire. This is why I run only 2, I almost never want to have more than 1 out, and don't expect anyone to bother removing it. To be frank, what am I missing? Is 4 mana so slow it's just not worth bothering with, ever?

zephyr_chang on Evasive Rogues

3 months ago

Midnight Oil is probably not good enough for modern play to be honest

Kiran_M on The Gift You Wish Would Stop Giving

4 months ago

I would definitely run Ashiok, Dream Render as it is amazing in your game plan. Other than that, maybe a Ghostly Prison type effect to slow the game down or Force of Negation as you have a lot of blue spells and sometimes countering one more thing can be vital. Maybe Midnight Oil or Steel Golem as some more donate cards. I love the overall look pf the deck, just needs a bit of fine-tuning.

TheVectornaut on

1 year ago

By using your own spells to kill off a Gray Merchant of Asphodel just to reanimate him, you'll be giving up a ton of card advantage and losing tempo. If you're really interested in abusing the Merchant's ability by getting it to trigger multiple times, I'd consider running blue for bounce effects like Unsummon , or better yet, white for flicker like Cloudshift . You could also set up a Panharmonicon to double the trigger automatically. However, there really isn't any need to do so. The better option is to just invest in the mono-black devotion plan enough that Gray Merchant will kill in one hit. I recommend looking up black devotion lists to get an idea of cards to add. I've had a lot of fun with a devotion zoo deck using 1 drops like Gravecrawler , Gutterbones , and Bloodsoaked Champion with Midnight Oil and Phyrexian Arena to refill. In general, you just want to include the most black mana symbols for the lowest cost (while also bearing card power level in mind). Vampire Nighthawk and Despoiler of Souls are two cards you already have that fit the bill. Some other favorites are Gatekeeper of Malakir , Phyrexian Obliterator , Gifted Aetherborn , Dread Shade , and Geralf's Messenger . These decks can be a little pricey, especially if you include a set of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx . If you're looking for a more gradual form of life drain, Orzhov lists are a popular way to do so. They run cards more in the vein of Obzedat, Ghost Council , Wall of Limbs , and Kambal, Consul of Allocation . They might also take advantage of lifegain with Ajani's Pridemate , Felidar Sovereign , or the Sanguine Bond / Exquisite Blood combo. One of the reasons these decks are so popular is that they can easily be built on a budget. As a final note, I'd like to point out that you're currently lacking the mana needed for the curve you have. I'd want at least 20 lands here and maybe as many as 25 to avoid constant mana screw. Good luck with your build!

KayneMarco on One with the land

1 year ago

How bout the combination of Midnight Oil and Damia, Sage of Stone You maximum hand size will be reduced to 1 but you’ll be refilling your hand every turn and it won’t matter if you have to discard down to 1 because you can play them from the yard.

griffstick on Fractured identity combo time

1 year ago

So over time since the release of Fractured Identity I keep thinking of reasons that this card might be underrated. Definatly under used. And it's simply broken lol. Let me explain. I've thought of a few cards that go great with it. Cards that create a great situation for you or just out right win. So heres what I got so far, here we go.

So far thats what I got. With enough ideas i can make a deck out of this idea. Obviously phage the Untouchable is the best one. My question to you guys is, what did I miss?

solarbeam on

1 year ago

BW control generally involves discard spells. You can get some good ones with Duress , Despise , and Castigate . If your friends play mostly creatures, then Harsh Scrutiny is good too. Hymn to Tourach is relatively cheap, but it's very very very very strong, play it at your own risk of creating an arms race between you and your playgroup.

Removal spells like Mortify , Unmake , Anguished Unmaking , Silence the Believers , and Declaration in Stone are all fantastic and I would recommend them over murder or avenging arrow any day.

Healer's Hawk is definitely more of an aggro card, if you want an effect like that, I would recommend Vampire Nighthawk . Obzedat, Ghost Council is incredibly strong, as is Blood Baron of Vizkopa . Vona, Butcher of Magan is incredible too.

I love merciless eviction, but you should really only run one, I would recommend you play some copies of Day of Judgment , Languish , Wrath of God , and Ritual of Soot to get those wraths earlier and keep the board clear.

I cannot recommend enough some Isolated Chapel s, Temple of Silence , Concealed Courtyard s, Shambling Vent s, and Caves of Koilos . Fetid Heath has recently plummeted in price as well, but I don't know your budget.

You'll definitely want some card draw to refill your hand too. In these colors it comes at the cost of life, for the most part. My personal favorites in casual decks are Twilight Prophet , but she is ridiculously expensive, and Kaya, Ghost Assassin . Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip, Phyrexian Arena , Greed , Sign in Blood , Night's Whisper , Damnable Pact , Dark Bargain , Read the Bones , and Midnight Oil .

Hope this was at least a little helpful!

Hobbez9186 on Midnight Isolation

2 years ago

Got some games in with this tonight and Tragic Poet did some work with Cast Out that was interesting. Had double Poets down and was able to cycle, activate Faith, draw, sacrifice, return Cast Out, cycle, activate Faith, draw, sacrifice, return Cast Out, cycle, activate Faith, and then discard to hand size thanks to Midnight Oil and activate Faith a few more times all with just six mana to drain out a win (started with just land and Cast Out in hand and converted it into three new cards and then discard down to zero because of Oil with 0 counters on it at the end step for a total of 6 Faith activations to drain 12 life). Kambal, Consul of Allocation was an All-star as well buying all the time in the world to get set up. The abundance of Isolation effects to control the other side of the board worked exactly as planned, and Kambal did his thing to make digging, countering, and setting up combos very costly for the opposing life total. I love this :)

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