Fatal Push


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Fatal Push


Destroy target creature if it has converted mana cost 2 or less.

Revolt — Destroy that creature if it has converted mana cost 4 or less instead if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn.

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Fatal Push Discussion

casmiel on (Tips?) W/B Angels and Demons

6 hours ago

I wouldn't play Liliana over Heartless Summoning because this is a Modern deck. Modern, as a format, is probably the fastest among the 3 big formats Standard, Modern & Legacy. Here is why your initial Heartless Summoning plan is better than Lili + Urborg:

  1. Heartless Summoning starts being good on Turn 3 and you just need 1 card to get your deck to work. Liliana starts being good on Turn 7, if everything goes well and your opponent can't attack her a single time. Then you need enough Swamps and Black cards in hand at that time to immediately take advantage. Heartless Summoning you just cast once and are done with it.

  2. Heartless is an enchantment and almost nobody runs Enchantment hate in the maindeck (some colors don't even have access to any), so it is very hard to remove. Liliana is a Planeswalker and every deck has ways to either directly kill (Black & White), attack (every color), bounce (Blue) or burn them out (Red). To get to an emblem is tough and getting one should ideally win you the game on the spot (see Nahiri, the Harbinger + Emrakul, the Aeons Torn decks).

  3. Heartless Summoning is a much better build-around card. You can play it early for cheap and there are lots of ways to really take advantage of it immediately after playing it. Once you cast it, you can just forget it and don't need to constantly look out to protect it and save your resources. You start playing fat stuff on Turn 3 and 4 and close out the game much earlier. That's why I would highly recommend staying on Heartless Summoning.

Wall of Omens is best because it can find the pieces you rely on while stalling the board, it is common to see 4 of them in White Midrange decks. Even if it gets removed by a Fatal Push immediately, you still got 1 card draw of value out of it. Ideally, there'd also be ~2 copies of Spellskite since it costs 0 mana with Heartless Summoning and redirects removal that is meant for your Angels & Demons, but it is a bit expensive.

PickleNutz on Strong Control Mill

8 hours ago

Splashing black will dramatically increase the price of the deck, but it is the best way to play mill. One Glimpse the Unthinkable is between 25-35 dollars. Then the dual/fetch lands are all pricy too. Depending on your budget, it is the best way to play mill. I don't recommend Mesmeric Orb personally though. It's a two cost that has no direct rewards, typically Tome Scour and Glimpse the Unthinkable outpace it, and with Hedron Crab by turn three you could have milled 18 cards. With Mesmeric Orb at turn three, played on turn two, you will be between 7-10 cards milled. Mid to Late game, the card has very little staying power in modern. Artifact hate is very popular with Affinity decks being Tier 1 in the meta. Archive Trap is a two of, then you can use two Ghost Quarter. Archive Traps utility only comes from an opponent searching their library. In modern, most decks have fetch lands, which search the deck, and ghost quarter is less reliable. So running four Archive Traps isn't always wise.

Thing in the Ice  Flip is a okay, but it's subject to removal. So most often, it won't stay on the board long. Finding Defenders with Hexproof is a better route. Fatal Push, Doomblade, Path to Exile, and other common removal spells can all take Thing in the Ice  Flip off the board, and they're very common in the format. Terminate, Abrupt Decay, Thoughtseize, and other cards are more removal examples.

Jace's Phantasm is superior to Cryptic Serpent in this deck archetype.

Halimar Depths enters tapped and only provides a Scry 3 ability. You would be better off with just a normal land because the speed of mill is what makes it inherently weaker than other deck types.

I would focus on a play set of cheap defenders with hexproof, Cloudform is an option. If you play Black and Blue Lazav, Dimir Mastermind is a good option. Lord of the Unreal in a mono Blue deck could make your Jace's Phantasm hexproof, so a flying 5/5 with Hexproof.

There's a lot of options, it's all really up to you. You could skip creatures altogether and include bounce spells in your deck to control the board, then focus entirely on mill. I wouldn't cut Hedron Crab though.

