Elemental Bond


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Uncommon
Magic Origins (ORI) Uncommon

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Elemental Bond


Whenever a creature with power 3 or greater enters the battlefield under your control, draw a card.

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Elemental Bond Discussion

DanowarElf on Atarka, Game Ender

1 day ago

Vayder84 - Thanks for the suggestions! These could definitely work in some Dragon builds, but here's why I've decided against them...

Coat of Arms - Since dragons naturally have such a high mana curve, I wouldn't properly utilize the card. CoA would accidentally give more benefits to my opponents and decks that max out on little guys, like The Locust God! (Locust God is bigger than a 4/4 or izzet just me?). Most of the time I'll have like 2 to 5 dragons on the battlefield at a time (not including random tokens). So I feel like Crucible of Fire fills this slot more efficiently and effectively in this deck.

Vanquisher's Banner - I would pick Elemental Bond over this simply for the lower mana cost since the +1/+1 is negligible in relation to my big flyers. I took out Elemental Bond awhile ago because, while early game it is great, late game it is just flat out dead. I didn't like it much and eventually replaced it with one-time draw effects to refill my hand.

Door of Destinies - The reasoning behind this is similar to Vanquisher's Banner and Elemental Bond. With my high mana curve, this would slow my tempo quite a bit. And if I drew it late in the game, I'd rather just play another dragon.

Thanks again for the upvote and comment bro! :)

Condenserhead on DINOQUAKE!!! (Dinosaur/Land Destruction EDH)

1 week ago

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I was thinking about using Star of Extinction + Heroic Intervention as a potential combo, as well as putting Boros Charm in there as another way to protect my dinos. In terms of removal, I only have Terminus in there as a complete board wipe, largely because it would bury my dinos rather than send them to the graveyard, at which point Gishath, Sun's Avatar would still be able to retrieve them. After running a couple simulations, I agree, I need some additional card draw; Mind's Eye and Elemental Bond are two that I am absolutely going to work in.

As for Reverberate my main reason for having it in the deck is twofold. First, it gives me a small amount of protection against counter-spells, so I can hold it until I am ready to cast something potentially game-winning to ensure that the spell goes off. Second, if I am not playing against a control deck, I can use it to tutor since I am out of black. Beyond that, it can also serve a utility purpose of being additional ramp or spot removal as a two cost.

Berserkers' Onslaught, Stranglehold, and Elixir of Immortality are all cards that I have been extremely wish-washy over. Ultimately, I think you are right; they are probably cards that would be best served as a sideboard depending on the meta. Chaosphere seems like a great addition over any of those three. I might also include something like a Whispersilk Cloak to make sure my commander gets through to trigger its ability.

Again, I appreciate the input.

AmazingGrace15 on DINOQUAKE!!! (Dinosaur/Land Destruction EDH)

1 week ago

Looks like a very solid foundation. As for certain cards to remove, I'm seeing some weakness in cards like Elixir of Immortality, Berserkers' Onslaught, Stranglehold and Reverberate for the following reasons: In commander, Elixir of Immortality isn't going to do all that much. 5 life isn't a lot at all, and although shuffling your graveyard into your library is nice, I think you'd be better off with something that buffed your creatures or mana ramped even more. As for Berserkers' Onslaught, although it is a good card, I think you'd be better off with something that helps you against evasion, like Spidersilk Armor or Chaosphere. Stranglehold is entirely about your meta and how your playgroup plays, but if you're not getting that much use out of it then I think it is worth taking it out. I say that because in my playgroup we search our libraries infrequently and for basic lands, and we rarely ever take extra turns. Now for Reverberate, although it is good for control, I don't see it being super helpful. That is, unless it was just a way to cheat a tutor not in your colors (like Demonic Tutor), or something of the like. I rarely ever see people play cards like Reverberate unless they're playing a Narset, Enlightened Master deck, but maybe that's just my playgroup.

