Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged Common
Mirrodin Besieged: Phyrexia Common

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Creature — Gremlin

Infect (This creature deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 counters and to players in the form of poison counters.)

Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

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Flensermite Discussion

sylvannos on Help with Black-Green AKH token ...

1 month ago

Devoted Druid and Kitchen Finks seem like other good starting points. I'd also consider playing some of the infinite combos with Melira, Sylvok Outcast and Viscera Seer.

A lot of the creatures with Wither can also be useful. Boggart Ram-Gang comes to mind.

The same goes for Infect. Glistener Elf, Phyrexian Vatmother, Ichorclaw Myr, Inkmoth Nexus, Phyrexian Crusader, Flensermite, and Phyrexian Hydra are probably the ones on-curve. I'd be wary of Infect, though, because it means you're trying to win via both poison counters and regular damage. You could also fall into the trap of being just a really bad Infect deck. Glistening Oil might offset this to some degree, but it's not very good on its own compared to just jamming in more creatures.

Other things include Crumbling Ashes, Dusk Urchins, Everlasting Torment, Blowfly Infestation, Fume Spitter, Scarscale Ritual, Serrated Arrows, and Woodlurker Mimic.

Kineverence on The Black Plague

2 months ago

Infect is just cruel! XD Flensermite, Ichor Rats, Phyresis or even Plague Stinger you don't know how many times I have beat out all my friends cause lack of flying or reach cards in their deck! Slow painful death... Good luck!

ghoul_Legion on

5 months ago

The previous posts gave a lot of great imputs.

Most Infect decks are usually mono green for a turn 3-4 kills as mentioned.

You should use 4x Mutagenic Growth That card is bonker for any infect deck.

You pretty much need 4x Plague Stinger as well. infect + flying is always a great thing.

Underworld Connections should probably be traded for Phyrexian Arena

Cut the big infect creatures and play weaker ones to make best uses of Hand of the Praetors

Inkmoth Nexus is the best goddamn land you can use, but the 24$ price tag comes with it.

Some other control spells not mentioned you can use are: Harsh Scrutiny - Grasp of Darkness - Rend Flesh - Murder - Hero's Downfall . You should probably pick a turn 1 spell to help the mana curve.

What you could remove from your deck for something better:

(2-3 lands) - Flensermite - Tragic Slip - Phyrexian Vatmother - Whispering Specter - Paragon of Open Graves - Underworld Connections.

Goodluck!! :)

Jagd_Tallgeese on Skithiryx presents: The Black Plague Tour

6 months ago

Forgot that Crypt Ghast isn't legal due to Exploit, so it is being replaced by Flensermite.

HurricaneZach on

6 months ago

I still don't like Necroskitter. I feel like you could get more value from a creature that will contribute to the infect cause. 3cmc creatures that are inexpensive are Ichor Rats, Septic Rats, or Whispering Specter. On the lower end of things there is also Flensermite, Ichorclaw Myr, and Necropede.

VanillaFudge on

6 months ago

I really like the idea of a Mono Black Infect deck in pauper! I have a couple suggestions and comments for you:

Chainer's Edict is superior to Cruel Edict because of the flashback. Diabolic Edict is probably a better choice for this deck since it is an instant. You might consider Mutagenic Growth to help your creatures swing in for that extra point or two of poison damage. You may also consider Bonesplitter or Sinister Strength instead of Skeletal Grimace.

I don't really understand why you have Cemetery Gate . . . isn't the point of your deck to push as much early poison damage as possible? Seems like you would want to have 4 Plague Stinger instead. I don't know how attached you are to your creature base, but I feel like your deck would be well served cutting your 4 and 5 drop creatures and sticking with no higher than 3 drops. This keeps your curve low enough to lower your land count to 18 - 19, which means additional disruption and creatures. Although options are limited, you have access to Flensermite and Ichorclaw Myr.

An unexpected Howl from Beyond might be cool. Is that worth consideration?

Triton on Get MaziREKT

9 months ago

I agree with a majority of the cuts. Gitrog was mainly in there because he is a draw engine, but I do agree that he may end up being a dead draw most of the time. I also feel as though Creakwood Liege could be swapped out for an infect creature.

Speaking of infect, here are some of the infect creatures I found that are cheap CMC-wise:

Also some others that may also be good, but I'll consider for now:

Any thoughts on the two I'm considering for now? I know the others are rather good in this deck. :) I'll also consider some more staxy cards such as Smokestack for later on, any suggestions on some more stax-like effects, perhaps?

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