Geth's Grimoire


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Darksteel (DST) Uncommon

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Geth's Grimoire


Whenever an opponent discards a card, you may draw a card.

Geth's Grimoire Discussion

DrkNinja on The Pit of Despair: Scarab God EDH

1 week ago

@Darkshadow327 he wants to play discard reanimation, which is why he's choosing Scarab God, honestly it's a deck I've thought about playing.

Also I agree heavily with with the Painful Quandary , Vedalken Orrery (You're too black to play Leyline, lol), Windfall , and Oversold Cemetery ; especially the Quandary it puts your opponents in a lose lose situation.

I'm not a fan of Awaken the Erstwhile.

I also think that you could really use an Ashnod's Altar for some of those X spells to get a a better pay off.

I took at look at my Thought Scour Nath! (love for you guys to take a look at this) deck for some additional adds... here's what I got.

DrowZgam3r on Idle Hands

1 week ago

You seem to be rather light on card draw. A couple card's I'd recommend are Geth's Grimoire and Syphon Mind which would stay on theme.

Other general card I think worth considering would be:

Also I'd say to try and squeeze in a few board wipes like Life's Finale , Mutilate , Crux of Fate or even Crypt Rats

SynergyBuild on Nath "Stax Overflow" 2.0

3 weeks ago

Oppression , Bottomless Pit , Necrogen Mists , etc. all seem like great inclusions, and Words of Waste seems top notch especially with Geth's Grimoire !

SynergyBuild on Nath Stax EDH help

3 weeks ago

Oppression , Bottomless Pit , Necrogen Mists , etc. all seem like great inclusions, and Words of Waste seems top notch especially with Geth's Grimoire !

jadedflames on Muldrotha Stax + Punisher

1 month ago

Dude. This looks super fun to play. I also think this might be the only deck I have seen play Chains of Mephistopholes and not cringe a bit. Every time I run that card it ends up screwing me over too.

I'd definitely consider Geth's Grimoire and Words of Waste. It just feels super good to make everyone discard their hand while you draw twice as many cards as the rest of the table pitched.

How does the Mindslash Sliver work for you? I haven't played against that many Muldrotha decks in my meta.

SynergyBuild on Your Warped Devotion Disgust Me | *BOLAS PRIMER*

1 month ago

DangoDaikazoku of course you'd recommend those xD

Honestly I really recommend Words of Waste out of those ten-fold, think of the value with Geth's Grimoire or Waste Not ;) They discard all discard one, you get 3 draw triggers, pay 3, they all discard 3, you draw 9, now 1 draw turned into a net 18 cards over your opponents at the cost of or with Waste Not as long as you draw a couple cards you can empty their hands, get a ton of mana, and a couple cards, and a horde of zombies xD

griffstick on ♤That empty feeling♧

2 months ago

You know DangoDaikazoku I like Liliana of the Veil just having it in the deck is a flavor win. But man, it's hard for me to spend that kind of money on her. Maybe hopefully opi can open a pack with her in it. Then I'll add her.

After lots of playtesting. I'm about ready to buy this list. Early xmas gift lol. SynergyBuild and DangoDaikazoku, what about Words of Waste! This card goes so well with either Geth's Grimoire or Waste Not on it's own it's still good. Thoughts?

Side note I really had to do a lot of thinking about how competitive I wanted to make this deck SynergyBuild and my play group will not appreciate a competitive deck that does stax discard lol. Way to mean for them. So I'm gonna stick to the original plan. Your suggestions were solid. And ot made me think of the Fleshbag Marauder package. Works great here of course and works with the cmdr too. Also was thinking of removing trepidation blade

Rahvin_dom on ZOa

2 months ago

It sounds like you want to:

  1. Slow down opponents' ability to cast spells, which forces opponents to keep cards in hand
  2. Force opponents to discard, limiting their options
  3. Use discard triggers to punish opponents

This sounds like it can work with Bolas. The risk I'd point out is with the discard punishers, specifically ones like Megrim and Liliana's Caress. They can be a little fragile - once the opponent no longer has any cards, you stop getting triggers. They're nice incidental damage and can add up, but you can't rely on them to actually close out the game. Bolas is also not ideally suited to the stax plan - he doesn't inherently break symmetry, so there are much better options for hard stax.

Your MVP cards in a discard-based strategy are going to be Geth's Grimoire and Waste Not, with Notion Thief as a runner-up. You're playing a control game, and control requires keeping your hand full.

Wheels that discard are going to be excellent for you, getting a ton of discard triggers. Ignore wheels that shuffle and then draw without discarding.

Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur would be a pretty amazing, synergistic reanimation target. You should definitely run some reanimation effects if you plan to force opponents to discard - you can grab tasty targets from your own deck or theirs. Reanimate, Animate Dead, Necromancy, Dance of the Dead are a good start.

For the stax package - Back to Basics is going to be your best target. Use it with Frozen AEther so that all opponents' lands enter tapped, and Basics can keep them tapped down.

Back to Basics doesn;t stop you from using your own fetches (even budget slow-fetches) since you only use those once - they don;t need to untap. Blood Moon works, and it sets your nonbasics to one of your actual colors, but it also turns all your fetches into Mountains. Watch out for that.

I'd also look at Ruination. It's MLD...but it only blows up non-basic lands. It's exactly what you're doing with the enchantments, but with removal.

You already seem to know the mana rock drill from your Nekusar deck. You want to lean heavily on the mana rocks - all of the 2CMC signets/talismans/Fellwar Stone. Fellwar is going to get much less useful once you land Bloood Moon though. Star Compass is useful since you'll be loading heavily on basic lands. Coldsteel Heart is useful to plug a specific color hole. Obviously Sol Ring. You're going to be looking for color fixing more than anything, so Chromatic Lantern is worth the extra mana, and any Mox you can afford are worthwhile (except Mox Amber, that one's less useful).

You need land fetching. Grixis Panorama is normally not a recommendation, but it can find any of your three colors, not just two, and you're already basically excluding fetchable duals with the stax effects. Journeyer's Kite and Thaumatic Compass  Flip, Armillary Sphere, Pilgrim's Eye, Skittering Surveyor, Solemn Simulacrum, Sword of the Animist, Wayfarer's Bauble are all at least playable. The ETB creatures are useful if you plan to abuse Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip's ETB effect - you can use blink effects and Panharmonicon to get extra triggers.

Blood Moon and Back to Basics are great, but they likely are not enough to consistently slow opponents enough to be wroth all of this workaround by themselves. Even Ruination doesn't add enough. Unfortunately Grixis doesn;t have any of the neat land-untap triggers like Nature's Will or Seedborn Muse - if it did, you could abuse things like Stasis and Rising Waters and Static Orb more easily. Still, you could support Winter Orb with enough mana rocks. Be sure to run good one-sided artifact removal like Vandalblast to keep opponents from using their own rocks.

And of course Omniscience can let you blow up all the artifacts and lands and still play what you want. You'll be running a ton of rocks anyway, which could ramp you into it fairly early.

Void Winnower can majorly cripple opponents, and Stranglehold and Ob Nixilis, the Fallen can stop them from tutoring answers (or lands...).

The big thing, though, is how you want to win. Stax doesn;t work super well on its own - you need to be using stax to slow your opponents down so that you can pull off your own win condition. Do you have any ideas on how youd like to win, even if just generally? Combat, combos, punisher effects like Megrim, mill, etc?

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Geth's Grimoire occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

Black: 0.22%

Golgari: 0.14%

Rakdos: 0.05%

U/B/R (Grixis): 0.1%