Puresteel Paladin


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia Rare

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Puresteel Paladin

Creature — Human Knight

Whenever an Equipment enters the battlefield under your control, you may draw a card.

Metalcraft Equipment you control have equip 0 as long as you control three or more artifacts.

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Puresteel Paladin Discussion

maximum on Attack of the Clones

1 day ago

Draw can be a problem in every deck. I get more issues with getting enough mana to play Kemba for the 5th time because she got killed or countered before I had priority. If I do have spare mana I can use it to move equipment around to other creatures because I don't like killing with commander damage. That being said there 4 cards that allow for draw ( Howling Mine, Sword of Fire and Ice, Puresteel Paladin, and Sram, Senior Edificer). There are also 4 tutors Enlightened Tutor, Stoneforge Mystic, Steelshaper's Gift, and Stonehewer Giant.

jagnascar on DarienSuicide

1 week ago

If your 4 for 3 comment is refering to the Trident, your creatures should get much larger than 3. Also, I forgot to mention I run Puresteel Paladin and Leonin Shikari. The Shikari does wonders with your Lightning Greaves.

Maulhawk on Kemba Voltron

1 week ago

Is there a reason you didn't include Emeria, The Sky Ruin?

Also, is Raksha Golden Cub above the Mana curve you want to maintain?

Leonin Shikari is fun for loading up Kemba, Kha Regent before upkeep and redistribute after your upkeep as needed if Puresteel Paladin is metal crafting.

Strambotikous on Titan-finity 1.2

1 week ago

IggmondVanre Yes, i think Unburial Rites combo its excesive, it needs add minimum 6 cards.

I modified deck to version 1.2 :p Adding Cranial Plating and Glimmervoid and artifact equipments for increase strategy with Puresteel Paladin but only i included x2 cards. One more can be good chance.

PickleNutz on UW Cheerios Reservoir

3 weeks ago

I don't think that at the moment you have enough 0 cost artifacts to really roll the deck strategy. Paradise Mantle is almost essential for a cheerios style deck. Hurkyl's Recall (or another artifact return spell) and Grapeshot are pretty awesome when combined for a combo if you have enough free to play spells. Say you have 10 artifacts in play that cost 0 and Sram, Senior Edificer is already in play. You play Hurkyl's Recall (returning all of the artifacts to your hand), then play them all again with Grapeshot right after. That is 11 damage. To maximize that combo you need cheap draw spells on top of Sram to load the board with your artifacts. Puresteel Paladin would also help, but I understand it is two white mana devotion. Maybe the Paradise Mantle or Springleaf Drum could help you add him in too. Good luck.

Obviously Mox Opal would be amazing, if you have the 200 bucks to get a playset.

IlGuale on White Knights Unite (Without White Knight)

3 weeks ago

Hello again! I generally suggest you to Lower your cmc in order to mantain an aggressive playstyle. You have a lot of back-up cards, in the case the game goes long, but i would rather try to win before that point. In this sense, i'll drop some (if not all) of rhose heavy equipment for something likeAccorder Paladin or Hero of Bladehold, since they can deal respectable damage on their own and power up your army with Battlecry. If you wanna remain in the equip way, you will love Puresteel Paladin. Some else value card can be: Fiendslayer Paladin and Paladin en-Vec (these are probably better as a side card like); Silver Knight and White Knight, i read the title, but their ability to avoid most frequent removal is really something, Knight of Meadowgrain; Knight of the Holy Nimbus; Kinsbaile Cavalier and Silverblade Paladin if First Strike is not enough.I hope i have been of some help.

2gherkins on What to build next?

1 month ago

Oh, storm you say? Did you mean Puresteel Paladin storm?

Why yes I did. If you look on mtgtop8.com you can see under the "other" combos list that Cheeri0s or Puresteel Storm is starting to work its way into competitive magic. Take a look at my decklist: Puresteel Storm (MDN)

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