Banishing Knack


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eventide (EVE) Common

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Banishing Knack


Until end of turn, target creature gains "Tap: Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand."

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Banishing Knack Discussion

kkounal on Wombo combo budget 15~20$ turn 4 win modern deck

2 days ago

Updated version of my comment about the possible combos

Also here are the possible combos

1)infinite mill Cathartic Adept / Screeching Sliver + Mirran Spy +0 mana artifact+ Zephyr Scribe / Battered Golem / Nettle Drone + Banishing Knack / Retraction Helix

2)infinite damage same thing but replace the Cathartic Adept / Screeching Sliver with Nettle Drone

3)in case of no Mirran Spy just replace the Nettle Drone /Cathartic Adept / Screeching Sliver with Reckless Fireweaver and start bouncing the artifact as normal for infinite damage. Same can achieved with Grapeshot but after the infinite bouncing of the artifact

whalen147 on My ROFL-Thopter go SAI SAI SAI SAI

1 month ago

This deck is hilarious, i love it!

You may like Paradox Engine. Its pricy dollar-wise and mana-wise, but you just need a body to attach the Banishing Knack to. also creates infinite mana if you have any rocks on the board. You might like Tolaria West as a tutor for a 0 cost card.

While I like Broodstar, it feels like a "win more" card to me.

Seriously though, this is an amazing deck. Great job

sg_86 on Brood Combo [Turn 3 Win]

1 month ago

I like this combo mainly because of the flexibility in the cards you can combo off with. One 0 mana artifact (Welding Jar probably being the best, Herbal Poultice, or the creatures), one creature that untaps when the artifact ETBs (there are 5 different creatures that do this: Battered Golem, Nettle Drone, Zephyr Scribe if you use a non-creature artifact, Traxos, Scourge of Kroog which is also a wincon on its own, and Mirran Spy), one card that has an ability that triggers whenever a permanent, artifact or creature if you use them enters the battlefield (Molten Nursery, Altar of the Brood, Impact Tremors, or Nettle Drone does it as well), and Retraction Helix or Banishing Knack.

I think that adding red gives you some good options like Nettle Drone and Molten Nursery. I also think that you should run on average 6 of each of the combo pieces. Welding Jar and Herbal Poultice I think are better than Ornithopter and Memnite as they protect the combo. This is probably better than the nut draw of getting the combo out on turn 3.

Springleaf Drum only has one purpose and does not do much if you don't have Memnite or Ornithopter in your opening hand.

Flagellum on Jhoira Artifact Storm o' Doom (competitive edh)

2 months ago

Any suggestions for a more budget friendly build? Obviously the Mox's and other more costly rocks/lands are out. I have seen a list that uses Intruder Alarm along with Banishing Knack targeting a cost artifact creature like Ornithopter. I'm just wondering if the lower budget would break it or if cheeri0s would be better on a budget. Sadly I also run Breya (no restrictive budget there though) so another artifact deck makes me hesitant although this one seems fun as well.

SynergyBuild on Animar, Soul of Combos - Turn 3 Win

2 months ago

Animar as a commander nearly negates all colorless costs on all of the creatures, leading Mana Vault/Sol Ring/Mana Crypt and the other such effects to be a waste of a card slot, and the instants, artifacts, sorceries and enchantments can be paid for easily by the dorks and lands. Chrome Mox is already being run, and Mox Diamond is only meh in this build, 30 lands is a bit to little to run Mox Diamond

Panharmonicon is useless for comboes here, and it's value outside of them is negligible, like a second card off of Elvish Visionary

Tooth and Nail is a waste of mana, mana that you won't get a competitive table.

Without Banishing Knack, Mirran Spy is useless, and visa versa is true too. I wouldn't suggest that being run, as it sucks.

Aetherflux Reservoir is a much worse win outlet than either of the other options, Altar of the Brood, Impact Tremors, etc. are all much better in terms of mana, but none of those are good, because they can't be tutored for. Reckless Fireweaver is a much better option, though sadly it doesn't work outside of the Ancestral Statue, otherwise it'd be better than the other options being run.

Crop Rotation is quite powerful, but I don't think it is a second Gaea's Cradle powerful, yes it can tutor, but that means it has a cost, and it is a blowout when it gets countered early on my a Mental Misstep. Things like that are probably why it doesn't deserve a spot.

