Wavebreak Hippocamp

Wavebreak Hippocamp

Enchantment Creature — Horse Fish

Whenever you cast your first spell during each opponent's turn, draw a card.

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Set Rarity
Theros Beyond Death (THB) Rare

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Format Legality
Brawl Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Pioneer Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Historic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Highlander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Arena Legal
Casual Legal

Wavebreak Hippocamp Discussion

GregariousG on Kalamax EDH

1 month ago



Your average converted mana cost is low enough to go to 33 or 34 if you had mana dorks.


    Rashmi, Eternities Crafter: Rashmi is incremental advantage. You and both know that you are going to play cards on other people’s turns, so why not get free stuff for doing so? Wavebreak Hippocamp does the same thing if you want more of this effect.
    Spellseeker: Spellseeker grabs most of the instants and sorceries in your deck and more food for Prime Speaker
    Thing in the Ice  Flip: I noticed that you don’t have ways to protect yourself. If played earlier, you can flip Thing in the Ice and reset that battlefield. It was dumb in other formats, it’s dumb in EDH as well.

Instants and Sorceries

    Swan Song: Another good counter spell, but you have that covered pretty well. Once again, no one cares about one 2/2 bird….no one…
    Nature's Lore: This is only and grabs any forest onto the battlefield. Most of the time, you are going to tutor for Forest, so why not grab Breeding Pool instead?



    Raging Ravine: Ok, it has your colors. Are you ever going to activate this man-land? Also, it comes in tapped. Gross….
    Arch of Orazca: I think Arch is better in decks that lack access to card draw. You’re in . Drawing cards, most of the time, is not going to be a problem for you.
    Frilled Mystic and Mystic Snake: I’ve fallen for this trap too. I don’t want to pay for a counterspell on a weak 2/2 body. Compare these two cards to other mana spells like Cryptic Command. This cards counters, protects, and draws cards. I prefer utility creatures with more flexibility.

hubatish on Budget Tasigur control

2 months ago

Enjoyed playing against this the other day! Many thoughts:

  1. Woah - 33 lands?? Sounds low, though 6 1-drop accelerants + 7 2-drop accelerants probably help. Arbor Elf seems bad with the low forest count though. And minor upgrades to 2-drop slot may be possible - new Commander decks have had Arcane Signet & Modern Horizons had enemy colored Talismans.
  2. You mentioned cutting/trimming the reanimator package as probable improvement - woah! That sounds crazy; Reanimate effects are one of the more broken things black can do, since you get to cheat on mana, possibly recur something that's been removed, or steal someone else's thing (but mostly cheat on mana). Eg by spending 2 on Animate Dead to get back Muldrotha or 2 on Dance of the Dead to get back Seedborn Muse.

However, there may be some clunky pieces which were stuck in your hand.

Two possible solutions:

  1. Replace the clunky pieces with ones that have better floors when they're not great. Example - Aetherflux Reservoir - yes this is a win condition with Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal but so are lots of other things... another mana rock in that same spot would let you make infinite mana, which with Tasigur lets you mill your whole deck & put it all into your hand. Winning from there should be trivial (Laboratory Maniac does it).

  2. Improve card selection to help you not have those pieces in hand as often.

Some draw/discard spells can help you do both - increase selection & provide a discard outlet for reanimatble fatties. There are tons of blue cards that do this:

Scryfall search for "draw discard" in BUG

I personally think Frantic Search is kinda broken (generates mana with a bounce land??) and have a soft spot for Looter il-Kor but there are lots. Should be better than Buried Alive.

Finally, some cards have come out that help out the Seedborn Muse / 17 instants part of the deck:

DaveofCanada on Curious Control -- Kestia Enchantress

2 months ago

Neat idea! Few things came to mind.

Looking at the list, Hushbringer seems a nice compromise between Tocatli and Hushwing Gryff.

Wavebreak Hippocamp seems like it would be a nice include, as a second Rashmi that also counts as an enchantment for the purpose of enchantresses + Kestia triggers.

Not 100% sold on it but another thing that came to mind about cheap CMC auras was Instill Energy and Mind Harness but without the totem armor/buff, they might not do enough to warrant adding.

One that might be worth running--even with the Rest in Peace--is Gryff's Boon for the cheap CMC evasion + the ability to recur if it ever falls off.

blfngl on Kykar's token spells

2 months ago

Hey! Sorry it took so long for me to take a look at your deck, but I finally got around to it. I'm not sure what direction you're looking to take the deck, but here are my initial thoughts on your list.

You have a relatively low amount of draw, you definitely want more. You're looking for cheap draw spells to chain in between your other spell casts, so I'd consider playing the classic blue cantrips:

Brainstorm is a great example of a classic, powerful blue cantrip, but without fetchlands to support it, I'd take it out. The real power from Brainstorm comes from its gleaning ability rather than raw card draw power. Despite that being said, Brainstorm synergizes very well with anything that says "when you draw a card", such as The Locust God.

Other very solid draw spells include:

I'd consider including ALL of the cantrips from the first list and at least one from the second (100% play Chart a Course).

Your removal suite is very robust, which is good. However, you're playing two unconditional wraths that will affect YOUR board in addition to your opponents. I think having Supreme Verdict is fine, but I'd take out Time Wipe. Lightning Bolt seems weak to me too, I'd play Path to Exile over it. The option to point it to the face shouldn't matter too much; you have plenty of direct damage with a huge Comet Storm, Earthquake, etc. Reckless Abandon seems meh to me as well, I think you could be playing a much more impactful spell in its slot.

Now let's talk about the creature suite you're running. With only eighteen instants and no way to give your spells flash, I think Wavebreak Hippocamp is rather weak. If you were playing Vedalken Orrery or Leyline of Anticipation in combination with the hippocamp I'd be more inclined to keep it. Apart from that, if you're happy with the creatures you've included I wouldn't make any other changes. However, you should consider these as possible includes:

Here are some miscellaneous notes I took while reviewing your list:

  1. I'd swap out the panorama lands. I think you have enough fixing to warrant their exclusion.

  2. I'd consider including the enchantments Impact Tremors and Shared Animosity. Both are insane with your commander's ability.

  3. I'd play Lightning Greaves over Swiftfoot Boots. I don't see you copying anything you want the greaves attached to. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

  4. I'd cut Approach of the Second Sun. It's slow and will paint a massive target on your head once cast. If your plan is to copy it as you cast it, I'd include cards like Dualcaster Mage or Ral, Storm Conduit.

  5. 100% include Aria of Flame; that card is bonkers in EDH. Just don't forget your verse counter triggers!

  6. Consider cutting Gush. The card is extremely strong but can be awkward to cast sometimes.

That wraps it up, I hope these observations were helpful! Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, I'll do my best to be prompt the next time :P

HorseTribalLord on Kalamax

3 months ago

Hey I really like you deck, I think Kalamax seems like an awesome commander. Here are a couple cards that I think would do good in this kind of deck. Wavebreak Hippocamp for some card draw when you’re casting spells on your opponents turn. Rashmi, Eternities Crafter just for some more value and to keep you rolling. Also Naiad of Hidden Coves helps you cast you spells easier. And finally Seedborn Muse which will just help keep you going throughout your opponents turns.

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