Temur Ascendancy


Creatures you control have haste.

Whenever a creature with power 4 or greater enters the battlefield under your control, you may draw a card.

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Temur Ascendancy Discussion

Derpsofdoom on The Ur-Dragon Initiative

4 days ago

Hey everybody, it has been a little while since my last post, but I am here to answer everybody's questions and clear up any confusion. So without further ado, lets start another dissertation.

@MadDogLai: I am well aware of the worldgorger combo, and have been considering it for a while. If combined with something like the Elemental Bond and Temur Ascendancy, then that also means you have infinite draw to go with that infinite mana. You would essentially win the game right there at that point so I have been really considered putting that combo in.

@Rabid_Wombat: Yeah, more rocks the better. decided to not go with paradox engine, but have been considering getting some new cards, in fact, I already have some on the way. Sadly, the Mana Crypt that I really want is not in said package. I also wouldn't mind owning a Mox Diamond as well. Those two are great cards. I am a little hesitant on Lion's Eye Diamond because it is a sac affect and well price. Those three all together are over $200. think I will start with just getting my Mana Crypt as a start and keep building up from there.

@potatopotatopotato: Yeah, I know that top tier competitive commander decks all have a low average cmc and are generally not built around attacking. I get that, but, I still feel there is a way to do it. I believe any deck can be competitive if build correctly. Maybe cards don't exist for said competitive version yet, maybe they do and nobody has built it yet. Doesn't mean I can't stop trying. So while your opinion is valid, I will continue with how I want to play and make my damn best attempt at this deck for competitive. Thank you for your advice, and if you have any insights on the deck, I will be more than happy to hear about it.

@Forkbeard: I am glad you enjoyed the deck, it has been a labor of love for quite sometime and I am happy to see how far it has come. So on the thought of Sarkhan's Triumph, I like it, but it is a 3 mana specific tutor. We run Demonic Tutor for the reason that it searches for any card. Which with that in mind, I would think of running another card that adds any card to hand like Demonic tutor does. Cards that come to mind are Beseech the Queen, Diabolic Tutor, Grim Tutor, or even Enlightened Tutor. There also the tutors that put cards on top of the deck, like Vampiric Tutor. I think the ability to search for any card is just arguably more powerful than going for a dragon. The deck also might need more draw power, so I think adding something like Fact or Fiction or Treasure Cruise could be happening. I am also having a hard time fitting any more tutor like cards into the deck right now.

@BrettonTheKid: I personally like Dragonlord Kolaghan. She is great, and it is fine even if the last ability is dead in the water. She is cheaper than Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund, and does the same thing as him without stealing dragons, which if your opponents don't play dragons, is also a dead in the water ability. My playgroups also play a lot of clone affects, so I would end up losing all of my dragons and would die right there on the spot. I do run Homeward Path in the event my stuff does get stolen, but that is one card out of 99. I will not deny though, that Karrthus is a great dragon and was something I did consider. So on to the next part, how is Deathrite Shaman out of place. We get a mana dork that comes out turn 1, can use any of the 10 fetch lands that I have used, or any of the ones that an opponent uses (remember, he can target any graveyard), and he can screw with graveyard decks. Gotten stuck in an infinite loop with Mikaeus, the Unhallowed's undying affect? Guess what, Deathrite Shaman just exiled the creature that was going infinite with the undying affect from Mikaeus. In the words of a friend of mine, Deathrite Shaman is a 1 mana planeswalker essentially.

@Dragonstompy: I am very glad that you enjoy the decklist. It has been fun, but improvements can always be made. In my testing for Rhystic Study, It never comes out. This card stays in the deck and should probably never be removed. It is just so good for drawing. Most competitive decks aren't going to let a rhystic study slow down there progress towards winning so you will be drawing off of that. Some of the time, it will be a lot of cards. If they pay for the study, then they are slowing down their progress which is also something you want. People don't want the dragons to explode, but they also don't want to slow down. Rhystic Study contains only downsides for the opponents and we spent 3 mana for it. I have also considered adding Phyrexian Arena as an extra draw source for the deck along with Rhystic Study. Would certainly never cut the study though. As for Broodmate Dragon, for 6 mana (5 with The Ur-Dragon commander), I just don't think he does enough for the deck. He does give a total power of 8 across two creatures, but I think I would rather spend that mana someplace else. To me, something like Hellkite Tyrant is just so much better. It is a matter of personal opinion, but I can see his appeal for the double enter battlefield triggers with say Scourge of Valkas or Dragon Tempest.

