Thousand-Year Elixir

Thousand-Year Elixir


You may play the activated abilities of creatures you control as though those creatures had haste.

, : Untap target creature.

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Thousand-Year Elixir Discussion

king-saproling on Versatile Assassins

2 days ago

These might interest you: Magewright's Stone (you can untap Mangara and use his ability again while the first activiation is still on the stack, exiling 2 things), Thousand-Year Elixir, Puppet Strings, To Arms!, Erratic Portal (return Mangara to hand before the ability resolves. it will exile the target without exiling Mangara), Acrobatic Maneuver (works like Erratic portal. when Mangara returns he will not be exiled by the old Mangara's ability, since the new one is a new object), Angel of Condemnation, Eldrazi Displacer, Sanctum of Eternity, Flickerform, Illusionist's Bracers, Rings of Brighthearth, Witch Hunter, Adarkar Valkyrie, Mimic Vat, Palace Jailer

king-saproling on Political Intrigue and Disappearances

2 weeks ago

Looks good so far! You might like these: Cloudshift (works like conjurer's closet), Kaya's Ghostform, Ghostly Flicker, Deadeye Navigator, Nephalia Smuggler, Bastion Protector (protects merieke and allows you to steal legendary creatures indefinitely), Darksteel Plate (equip to a stolen creature to keep it even after merieke untaps), Chakram Retriever, Magewright's Stone, Thousand-Year Elixir, Aphetto Alchemist, Vizier of Tumbling Sands, Adarkar Valkyrie (target a stolen creature, then untap merieke to regain the stolen creature for good), Opalescence (lets you take enchantments), March of the Machines (take artifacts), Sydri, Galvanic Genius

JoJosMagic on Marwyn's Elves

2 weeks ago

SelfieM: Sounds very well thought out...I get the Art over functionality thing.I sometimes add cards for their concept or art over whether they are the best ie Ferocious Pup is pretty lame but i love the art and concept. I also get the big buff big target dilemma...something I hadn't mentioned and sometimes can be underused in the "untap creature" dynamic (these were recently pointed out to me for Captain Sisay) but Seeker of Skybreak and Manifold Key to untap the Artifact untappers like Thousand-Year Elixir with the added bonus of making target creature unblockable...These could also dependant on what was replaced lower or maintain your already awesome CMC Avg. and in all seriousness that is all my brain could muster.

RNR_Gaming on So you wanna be a Timmy...

1 month ago

So, the most efficient speed boost is the expensive rocks.

Mana Crypt, Chrome Mox, Mox Diamond, and Mana Vault

On the somewhat lower end

Fellwar Stone, Mind Stone, Talisman of Unity, Talisman of Impulse and Talisman of Conviction

Now with more mana you should add means of multiple taps Quirion Ranger, Scryb Ranger, and Thousand-Year Elixir are all fairly decent

griffstick on Best Stompy Commander?

1 month ago

Build Selvala, Explorer Returned good ol Selesnya stompy. Its perfect for ramping into big creatures all while keeping your hand full. And with cards like Nature's Chosen, Instill Energy and Thousand-Year Elixir you can really make some mana plus the added life gain

NBAFreak2007 on Goblins Galore

1 month ago

AceofRoses This deck works very well for me in my play group. I just updated the deck this evening to reflect some changes that I have made. As far as the comment about running the deck with out certain cards my opinions are as follows. Blood Moon is most definitely a luxury for a budget builds, before I shelled out for it I used the much more reasonable Blood Sun. Coat of Arms is another more luxury pick as well while the anthem buff is nice it is not a critical addition. Same with Door of Destinies they can easily be replaced with other selections. Grenzo, Havoc Raiser is really amazing in this deck for his goading ability and his exile ability however, again for a budget build this could be swapped out with a more budget friendly goblin card. Helm of the Host This is where we start getting into some serious territory lol, Helm is such a great card in this deck, making copies of Krenko, Mob Boss that stick around, because they aren't legendary make this deck go bananas, as well as those copies having haste, NUTS!!!. In all seriousness this is one of those cards I would look at splurging on... Purphoros, God of the Forge is an amazing way to ping down all enemies so quickly and is indestructable. This is another one that I would advise trying to find a way to squeeze in, my deck goes off way more frequently after adding him than it ever did before him. Thornbite Staff is an easy combo piece and something that is not necessary but gives you more options for winning, and if you aren't planning on going the combo route then it isn't as big of a deal. Thousand-Year Elixir is another haste enabler for Krenko, Mob Boss as well as a combo piece but can be subbed out for another haste enabler that is more budget friendly. Finally Vanquisher's Banner is a great card in any tribal deck but again not strictly necessary in a this build, to be honest it is on my list of possible cards to cut when I acquire more combo pieces for this deck.

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