Patient Rebuilding


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Rare

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Patient Rebuilding


At the beginning of your upkeep, target opponent puts the top three cards of their library into their graveyard, then you draw a card for each land card put into that graveyard this way.

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Patient Rebuilding Discussion

Anagkai on Dusting off my U/B mill ...

4 days ago

Hi, I really like milling and thought about building a deck myself. But I dind't do it yet. I have recently seen some mono black cards for that, but I can't recall where. Things like Dead Man's Chest. Also Patient Rebuilding from M19! It not only mills well, it also gives you card advantage.

WKM on The Hate Mill, Inc.

1 week ago

With Naru Meha, Master Wizard in the deck I'd replace the Siren's Ruse with Release to the Wind it's a bit more costly but does the same thing but can target something your opponent has in a pinch and most fun of all can instantly mill out your opponent with Drowned Secrets. Also personally I'd prefer replacing things like Weight of Memory and Patient Rebuilding with some counters such as Syncopate, Essence Scatter to help keep from being overrun by creatures in the early game.

TheNocholas on Gregarious Grasshoppers

1 week ago

Neheb, the Eternal could be used as ramp to utilize your card advantage. Patient Rebuilding could be useful as consistent card draw. I just got a copy of the locust God for The Old Grixis Mill hopefully I will see a solid wheel and swing play with him.

theplotthinnens on Everyone is Lazav

1 week ago

How's Patient Rebuilding been working for you? Perplexing Chimera?

Seer's Vision is a new one for me, good find! Looks like a fun, solid deck.

Natalbee on Standard mill

1 week ago

Diligent Excavator and Jhoira's Familiar don't really do much for you here. The only Historic cards you have are the Howling Golems, Powerstone Shards, Sentinel Totems, and the Familiar itself.

I think Patient Rebuilding is too slow. Drowned Secrets with Psychic Corrosion should be more than enough, and then you fill out the rest of your deck with card draw and counter magic. Radical Idea would be better than Opt because you can cast it twice and it draws you two cards.

By the time you can attack with Fleet Swallower, you're probably only milling a small amount of cards because their library is dwindling. You can mill 10 at a time with only a Drowned Secrets, a Psychic Corrosion, a Radical Idea, and your draw for the turn.

I also don't know what Powerstone Shard and Howling Golem are doing for you. Also cards like Disperse and Blink of an Eye are good.

xhuggels on Bolas Infiltrates Dimir

3 weeks ago

It entirely depends on what you want to do most. I would suggest first decide whether you want to mill or surveil. If you want to mill, you will want to either go mono blue or blue/black in a control shell(lots of counter and killspells), with 3 copies of Psychic Corrosion and Patient Rebuilding, with maybe 1 or two copies of Fleet Swallower, but usually mill decks dont rin creatures. If you want to surveil there are two ways you can go. You can go the blue/black discard route, where you play 4 copies of Disinformation Campaign and Thought Erasure, with Unmoored Ego in the sideboard. For creatures you wil want 2 copies Dream Eater, and 4 copies of Doom Whisperer, along with some Nightveil Predator, for 8-9 creatures total. If you are on a budget use more Dream Eater and less or no Doom Whisperer. The rest of the cards will just be killspells and surveil like Discovery / Dispersal and Notion Rain. The other way you can go wth surveil is the creature heavy way with 4 copies of Dimir Spybug, Thoughtbound Phantasm and Nightveil Sprite or House Guildmage. There are lots of other surveil creatures you can add as well, but your main focus would be to make Dimir Spybug or Thoughtbound Phantasm big enough to win you the game.

One final way you can go, that awkwardly enough can combine both mill and surveil in a decent way is to go with blue/black Drowned Secrets and Thief of Sanity and Lazav, the Multifarious. You will want all your spells to have blue in them, so no black only spells. Many of the blue/black spells we have in standard do have something to do with surveil, and you can use surveil to find these key cards so you can mill them real bad.

Zygomatic on CounterMill

3 weeks ago

I feel that Perilous Voyage isnt acomplishing too much. The loss of CA so early in the game hurts way too much... I don't see any need for Patient Rebuilding. I already have a lot of card draw/cantrip effects and full tapping on turn 5 is really uneffective against aggro, so maybe against midrange decks. I also feels that when i have 5 unused mana, the game is either already win/already lost.

Tempest Djinn sounds good but im worried about lava coil, that makes him useless against red aggro which is the hardest machup anyway.

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