A general rule of thumb I go by is a simple template created by the guys at The CommandZone Podcast, where they say to include 10 draw cards, 10 ramp cards, 5 single target removal cards, and 5 board wipes. I notice there isn't a lot of draw, so you might want to consider cards like Rishkar's Expertise, Mind's Eye, or Elemental Bond. For ramp, there's always the signets as well as Kodama's Reach, Darksteel Ingot, Burgeoning, etc. I know you wanted to have a small focus on removal, but it is hard to do that in a deck that loves creatures. I usually find that 5 single target removal cards works well for me (that is, various cards like Swords to Plowshares, Oblivion Ring, etc.). Since this is a creature heavy deck, 5 board wipes is probably a bit much, but 2 or 3 is fine. You could even combo with a Blasphemous Act + Heroic Intervention if you wanted. Just a thought.

I know this is a long comment but I hope it helped. Looks great, good luck!

awalloftext on Gahiji: Forever War

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment, Coward_Token! Some good stuff here - I may end up trying a "3 or greater" power build some day to leverage things like Elemental Bond. Seems like fun.

Imperial Recruiter and Recruiter of the Guard are also excellent suggestions - if I get an extra of either I'll have to swap them in for sure.

Coward_Token on Gahiji: Forever War

2 weeks ago

Hello, really fun deck you've got going here, it's been nice to follow its continuous development. I have some thoughts, forgive me if they contain too many things you already know:

How is Curse of Predation working out for you? I feel the deck already has OK weenie support and that the slot could be better served making it more consistent by patching up its weak points

Some sets of possible drawpower alternatives:

Someone mentioned Recruiter of the Guard so I'd thought I'd point out the old-school Imperial Recruiter as a possible alternative to it for the sake of completion. Out of the cards in the current deck they each have exclusive access to the following creatures:

  • Guard: Fumiko, Mirri & Tireless Tracker

  • Imperial: Selvala & Windborn Muse

Finally, a somewhat radical & meta-dependent suggestion that would probably require other changes: Angel of Jubilation. It hates on sac engines trying to abuse your gifted tokens, but it conflicts with Selfless Spirit and the three fetchlands (And you might find that it comes in a bit too late due to its mana cost, both in terms of CMC & symbols)

Osbert on Saskia, The Unallower (Aggro-Hatebears)

2 weeks ago

It's truly funny that I would go full circle; I found this deck list again while trying to improve my own. I think Druids' Repository is a fantastic card that suits what the deck wants to do, I'm kind of dumbfounded I never considered it in anything but elf decks. Needless to say it will be going into my deck soon.

I've been playing my Saskia deck a ton and I can proudly recommend a few cards you don't have listed, and most of what I'm suggesting should be on the cheaper end as I also don't own Gaddock Teeg, Linvala, Ect.

Leonin Arbiter, Qasali Pridemage, Mirari's Wake, and Skullclamp just got reprinted in the Cat EDH deck and are very powerful inclusions, so either buy them separately or just buy the box of kitties.

I noticed you only have 3 pieces of card draw which seems a bit low. Elemental Bond can offer quite good draw power, it's a permanent for Primal Surge, and it costs less than $1. The only downside is you could kill yourself off primal surge, however after looking at your decklist, it only triggers off of 16 creatures in deck without having any other buffs up.

I also see you are missing 2 of my favorite flyers; Stonecloaker and Hushwing Gryff. They have flash,they mess with people's stuff, and they fly; everything I love in a creature card.

You can look at my deck list if you want some more ideas. Mine was built for a Game mode called Kingdoms so it uses some odd choices but quite a bit can be used still.

Jagd_Tallgeese on Dinosaur Rampage

2 weeks ago

Primeval Bounty and Elemental Bond would fit nicely. If you are afraid of your creatures being targeted, or your enchantments getting blown up, there is Privileged Position, Wild Ricochet, and Not of This World to consider.

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