Elemental Bond


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Uncommon
Magic Origins (ORI) Uncommon

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Elemental Bond


Whenever a creature with power 3 or greater enters the battlefield under your control, draw a card.

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Elemental Bond Discussion

elgosu1337 on Floating Death

2 weeks ago

Your list looks decent for a start actually. A couple of things I would recommend cutting are Fist of Suns, because it only saves you mana for Dragons that cost 7 mana or more (because Ur-Dragon already gives -1), and Tainted Strike because it won't kill a player in a single attack because you need 10 infect damage to kill and none of your creatures can deal 9 damage, except Atarka with double strike, and maybe Ramos. Maybe also Warstorm Surge since the cost is quite high, compared to Sarkhan's Unsealing.

A bit more ramp would help. Skyshroud Claim gives you untapped Forests, which is great if you have lands that are Forests and another type, e.g. Cinder Glade and Canopy Vista. Other ramp that adds good mana for its cost are Overgrowth, Thran Dynamo, Gilded Lotus, and Coalition Relic.

You could add some cheaper Dragons to attack earlier, like Thunderbreak Regent, Territorial Hellkite, Verix Bladewing, and Phantasmal Dragon. Hellkite Tyrant has a useful effect. Among the bigger ones in your maybeboard, Broodmother, Intet, Scourge of the Throne, and Yosei could be helpful.

A bit more card draw would also help, like Temur Ascendancy which also gives haste, Elemental Bond, Garruk's Packleader, and Vanquisher's Banner. Defense of the Heart is always good if you own a copy.

RingoDingo92 on Talking Politics with Gishath

2 weeks ago

Good looking first deck! I'll offer some suggestions to help out :)

You may want more cheap ramping with Dinos being so expensive, in order to lower your average CMC. Rampant Growth, Farseek, the applicable signets: Gruul Signet, Boros Signet, and Selesnya Signet, Darksteel Ingot, and even the higher-cost Explosive Vegetation and Skyshroud Claim make a lot of sense here. Birds of Paradise might be worthy of honorary Dino status here too.

As far as enchantments go, Elemental Bond can easily provide draw, while both Fervor and Fires of Yavimaya are worth considering for haste, the latter being the better of the two if you only add one. Steely Resolve offers some really nice, cheap protection for tribal decks. Beyond any of these, you shouldn't really be running a lot of enchantments in this deck, so don't worry too much.

Speaking of protection and haste at cheap costs, you can't go wrong with Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots.

To make room for any changes you might want to make, I suggest mostly, if not totally, dropping the Enrage-trigger strategy. I played a Gishath deck for a little while on Cockatrice and discovered quickly it's not really viable. Enrage already makes your opponents apprehensive to attack by virtue of it existing on your creatures. So, when they do choose to attack or block your dudes, you'll still be able to reap the benefits without any effort. Instead, my advice is focus on ramping, getting your dudes out there (especially Gishath), and using good removal spells and world effects to reset the board when needed.

elgosu1337 on Windgrace, Lord of Tokens

3 weeks ago

Hour of Promise or Pir's Whim in place of Solemn Simulacrum. Horn of Greed for land-based card draw. Skullclamp could let you draw from the small tokens. Garruk's Packleader and Elemental Bond let you draw from the big ones. Deathreap Ritual and Smothering Abomination lets you draw from sacrificing tokens. Shamanic Revelation draws lots of cards and gains you life. Symbiotic Deployment works too.

Sporemound makes tokens from landfall and goes infinite with Life and Limb. Dunes of the Dead and Gods' Eye, Gate to the Reikai are lands that make tokens when they are sacrificed. Helm of the Host is great when equipped to creatures that make tokens. Blade of Selves might work too. Nacatl War-Pride is really strong with token doublers.

Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip, Mana Echoes, and Xenagos, the Reveler will generate a lot of mana from tokens. Druids' Repository adds mana when they attack, and Pitiless Plunderer adds mana when they die.

To make your tokens bigger, try Beastmaster Ascension, Guul Draz Overseer, Coat of Arms, Shared Animosity, Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest, Bloodspore Thrinax, Ogre Battledriver, or In the Web of War.

Hexaflexagon on Command the Angels

3 weeks ago

multimedia, the difference between Yavimaya Elder and Solemn Sim is a very good point which I'll have to think about. As for your Elemental Bond idea, I see what you are saying as there are a lot more effective 5-drops than 3 drops. I'll definitely make the switch. I'll have to think about Congregation at Dawn, as I don't know what to take out. I'll see how my deck does on MTGO before buying most of the cards and making any changes. However, you do provide a great point.



multimedia on Command the Angels

4 weeks ago

Hey, Banner is fine, but consider Elemental Bond instead? You're drawing cards from both, since all Angels you're playing have 3 or more power. Instead of on cast with Banner you draw when ETB with Bond. I like that Bond is a three drop instead of five. A problem with Banner is it's a five drop and the majority of the Angels here are also five drops this conflicts because ideally you want Banner in play before you start casting Angels. With a turn one mana dork you can potentially play Bond turn two or if not play it turn three before you start playing a lot of Angels. Bond is nice with the Angel token creation strategy. This can get out of hand and any time a 4/4 Angel is created it ETB, you draw a card each time a token is created which is powerful. Tokens are not cast so you don't draw with Banner.

Elder is a good card and a great suggestion, but I like Solemn rather than Elder here because Solemn land ramps when it ETB. Elder doesn't land ramp, it puts two basic lands into your hand, this is good, but it's not ramp because the lands aren't put into play. Now, if you were playing Oracle of Mul Daya, Exploration or other cards that let you play an additional land per turn then Elder is really good because then you can land ramp with the lands he gets, but you're not playing those cards.

Another card to consider is Congregation at Dawn, it's a three drop Worldly Tutor to get three creatures. There's some set-up here with different Angels that really increases the power level. Dawn lets you tutor for three different Angels/creatures and put them on top of your library in any order. You can get benefits from knowing there's Angels on top of your library with Herald's Horn and Descendants' Path.

MJS154 on How many dragons should I ...

1 month ago

So it sounds like these are the card I should put in the deck: Glorybringer, 2x Demanding Dragon, 2x Scourge of Valkas,1 Dragon Tempest,1 Utvara Hellkite,1 Ryusei, the Falling Star,1 Dragon Broodmother,1 Birds of Paradise, 4x Generator Servant, 4x Dragonlord's Servant, 4x Savage Ventmaw, 4x Xenagos, the Reveler,1 Blood Moon,1 Destructor Dragon,1 Atarka, World Render, 1x Shaman of the Great Hunt,1 Elemental Bond,1 What types of cards should I use for filler? Or is this enough? Thank you soooo much for your time and help, I greatly appreciate it. Any other cards/concepts I should stay away from?

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