Theater of Horrors


Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) Rare

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Theater of Horrors


At the beginning of your upkeep, exile the top card of your library.

During your turn, if an opponent lost life this turn, you may play cards exiled with Theater of Horrors.

: Theater of Horrors deals 1 damage to target opponent or planeswalker.

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Theater of Horrors Discussion

Darkshadow327 on There's A Snake In Your Boot!!!

17 hours ago

Bedevil and Theater of Horrors seem like they could be pretty decent cards in here.

derbrack on dance till you die (and then some)

1 day ago

He has 4 priest and 4 reaper already, though a couple Rix Maadi Reveler , or Theater of Horrors in the sb could add draw.

JeppeFugl on Victory or Death ~ Mardu Midrange [RNA]

5 days ago

Zimmers_0 Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not a huge fan of Font of agonies in the sideboard. The games where you want to sideboard Font in, are the games we sideboard out the pieces that enable it. If I were to play card:Font of agonies it would be with Doom Whisperer and the rest you suggested, but that is a different deck. Wouldn't replace Aurelia unless it's for another 4 drop. Need to consider the curve.

PeachSchnaawps Thanks for the comment! Regarding Bo1 I dont have a good answer since I mainly expect to be playing this traditionally. However if I were to play this in bo1 I would look to change Adanto with something else. Linear aggressive decks are heavily played in Bo1 and Adanto is really bad against those strategies. You could also change Kaya's Wrath with Vraska Contempt to make up for a worse control matchup without Adanto. So I suggest changing Adanto with lets say Knight of Grace (it's fine versus aggressive decks and Golgari) or Tocatli Honor Guard main again (the free wins versus Golgari is nice). Not sure if I would take out Kaya's Wrath for Deafening Clarion unless it's tokens or mono red everywhere. Being able to take down Niv Mizzet og Carnage Tyrant is still valueable.

Theater of Horrors Seems a tad bit too slow for the maindeck. Getting some card advantage was one of the problems for Boros Angels (also why they dipped into Jeskai), and cutting the Resplendent Angel's for something like midnight Reaper should help mediate that. Also I might go back to Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip if the new card doesn't work out.

Thanks again for the comment! Love some suggestion and spitballing ideas. Let me know if you have more questions. I try to tune my newest decks each week so be sure to check back at any time :)

PeachSchnaawps on Victory or Death ~ Mardu Midrange [RNA]

5 days ago

I like the idea of this deck. It feels like a Boros Angels or Jeskai Midrange deck from GRN, but with a few different tricks.

How would you adapt this to fit the Bo1 format on Magic Arena? Deafening Clarion seems like the best sweeper against aggro decks but it conflicts with Seraph of the Scales and some of the cheaper creatures. Maybe it doesn't matter because of the afterlife effects?

Do you think this deck can benefit from some sort of value generating card? Theater of Horrors seems like an option, although I'm not sure how it will perform in practice (too slow?). I like the inclusion of Midnight Reaper. With all of the removal being printed, it seems like its highly possible that the big angel threats get answered and then you are reduced to hoping for good top decks.

Boza on Ravnica Allegiance: Spoilers and Speculation

6 days ago

Alright, so I think this is a good time for a recap on Ravnica Alligience. I think this is the best standard set in recent memory, and I did not think I would say that after the excellent Dominaria and Return to Ravnica sets. It strikes the balance between power level, good enablers, combo potential, playing well with previous standard sets and flavor very well.

I want to highlight the top ten cards for me as of now in the set, 5 for the guild-colored, 5 monocolored:

Prime Speaker Vannifar - This card strikes the perfect balance between all 4 categories above and for me, it is the best card in the set. Heck, besides being powerful, it is an Elf Ooze Wizard which just tickels the imagination.

Dovin, Grand Arbiter - congratulations WOTC, you finally learned how to make a non-formulaic planeswalker that is actually good! Dovin strikes a very good mix on the above categories, which is a rare occurence for 3 mana walker.

Nikya of the Old Ways - this scores well on all the categories above, while also providing fun little minigame in its first ability, much like Nullhide Ferox from last set. Great in Commander too, which I can say for a lot of cards here, giving the whole set a larger audience.

Theater of Horrors - this scores really high on all the marks above, especially the buildaround part, but even more on flavor. Rakdos are fully embracing their macabre circus roles. It works great with their mechanic and it is well costed to boot.

Teysa Karlov - 3rd teysa iteration is arguably her best. Flavor, good build around, powerful in multiple formats, high marks all around.

Going in wubrg order for the monocolor ones:

Unbreakable Formation - high marks on a lot of scales, but mostly the power level and showing off the new ability in a great way. Great card for many, many decks in a lot of formats.

Verity Circle - never has Blustersquall looked so good. And it stacks. And it enables itself (albeit for a high cost). May look as just a solid limited card, but it has the potential to be much more. Plus, sweet azorious flavor.

priest of the forgotten gods - flavor, power level, combo potential, playability in other formats (mostly Commander). Having a Muldrotha deck in the works, the excitement for this card is only surpassed by Vannifar, and that is very high bar.

Electrodominance - high marks on combo potential, playability in other formats and power level, this card does it all. The only thing I do not like is that we did not have it in the set with all the Izzet. Essentially, this card reads : "give any spell in your hand flash. When you cast it, it deals damage equal its CMC" is powerful and right now, I cannot imagine all the possibilities. heck, you can even overpay to deal more damage. If it wasn't for Vannifar, this would be my top card of the set.

Wilderness Reclamation - high marks on all accounts, but combo potential (by staking multiples of this), flavor and multiple format playability is a great thing for this card. Despite being in another guild, it enables addendum perfectly. The first deck I will build in Arena will be a Wilderness Reclamation + Electrodominance combo deck.

Overall, I think this is one of the best sets wizards has produced. A lot of cards scoring high marks in all accounts, this top ten (I know there are still 2 days of spoilers, but couldn't wait).

One keynote - did you notice how good sets have become now that Wizards has a Play Design team? It is as if players are pretty good at crafting a good playing environment! I think that team is the reason we have such a good set on your hands.

What is your top card, top 5 card, top 10 cards of the set?


6 days ago

Theater of Horrors is excellent. It is a better Outpost Siege since it allows you to cast any card exiled with it in future turns. Outpost Siege saw genuine competitive play in its Standard format and I fully expect the Theater to see legitemate competitive play as well as a card advantage engine. It looks to be the real deal, especailly if a midrange strategy that incorporates Rakdos colors that plays stuff like Shock or Lightning Strike emerges, which is likely. If you are planning on picking up any of the cards from the new set in a preorder, that enchantment is a good one to pick up early. It is definitely a potential sleeper card.

Coward_Token on Ravnica Allegiance: Spoilers and Speculation

6 days ago

Mirror March is a slam dunk for Okaun, Eye of Chaos & Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom, but you all thought of that already

Awaken the Erstwhile is a spicy and reasonably costed way of making everyone hellbent. Obviously goes well with e.g. Theater of Horrors & Experimental Frenzy

manticoreknight on GET READY FOR THE SHOWSTOPPER!!!

1 week ago

TheGreatBooster I don't like Krark's Thumb in this build, because it only works with the commander. If it had more sinergy with the deck, I might have considered, but right now, I don't like this inclusion.

Gracco I added now, alongside Theater of Horrors for good measure. I don't know if this enchantment will works, but I really want to try it out.

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