Alright people, that is my lengthy explanations. There will be another update coming here soon. As I mentioned earlier, got new cards coming in, and hopefully they speed up the deck further. One of the new cards being Carpet of Flowers and with most generals using blue in some way, this means only straight profit/value out of this card. Anyway, have a great day everyone and stay safe.

Dragonstompy on Big Boy UR

4 days ago

I highly recommend adding Temur Ascendancy as a low priced staple (30 cents?). 3 Mana enchantment to give all your dragons haste, plus it refills your hand for each dragon you play.

Good luck with your deckbuilding!

Dragonstompy on The Ur-Dragon Initiative

5 days ago

Hey Derpsofdoom,

Very nice decklist! I've also been trying to create a moderately competitive ur-dragon shell after opening the C17 precon because I've found him to be such a fun commander.

A few questions:

  1. In your testing, how effective has Rhystic Study been? I've been running Phyrexian Arena as card advantage in its place and have been debating between the two options.

  2. Is there any particular reason you decided to drop Broodmate Dragon? He's actually one of my favorite dragons to play since it counts as a double etb trigger for cards like Temur Ascendancy, Kindred Discovery , Dragon Tempest etc.

It's always nice to find others to bounce ideas off of. Happy deck building!

BrettonTheKid, I've personally found Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund to be more trouble than he's worth. Depending on your playgroup, a lot of popular EDH spells targeting Karrthus can steal a winning board away from you. I'm talking about common EDH staples such as Rite of Replication, Bribery, various reanimate effects, and clone effects (which don't target).

bushido_man96 on God Tribal

1 week ago

To get devotion for everything you have online, you need more mana symbols in permanents (obvious, yes). Enchantments might help with this. Mirari's Wake would be good for you, and could replace Mana Reflection. It gives you two different pips, and adds one to the deck. Temur Ascendancy is another card-draw engine that should work well with the beef you have in the deck, and is . Collective Blessing might be a replacement for Door of Destinies. Its more expensive CMC wise, but has 3 pips that the Door can't give you. Quicksilver Dagger could be another card draw option. Detention Sphere does what Anguished Unmaking does for you, and stays on the table. You lose the instant speed spell, though. But it gets you more pips, which is what you want. Maelstrom Nexus gives you all five colors. Mayael's Aria might be funny. You could throw Cromat into the mix as well.

multimedia on Is my budget 5-Colour mana ...

1 week ago

Hey, you're welcome. Thanks, glad I could help.

I recently made a budget upgraded version of Draconic Domination, Draconic Might (Budget). It might give you some ideas. Budget Commander decks to me are anywhere between $150-$200. I've done some playtesting with my version, played a few games with proxies and my results so far have been interesting.

The majority of the good Dragons are in Jund: red, green and black colors. Blue is in my opinion not needed at all other than to cast Ur-Dragon from the Command Zone. Kindred Discovery is a good card, but it's double blue which means I'm not playing it. I replaced it with Temur Ascendancy. There are a few Dragons with a single blue in their casting cost which I think would be fine to play because there's more ways to make blue mana to cast Dragons than non-Dragon cards. I've however decided to stick to mostly Jund colors for the Dragons and non-Dragon cards. Using only three Dragons who are white. I've chosen to really limit the amount of white and blue cards in the deck to focus more on a three color manabase than a five color one.