Oloro_Magic on Help Finishing up Abzan Tokens ...

9 hours ago

Honestly, Birds of Paradise is just a nice card to have turn one in three colours. The Noble Hierarch is more because of the exalted trigger which is great in tokens, definitely take out the Avacyn's Pilgrim for birds. Personally I would run Fatal Push over Abrupt Decay in the main, it is cheaper and relevant in just about every matchup, Abrupt Decay is a great surprise sideboard option.

Argy on budget~ monoblack zombies

11 hours ago

These are the cards that I have found not very helpful, in testing:

Plague Belcher - if it comes in when there are no other Creatures on the field, which happens a lot, it is not very useful

Battle at the Bridge - there aren't enough Artifacts to make this worthwhile and it is a dead early draw

Cradle of the Accursed - this should be dropped to two copies imo or, even better, one copy and move Mortuary Mire from the Sideboard to here

Keep the land count at 24. 22 Swamps and two Mortuary Mire, if you have them. If not, one Mortuary Mire and one Cradle of the Accursed.

Metalspinner's Puzzleknot - this is taking up space that could be better used for another Zombie spell or removal spell, like Fatal Push or Grasp of Darkness

Renegade Map - this helps you colour fix, but you have no need of that in this deck

More Zombies in the 2 drop spot is what this deck desperately needs.

PTsmitty on Help Finishing up Abzan Tokens ...

13 hours ago

I have been working on building an Abzan tokens deck over the last few weeks, and I think I have narrowed down my vision for the deck. What I was trying to achieve with the deck is to disrupt by opponents strategy and plan with Black, and then use Green and White to create a token army for the win. My biggest question is whether or not I should use creature ramp. All token builds I find have Noble Hierarch and Birds of Paradise as early mana ramp options, but I will not buying the Heirarch's due to their price. The best I can do is Birds of Paradise and Avacyn's Pilgrim. I realize that mana ramp does not fit the overall theme of my deck so I was thinking of taking it out. However, I was not sure if this would severely hinder my chances of winning since it would slow down my token production. Here is my deck for anyone interested in looking it over and giving me some advice. My idea was take out the 4x Avacyn's Pilgrim and then use x3 Fatal Push and add another Spectral Procession instead.

Geo67 on What in the Ice?

15 hours ago

Buufreak, I know, right! There was a FB thread on this topic, and I believe Seth Mansfield wrote an article on it.

The way I understand, and I could be wrong...you have Solemnity out, you cast Thing in the Ice  Flip. Thing in the Ice  Flip has an ETB effect of getting 4 counters on it. Well, Solemnity won't let creatures have counters...so Thing in the Ice gets no counters...it's at 0. But, it won't flip until you cast one instant or sorcery.

That's how I understand this play. Please correct me if I'm mis speaking/mis quoting.

But it still dies to Fatal Push. LOL.

Nikemansl on BW Zombie Token Embalm

17 hours ago

Play tested it and loved it. It took until turn 6 or so to really get rolling but I had 12 creatures on the battlefield by the end of the game. I took out Oketra's Attendant and added 1 more Liliana's Mastery and did away with the single Never//Return to make room for 4 Fatal Push. Sacred Cat was really the winner here! Embalming it was super easy and cheap so it never really went away. I upped the white mana to pay for all the Sacred Cat embalms. My favorite deck so far!

BlackjackHD on Abzan Stoneblade

1 day ago

What do you have Disfigure for that Fatal Push couldn't handle?

Drown in Sorrow is also fairly weak. Flaying Tendrils is a better answer against Bloodghasts and -1/-1 combo creatures.

As for the mainboard, I think at least one Shambling Vent would be helpful to mitigate the lifeloss from Bob, fetches/shocks, Thoughtseize, and Surgical Extraction, and you're oddly lacking in manlands for a 3-color midrange deck.

Deck looks solid overall, I'm just being pedantic really.

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