Fatal Push


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Fatal Push


Destroy target creature if it has converted mana cost 2 or less.

Revolt — Destroy that creature if it has converted mana cost 4 or less instead if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn.

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Fatal Push Discussion

Kiortio on Help me build this deck!

2 hours ago

Yeah, I could make jund, but the whole reason I am trying to build a BUG deck is to get BUG to work. It is the G/B/x color combination that is the most benefited by the printing of Fatal Push. It's also my favorite color combo so I'm trying to get it to work. Hand hate + counter spells don't really mesh all that well. I'm thinking the only hand hate spells I will be using will be out of the sideboard, against other control decks and combo decks. I don't want to play Dark Confidant because of the fast meta. Playing Bob will get you ahead on cards, but it will also kill you.

Wombat604 on BUG Midrange

3 hours ago

What are your thoughts on Thrun, the Last Troll? it really doesn't die to much (Especially Fatal Push) and seems solid imo.

viperfang4 on Sultai Counters

4 hours ago

Gonti's Machinations might be a good add for the deck. Glint-Sleeve Siphoner would be a really nice card for you since it will act like a phyrexian arena each turn. Live Fast, Glimmer of Genius, or Attune with Aether might help you get cards. I am wondering if your want some big energy finish card or if you will just ping them and grow your creatures, some finisher could be Aethersquall Ancient, Aetherwind Basker, Demon of Dark Schemes, Gonti's Aether Heart, or Electrostatic Pummeler. Fabrication Module in this deck would start making your creatures big quickly. Swell of Growth might be nice to make a creature bigger in a pinch and put a land out. 24 lands seems like a lot, maybe 22. I also feel like this decks wants to go fast and you should play the fastlands or showlands. Natural State might help your more than appetite. Nature's Way is also pretty good removal, you also have black with Fatal Push now (goes well with the elephant). That elephant can also crew a vehicle before it goes back to your hand btw. You also have blue, so some counterspells might be nice, especially Disallow.

Legendary_Crush on Go Go Orniranger

5 hours ago

Chandra, Flamecaller, Fatal Push, Shock, or Hungry Flames.. all amazing options to consider! Also, since you have access to blue, maybe a few counter spells.

907phringe on Servo Chop Shop

6 hours ago

I feel 4 Fatal Push is a little on the high side. How about an Anguished Unmaking? Looking at the life gain this deck is capable of 3 life shouldn't be that big of a sacrifice.

Biohazerd579 on AER - Grixis Control

9 hours ago

Do you think it would be possible to shave off a few lands for some more cards? Like a few Fatal Pushs or Yahenni's Expertise. Granted I would put in another harnessed lightning but thats just because I like a lot more removal. Everyone has their own playstyle.

tpmains on What to play for Aether ...

14 hours ago

I agree with the RG energy deck. I also think a UB control deck that with either white or red as a third color would be viable. Disallow and Fatal Push are going to be real powerhouses.

lagotripha on Infested Dojo

14 hours ago

I build mono black modern pretty regularly -here is my toolbox Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox- biggest reccomendation- Delirium Skeins and Rotting Rats/ninjitsu to quickly empty hands and remove multiple cards, rather than letting your opponenet build a board state. Nezumi Bone-Reader lets you add additional discard-per-rat. Most important when playing mono black? sideboard. You have a huge array of versatile spells available, and subbing a 'fix spell' games 2/3 or completely changing gameplan is both simple and effective. also, Lashwrithe. Fatal Push is the current fad removal spell out there, and does wonders for blacks' removal suite. Have fun, and happy brewing!

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