Puresteel Paladin


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia Rare

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Puresteel Paladin

Creature — Human Knight

Whenever an Equipment enters the battlefield under your control, you may draw a card.

Metalcraft Equipment you control have equip 0 as long as you control three or more artifacts.

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Puresteel Paladin Discussion

Winterblast on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 day ago

We mostly play 3 player games locally (sometimes 2 and 4 players) so that's what I played online as well with Arahbo. Aggro being seen as weak helped in taking the first player by surprise and then the remaining opponent usually wasn't a big problem. For 4 players I would probably take one of my other decks.

I would say it's a typical late night deck for when everyone has already taken out their 2nd best

What could be used in other decks that want to attack is Bloodforged Battle-Axe and Puresteel Paladin. I had that thing on a double strike creature once and it drew like half of my deck within two turns. Still needs a deck that wins by damage though.

Winterblast on Arahbo's Killer Kittens

3 days ago

Well, unfortunately it's not a replacement. I wouldn't play it in an aggro deck but rather in control. I mean cataclysm works also good in control if you build around it but in aggro the best mass removals are land removals. If you aren't allowed to play that in your group you should probably replace your mass removal slots with even more aggro.

If you have problems in being the first and worst threat on the table, you probably need to reconsider your choice of creatures, ramp and pump spells.

Having played several games on Xmage with Arahbo today I can tell you a bit about what I felt were the game winners so far. Puresteel Paladin and Bloodforged Battle-Axe is absolutely ridiculous - it wasn't removed for very few turns and the paladin drew half of my deck! Elspeth, Knight-Errant is also a killer because of the additional boost and evasion, Umezawa's Jitte is deadly with the Hungry Lynx and also with Duelist's Heritage, Strionic Resonator won a game because it can copy so many important triggers for example eminence...on the other hand I wasn't impressed by Balan, mostly because I never got enough equipment to give him double strike, also Loxodon Warhammer did nothing in most games because it's too mana intensive. I even hesitated often enough when the choice was between playing swords other than fire and ice and something else...often these swords were held back in favor of other spells. Maybe this changes when I can test Nazahn and his hammer but the hammer hasn't worked online yet. Sigarda's Aid isn't worth the slot as a replacement, just not good enough.

Hope this helps in tuning your deck, although my build is made for much faster play with very few late game bombs.

LeaPlath on Artifact spam

4 days ago

So do you know that Puresteel Paladin exists and would make this deck better? Lots of 0 cost equipment, but it means you can curve yourself from the 2 drop to the 4 drop and combo off like that as opposed to playing 2 4 drops.

Also the equipment beatdown, is it needed? It just clunks your deck if you don't draw enough.

TehGrief on Rafiq and his Many Weapons

6 days ago


Nice deck you have there.

I do have a couple suggestions:

Equipment Show

Creatures Show

Enchantment Show

Sorcery Show

Lands Show

Hope that helps!

pettigrew23 on Cheeri0s / Equipment Storm

6 days ago

I didn't realize the potential for this deck until I saw getting out two Puresteel Paladins. Once that happens its over hahaha!

Thormy on The Cat experiment!

1 week ago

I sugest Ghost Quarter. And Arcane Lighthouse

If you're going that heavy in Equips you should put Open the Armory and Steelshaper's Gift. The Puresteel Paladin is also fantastic, even more with Leonin Shikari. Sigarda's Aid is almost a must have, trust me.

For equips i would try to find space for Konda's Banner. Fantastic equip for a tribal Deck. And Stoneforge Masterwork. Maybe Door of Destinies and/or Moonsilver Spear. Angel tokens FTW.

Weltbild on Sram's Artifacial Cheer10 Storm

1 week ago

@tjgangl: Thanks for your input! This deck doesn't really care about which equipment ends up in my hands though. I need to get Sram, Senior Edificer out and try to cycle through my deck (preferably also having Puresteel Paladin and/or Alhammarret's Archive). Win is achieved by either getting 1. Aetherflux Reservoir online, 2. attacking with a huge Paladin (Blade of Selves for Multiplayer) or 3. continued activations of Hankyu/Wolfhunter's Quiver using Paradox Engine.

Everything else either helps assembling combo pieces or providing enough mana.

feyn_do_alduin on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

1 week ago

lol i agree on the synergy of Puresteel Paladin and bloodforged axe! but the same synergy exists between the hammer and the axe, infact it's better in that the hammer forces equiping at instant speed at no additional charge, in the same way Sigarda's Aid does

I, for one, am certain to attempt running both. because on their own, each is really good. together, it's nuts.

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