Caves of Koilos


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare
Magic Origins (ORI) Rare
Magic 2015 (M15) Rare
Modern Event Deck (MD1) Rare
Tenth Edition (10E) Rare
Ninth Edition (9ED) Rare
Apocalypse (APC) Rare

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Caves of Koilos


Add to your mana pool.

: Add or to your mana pool. Caves of Koilos deals 1 damage to you.

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Caves of Koilos Discussion

BullettTime on Angel

3 days ago

You have a lot of lands that come in tapped! Keeping up with the playgroup will become a lot easier if you're not constantly a turn behind. In this deck (more than others because of your lifegain) I think you can afford to play all the pain lands. (Battlefield Forge, Sulfurous Springs, and Caves of Koilos.) Of course there are less budget options but the pain lands are a fine place to start.

This looks like a fun deck! Angels are rad.

Suns_Champion on Zur the Enchanter Commander

1 week ago

Hi! You could add Sphere of Safety, Shielded by Faith, Necropotence, Fellwar Stone, Commander's Sphere, Sol Ring and Lightning Greaves. Those will all help with a variety of things. And for the land base, cut Wizards' School and a few basics for Arcane Sanctum, Command Tower, Underground River, and Caves of Koilos.

Hope some of this helps!

AntonChigurgh on Ashiok and fun with Exile

1 week ago

I like Oblivion Ring and Declaration in Stone a lot--that would shore up situations that Path is weak against. As far as the colorless mana goes I put 1-of's of Underground River Adarkar Wastes and Caves of Koilos to give extra sources without messing up how often I need specific colors of mana--from what I have playtested so far between those and the 4 Eldrazi Temple it's pretty rare to get to the point I need to start flickering with Displacer and not have the colorless, but I do like the idea of the Deserts for the extra utility they provide.

BigOldFox on Crowd of Bodies

2 weeks ago

Thanks a lot Mondo1212! Geralf's Messenger+Solemnity looks funny, but using a slot for Solemnity just for Geralf's Messenger does not looks very consistent. to play with Caves of Koilos i would remove Cavern of Souls. can not stand with more colorless mana than what is in the deck now. in the other hand i picked Relentless Dead because is harder to kill than Lord of the Undead. thanks again and i hope you let me know if you build a new zombie deck!

Mondo1212 on Crowd of Bodies

2 weeks ago

Thanks for linking me your deck BigOldFox,

I like it, we both have similar game plans: use discard to gain advantage, use recursion and zombie tribal synergy to win. I actually was thinking of adding Viscera Seer into the deck and making a Geralf's Messenger + Solemnity combo. I don't think it would be very viable, but it could be fun. As far as the creatures you have in your maybe board, I personally think your deck doesn't need them, you're more than likely going to sac off your zombies so the buff that the lords give you won't carry as much of an impact, if anything Lord of the Undead might be a good lord as it offers some extra recursion. One suggestion for your land would be to get rid of Isolated Chapel, as you said you want at least on white/black mana source and Aether Vial to start off on, and while Isolated Chapel does tap for both, its dependent on you having a swamp or plains on the field already. I would use Caves of Koilos over Isolated Chapel if you need the black/white mana on turn one, yeah you take damage, but it comes in untapped so it doesn't slow you down. If you have any suggestions for my deck feel free to leave them.

cdkime on Amonkhet Approach of the Zombies

3 weeks ago

First off, welcome to Magic!

First improvement I would recommend making: improve your mana base. Cascading Cataracts does nothing for your deck, and should be cut. For a budget option, I would recommend adding four copies of Caves of Koilos and four copies of Tainted Field. Neither is particularly expensive, and will drastically improve your colour fixing.

Overall, I think you have too many cards that cost you 6+ mana--perhaps cut a few of your higher end cards, and add more easy-to-cast zombies. Zombies are a fairly aggressive tribe, so tend to work best when you flood the board with a massive horde in the early game.

I would also recommend running 4 copies of your most powerful/important low-mana-cost cards. Then run 3 copies of a bit higher costed cards. Your finishers--high costed cards that seal your victory--should generally be the only cards where you only run 1 or 2 copies.

Here are some suggestions of cards you might want to consider adding:

  • Tidehollow Sculler is a pretty decent card as you can disrupt your opponents' plans by exiling the next card they are likely to cast.

  • Endless Ranks of the Dead is a very fun win condition in a zombie deck.

  • Death Baron and Cemetery Reaper are both pretty strong cards.

  • Diregraf Colossus is quite a good card in zombies. In the early game, it comes in as a low power creature that will provide you numerous tokens as the game progresses. In the late game, it enters as a powerful creature and strong finisher.

Here are some cards I recommend cutting:

  • Ondu War Cleric is a bad card, as you have to tap two creatures for a paltry two life. Further, you cannot actually use the card, as you are not running any other Allies.

  • Never / Return is not that great. Sorcery speed removal is less than ideal, and spenind 4 mana for a 2/2 is pretty insignificant. Exiling a card from a graveyard is powerful against certain decks, but there are generally better ways to do this, if that is of concern to you.

  • Stir the Sands is pretty mediocre. You are spending either 6 mana for 3 vanilla (lacking an ability) 2/2s, or 4 mana for one vanilla 2/2, and replacing the card in your hand. Neither are particularly good deals.

  • Cruel Reality is not that great of a card. 7 mana is an extremely high amount of mana to play for something that does not outright win you the game. By the time you have 7 mana, they probably (a) have some extra creature to spare, and (b) the game is already close to the end of the game, and will not last long enough for Cruel Reality to make much of a difference.

Hope some of this helps!

OOBS on Rivals of Ixalan - Modern Vampires

4 weeks ago

This looks VERY well put together! Have you considered going up 1 Collective Brutality in the mainboard? Not only does it fill the role of a discard outlet for the deck (especially to dump Bloodghast, get free value with Asylum Visitor or dump the hand to make Asylum Visitor start to draw you cards), but it is a rather flexible card for what you need. I think that having another effect that could potentially take a wrath from an opponent's hand or give you more interaction with combo decks game 1 is a huge deal, so I'd really consider it. I don't know what you've been playtesting and what you've found in that, but I also think that it may be correct to try going up 1 Mutavault over a Swamp to get a little more value in your attacks. One other card I don't know if you've considered is Gifted Aetherborn. Depending on what the meta is, it can be excellent in combat. One thing that I don't know if you've tried that I think would be super cool is to take the deck a little more in the direction of abusing Paladin of Atonement a little more. If you could find room for the playset, then I'd consider running Caves of Koilos, allowing it to potentially grow +2/+2 each turn. I don't know what has been working for you, but I wish you the best of luck with this brew. I now intend to try it out myself!

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