Zameck Guildmage


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Zameck Guildmage

Creature — Elf Wizard

: This turn, each creature you control enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it., Remove a +1/+1 counter from a creature you control: Draw a card.

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Zameck Guildmage Discussion

Kjartan on You have never seen adaptive GRU deck like this!

1 week ago

Yeah, and that's really cool, but only when you get it to work. Ultimately, I don't think Zameck Guildmage is some godsent two-drop. There are better options for lowering your curve, but as long as you find a "playable" card that lets you do this, for as long as you are this slow, it will probably make the deck better.

Kjartan on You have never seen adaptive GRU deck like this!

1 week ago

I agrre with both. Master Biomancer can replace Rosheen Meanderer as a much more playable 4-drop, and Zameck Guildmage could help you lower your curve a bit, perhaps replacing a Zurrak and a Prime-Bounty.

proVerkaman on You have never seen adaptive GRU deck like this!

1 week ago

I am concidering about Master Biomancer and Zameck Guildmage. What do you think?

cgomes on The Great Wave Off Orazca.

1 week ago

Hey, DrkNinja. I'm writing in response to your request posted on the Ad your CMD deck. First of all, I like your choice of general. Options for EDH Merfolk have been neglected for a long time and finally, now we have good choices. I've a competitive mindset towards edh but after reading some of the comments, I think you're not trying to make a super competitive list. That's fine. I'll try helping you making cuts, so that you have slots for new cards. Let's talk about cards that I'd make good additions to the deck and then the ones that you could remove from the present list.

If Gaea's Cradle is out of question, I second Suns_Champion's suggestion to include Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip. Your deck seems largely a merfolk-based deck, which makes sense given your commander. Cradle/Rites take advantage of that to make degenerate mana and set up turns in which you can make big plays (game-winning plays or just casting fun but mana-intensive spells). I also agree with the addition of Surgespanner, as it gives a flexible sort of removal. Worldly Tutor is a very flexible card in any creature-base deck, and since you are running Craterhoof Behemoth, it'd make it easier to find one of your finishers. Earthcraft is pretty good in creature-based decks, too.

Regarding removal, there are two cards that either do not synergize with what you are trying to do (cast merfolks and abuse your commander's abilities) or have underwhelming abilities themselves. Those two cards are Thassa, God of the Sea and Zameck Guildmage. At 3 CMC, Thassa doesnt curve well with your commander and it doesn't synergize with it. It does very little in the early game, too, and you'd be better off with a spell that either draws you cards (instead of scrying) or generates mana to set up big plays after T3, like Cradle/Rites. Zameck only synergizes with the last activated ability your commander, which let's be honest, will hardly ever be activated (we rather draw cards and dig for craterhoof, right?). I understand that some of your other spells pu counters on creatures but you also need to pay to draw with Zameck, and it's colored mana on top of it. Seems very inefficient and I'd definitely cut it to make room for other spells. Another spell that seems underwhelming is Beastmaster Ascension. It's a bad version of Craterhoof Behemoth, so instead of it, I'd probably run Worldly Tutor to get hoof. Lastly, Cryptolith Rite is a fixed version of Earthcraft, but if you can run the broken version, I'd go with it instead.

All in all, you already have a pretty fun list that should make for an enjoyable casual game of edh. Good luck on your future games!

Dankey on Simic evolve

3 weeks ago

Why not Zameck Guildmage instead of Shapers of Nature?

Odysseus_97 on Kumena's Army of Fish (#1 Deck!)

1 month ago

Hi, i really like your deck +1

I am building my own Kumena deck and i have some suggestions, use them as you please ;)

How do you feel about Wanderwine Prophets Would be amazing with all the unblockable synergy you got going on ;)

Forgotten Ancient You will collect a lot of +1/+1 counters to move around :)

Do you think 35 lands will be enough, seems a litlle low, even though your mana curve is low as well :)

How good do you think one could use this as a template to become a good blue player, by learning to determine when to counter, control and use abilities? :)

Simic Guildmage & Zameck Guildmage some good ways to move +1/+1 counters around and use them for effects :)

ZendikariWol on Why can’t I hold all these cards

1 month ago


1) you have a lot of ramp, but your big-mana payoffs are... lacking. Not in number, but in power.

2) this is weird because your mana curve is going through puberty. It's all 2 to 5, with an emphasis on 3 drops. You don't need much ramp for that, but a little in the 1 drop slot would go a long way.

3) you have eleven cards that draw for you. Note, first of all, that only eight of those draw you a substantial amount, and of those eight, one of them is not a big-mana play (5 or more).

4) Zameck Guildmage is not great. There are three cards in this deck (and 2 of them are Tishana) that get +1/+1 counters.

5) the other card (Deeproot Champion) is really bad in a deck with 14 noncreature spells in it.

6) add more Graceful Adept, because it is a key piece.

7) I'm making my own altered version of this deck. Maybe take some inspiration from that. I'll link it later.

Sorry if all of this came off as harsh, I'm a critical person. Have a nice day!

wisegreenbean on

1 month ago

There's not much worthy recursion in your colors, sadly. I faced a similar crisis in my Kraj deck, and mostly my solution is to focus card draw and resilience over recursion. There's a few options I did opt for. Den Protector is on theme with counters, decent body. Verdant Confluence is nice because it's very versatile and every mode is relevant to you; it can rebuild after sweep, voltron something into a lethal threat, adjust counters so that Kraj can gain abilities, etc. And you already have my long time fave, Creeping Renaissance. Praetor's Counsel IS also pretty good, considering that most of the time creatures are in your graveyard that you need back, it's late game and you probably have the mana.

Just a few more general thoughts: I found in my Kraj deck that very often I'd build a few impressive threats and be unable to bypass blockers. Herald of Secret Streams alleviates, but you may want to keep Tuskguard Captain, and Nylea, God of the Hunt at the back of your mind if you notice that as a problem.

Kraj can use the abilities of other player's creatures. So if you can pay for mana that isn't blue or green, that can potentially lead to some VERY neat tricks. Darksteel Ingot and some of the 5 color lands have pretty high upside in that regard, with low-ish cost.

Sage of Fables and Zameck Guildmage have always been very respectable for me.

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