Ruthless Knave


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Ruthless Knave

Creature — Orc

, Sacrifice a creature: Create two colorless Treasure artifact tokens with ", Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."

Sacrifice three Treasures: Draw a card.

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Ruthless Knave Discussion

xhuggels on R/B Vance's Munitions

1 day ago

Captain lannery storm seems amazing then! Hey, what do you think of swapping out treasure map for vance's blasting cannons ? it helps with CA in some way, as you technically draw an extra card each turn, and then becomes a repetative Lightning Strike if you can flip it. if this goes in i think Angrath's Marauders doesnt need to be there, nor treasure map for that matter.

Also thinking about Ruthless Knave as its a decent body and sacking a dire fleet hoarder to it gives us 3 treasures. Its also another way of getting rid of Ruin Raider at the time it becomes a danger to us to keep around.

x_ile on Arrrrr you ready?

3 days ago

+1 just for the name LOL xD well done :)

As for the deck, I would like to tell that the suggestions of Zalader, are really on a point You might want to also take a look at Captivating Crew, it's a pirate, that not only is modestly balanced as a 4/3 he can help you use bigger treats like dinosaurs to your advantage. If you go that way, of stealing opponent board, I also suggest sacrificial outlets like Ruthless Knave so you can kill your opponent's creatures after you use it against him :)

Hijack might also be worth looking into, cheers mate !

xhuggels on

1 week ago

Oh yeah back in the kaladesh block i made an artifact deck with MM as a win-con, and Syndicate Trafficker, Metalwork Colossus and a combination of implements and puzzleknots as sack outlets, but as they cycle out of standard in a few months i wanna avoid them. Havent played it yet, literally just a quick train of thought i wanted to put on paper. Not even sure itll work i just think the 4 treasure generating combo is insane lol. This isnt a deck im really interested on working on, rather just an idea i can throw out there for people who may be, and by no means is this what the final product should look like. The problem i have with Arguel's Blood Fast is that it first takes a bunch of life, then it allows yo to sac creatures to gain life, and 5 life is precious little in a meta where 8 damage can come from nowhere. Also you can only sac 1 creature a turn. it just seems like unless you are sacking them through Ruthless Knave , you are probably better off using them as blockers.

xhuggels on Treasure Production Control

1 week ago

With rivals they actually made Revel in Riches doable. Im thinkin Pitiless Plunderer with Ruthless Knave sacking a Gleaming Barrier or dire fleet hoarder for a whopping 4 treasures. its even doable in aggro...imagine that.

xhuggels on Treasure Production Control

3 weeks ago

Revel in Riches does seem a bit hard to get to. ive been trying to make it work without success. i feel like i need to mention the Ruthless Knave , dire fleet hoarder combo when it comes to treasures however. sack the hoarder for 3 treasures! its pretty need, and i feel like that combo along with treasure map is the only real way you can get to 10 treasures effectively. The problem is you will need some pretty epic control to protect that for that long. Marionette Master works amazing with servo, etherium, and treasure tokens though, and im totally in on that plan, and it seems like Panharmonicon can be really strong too. I just feel like racing for the treasures and control seem to wanna work against one another. Idk i cant make it work.

Ta11Man on So Much Booty: A Treasure Deck (Updating for RIX)

1 month ago

@Ninjew42, Thanks for sharing your deck with me. It looks very interesting but I thank that if you really want to prioritize your treasure production, you should look at including Kaledesh and Aether Revolt. They will be in Standard Rotation until Dominaria Block releases in April 2018. I also think that having 40% of your non-lands be CMC 5+ seems like a bit of a gamble. I worry that against some of Ixalan's hyper aggressive decks, there could be issues.

@DragonEleven, I like this suggestion. A friend of mine runs a deck that tries to combo Panharmo and Walking Ballista, the panharmo strats can get really crazy. Its something I'll probably try.

For some reason, right now, I feel like I'm not getting enough land drops. I'm considering temporarily swapping one Ruthless Knave and one Sailor of Means for a swamp and island.

JonMH on Marionette Treasure Tokens

1 month ago

Ruthless Knave might be a possibility for a 3 drop for you.

LeaPlath on Frontier Cube

1 month ago

Heya all.

So as to stop competing with the other cubes in the area (we have powered, pauper, eternal and C/U) I've decided to turn my cube into a frontier cube. This means only cards since M15, which gives me 14 sets to work with.

I could expand this to only frontier bordered cards, such as those from the Commander sets, as it gives access to some powerful interesting creatures that support archetypes I want to develop. For example Akiri, Line-Slinger is a powerful interesting card with a somewhat build around me ability who could go well in the RW Cars archetype, or powerful game ending spells like Ezuri's Predation for ramp archetypes.

I am also thinking about this as having archetype support and cross over. So for example, the R/B archetype is steal and sacrifice. W/B is tokens. R/W is cars. So there is some obvious cross over, such as the token decks being able to use sacrifice outlets for extra value if they are getting multiple small creatures from 1 card,

So here is what I have and the sort of level I want in terms of power level, would value your opinions. I am not having planeswalkers except the origin flip walkers due to power level and the recent move away from burn spells going face to deal with walkers and to creatures.

W/U: UW Flyers with a Dragon subtheme. There are a lot of decent U/W flyer cards and there is always an option to go aggro with something like favourable winds , backed up with recent flyers from other colours. The dragons are more control finishers and enable some synergistic cards such as Orator of Ojutai or similar. The two sort of signalling uncommons I intend to have are

U/B: U/B Artifacts, with a bit of a treasure subtheme. Deadeye Plunderers and Tezzeret's Touch as signalling uncommons. If I do decide to go into commander packs and stuff Baleful Strix is a control and artifact deck option.

B/R: Steal and Sacrifice with Makeshift Munitions and Ruthless Knave as signalling cards. There is also an option to try something like a R/B Vampires/madness deck but that has less cross faction synergy.

R/G: Land based ramp. I'm struggling to find uncommons that support this as well as the others as they tend to just be big vanilla beaters, but Raging Swordtooth is probably there as he punishes you for playing mana dorks.

G/W: I am not 100% on this one, it could be a G/W counters deck or G/W Humans but I'm not sure.

W/B: Tokens! The two signalling uncommons being Call to the Feast and Hidden Stockpile.

B/G: I'm not sure on this either. I'm thinking a G/B Elves deck which can be beat down or ramp using stuff like Shaman of the Pack to drain or the mana dorks to drop some big bomb like Ulamog or a gear hulk. There is also stuff like Constrictor for counter manipulation that has synergy with energy and stuff but I'm unsure how good it is?

G/U: I'm tempted by energy as there is a lot of semi decent energy generation and payoff cards like Hydra which are OK on their own but really good with enough energy production. However this means generically good stuff like Glint-Sleeve Siphoner might make people blur and expect more pay off in black than that one card.

U/R: Raid/aggro with a pirate subtheme/pay off cards. I'm concerned though that they may not be enough pirates or hint at it being 3 coloured for me to include Fathom Fleet Captain which is good in tokens or in a generic aggro deck.

R/W: Cars! Renegade Wheelsmith and Veteran Motorist are both aggressive and play well with cars. There is some concern though about them being too generically good and making the R/W player fight too hard.

So folks, your thoughts?

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