Temple of Malice


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods Rare

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Temple of Malice


Temple of Malice enters the battlefield tapped.

When Temple of Malice enters the battlefield, scry 1.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Temple of Malice Discussion

doozy on Purgatory (B/R Control)

1 day ago

Anger of the Gods has been swapped for Damnation due to the current meta. I've also cut Temple of Malice and replaced it with a Verdant Catacombs to help guarantee I have two Swamps before I drop a Blood Moon.

Wizno on Tribal Vamps

3 days ago

First off, welcome to the world of EDH! I think you'll find it's definitely one of the most fun formats you'll experience. As someone who has played tribal vampires before, I think I can offer you some suggestions based on my experience. Now I'm not sure what you're budget is for cards so feel free to ignore any suggestions that are out of your budget range.

Vampires are tricky because they don't have as much tribal support as say Goblins, Elves, or even Zombies so you really want the best they have to offer. I think that 44 creatures is a bit too high, even for a tribal deck, so I would cut and refine some of your weaker vampires.

Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet
Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief
Vampire Nocturnus
Necropolis Regent
Anowon, the Ruin Sage
Rakish Heir
Pawn of Ulamog
Markov Blademaster
Mirri the Cursed
Malakir Bloodwitch

These are a few ideas of some very powerful vampires that could easily be swapped in for some of the less optimal brood.

As with any EDH deck, your mana base is going to always be tweaked and upgraded to make your plays faster and more reliable. Now this is something you can do over time and as budget allows but some major lands to consider are:

Blood Crypt
Graven Cairns
Shadowblood Ridge
Rakdos Carnarium
Temple of Malice
Sulfurous Springs
Tainted Peak
Dragonskull Summit
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
Cabal Coffers
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

Now the latter 3 lands are included for explosive ramping and because I've found most tribal vampire decks are more black than red. Another thing to keep in mind is that generally, you don't want less than 36 lands in your deck unless you have a lot of mana rocks to support less. Olivia is a very mana hungry commander so I would suggest about 38 lands.

Along similar lines, I would include the following mana rocks to further ramp/filter your mana:

Rakdos Signet
Sol Ring
Talisman of Indulgence
Darksteel Ingot/Commander's Sphere

While not traditional "ramp", Urza's Incubator can be very helpful in this deck since vampires tend to be a bit higher mana costed.

You'll want to include a few cards to help you draw more cards just to get more power from the deck. There's a lot of options out there but one card I strongly suggest is Phyrexian Arena.

The same goes for your removal. A little spot removal and a few board wipes should have you covered.

Two pieces of equipment I feel no Olivia deck should be without are Basilisk Collar and Blade of the Bloodchief.

If you want another powerful combo for the deck besides the two blood enchantments, you could look at Bloodchief Ascension+Mindcrank.

I hope these ideas help! Best of luck to you with your deck!

owen.donnelly on Dragons, maybe?

1 month ago

You know you can have up to 4 copies of one card in a deck excluding basic lands right? Think about adding in some one cards that only cost one mana such as Ruthless Ripper or Cruel Sadist. I would also take out Scion of Ugin and add a full playset (4 copies of) Dragon Tempest. As far as legality goes, you can switch the format to Modern, a format where your deck will be fully legal. Your land ratio looks a bit high at 27, I would think about moving down to 24 lands and using some dual lands such as Temple of Malice and Akoum Refuge. You could do shock lands such as Blood Crypt, but those are more expensive and it seems like you're going for a more budget deck.

Good luck, I hope my suggestions help!

Yuri200X on MadBlack Moon

1 month ago

I like the idea. I think maybe you could use Temple of Malice for a bit more of consistency or Phyrexian Arena for free draws each turn when Platinum Emperion is online.

Maybe maindeck Anger of the Gods to hold out against aggro or run Read the Bones in the same plan as Phyrexian Arena. Since you don't have draw engine, seems like you could use some to rely less on the opening hand.

catrule3564 on StarterTest

1 month ago

Temple of Malice is the only non-standard legal card here. You also have no red cards to make use of it, so it should be replaced with a different land.

At the moment you have 64 cards, which should be cut down to 60 for the best consistency. I would remove the cards that don't have much synergy with the rest of your deck. Alms of the Vein, Conduit of Ruin, Dimensional Infiltrator, Silent Skimmer, and Stromkirk Condemned could all be removed.

I agree that you could use some cards like Bastion Inventor, Reverse Engineer, and Metallic Rebuke.

If you need to make more cuts, I would just start cutting down on some of the expensive spells, like Ironclad Revolutionary. Replacing some expensive spells with something like Merchant's Dockhand would also let you remove a couple lands.

Good luck with your deck!

SteelHeadPaladin on $15 Competitive Modern Minotaurs

1 month ago

I play Mogis minotaurs if you're looking for a one mana drop I strongly recommend Gnarled Scarhide as a replacement for Vampire Lacerator. Gnarled Scarhide easily fills the role of a turn one drop, a free drop with Ragemonger, and acts as an enchantment for later game. Sure, it can't block, but you not really worried about that when you're mostly going on the attack. Plus it makes it a true minotaur tribal, and you're not dinging yourself with Vampire Lacerator.

Though I have to say this deck is pretty solid. Any suggestions I have to add is putting in some Temple of Malice or a Fanatic of Mogis along with Dictate of the Twin Gods

Argeaux on Dredgar

1 month ago

I keep my Minotaur deck private but I thought you may be interested in the deck list, just to see another approach.

It's called Herd Mentality

4x Felhide Brawler
3x Felhide Petrifier
3x Felhide Spiritbinder
3x Kragma Butcher
3x Kragma Warcaller
2x Mogis, God of Slaughter
3x Oracle of Bones
3x Rageblood Shaman
3x Ragemonger

4x Bloodfell Caves
6x Mountain
3x Rogue's Passage
5x Swamp
4x Temple of Malice
2x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

3x Flurry of Horns

3x Impact Tremors

3x Cobbled Wings

4x Hero's Downfall
4x Silence the Believers
4x Thoughtseize
3x Whip of Erebos

Flying, Deathtouch Minotaurs. Ouch.

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