Zameck Guildmage


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Zameck Guildmage

Creature — Elf Wizard

: This turn, each creature you control enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it., Remove a +1/+1 counter from a creature you control: Draw a card.

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Zameck Guildmage Discussion

RumAndCoke on Atraxa, Angel of Proof

4 weeks ago

I have a few suggestions that I think would help speed this deck up and make it even deadlier than it already is.

Cards I think you could live without:

My first suggestion is to add 4 or 5 more land. 31 land is very low, especially for a four color build, and missing land drops will hinder your game plan significantly.

Land suggestions:

Second suggestion is to consider more mana ramp. Having great ramp is essential to a quick, efficient start. Starting off slow will usually get you killed.

Ramp suggestions:

Third suggestion is cards I like for this theme. Just a few badass toys for your deck to mess around with.

Fun card suggestions:

Abres_Tenelles on Budget Kraj

4 weeks ago

Counters are always fun!

You might like Novijen Sages, Sage of Fables & Zameck Guildmage for turning them into cards.

Untap ability creatures would allow even more shenanigans with Experiment Kraj too.

Such as Gilder Bairn, Pili-Pala, Leech Bonder, Umbral Mantle, or Merrow Wavebreakers.

Abres_Tenelles on Atraxa, Karadors' Voice

1 month ago


Zameck Guildmage could still be good I feel. But appreciate the colour drawback of it.

There is combat themed card draw such as Bred for the Hunt, Bident of Thassa, and Coastal Piracy

And some extra counter themed draw as well, like Armorcraft Judge, Fathom Mage, and Prime Speaker Zegana

k1llampt on Atraxa, Karadors' Voice

1 month ago

Abres_Tenelles I was looking for some other cards like the ones you suggested for card draw. Zameck Guildmage seems like it could be decent. It can make all creatures entering the battlefield enter with an additional +1/+1 for a turn which actually makes infinite with either one of my persist creatures and a sac outlet. The downside is it requires green and blue vs colorless.

TylerDurdensImaginaryFriend on Vorel (Current Build)

1 month ago

Master Biomancer instead of Living Lore

Zameck Guildmage instead of Rot Shambler

Experiment Kraj instead of Plated Crusher

Kruphix, God of Horizons instead of Ugin's Insight

Triskelion instead of Monstrous Onslaught

Predator Ooze instead of Uninvited Geist

Naturalize instead of Natural Obsolescence

Increasing Savagery instead of Unexpected Results

Rite of Replication instead of Polymorphous Rush

Eternity Vessel instead of Soul Conduit

Bow of Nylea instaed of Fleetwood Cruiser

Asceticism instead of Trigon of Infestation

Opal Palace instead of a forest

Mage-Ring Network instead of an Island

Minamo, School at Water's Edge instead of an Island

Rogue's Passage instead of a Forest

ndgipper on Well that Proliferated Quickly - Atraxa

1 month ago

Primordial Hydra is nice. also Death's Presence. It stacks up, and you can eventually get really big creatures. Finally, Zameck Guildmage and Avatar of the Resolute.

Seraphim755 on This Deck Atraxa Lot of Hate

2 months ago

HaunterHunter: Thanks for the feedback!

Plaxcaster Frogling will definitely be making his way into the deck. One of my current fears is losing a utility creature or a heavy-hitter to spot-removal. Won't save me from board wipes, but that's why I have Cauldron of Souls.

Gyre Sage isn't too important for a four-color deck since she would mostly end up being a source of colorless mana. That being said, I'll look at what changes I make and see if I can find a spot for her; dorks are always nice!

How I managed to miss Bloodspore Thrinax I'll never know. I need to go back and do a Devour/Graft search on Gathered to see what slipped through my fingers.

I don't describe the deck as "Proliferate" so much as "Look at all my counters." Granted, Atraxa does have a Proliferate trigger, but it's secondary to most of my other goals for the deck. That being said, I am considering Fuel for the Cause to replace Disallow. The extra mana might be painful though, and I like being able to counter activated abilities, so it's something I'll have to mull over.

Edric, Spymaster of Trest will definitely make his way in, especially since he lets me play a little more politically (no pun intended). If I can find room for it, I might also add Bident of Thassa to force my opponents to throw themselves at, for instance, an extremely pumped Kalonian Hydra.

Novijen, Heart of Progress looks pretty dank, but I think Zameck Guildmage fills that niche for me. Granted, creature destruction is easier than land destruction, but I can't see him drawing too much hate as it is.

Command Tower will be going in for one of my more expensive non-basics, Rogue's Passage will find a way in somehow and Reliquary Tower... well, I'm gonna have to playtest a bit more to see if my card draw necessitates an unlimited hand size.

Thanks again for the feedback!

meadows225 on Green/White +1+1 counters

2 months ago

If you ever end up splashing blue, Zameck Guildmage would add a cool twist to this.

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