Palinchron is already run

Sunatar on Animar, Soul of Combos - Turn 3 Win

2 months ago

Okay, so, speaking of combos...there's a lot of lines missing, in my opinion. Plus, too many missed opportunities for tutors that can win game for you. And a complete lack of mana rocks. Which, I get, is kinda the whole point of Animar, Soul of Elements. But what do you do against someone's turn one Torpor Orb? Or someone's turn two Nevermore?

Other good rocks for someone with no budget: Mana Vault, Mana Crypt, Fellwar Stone, any Moxen, and Commander's Sphere.

A Panharmonicon would probably go over really well in this deck.

A good tutor that is missing is Tooth and Nail. I like it over Green Sun's Zenith because it can send the cards to your hand, and allow you to cast it for Commander Triggers.

Also Mirran Spy + Banishing Knack would be a really good combo for your deck, in terms of infinite creature casts.

Another backupwin con to Walking Ballista and Purphoros, God of the Forge would be Aetherflux Reservoir. You definitely can cast enough spells to make just the lifegain worth it.

And I would probably add another land or two to the deck. 30 with almost no rocks is risky. My decks run 33 with a lot of rocks, and still sometimes can hit trouble. But if the number has worked for you so far, keep at it. Because if I could go with less lands, I would.

KawaiiFiveWhoa on First deck

2 months ago

put in Intruder Alarm , Banishing Knack Retraction Helix step one: play intruder alarm step two: Retraction Helix on jhoira step three: play Ornithopter tap jhoira to return Ornithopter to hand and play it for free this will trigger the intruder alarm then untap all creatures and repeat all while drawing your entire library. now there are three ways to go either have Aetherflux Reservoir on the battlefield before you go off, play a labortory maniac and win or Grapeshot for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000...

lagotripha on Cecchino Pezzent

3 months ago

The curve feels too high, and some of your card choices are fairly low-impact. Cunning Sparkmage and Vulshok Sorcerer are best in combo lists ( Banishing Knack/Intruder Alarm/Cowardice/Fractured Loyalty/Power of Fire ) where they are a win condition rather than anything playing more linear, because 1 damage/turn for three mana is weak on its own.

They can work in more casual Deep-Slumber Titan lists. With Goblin Fireslinger existing though, (used for the bloodthirst mechanic) they almost never see play. Gorgon's head synergy just isn't reliable enough to see play outside Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile commander, and is best non-budget for Basilisk Collar.

Looking for that kind of synergy is exactly the right mindset for effective budget deckbuilding, you just need to get used to all the options so you can find the good stuff.

Its best to go hard on exactly what you want to do with a deck, especially as a budget list. Expensive cards are usually the most versatile cards (or cards with no alternatives). So to play budget effectively, you need a strategy that keeps cropping up in MTG and go all-in. A direct damage burst with Quest is a good choice, and so is the incredible efficiency of Shrapnel Blast, so lets build around those. You want to spend a single turn taking somone from 14-15 to 0 with artifacts on the field.

Go to gatherer, advanced search. Search for red enchantments that might sit alongside quest to help hit that 'eight copy reliable' stage. Anything that catches your eye, add it to the maybeboard, so you can see how much each card costs. We can also do a search for 'double damage' and 'whenever a source damage' to pick up other likely options.

Don't grab cards costing 6 or more mana, because unless you build your entire deck to cast them, you'll never cast them. Assault Strobe, Temur Battle Rage, Dictate of the Twin Gods ( Fire Servant ), ( Curse of Bloodletting )Insult,Overblaze, The Flame of Keld all stand out to me.

But with them all sitting in or around the 5 mana slot, or being creatures pump spells, suddenly we have some deckbuilding restrictions. We need either a bunch of damage on the field which we abruptly double and win, or to spend five mana getting one to the battlefield then cast a bunch of spells.

So lets look at the tools mono-red has to do that. For the former, there are agressive creatures like Keldon Marauders, Mogg Fanatic, Mortarpod, , Seal of Fire Zektar Shrine Expedition, Emberwilde Augur etc, for the latter Fling Spark Elemental etc.

Getting a big list of all the options then picking the best, looking at both price and effect is a good habit to get into with deckbuilding- Learning to trim the fat and spot strong options helps immensely with draft formats, and can help massively streamline your lists. If you are having trouble finding options, look into the archived standard deckbuilding discussions for an archetype that might have useful tools, and steal those.

Just remember, redundant copies of any spell makes it good, and casting spells on turns 1-2-3 is very good.

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