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I love Dragons, and I love them all equally, whatever their color identity. And it so turns out that there are 4 dragon commanders with color identity. Two of them are relevant in Dragon tribal, Scion of the Ur-Dragon and The Ur-Dragon . Scion decks are good, undoubtedly. It is competitive, powerful but combo-heavy and repetitive, two things I don't want to build.

The Ur-Dragon on the other hand, speaks to me on a more spiritual level. The primordial essence of all dragonkind; with the beating of its wings are created storms from which Dragons are spawned across the Multiverse.

This deck power-level falls in the Focused category. The essence of the deck being casting Dragons prevents it from going beyond the glass ceiling that Optimized and cEDH decks are. Some of the 99 cards are there because of personal affinity and not effectiveness, most notably both versions of Tarkir's Elder Dragons, including Dragonlord Kolaghan and her 2nd useless ability.


"No machinations, no puppet strings, no plots. Just pure, sweeping death." - Tasigur, the Golden Fang

As written above, we pave our way to victory through pure, sweeping death only. We play but unlike Scion decks we are in no rush to get all our colors by turn 5. Depending on our hand, by turn 6, it's more important to have x2 mana source and other colors since some Dragons cost . That being said, in order to wreak havoc on our enemies we do have some sort of preemptive strategy.

Dragons are powerful but the catch is that they cost quite a lot of mana; fortunately our Commander's Eminence ability helps us with that. Which brings us to our deck's sub-theme, as accurately advertised by the C17 Draconic Domination precon : ramping.

We run mana and artifacts to summon Dragons much more quickly. Spells that reduce mana of a chosen type (read Dragon cards) such as Urza's Incubator , Herald's Horn and Goreclaw are especially powerful combined with The Ur-Dragon 's Eminence. Add to that the Mirari's Wake and our Dragons can take the board over quickly.

Of course our deck is slow but a single of our Dragon can pose quite a threat. And there's nothing more frustrating than summoning a powerful creature and having it dealt with before it could do anything because of the summoning sickness.

That is precisely why haste-enabling spells are a must have. Conveniently these are mostly low-cost spells, such as Lightning Greaves . In this category Dragon Tempest shines the brightest. In your opening hand this is a game-winning card. Having hasty Dragons by turn 2 is a huge advantage, albeit one that will turn the table's attention against you.

We choose quality over quantity. Our board won't be as crowded as a Sliver deck of course. But a few turns with a Dragon left unchecked can prove quite dire to our enemy's life total. Which is why we can end it even more quickly with cards such as Xenagos , Rhonas and Atarka , which can be tutored by Sarkhan's Triumph and Scion of the Ur-Dragon .
We can't afford to run out of threats and need some ways to draw cards. Spells that reward playing toughness >3 or >4 creatures are powerful enough to offer another kind of positive effect combined with drawing cards, such as Temur Ascendancy helping us to ramp too.

Why you should(n't) play this deck


  • Access to .
  • Dragons are a popular tribe and will have potential cards with every set released.
  • Aside from some key cards, Dragon cards are swappable, if one isn't suited to your meta or you just feel like replacing some.
  • Not a repetitive deck.


  • Early game can be problematic, Dragons come at a high price.
  • Your commander doesn't get to be cast often.
  • Can be inconsistent.

Disposability tiers

To make upgrading and swapping easier, all cards (except lands) are divided in 3 tiers, tier 3 being cards most likely to be removed.

Offer +1 Upvote to the Ur-Dragon and his brood


Updates Add

I've been studying abroad in Japan for around 7 months, as a result I haven't been able to upgrade the deck with the various cards we got since M19.

Opening a God-Eternal Kefnet at my Prerelease, I was able to trade it for a God-Eternal Rhonas. While I've been debating if Rhonas was truly worth it in the deck, I still had cards to get rid of, so he makes for a fine addition in the meantime.

Cards I'm the most excited about are Rythm of the Wild (haste-enabler and uncounterable creatures is perfect, being able to put a +1/+1 counter on it if there's another haste-enabling effect is icing on the cake) and Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner ( for her static ability is good enough, but she has 7 loyalty and can ramp as soon as she enters the battlefield : an all-star).

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