In my version I'm using a large ramp package; much more amount of ramp than the precon: five Signets, Sol, Fellwar, Horn, Rampant, Lore, Cultivate, Reach, Vegetation, Birds, Caryatid, Dragonspeaker and Selvala. Cards that are lacking in the precon are two drops; I filled this need with ramp, nine two drop ramp. I may have gone overboard with the amout of ramp, but I like having the option of actually casting Ur-Dragon.

multimedia on Draconic Domination Upgrade suggestions

2 weeks ago

Hey, the manabase can use a lot of improvement. Even if you're budget you can still improve it with $30 by adding check lands, pain lands, BFZ lands, Exotic Orchard and Forbidden Orchard.

Chromatic Lantern is good to help to cast all your multi-colored Dragons and spells. Two drop artifact ramp: Signets, Fellwar Stone and Talismans are nice additions. As is Birds of Paradise.

Thunderbreak Regent is a good Dragon who wasn't included in the precon. Vizier of the Menagerie is another Lantern effect for your lands for creatures it's an overall excellent card with creatures.

Temur Ascendancy is a powerful enchantment with Dragons giving them haste and drawing a card each time one enters play.

Dragon Arch, Quicksilver Amulet, Lurking Predators or Wild Pair are some ways to cheat Dragons into play.

Sarkhan's Triumph is a Dragon tutor. Dragonstorm can be crazy fun.

DrkNinja on The Ur-Dragon - There can be only one

2 weeks ago

So... I just built this deck for my best friend, and I have a lot of knowledge if you are willing to listen.

The first thing I want to say, don't play The Ur-Dragon as your commander. I get why you did but less on your dragons isn't worth, having to pay 9 CMC for your commander. With Sion as your commander you get to play it turn 5, and put the Ur-Dragon on the table the next turn for , then you just reanimate it with Teneb, the Harvester or any reanimation tool.

Cards to take out:

  • Boneyard Scourge: it's just not that good, I'd rather run Reanimate or Dread Return in its place to bring back a dragon that does something and isn't just a body.

  • Ramos, Dragon Engine: When you play dragons you are under constant bombardment of Wraths because your creatures hit hard and do so much. Ramos will never make it to 5 +1/+1 counters which means he's just a flying body. He needs to be in a deck based around him or using +1/+1 counters.

  • Territorial Hellkite: Its too RNG based it's not always gonna do what you want it to do; there are just better dragons to take this slot.

  • Dragon Tempest: So you already have Temur Ascendancy which is better than the haste on this card, and Warstorm Surge does more damage per dragon. Ultimately this card relies on you keeping a huge board state which just isn't a reality when you sit down at the table with this deck.

  • Consecrated Sphinx: The card is way too expensive and it doesn't get any cost reduction because you are playing a dragon deck. There are dragons that are just better to take it's place.

  • Dragonlord's Servant: I get why it's in here, but again you can cheat dragons out with reanimation and this isn't good enough.

  • O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami: the card is WAY too situational, it assumes that you are playing against a deck that wants to attack you and not by other means. My play group is Omnath, Daretti, Mizzix, and Superfriends none of which this card works to help defeat.

  • Spellbound Dragon: this is only good if you discard dragons to reanimate them.

  • Sunscorch Regent: lets imagine you get this card to become a 20/20 before it gets back to your turn then, I can now Unsummon/Doomblade/Path to Exile/etc. and all it's hard work was for nothing. It's too big a target and takes too long to matter.

  • Fractured Identity: it helps the people you are eventually trying to kill too much to be competitive.

  • True Conviction: It's good but its too expensive when you could play akroma's memorial for the same CMC that doesn't require THREE white.

  • Moat: Dawg... I think you have somethings mixed up here... You are playing DRAGONS, you dare a mothafucker to swing into you! You need to feed your dragons man! Honestly you are the one on offense in this deck you shouldn't care about anyone attacking you; even if they are playing something as annoying as elves, Balefire Dragon just wipes the table with their boardstate. There's just a better card for this slot.

  • Mirror of the Forebears: Mirage Mirror is just better in all ways.

  • Herald’s Horn: Descendants' Path is just better.

Cards To Add Or Look At:

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