Call the Bloodline


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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Call the Bloodline


, Discard a card: Create a 1/1 black Vampire knight token with lifelink. Activate this ability only once per turn.

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Call the Bloodline Discussion

SorcerersBone on Deck Idea: Building around Faith ...

1 day ago

I've been toying with the idea of building around Faith of the Devoted as the focus of a deck instead of Drake Haven. I admit it's a good card, but my inner Johnny would rather use Faith.

It would probably be Red/Black and run my favorite cards with madness, Alms of the Vein + Fiery Temper as well as Lightning Axe removal. What should I run this as?

It'll definitely depend on my LGS's meta, but I'd like a second opinion on what seems stronger now that Copycat is gone.

Deos on Amonkhet Hellbent

1 week ago

GS10, Noctem, again thank you so much for all the help and suggestions. I think that Call the Bloodline is still useful, at least in some match ups, so I will be keeping as a sideboard card now. Neheb, the Worthy is making me swing back and forth on whether or not to keep it, and it will likely need some testing, but for now I will drop it. I have added more removal, including Fatal Push, and I hope it will help the deck out against some threats.

Noctem on Amonkhet Hellbent

1 week ago

I think in the current meta you would be better served having something other than Call the Bloodline, all it gives you is the ability to chump as you discard. But with as many discard outlets as you currently have, you're just not going to have enough cards going around to feed them all so to speak. There really isn't much a 1/1 vampire can do right now. Even mono white humans don't run 1 toughness creatures in practice. Glory-Bound Initiate probably will never attack as a 3/1 if you have something to block him with in general.

Deos on Amonkhet Hellbent

1 week ago

Noctem, thanks for the suggestions. I was on the fence about Neheb, the Worthy, and you made some good points. I have replaced him with Scrapheap Scrounger. I thought Collective Brutality was pretty good, with all the chances to discard, but I will try out Grasp of Darkness instead. I actually do run Key to the City as a 3 of, and have Call the Bloodline to give me lifelink blockers that I feel can help save me in a creature heavy meta.

Noctem on Amonkhet Hellbent

1 week ago

Neheb, the Worthy doesn't make sense in this deck. You have no other minotaurs. If you're using him just to maybe cause discard if you hit face, why not just use Heir of Falkenrath  Flip? You only get a benefit from him when you're hellbent and when he hits face. That's way too narrow to justify a 3 drop 2/2.

Also, where is Scrapheap Scrounger?

Collective Brutality is awful. Discard an instant or sorcery in a creature heavy meta? -2-2 for 2CMC (see Grasp of Darkness for a much better option) Drain 2 life? Ick.

Call the Bloodline is also bad. Instead use Key to the City for a reliable discard outlet non-creature. Accelerates your draws (because yes, even though you're a hellbent deck you still need to draw cards) and makes key creatures unblockable while you discard. Much better.

lagotripha on Competitive Mono-Black Vampires

2 weeks ago

OK, so mono black vamps. You'll live or die on sideboard, I'd reccomend a set of Pithing Needles, Ratchet Bomb and as much hand disruption as you can afford. highborn I've always found to underperform outside of Blade of the Bloodchief/Bloodchief Ascension because of the mana investment. Keeping mana up like that really doesn't go well with the spam creatures plan. If you're running Vampire Lacerator go all in with the Indulgent Aristocrat and Bloodthrone Vampires with something like Whip of Erebos or swap it out for something better at stalling- Gifted Aetherborn is a better Vampire Nighthawk in any meta that doesn't care about the flying. Run both if stalling to midgame and not running whip. Vampire Hexmage while great, should be sideboard for times when first strike matters or plainswalkers. Consider more Gatekeeper of Malakir- they trade excellently, and win games. Lillana of the viel is fantastic if you plan a sideboard to functionally turn this into 8-rack, or run more disposable creatures, but might be a wasted investment unless you have them already from another deck- Ensnaring Bridge and Call the Bloodline normally performs better in this tribal if games stall like that. Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox is my big list of modern mono black cards- if you think something is missing please let me know, and remember to playtest extensively before diving into bigger budget cards.

BlaineTog on BR Vampire Madness

2 weeks ago

Honestly, Fiery Temper is probably the best card in any Madness deck since it's basically Lightning Bolt with upside when a discard outlet is available. It doesn't kill as many things as Lightning Axe, sure, but the ability to send it to your opponent's face is very important for an aggro deck. You don't want to be removing creatures when you could instead be killing your opponent.

The first cards I'd recommend you ditch are Avacyn's Judgment and Call the Bloodline. 99% of the time, Judgement is terrible. I know the potential upside seems really great, but this is not a control deck and you really don't ever want to be in a position where you'll have enough mana to cast it for serious value. As for Bloodline, much as I love the card for jank reasons, it's just not good. Your discard outlets really need to be free for you to be able to take advantage of them, and the upside of 1/1 lifelinkers isn't aggressive enough.

More generally, here's the list I've been running: It's been working pretty well for me, though I'll admit to needing more card draw somehow. Still trying to puzzle that one out.

GS10 on Amonkhet Hellbent

2 weeks ago

Maybe just one copy instead of Hazoret's Monument since it also functions as a way to discard and it is legendary. Call the Bloodline won't be very impressive in many situations, but given that this is still a very aggro format, it might become very relevant in some matchups to include at least one mainboard so you can still get blockers on the battlefield if you're drawing poorly and on your backfoot facing other aggro deck. More than the blocker itself, the lifelink will matter.

It's one of those cards that depends a lot on the meta, so you'll have to try it out when time comes to be sure about its value, but as things stand, I'd say one copy in the main would be helpful.

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